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Yet another Henson/Disney article - LaughingPlace.com

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by fabdisbabe, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. fabdisbabe New Member

  2. fabdisbabe New Member

    ...note: this was written two days ago, before Valentine dropped out.

  3. Luke Active Member

    It's not bad, very well written and contains great insight - it does have a major problem though - some of the source matierial you used (i'm guessing some reuters articles) is probably six months out of date. The figure Disney are now spouting is $70 Million, not $135 Million which was a price banded around even before Saban got involved and Eisner recently dismissed. There have been conflicting articles that have implied that Disney may buy the whole 'Jim Henson Company' or maybe just 'The Muppets' character rights and library - this is a major issue that probably deserved a mention. Also the sale of JHC doesn't involve 'The Creature Shop' which is a major Henson asset.

    Also there have been two articles with statements from those involved, more recently Saban and ages ago, Entertainment Rights PLC where they have both withdrawn from the bidding and are no longer in the running. It's not a two horse race though, there are others EMTV are talking too who haven't been talked about in the press yet.

    Other than that, you were bang on the money !
  4. fabdisbabe New Member

    Thanks for the heads-up, Luke - I thought I'd bandied about the "about 80 million" number in there.

    I did look up past info on the bidders, but the initial Reuters article I used as a starting-off point in my research was brand spankin' new.

    I really appreciate the critique - it's my first Muppets article, and I hope it won't be my last! :p <===I love this guy!

    Can I C&P, or will you C&P your post to the forum there? I want my readers to get the corrected info.

  5. Luke Active Member

    Valentine dropped out in the last two days ? Do you have a source for that ? We don't even have it here, neither do Reuters nor AP/PA or any of the other news wires. The last thing to reach the press is that, as you said in the article, they ended the negotiations on the previous 49.9% deal by mutual consent, and that Valentine is looking for a new way to bid.
  6. fabdisbabe New Member

    I heard from someone inside Disney Corporate that he dropped out this morning. I can't publish the person's name, though.

  7. Luke Active Member

    Wow - great inside news ! Thanks for that - it realy is looking more and more like Disney will get them then. There is definitely an article that put Entertainment Rights out of the running - it may well have been posted on the forum here and not made it to the website. The article where Saban was reported as dropping out was March 10th and they haven't (to my knowledge) put him amongst the current bidders since. The main ones they mention now are Valentine, Classic Media and Disney.

    Yeah i noticed you got the Disney figure about right at the end of the article when you said that JHC was bought for 680 million and is now worth 600 less. I loved all you said about the Theme Parks and also picking up on Nancy Schultz was smart stuff !

    Feel free to copy/paste or write in any updated info on the laughingplace forum.
  8. fabdisbabe New Member

    I've lurked here since my ex-husband Jim Hill took up a brief writing gig here - coming from you, the above is high praise indeed. Many thanks.

  9. Bean Bunny New Member

    So when do you think a deal could be reach with Henson, Fab?
  10. fabdisbabe New Member

    I haven't a clue. Okay, I have a clue, but not anything concrete. (Shakes Magic 8 Ball).

    What do you mean, NO WAY?


  11. BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    Hooooold up. Dang, you're the same DscveryBay I used to e-mail with and Instant Message with years ago! Heck I remember you telling me, as in your article, that Disney left the Henson people to look for their cars late at night. Wow, I didn't know you were 'The Fabulous Disney Babe' and Jim Hill's ex-wife. Wow, the things you learn.

    And we even have the same birthday.
  12. fabdisbabe New Member

    Yes, that's me.

  13. BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    Just edited my message as you posted. But wow.
  14. fabdisbabe New Member

    Wow, cool. Good to see you again!

    I finally got to tell the "out of the studio late at night" story.

  15. BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    The only unfortunate thing (for you) is that I actually thought you were a guy. :o But every guy I talked to, I thought they were girls, so don't be ashamed.

    Anyhooo, do you have a "non-concrete" idea when Disney would buy Henson/Muppets and library?
  16. fabdisbabe New Member

    Sorry. No.

  17. BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    That's cool. As long as this thing ain't dragging out 'til SUMMER I'm fine.

    But tell me (if you could), you said you heard from someone inside Disney that Valentine dropped out. How is this done, did you call Disney and ask or do you have one of those mysterious "sources" or "contacts" that a lot of journalists/reporters seem to have? I mean, how is it done?
  18. fabdisbabe New Member

    I ran through my article for a friend who works there, and he mentioned that he'd heard Valentine was out. It's only rumor, so I didn't change my article. But he's a solid enough source that I'd mention it here. ... does that make any sense at all?

  19. BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    Yes, thank you. Ask your friend to talk to Disney's lawyers, too. :D

    If there are similar rumors about Classic Media, Disney may have this thing set.
  20. fabdisbabe New Member

    Just keep in mind - I'm not an insider, and my sources, while usually right on, are far from perfect.


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