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Your Thoughts: Play With Me Sesame Season 2

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Phillip, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Phillip Administrator

    The second season of Play With Me Sesame begins tomorrow, Saturday June 7th on Noggin. Play With Me Sesame airs twice daily at 7:00 am central (8:00 am eastern) and 10 am central (11:00 am eastern). Sesame Workshop's Tiny Planets with Bing and Bong also airs right before the 7:00 airing of Play With Me Sesame.

    Let us know what you think of the new episodes. One of the highlights of season 1 was the inclusion of many classic skits in each episode. Hopefully this will continue with season 2.

    123 Sesame Street (reruns since 1999) also airs at 4:00 am, 8:00 am, and 11:30 am on Noggin.

    Here is some more info on Play With Me Sesame season 2...


    Set your VCR's and let us know what you think!
  2. ssetta Active Member

    Well, I watched it this morning at 8, and it had quite a few old clips. It had Kermit trying to talk about happy and sad, and Elmo got sad when Kermit didn't have time to play with him. It also had the "Hair Brush" song sung by the Cereal Girl. It also had a very old Bert & Ernie sketch where Ernie wanted to be a doctor.
  3. Soo!-per Grover New Member

    Hey! I watched it at 11. Glad I didn't get up early to watch it at 8, because it sounds like it was the same.

    Did anyone notice anything different about Ernie? :p ;)
  4. Cheebo New Member

    Yea! Who was that doing Ernie's voice? It was not Steve Whitmere, who ever it was it was a terrible job. Ernie sounded very monotone not at all like how Steve & Jim played him. Anyone know why Ernie was like that?
  5. WiGgY New Member

    Somebody else has started doing Ernie's voice? What? Why?
  6. Cheebo New Member

    I havent the slightest clue. Isn't there some one here who works at Sesame Workshop or something right? Maybe he would know why their is a new preformer.
  7. ssetta Active Member

    I did notice that. I thought it sounded like Matt Vogel. But I could not stand it.
  8. Soo!-per Grover New Member

    Nope, John Tartaglia performed Ernie as you can see in the credits.

    I'm surprised y'all didn't notice Ernie's voice in the PWMS ads they've been airing for weeks now. No one did, so he can't be TOO bad, huh?

    I think he does a good job. Any new performer of a voice takes some getting used to listening to. No one can be a spot-on match.
  9. ssetta Active Member

    That's true. I mean, in the early 90s, when I first heard Steve Whitmire, I couldn't stand it. Same with David Rudman's Cookie Monster, and even Matt Vogel's Big Bird. Eric Jacobson does an okay job, but not as bad as David Rudman. He sounds more like Baby Bear with a sore throat.
  10. Cheebo New Member

    Really? I feel Rudman does a wonderful Cookie. Also Soo!-per Grover do you know if Steve will be doing Ernie in later episodes?
  11. Cheebo New Member

    Just saw the second episode. No Steve. :(
  12. Soo!-per Grover New Member

    Oh no no. John did all of season 2. There aren't any episodes really. They're called play patterns. They are custom mixed for each day, so it's never the same episode twice. And all of Season 2 has been filmed and is in-the-can.
  13. The Count Moderator

    You know, I thought that Ernie's voice sounded a little off in the 1 ad for PWMS Season 2 I saw. But then again, since it was just 1 advert for the new season, I thought I was misstaken. Saw the second episode today and I have to agree that I'm not sure about this new voice for Ernie. It sounds half OK, but then it also sounds somewhat odd when you hear it. It sounded almost OK when he lowered his voice to sing a lullaby for Ernestine at the end of the episode. Hopefully Steve will come back and voice Ernie again in future episodes or later seasons of the show. Hope this helps and have a good afternoon.
  14. BlueFrackle Active Member


    So what was Steve doing ??

    I cant believe Ernie of all Jims Muppets has been passed to someone else.
  15. ssetta Active Member

    Also, on today's show, I saw a very old Bert & Ernie sketch that I had never seen before! If any of you saw it, it was "Ernie and The Magic Chain."
  16. WiGgY New Member

    Is it possible for someone to get a sound bite of the alternate Ernie? I don't get Noggin.

    And this was just one of those things right? Steve is still Ernie's regular performer?
  17. Soo!-per Grover New Member

    That is correct.
  18. Erine81981 Active Member

    Ok let me get this strat? You mean there already showing season 2? I didn't know I thought it was later this month. I knew they had switched the date but didn't know it already stated. I wish I would have know this. What episode are they on? like #
  19. Phillip Administrator

    The third episode of the second season will air tomorrow (Monday). Seventeen episodes are in season 2.
  20. Erine81981 Active Member

    Do they reshow them any other time? I know they will when they reair them.

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