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Your Favorite Cartoons on Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Nicole, Jul 13, 2004.


    ILuVERNIE New Member

    The cartoons? Oh, I never really liked the cartoons... I watched it for all the Sesame Street people!
  2. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    And yet, Mike, you recently responded to your own post about summer songs on TMS, a post that had been ignored by everyone for a year:


    What's more, your second posting got a response. Maybe sometimes it does pay to ask more than once, eh?

    ILuVERNIE New Member

  4. PiLfan

    PiLfan Member

    This one has now been posted on youtube:

  5. Sesamo2012

    Sesamo2012 New Member

    the cartoon that best stood out was the pointer sisters that did the Pinball songs they were really cool and had a great musicial saying adding 123456789101112 but thats the best i ever had growing up. also thier was this ball that went up staris to make a song i think.
  6. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    My personal top 5 favorites:

    5. A cartoon I've unofficially called "Leave the Flowers Alone": a child picks flowers, thinks of picking more when the first ones wilt, but reconsiders when he sees the living flowers shrink away in fear. When the child does the right thing, a burst of rosy hearts appears in the sky as upbeat music plays.

    4. "O Imagination/The O Song": a musical cartoon with stream-of-consciousness lyrics, telling a story full of long-O words. Animated by the Hubleys, just like the "E Imagination" cartoon in Episode 1.

    3. "A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter." The one thing that puzzled me as a girl: why a generic "container", instead of a size (gallon/quart) or type (carton/bottle)?

    2. "Cowboy X": I always had mixed feelings whenever X was the letter of the day; a lot of the segments about that letter seemed negative or even scary to me as a girl. But the Cowboy X cartoon was an exception. The narrative was clever ("it's so crazy it just might work"..."they really weren't very smart"), and the "getting off on a technicality" ending would make any mischievous toddler laugh out loud.

    1. "1-20 Raga": I don't know CTW's official title for this one, but it's the Hinduesque counting cartoon that aired (in English and Spanish) during Episode 276. The strange instrumental music, the psychedelic patterns, and the four-armed figure counting on his fingers all fascinated me as a girl.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Dude, I know someone who was totally afraid of that one. But I love that one myself.

    My favorites are virtually anything done by established or rising animators, especially Craig Bartlett, Mo Willems, John Dilworth (three of my favorite CN shows were done by them, Mo also wrote for KND), Bud Luckey and Sally Kruikshank.

    I also loved the guest cartoons... Superman and Batman (still don't get the one in the pilot about the letter D, though) Jughead Jones, and of course the Pink Panther.

    By my absolute favorite was the cat impatiently waiting for his dinner. That one's so good, it should have also toured with animation shows.
    Luke kun likes this.
  8. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

  9. Pig's Laundry

    Pig's Laundry Well-Known Member

    No one's replied to this thread for five years but I figure threads like this will always be relevant.
    Here's some good ole' Bud Luckey animation, this is hands down my favorite of all time:

    The style of the animation is beautiful and so is the song. The two kids playing at the end gets to me every time :cry:

    As for more recent cartoons, this is certainly one of my favorites:

    This one has a very classic feel to it.
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  10. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    The early animation segments are definitely my favorites.
  11. Luke kun

    Luke kun Well-Known Member

    • Cracks
    • F for Faces
    • Bill the Bat and Claire the Cat
    • Agua
    • Lost Boy
    • Superman and Batman
    • The D cartoon from the first episode that Ernie kept requesting to play again
    • Felines
    • Beware of the Box
    • Face morph skits
    • ANYTHING BY KAREN AQUA (especially Pass Along Alphabet and Freeze Dance)
    • Noodles and Nedd
    • Lowercase n
    • Cecille
    • Psychedelic Alphabet
    • Factory Countdown
    • Seasons
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  12. Bliffenstimmers

    Bliffenstimmers Active Member

    Earlier this week, or the week before, I had done a fanart piece on classic Sesame animation, which was fueled by my rekindled admiration for skits from the first season, such as this one by Cliff Roberts.

    Recently it occurred to me just how much Jim Thurman had a hand in these animations (and ones made later on, like "Teeny Little Superguy" and "Calcutta Joe," the modern rhino) and what a fun and distinct voice actor he is when he's not writing. I wonder if he also had anything to do with the old McDonaldland ads.

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