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Stormy Mayhem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have returned with another exciting story! (My power just came back on this afternoon, so I'm so excited!) I kinda felt I wanted to do a story based on some of the events I've encountered these past few days or so. And there was one person that I really really wanted to use for this story more than anyone..............my OC, Libby Lou (remember her from Greased Muppets and the sequel?). It's now time I give Libby Lou her own story. And here's how it'll go.................

    Plot: In the mind of Libby Lou, she thought she could manage through the predicted hurricane. She had everything she needed (generator, food, batteries, light, etc.). But what was her situation, you ask? Two words: Electric Mayhem. When the band crashes Libby Lou's home for the evening, immediately things turn messy. Will Libby Lou be able to manage things then? Find out in this exciting and hilarious adventure!

    (Chapter 1 will be up tonight!)

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS! They are owned by Jim Henson, The Muppet Studios and The Walt Disney Company! (Although...I do own Libby Lou)
  2. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1: Enter The Mayhem

    "There. That should do it," Libby Lou said to herself as she retrieved two flashlights from her basement and placed them on her dining room table. Libby Lou was fully prepared for this hurricane to hit, as the meteorologist had been saying on the news for the past few days (Or maybe he was on something.....) There was nothing she could worry about. She went out recently and used some of her extra cash earned working with the rest of The Muppets (she was currently on a much deserved vacation at that time) to buy herself a generator for her house. She stocked up on extra food at grocery stores and gas for her generator at gas stations all around the tri-state area. Libby Lou even made sure she had plenty of lanterns and flashlights to help see in the dark. She was ready, and she knew it too.

    Libby Lou then peaked out her window. It was already starting to get a little windy, but not too terrible. "Okay....no real storm yet," she sighed as she got her curly brunette hair up into a loose ponytail. Libby Lou then looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wasn't really dressed her best for what was to come, but hey, she never dressed her best whenever a hurricane was coming. On her was a black tank top, exposing her light purple skinned arms (*Her skin tone is a little lighter than Floyd's); grey sweatpants. the ones she usually wore when she taught her dance classes; and grey flip flops, which she usually wore on lazy days such as that day. "Libby Lou, there's nothing to worry about," Libby Lou said to her reflection. "I mean...it's only dumb hurricane. You've been through it before. There's nothing to worry about. You got a generator. You got food. No sweat. It'll be just like last time." She then shrugged it off and decided to sit on her couch in the living room and watch the news until it was time to get her generator going.

    About an hour or so later, Libby Lou would have just about fallen asleep, drooling too, if wasn't for a knock on her front door. She immediately woke up, hearing the knock a second time. "Now who's so whacked up in their heads right now to come and visit me when a hurricane is about to hit?" Libby Lou asked herself. "Hmmmm. Maybe it's someone so ridiculous, like Miss Piggy asking for one of my perfumes or Gonzo wanting to borrow one of my plungers......or even Walter just wanting to smell my jazz shoes." She shrugged it off and then decided to answer the door anyways, but it wasn't anyone (or any people) she expected. Right at her doorstep were Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem themselves.

    "Oh no," Libby Lou groaned to herself. "Not them....." "LIBBY LOU! LIBBY LOU!" Animal yelled out and tackled his ex-girlfriend of 2 hours (By 2 hours, Animal and Libby Lou only dated for 2 hours). Upon reaching the ground, Animal hugged Libby Lou tightly, thus making it difficult for her to breathe. "GET OFF ME, ANIMAL!" Libby Lou commanded and got him off her as she stood up."What are you guys doing here? I thought you guys were on your world tour or something." "Yeah, about that, Libby Lou......" Dr. Teeth started. "We were supposed to be heading our way back towards London today....but our flight, unfortunately but reasonably got cancelled.....until next week." "Then why don't you take your bus to London?" Libby Lou coldly asked. The band just stared at her, with confused expressions on their faces. "I can't believe she thought our tour bus was a flying bus," Floyd whispered to his girlfriend, Janice. "Fer sure," Janice whispered back and the two shared a quiet laugh. "Ummmm....I hate to break it to ya, babe......." Dr. Teeth started. "But our bus isn't the Magic School Bus."

    Libby Lou then groaned quietly, not letting the band know she really didn't want them staying. Come to think of it, she didn't want them in her sights at all. She wished they would magically go away at that moment. But the question she really didn't want to hear next from Dr. Teeth was "So can the band and I crash here for the evening?" Libby Lou rolled her eyes but soon looked up at the sky. It was getting a little more violent now; with the winds starting to pick up, the sky getting darker, and rain starting to drizzle. She didn't want to stand out there but,she also thought, nor did the Mayhem.

    "Alright," Libby Lou said. "You can stay." "Thank you ever so much!" Dr. Teeth said excitingly and headed inside, giving his suitcase to Libby Lou on his way on in. As each of the members of the band went inside, they gave their luggage to the unwilling Libby Lou. "Hey, bellhop," Floyd teased as he gave his suitcase to Libby Lou. "Carry this to my room, please?" "I'm not getting a tip for this, am I?" Libby Lou asked, sounding as though she was in pain. "Of course not. My wallet's back on the bus, anyways." Floyd chuckled and went off.

