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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 34

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Wow!!! Just saw two really good episodes!

    Super Grover's cape is so worn out,so Big Bird,Zoe,and the kids help him find a new one.They try a towel,washcloth,and a chicken,but nothing seems to work.They try shooting him out of a cannon,but he falls down again.Maria phones the cape store and the new cape arrives.Super Grover is finally happy and flies away.At the end(not the end of the main street segment,but the closing),Super Grover is about to announce the letter and number of the Day,then Oscar pops out of his can,wearing Super Grover's old cape(and frying pan for helmet),disguised as Super Grouch.Super Grouch(aka Oscar)flies down,down,and away into his trashcan.You know,I'm thinking that Fun-4-All(the company that's making SS action figures next year)should definetely make a Super Grouch action figure for Series 3!That would be so awesome!

    Oscar's tired of doing the same old things everyday.Maria suggests a change.Oscar sings "There's a Grouchy Place"(a spoof of a song from West Side Story).He parks his can at the entrance of the Mail-It-Shop,but people are nice there(yuck!).He then moves his can behind the counter of Hooper's Store,but then Fluffy shares a milkshake with Elm:confused:scar thinks this place isnt so grouchy.Oscar then moves into the Arbor area(where the old tire swing is)and interupts Telly and the kids' game of catch.But then Telly thinks of a new game to play-Grouch in the Middle.So finally,Oscar decides the perfect place for him to live-his original grouchy spot!

    I'm starting to like this new season.The Global Grover segments are pretty funny.And I'm so glad that they revamped the Journey to Ernie segments.And the Season 34 episodes were better than last year.I saw 2 good episodes i liked.I thought it was good that they brought back Gladys the Cow and Grundgetta.And also,what does everyone think of this new segment called Global Thingy?

    :p :( :grouchy:
  2. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Today,I saw the Cookie Hood episode. :)
  3. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    I liked episode 4037-in fact, I have a spinoff of it

    I made a spinoff of episode #4037. Instead of Super Grover's cape, it is about a Saugus, MA principal's ties. Here is how my story goes:
    Mr. Tanen's tie is so stained that Mr. Apple, the superintendent won't allow it, so all the kids and faculty of the Lynnhurst Elementary School try to help him find a new one. They try all different ties and even a paper one, but nothing seems to work. A trickster gives Mr. Tanen a bad tie, but Mr. Apple sees the tie's secret and Mr. Tanen gets in trouble. The secretary phones the tie store and the new tie arrives. Mr. Tanen is happy with a nice tie again. At the end(not of the main segment, but the closing), Mr. Tanen is about to announce the number and letter of the day, then a little boy pops out from behind a bush, wearing Mr. Tanen's old tie. The little boy feels grown-up to get to wear a tie like his papa. Cute story? Recognize the similarities?
  4. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Yesterday,I saw the Karaoke Story(the Season 34 premiere).Very good episode.

    Okay,anyway,about the Cookie Hood episode

    Cookie Monster is walking down Sesame Street.He sees Gordon and a girl playing a pattern game using chocolate and vanilla cookies.Cookie wants to eat the cookies,but Gordon says that he can eat them till they're done playing the game.They run out of cookies,so Gordon goes to Hooper's Store to get some.And he asks Cookie to make sure he does not eat the cookies on the table.Then,suddenly,a mysterious,furry blue arm grabs all the chocolate and vanilla cookies on the table.Gordon comes back,and notices that the cookie are gone and he thinks Cookie took them.But Cookie Monster says that he didn't.Cookie Monster then sees Big Bird and Snuffy playing a game using cookies-making shapes out of cookies.Cookie wants to eat them.Big Bird and Snuffy tell him that he can eat them when they're done playing the game.Then Big Bird and Snuffy turn around,then the same furry blue arm takes all the cookies.Big Bird and Snuffy turn around,and they've noticed that the cookies are all gone!And they blame poor Cookie Monster-even though it's not him who's taking the cookies.Snuffy decides that he and Big Bird should go to his house to play the game using cabbage cookies,and that "You-Know-Who" will not take them.Cookie then sees Maria with a tin of cookies that she is sending to her Aunt in Puerto Rico.Cookie asks Maria if he can have one,but she says she's sending them to her Aunt.She lets him have one.Then,without looking,the same furry blue arm takes the tin of cookies.Maria turns around and notices that the tin of cookies is gone!and she thinks Cookie must have taken it.But Cookie claims that he didn't do it.Cookie Monster goes on a breakdown,till Gordon,Maria,and Big Bird went to see what is wrong.Cookie Monster tells them that nodoby believes that he's not the one who's stealing the cookies.Everyone finally believes him,and they apologize for not belieiving him.Cookie forgives everyone.Then Big Bird wonders,"If Cookie Monster didnt take the cookies,then...who did?"Suddenly,a Cookie Monster look-alike named Cookie Hood(a Robin Hood type character,with mustache,etc)approaches.He steals from people who have too many cookies,and give them to people who dont have any cookies.And he is the one who's stealing all the cookies on Sesame Street!Everyone tells him that stealing is wrong.Cookie Hood apologizes.He just wanted to help people who didnt have any cookies.Gordon suggests that maybe he should buy cookies instead..with money.Cookie Hood goes to Hooper's Store to buy Cookie Monster some cookies,and he's happy.Later,Cookie Monster and Cookie Hood sing a song about how to say "cookie" in other languages.
  5. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    It should be. I record all the episodes but my tv has bad resepison. So I'm trying to re-record the episodes. So I know that all the new episode of 34 season should still be playing.
  6. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Yeah, I will have to say that I think that was my favorite episode this season.
  7. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Yesterday,they showed an episode about Telly becoming attached to a baby duckling.I missed that.Can anyone tell me everything that happened in that episode?
  8. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, it had quite a few old clips. It had:

