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    Evil Muppets?

    try google, Type Evil muppets and it gives you 1 just one muppet photo
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    I'm back!

    Well, Thanks guys! :) :concern: and :o say thanks too.
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    I'm back!

    I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!! Hi i'm back! :) I just got a :concern: and :o pez dispesers
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    Why do you love your fave Muppet?

    Hi I'm back! Well mine Rowlf and That is because I LOVE Piano. :sympathy:
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    Would you vote for Bush or Kerry?

    Bush!!! Bush!!! Bush!!! Bush!!! Buuuussssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!![i]
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    Statler & Waldorf quotes...

    Game Comment I have a muppet game and it's The Muppets: On With The Show! and after kermit's banjo bayo seranade :) S: "There's nothing like good music." W: "And that was nothing like good music" I just like to play that comment.
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    Muppet College Roommates

    Can I Join? I know, Not the subject. But can I join in? I just saw this thread and I want to join. :)
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    Fan Fic - And what is on the other side...?

    just to tell: NO MORE TO BE CONTINUED! Please.... :halo:
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    Muppet Playsets

    OK, Becuase I Just Wondered ;)
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    Muppet Playsets

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    Any Beaker fans?

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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I Did Not See This Thread Yet! But I Guess I Should Post As A New Member. I Am Jacob, And I LOVE The Muppets, :flirt: And This Forum Is For The Muppets So I Signed Up For It, And This Is A Neat Forum. I Love It. :)
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    Any Beaker fans?

    i love him! I LOVE Beaker! MEEP MEEP!
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    Anybody have a picture of Bean Bunny?

    I Mean Profile :o
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    Looking for pics.......

    Sorry :o I Should Have Edited It So Forget The Second One And Again Sorry :o