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Video: The Muppet Christmas Carol Blu-ray Extras

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. DarthGonzo

    DarthGonzo Active Member

    Sure, if you want to have the pristine, widescreen copy you're watching suddenly switch to a fullscreen print of inferior quality. I'd rather not have this song in the movie at all than have something like that happen.

    Personally, I can't stand the song because it stops the movie dead. But that's just me.
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  2. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I'm only hoping we don't lose Brian Henson's terrific commentary over the fact that the extended cut isn't included!
  3. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    The commentary did not include When Love Is Gone
  4. Mark Johns

    Mark Johns Active Member

    I love the Muppets. I love Christmas. I love The Muppets Christmas Carol. But I always disliked this scene. I usually scan past it when I watch the dvd every year, so missing this will not bother me at all.
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  5. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    I'm okay with the song being kept out of this latest home release even though it would be fantastic to see it both ways. I always agreed with Disney's decision to cut it from the theatrical release. However, it needs to be included as a special feature. There's no way around that. Leaving it completely out would be a slap in the face to the fans. I think we'll see it in there somewhere. Disney was so good the last film release. I trust this one will receive the same stellar treatment.
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  6. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Wellllllll...looks like were gonna be owning this movie whether I like it or not because my husband has informed me he really liked MCC and says we HAVE to get it. -_-
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  7. atrane

    atrane New Member

  8. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    That's basically what we already knew was gonna be on there.
  9. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    To anyone interested, Amazon seems to be offering an excluse "Collector's Edition" with the Blu-ray, DVD and a digital copy (confirming the retail edition isn't a combo pack). At least they were offering it for pre-order a few hours today then it disappeared. So if it goes back up for pre-order, I'd be on the lookout for it. :)
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  10. SuperGzilla12

    SuperGzilla12 Active Member

    As interested as I am in that audio commentary, I'm most likely skipping this release. No use spending $30 to get a movie you already have on DVD when you don't even have an HD-TV. :p

    And while I do think there were some overreactions on here regarding "When Love is Gone" not being included - Calm down, everybody - it does seem a little silly for Disney not to throw in the extended cut, especially since it's on the DVD.
  11. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I agree. Be glad the movie's even getting a Blu-ray release at all, everybody. Yeah, it sucks that Disney used a theatrical version when a widescreen version with "When Love Is Gone" is out there but honestly, even though I grew up knowing "When Love Is Gone" in the film, when I got the first US widescreen DVD here, I'm more used to it not being part of the movie. Besides, I'm a huge advocate for having the theatrical version over any tampered-with cut. We all know not all musical numbers Disney inserts into their films later on are that great ("The Morning Report," anyone?).
    SuperGzilla12 likes this.
  12. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    I find it great that the DVD will pretty much have all the same bonus features as the Blu-Ray except behind the scenes and Disney Intermission. I might pick up one of those copies.
    I noticed that the Blu-Ray is only Blu-Ray and a Digital Copy. So it doesn't come with a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack, which is too bad. I like it when it's with that.

    What does that mean?
    In The Muppets, there are many scenes with just Mary and Gary!! I didn't hear any complaining there!
    I don't know why Disney cut the scene. If Disney came and asked me, I would have said "Put the scene in" But it really doesn't make a difference to me if they did or not. It was a bad scene,song, and....that's it.
    SuperGzilla12 likes this.
  13. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    It means exactly what I said. And if I'm correct I have in fact said one of the minor complaints for me in The Muppets was a little too much focus on Gary and Mary at times. Personally I don't really care why Disney cut the scene. So your telling the wrong person on why the scene is or isn't included. Like you it doesn't make any difference to me either. I've already said why I didn't care for this film and it goes way beyond a deleted scene. I don't like when The Muppets role play simple as that.
  14. SuperGzilla12

    SuperGzilla12 Active Member

    Yeah, but The Muppets wasn't an adaptation of a done-to-death story. I guess this person is saying that the fact that The Muppets were so heavily involved in most scenes made it stand out as something interesting.
  15. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well sorry if I sounded angry, just trying to make a point

    I also don't like when the Muppets role play. Those should not have been theatrical films, although, they'd make great TV specials.
  16. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    The difference with this film and The Muppets was Gary and Mary were really only focused in the beginning and towards the end of the film. Once they met up with Kermit they sort of went to the background for much of the movie and let The Muppets do their thing. MCC the Muppets were more co-stars and not at the forefront like the previous films.
  17. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    And I was also making my own point.
  18. SuperGzilla12

    SuperGzilla12 Active Member

    Agreed - Which is why I have the seemingly rare opinion of liking It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie better than Muppets Christmas Carol. :p
    LouisTheOtter likes this.
  19. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    You can't really compare the roles of the humans in The Muppets and the roles of the humans in The Muppet Christmas Carol. The latter is Scrooge's movie more or less. The Muppets does have lots of Gary and Mary but they're basically abandoned aside from a scene every 10-15 minutes by the time the Muppets' plot really gets going.

    Disney didn't "cut" the scene. It was a mutual agreement between Henson and Disney executives to cut the number out of the theatrical release. Brian Henson got to re-insert it back in for the video release because he presumably asked nicely and Disney was OK with it, but presumably the main film print (which is being used as the transfer for all widescreen releases) doesn't have "When Love Is Gone". Last I checked, a lot of us don't even like the sequence anyway, so why are we getting so mad about it being cut?
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  20. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Hey I actually enjoyed IVMMC too. I know a LOT of people on here didn't like it at all. And I'm not saying that movie didn't have flaws either cause oh boy it did but at least they weren't role playing and as I've said many, many, many, times on here I felt like Kermit actually emoted and he was brought back to the forefront.
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