    "5 dancers on chalk" from the early 90s
    "Do De Rubber Duck"

    That's a lot of old clips for the new format, wouldn't you say?
  9. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Having 26 episodes for 26 letters of the alphabet reminded me of the Sweet Pickles

    Have you ever noticed that there were 26 episodes-each brought to you by a different letter of the alphabet? It feels like those Sweet Pickles books with 26 titles and 26 characters-one for each letter of the alphabet, and it's a good thing I completed my set of Sweet Pickles books just in time for Season 34! Here are all 26 Sweet Pickles titles, and the Sesame Street episodes from Season 34 which remind me of them.
    Who Stole Alligator's Shoe-Zoe's tutu gets stuck in a tree
    Scaredy Bear-Elmo and Zoe pretend to be Kuzunkians visiting Sesame Street for the first time
    Fixed By Camel-Cookie Monster has the cookie flu
    No Kicks For Dog-Telly is afraid to play with Baby Bear after hitting him in the nose
    Elephant Eats the Profits-Oscar tries to move his can into a more grouchier place
    Fish and Flips-Super Grover's friends try to help him find a new cape
    Goose Goofs Off-Big Bird's friends help him with his story, "The Penguin Who Wouldn't Sing"
    Hippo Jogs For Health-Rosita meets a frog who is really a prince
    Me Too Iguana-Alan and Gordon prepare for a chess match, and Elmo makes a story out of the pieces
    Jackal Wants Everything-Telly meets a baby duckling who thinks Telly is his mommy
    Who Can Trust You, Kangaroo-Elmo can't find a fish-sitter for Dorothy
    Lion is Down in the Dumps-Elmo and Zoe pretend to be circus performers with Rocco the rock, but Rocco gets lost
    Moody Moose Buttons-Ernie plans a surprise birthday party for Bert
    Nuts to Nightingale-Everybody gets ready for Karaoke Night
    Octopus Protests-Rosita and Elmo plan a playdate together, but can't seem to find each other
    Pig Thinks Pink-Big Bird and Snuffy plan a playdate, but Snuffy doesn't come on time
    Quail Can't Decide-Elmo falls in love with Gina
    Rest, Rabbit, Rest-Baby Bear and Telly write a story, and Stinky decides to write one too
    Stork Spills the Beans-Cookie Monster is framed of stealing cookies
    Turtle Throws a Tantrum-Baby Bear and Telly want to play with Zoe, but Zoe only wants to play "girl" games
    Happy Birthday, Unicorn-The Big Bad Wolf's brother Leonard is framed of being big and bad
    Kiss Me, I'm Vulture-Scotty McKilt asks Zoe to watch his bagpipes
    Very Worried Walrus-Gabi helps Zoe and Elmo make kites, but there's no wind to fly them
    Xerus Won't Allow It-Baby Bear worries about his future sibling
    Yakety Yak Yak Yak-Baby Bear's new sister is born and he gets to name her and hold her
    Zip Goes Zebra-Baby Bear is upset that all the attention is going to Curly Bear
    In case you're wondering, the connection between a particular episode and a particular book is because of the letter each episode is sponsored by, and the letter which each Sweet Pickles title represents.
  10. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    In my opinion,episodes #4031(Karaoke Story-season 34 premiere),#4033(Cookie Monster getting accused of stealing cookies),#4037(Super Grover's friends help him find a new super cape),and #4041(Oscar decides to move his trashcan into a more grouchier spot on Sesame Street),were the best episodes of Season 34 I have ever seen.I love episodes focused on Grover,Cookie Monster,Oscar,Ernie,and Bert.
  11. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Ah, so you like the episodes that remind me of Nuts to Nightingale, Stork Spills the Beans, Fish and Flips, and Elephant Eats the Profits. (See my episode list.)
  12. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    They're showing the Cookie Hood again today.I'm watching it right now.One of my favorite episodes.


    Last Saturday they showed the episode with Oscar moving his trashcan into a more grouchier spot on Sesame Street.That was also my favorite episode.

    Oscar and Cookie Monster are my two all-time favorite Sesame Muppets!(well,them,along with Grover,Ernie,Bert,etc...)
  13. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    You mean your PBS station airs SS on Sundays at 1 pm? I have never heard of that before.
  14. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Today,they're showing episode #4037(Super Grover's friends help him find a new super cape,or as teenintosesame calls it, "Fish and Flips").I'm watching it right now.
  15. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    I liked the three-episode story about Baby Bear's new sister(the first episode reminds me of Xerus Won't Allow It, the second reminds me of Yakety Yak Yak Yak, and the third reminds me of Zip Goes Zebra. See my episode list). In the episode where Baby Bear goes to see his new sister at the hospital(which, as I said, reminded me of Yakety Yak Yak Yak)I thought the detail of the, "Fairy-Tale Annex" in the hospital was cute. Characters from various classic stories were in the hospital, such as Jack from Jack and Jill, who broke his crown, Humpty Dumpty, who must have gotten broken, and, of course, Mama Bear, who was having another baby. But what were Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty doing in the hospital?
  16. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    Maybe they were still in their "sleep trances" from their "News Flash" appearances! :)
  17. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    What do you mean by "sleep trances"?
  18. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    In the "News Flash" sketch, Prince Charming comes and kisses Sleeping Beauty...only to fall asleep himself!

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