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The most tear-jerking Muppet moment...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by GuySmiley, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to catch them Tuesday night for the Barbara Walters Special! :D
  2. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    I know, I'm looking forward to it!
    muppetfan24/7 and Pinkflower7783 like this.
  3. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Me vous! Well, I cannot wait to see the memorable clips of The Muppet Show which would be awesome.
  4. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I hope their on for more than 3 mins. :p
  5. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    That's true! If they are are on longer than 3 minutes, then I will be happy and maybe my mom too.
  6. snichols1973

    snichols1973 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but the scene where Miss Piggy goes to answer the phone, expecting a call from her agent, leaves Kermit feeling rather sad, and then he shares his feelings with Rowlf, which leads into the "I Hope that Something Better Comes Along" duet:

    :sympathy:: Whoa, hey, broken heart, right?
    :): Does it show?
    :sympathy:: Listen, when you've been tickling the ivories for as long as I have, you've seen a broken dream for every drop of rain, a shattered dream for every falling star.
    :): Exactly. She just walked out on me.
    :sympathy:: Ah, typical. That's why I live alone.
    :): You do, huh?
    :sympathy:: Yep, I finish work, go home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk, and go to bed.
    :): Nice and simple.
    :sympathy:: Stay away from women, that's my motto.
    :): But I can't.
    :sympathy:: Neither can I, that's my trouble...

    After the song ends, Rowlf remarks "It's not that often you see a guy that green have the blues that bad."

    http://www.whysanity.net/muppets/index.html contains the lyrics to songs from The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and The Muppets Take Manhattan.

    P.S. I just noticed that Rowlf's emoticon represents sympathy.
  7. JennyPenny

    JennyPenny New Member

    Today I broke into sobs while re-watching the Kaye Ballard episode. It was the part where Floyd and the band quits and Kermit says,

    " But Floyd you can't just leave us."

    The pain is still very fresh for me with Jerry. :(
  8. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Member

    Follow That Bird is my favorite Muppet movie. When I was young, I always teared up during the Blue Bird song.
  9. Briarosethorn

    Briarosethorn New Member

    Ok So.....

    I just moved across the country from Illinois to California, in order to follow my dream of becoming a editor. It is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life, and The Muppets have been helping me though it. I specifically relate to the magic store song, since I am trying to find a home at the magic store. Every time I hear kermit say "we've done just what we set out to do" my heart skips a beat, and i have to hold back the tears. It just hits home, and encourages me to never give up (which is essential to me achieving my dreams)
  10. Ignatz

    Ignatz Member

    Though far from the most tear-jerking moment I felt kind of sad in the UK spot (forget which episode) where Sam the Eagle says his wife has left him though I still laughed when he said his daughter is dating an owl.:attitude:
  11. snichols1973

    snichols1973 Well-Known Member

    According to http://www.muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Sam_the_Eagle, it's the episode that features the late Andy Williams when Sam mentions his family:
    "When Kermit the Frog questions Sam's obsession with 'decent family entertainment' in the UK spot of Episode 422, Sam inadvertently reveals the facts of his somewhat tragic life. He was married, but he can't remember his wife's name, and they are separated. (Paragraph 4, Muppet Show Censor article section)

    The first post of http://www.muppetcentral.com/forum/threads/a-nest-divided-a-sam-the-eagle-story.52263/ contains the video clip where Sam mentions his family.

    I hope this helps out some....
  12. Ignatz

    Ignatz Member

    Ah thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels sorry for ol'Sam.
  13. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    I finally watched the whole movie of the Dark Crystal and there were some moments that made me cry. The dying emperor... I forgot that it was Jerry Nelson's voice of that puppet. I cried when Kira was killed and I felt like his wish was to die in peace like the dying emperor;'s wish was. When the credits were rolling, it said that Jerry Nelson was also the voice of the evil High Priest. I can't believe the man is gone. Evertime I watch a scene of the Dark Crystal it reminds all of us of Jerry.
  14. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    In the new movie where Kermit and the gang walk out of the theater they thought they where going to walk out to nothing and all of there fans where there. Every single time I see that it gets to me. I think that is kind of what the movie has done for the Muppets, and it means a whole lot.
  15. lilmissmuppet

    lilmissmuppet Member

    i agree that is what upsets me and also the big scene where everyone is singing rainbow connection in TMM like guysmiley said
  16. BooberGypsy

    BooberGypsy Member

    Hmm I'd have to say when Tiny Tim "dies" in A Muppets Christmas Carol. I know it sounds pathetic and generic but I've known a few people who have lost children so it really strikes a nerve.
  17. Vincent Liu

    Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, the shot of Tiny Tim's chair, hat and cane beside the fireplace. Very tear-jerking.
    CaseytheMuppet and BooberGypsy like this.
  18. muppetfan24/7

    muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    If have been listenign to MCR, the song "Follow Me" around November 2005 had the voices of Jerry Nelson, Dave Golez, Steve Whitmire, Kathy Mullen, Karen Prell. It's on the FR season two DVD I guess..., but oh man, for everyone on MC, does that song really make you cry. It kind of does to me. (sniffs)
    BooberGypsy likes this.
  19. BooberGypsy

    BooberGypsy Member

    It does me for sure... =,(
  20. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    For me, one of the most tear jerking Muppet moments is in the new movie, when Walter turns to Gonzo and says, "I just want to say, when I was a kid I saw you reciting Hamlet while riding your motorcycle through a flaming hoop, and it made me believe I could do anything. Thank you."

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