    Giving up on carrying the luggage to the living room, Libby Lou then fell to the ground; the luggage falling behind her. "AHHH!" she screamed. "I HATE YOU, FLOYD!" "As do I, hon," Floyd called out from the other room. Libby Lou then got herself together and got up, brushing herself off. "Ugh, can this night get any worse?" Libby Lou asked to herself.

    All of a sudden, her house went pitch black. No sound of anything electric. Libby Lou lost the power in her house. "Oh no....." Libby Lou said, now in worry. Not only did she have to deal with the power going out, but now she had to deal with guests in her home. UNEXPECTED guests. "POWER'S OUT!" Animal yelled out from the other room. "I KNOW THAT!" Libby Lou yelled back.
    --------------------------------------End of Chapter 1---------------------------------------------
    What a very exciting beginning. I'm really liking this story so far. Chapter 2 will be up soon, so stay tuned! ;)
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Poor Libby Lou! I know how it feels to have chaos and then finding out that it gets more worse before it gets better. DR TEETH & THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM? Man, I love the band and their music. More is all I can say now.
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  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2: Laying Down The Rules

    Libby Lou then sulked into her living room, where the Mayhem were sitting on the couch and lounge chair (Floyd, Janice and Zoot were on the couch, Dr. Teeth was on one of the lounge chairs, Animal was on the floor); staring at her blank TV screen. "Awww man, the power went out," Dr. Teeth said. "Bummer," Janice agreed. "And it was a rully funny show, too." "Yeah," Zoot added in. "I mean, dumb people these days are just blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are." The rest band of just stared at Zoot in amazement. "Zoot," Floyd started. "That had to just be the wisest thing you've ever said." "Ummmm what show were you guys just watching before the power went out?" Libby Lou interrupted. "Uhhhh...." Zoot started in confusion. ".....what show were we just watching, you guys?"

    Libby Lou rolled her eyes at Zoot's comment and then sat down on the other lounge chair. "Okay, if you guys are going to be staying here, I need to lay down a few rules," Libby Lou said. "What are you? Our mom?" Floyd snarkishly asked and then laughed along with the rest of the band. "Will you guys shut your traps let me speak!?!!?" Libby Lou yelled. "Unless you guys wanna sleep outside in the pouring rain and high winds..." "Ahh, Floyd," Dr. Teeth then said to Floyd. "Let the girl say what she's gotta say. I mean these rules can't be too terrible." He then turned to Libby Lou and said "Continue."

    "Thank you, Dr. Teeth," Libby Lou said. "First rule, NOBODY use the fridge or freezer." "No ice cream?" Animal asked. "No ice cream, Animal," she replied. "If you guys want anything to eat, I left out a few bags of cheese balls, tortilla chips, cracker jacks, and all that stuff for you guys to eat." "So....we're gonna have to survive a hurricane on cheese balls and cracker jacks?" Floyd asked. "Like, I don't even like cheese balls. I'm on a diet, anyways," Janice added in. "That's it," Floyd started as he got out his cell phone. "I'm calling the pizza guy. What's the number for the nearest pizzeria?" "Uh nobody's going to deliver pizza in the middle of a hurricane," Libby Lou coldly replied. "Which leads me to my second rule, regarding you mostly, George Harrison, DO NOT use that incense of yours in my house. Any scent of it from me and you're sleeping outside." "Ugh..." Floyd groaned and then laid his head down on Janice's lap.

    "Which now leads me to my third rule," Libby Lou started. "Sleeping arrangements." "If we have to share beds, I'm bunking with Dr. T," Zoot interrupted. "Zoot, we're not sharing beds. What are we, 12 years old?" Dr. Teeth replied. "But like you let me share a bed with Floyd, Dr. T," Janice commented. "Babe, you're my girlfriend," Floyd responded. "We're fine if we share a bed." "Oh," she remembered. "I'll be nice and say you guys don't have to share beds," Libby Lou started. "But, you sleep where I tell you to sleep. Dr. Teeth, you can take the couch. Zoot, the floor. Janice, the guest bedroom. Animal......-sigh- my room......" "AAHHH!" Animal yelled in excitement. "Animal sleep with woman!" "Animal, you're on the floor. No ifs, ands, or buts," she responded. "And George Harrison, you're in the basement." "Wait, why I do I have to sleep in the basement?" Floyd asked. "Because I hate you, remember?" Libby Lou reminded. "Ugh......" he groaned again.

