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    Are there Season 1 shows floating around?

    I have no idea what the actual season "Little Bit at the Beginning", with song and all clips from it, first aired, but it was probably the early 70s. The biggest clue is around the 1:30 mark of the video (see below). It shows what appears to be the World Trade Center towers being built. The...
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    Video of Elmo with Richard Hunt's voice

    I looked but didn't see this posted anywhere. In 1984-85, Richard Hunt took over the Elmo character from Brian Muehl. I had always wondered what the Richard Hunt Elmo sounded like, and if he appeared in any street scenes or was actually referred to as "Elmo". All that is answered in this...
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    Was the early, non-Kevin Clash Elmo ever in any street scenes?

    I know in Elmo's early years on the show (around 1979-1984) he was puppetered by Brian Muehl and then for a short while by Richard Hunt before Kevin Clash took over for good in/around 1985, and then the rest is history. I've seen a few clips of the non-Kevin Clash Elmo ("Me, Claudius", "We're...
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    Your Favorite Cartoons on Sesame Street

    This one has now been posted on youtube:
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    Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

    For those who may have missed it in the "Classic Clips on SST Website" thread, this song and clip has now been posted:
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    Classic Clips on SST Workshop's Site

    Thanks for the info! I don't have the book yet (have the DVDs), but it's good to know the name of the song. Also, in memory of the great Lena Horne who just passed away, I think it's appropriate to post some of her appearances on the show...
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    Classic Clips on SST Workshop's Site

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I was thrilled to read that they put this Judy Collins clip up...i definitely remember it and probably haven't seen it since 1979 or thereabouts. I hope they add a few more of her songs from the street on the site. There was another one (i think)...
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    The Original Telly

    My understanding (heard from others, because i have no memory of the episode in question) is that his first ever apperance had him entering Hooper's store asking for an extension cord or some other device to help him watch a televsion set. The episode was from either the 1977/78 season or (more...
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    Painful Classic Moments

    yeah...i remember the loud sound effects and the damaged clock bonging in a menacing fashion...scared me almost as much as the Bob/Luis skit with the oncoming train. :eek: as for the Vivaldi/flower film...don't know why, but it ranks right up there as one of my all time favorite SS...
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    Painful Classic Moments

    LOL...I've noticed that, while we're all fans of the classic clips from early SS (hence, why we're here), there's an interesting diversity over clip preference. I love the long, tranquil segments with the soft/lullaby or classical music (Hey Cow, Fireman, Vivaldi's crying flower, 2 dolls in a...
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    Who remembers these?

    I've got the fiddler segment for #2: don't know if there are others...i used to see a few, but a ton of old sesame clips got taken down because of Viacom, so they may no longer be on there.
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    Forgetful Jone's Final appearance

    i heard/read somewhere that the forgetful jones muppet actually appeared on the street a few times in the mid/late 90s, but in a slient, background, anything muppet sort-of-role. for instance, i think someone mentioned there was a street scene in Hooper's store involving dialogue between...
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    Elmo: pre Kevin Clash

    perhaps, but there's narry a pic or clip of the early elmo/baby monster that i'm aware of....we only know of its existence via Spinney, who wrote that he performed the muppet for a couple of years in the early 70s (1971-73 time frame). after 72 or 73, the elmo/baby monster muppet was put in...
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    actually, if you read the article there appears to be an easy solution. just transfer all the uploaded material from youtube to there's already a couple of sesame street videos uploaded there, and i'm guessing they won't be taken down since it's viacom's site and they get the...
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    Characters who met Snuffy before episode 2096

    Were Willy and Mr. MacIntosh still on the show in '85? I just assumed they had retired or moved on by the late 70s/early 80s, but I'm not sure.