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Your Favorite SST Muppet Design Through the Years

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by SSLFan, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I think season 6 or 7 (1974-1976). The earliest-known appearance of that sketch is a season 7 episode. The puppet in that one looks newer than the one in the "weather salesman" sketch, confirmed by Old School Vol. 2 to be from season 7. I figure the "weather salesman" sketch is the first where Grover comes to Kermit's home to sell him something, since it begins with Kermit telling Grover "I didn't know you were a door-to-door salesman". But then again, in the "earmuff salesman" Kermit makes a similar reaction ("don't tell me you're a salesman" -- and Grover makes the same "okay, I won't" response when Kermit makes a similar response to him being a plumber). Sometimes I wonder if that was done so it wouldn't be confusing in repeats (pretty much every season two pairing between Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock shows Sherlock introducing himself to Ernie).

    Then again, I do wonder if that "weather salesman" sketch was made earlier, even if it didn't air until season 7 (there are segments that didn't air the seasons they were made). Or, if they still used that older Kermit puppet in addition to a newer/better one, who's to say that they didn't continue using any two-collared Kermit puppets on Sesame Street after season 7 (when The Muppet Show began and Kermit stopped wearing the collar)? I mean, in 1979 they started using a different green material for Kermit, with less noticable texter, but there are some skits known to be from season 11 (Kermit News: Foot Snuggies, Disco Frog) that still used the more felt-textered Kermit.
  2. Yorick

    Yorick Active Member

    Follow That Bird

    For any that were in "Follow That Bird" - I prefer their "Follow That Bird" look!:wisdom:

    Early Elmo, including (you guessed it!) his "Follow That Bird" look! Also the writing was great back then. I loved Elmo back when he was pretty new! Not too keen on new SS writing - I don't know who does it, so nothing personal, but I miss the old writing all around...and also the old sets...
  3. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    Not really sure about many of the others, but I really liked light blue Lulu with blonde hair over all the other variants, Elmo looks way better without the fur on his head slicked back, and tiny Zoey was complete nightmare fuel in Season 40.
  4. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Big Bird
    MF: Definitely the puppet used from the early 80s to the 90s... that's the Big Bird I grew to know and love, the Big Bird I first met when I was a little kid. The Big Bird from Season 25 - present (?) is a close.
    LF: I'm not going to popular with some around here, but I think the puppet from the early 90s... something about him seemed a little off... like too much white around his eyes and such.

    MF: A toss between the original Elmo with the exceptionally shaggy fur, and the once-traditional floppy Muppet Monster fingers, or the Elmo of 1998 - 2003.
    LF: Either the 90s Elmo or the current combed-down Elmo.

    Cookie Monster
    It really doesn't matter, I love Cookie irregardless, lol. Perhaps, though I might be just a little fonder of the Cookie used during the late 70s.

    MF: I don't mind the current Grover too awful much, but I think it could use better eye focus. Really, the best Grover for me was the one used during the late 70s and through out the 80s with the slightly shaggy but not TOO shaggy fur, the darker pink nose, and the straight eyes, rather than droopy eyes.
    LF: I think the Grover of the late 90s early 2000s when his fur was really short.

    Ernie and Bert
    Like Cookie, it really doesn't matter to me, I really like seeing these two continuously evolve. But nothing beats the various puppets used during the 70s and 80s... I think Bert's a little too "well-rounded" in recent years.

    MF: Definitely the Oscar puppets used through the late 70s and into the 80s.
    LF: The more recent puppets... the head shape seems off, and his tongue's a little too clean for a grouch.

    Baby Bear
    MF: Any of the puppets from Season 30 to today.
    LF: The first puppet... eh...

    MF: The Snuffy of the 80s through today.
    LF: The first... HOLY CRAP he was freaky!

    MF: The puppet used through the late 90s to 2005.
    LF: I think we can all agree that the new small Zoe is hideous.

    Prairie Dawn
    MF: The puppet from 1993 to 2002... it was perfect.
    LF: The newest version with the let-down hair, and the new ensemble was quite a sudden and major overhaul that seemed like it had no reason behind it... unless they felt she was outdated in her appearance.

    That's it for now.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    After watching a number of 1980s Prairie Dawn clips recently, I must say that I don't care for the 1980s Prairie Dawn look. Something about her face placement just doesn't seem right for me.
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I have recently noticed that while Ernie and Bert seemed to be rebuilt in season 14 (just watch the 40th anniversary DVD and compare their fishing sketch from season 13 with their snowman sketch from season 14 and you'll see a difference), it seems the pre-season 14 puppets continued to be used; It looks like the previous puppets were used in Big Bird in China and Follow That Bird.
  7. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    I liked Ernie and Bert's Late 60's/Early 70's look.
  8. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Big Bird
    MF: Season 3
    LF: Late 80s - present

    MF: Season 2, 3-5
    LF: One used in the late 70s-early 80s. A bit too dark in color for me.

    MF: Same as above
    LF: Same as above.

    MF: Season 2
    LF: Not sure

    Cookie Monster
    MF: Season 3

    LF: The current one

    MF: Season 2-6

    LF: Somewhere in the late 80s/90s and today.
  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Hey, uh... are we gonna get homunculus Zoe this season too? Really, I understand the necessity to reuse puppets, but THAT was insane. Least favorite character design right up there with Season 1 Big Bird.

    I am loving the diversity of new AM's though, especially the purple one. More expressive faces, brighter colors, even the littlest AM's got a make over.
  10. Miss Anonymous

    Miss Anonymous New Member

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