    "I'll be nice to you and say Janice can join you in the basement if she wants," Libby Lou said. "Like good thinking, Libby Lou," Janice agreed. "I don't rully wanna leave Floyd down there in the basement by himself." Floyd then smiled and touched Janice's cheek and said "Thanks, babe." Janice smiled back. Libby Lou then closed her eyes and gave a little smile herself. Despite the fact she hated Floyd (and vise versa), she couldn't help but think that him and Janice were such an adorable couple. They loved each other, through thick and thin. "How loving," Libby Lou then said. "But if I see you two making out in the basement at all, both of you are sleeping outside. Got it?" "Fer sure," Janice nodded in agreement.

    "Last, and most importantly....." Libby Lou started. "DO NOT USE THE BATHROOMS!" "Geesh, you didn't have to yell it," Zoot said, bothered by her yell. "Why no bathroom?" Animal asked. "My electric is hooked up to my septic system," Libby Lou replied. "In short: no electricity, no toilet or shower. If you need to use the bathroom, go outside." The band then looked out a nearby window. The weather had now gotten much worse outside. Rain has been pouring nonstop outside. Wind has been blowing around like crazy. Power lines and trees were being destroyed. At one point, Zoot might have even saw a cow fly by. The band then turned back to Libby Lou and pointed at the window, wondering if she really meant it when she said they had to go outside to use the toilet. Libby Lou then nodded; a wicked smile was on her face. The band then gulped in unison. "Ummm...I guess our chances of using the toilet anytime soon are pretty slim," Dr. Teeth said, speaking for the entire band. "You better believe it, buster," Libby Lou replied.

    Floyd then got stood up and got an idea. "Wait a second," he started. "Don't you have a generator?" Libby Lou's eyes were then wide open. Her generator. She almost forgot. There might've been hope to make that evening less stressful for her. But Libby Lou couldn't help but ask "How do you know I have a generator, George Harrison?" "The first chapter told us," Floyd replied. Libby Lou then rolled her eyes but then said "Ok...I'll go set it up...." "Wait wait wait," Dr. Teeth then interrupted. "We here are men.....and Janice...we can set up that generator of yours in no time at all." "Are you sure about that?" Libby Lou asked. "Postively," he replied. He then turned to band and took charge "Floyd, Zoot, Animal....suit up. We're going outside to set up a generator! Janice, you stay here and let us know when the power is on for the generator." "Fer sure," Janice replied.

    The rest of the band then began to head outside, but Libby Lou stopped them and said "Generator's in the basement. We have to get that thing outside, plug it in, put gasoline in it, turn it on, then the power box on." "By "we", you mean "us" and not you, " Floyd said. He then followed his band mates towards the basement and said "Have fun inside." Libby Lou then grabbed Floyd by his jacket and said "What do you mean "Have fun inside?" "Just....have fun inside. See you in a few minutes," Floyd replied and started to head back down, but Libby Lou stopped him again. "Oh no...if you think your little "have fun inside" is going to make me follow you guys down, then I'm not falling for it," she said and let go of Floyd. "Okay," Floyd said and went down. "HAVE FUN INSIDE!!" Animal yelled down from below. "That's it! I'm in!" Libby Lou yelled out and then rushed to grab her jacket. "Janice, watch the house," she said and then headed down the stairs of the basement with the rest of the guys.
    -----------------------------------------End of Chapter 2-----------------------------------------
    Well this was a pretty funny chapter on my part. Long but has some funny parts, definitely. Stay tuned for Chapter 3! ;)
  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Warning: This chapter is rated PG, for some scariness and frightening stuff. Enjoy!
    Chapter 3: Generating Mayhem/ Libby Lou's "Horrible" Past

    "It's dark," Animal said as he, the rest of the boys and Libby Lou were walking down the stairs of the basement carefully. "Well, why wasn't anyone smart enough to grab a lantern, or at least a flashlight before we got down here?" Libby Lou asked. "It's your house, Libby Lou," Floyd replied. "You should know where everything is." "Shut up, George Harrison. I wasn't asking you," she responded. The five continued down the stairs carefully until, all of a sudden, Libby Lou, whom was walking from behind, tripped on the stairs; which made the rest of the gang tumble down the stairs along with her.

    "Nice going, Libby Lou," Floyd sarcastically said. "You could've broken my ankle." "You're ankle's fine," she replied. "It's my ankle that was killing me." "Hey, speaking of flashlights, maybe one of us should run up to Janice and tell her to get us some light," Dr. Teeth suggested. "Good idea, Captain Obvious," Libby Lou said. "Animal, can you do it?" "Okay!" Animal replied and quickly rushed up the stairs to retrieve some light.

    Floyd couldn't help but look around the basement for a bit. From his vision (despite the dark), it looked like some place that Libby Lou used to store her junk. Like an underground attic or something. The floor was concrete, but he did notice some rugs here and there. Posters hung up from every corner, although Floyd couldn't really make out what posters they were. While walking around, he did bump into a couch. Most likely where he was going to sleep, he presumed. He then felt the couch. Leather. "Better than nothing," Floyd said to himself.

    Animal then stumbled down the stairs again, now with flashlights and lanterns in hand. "Got light!" he yelled out as he gave a lantern to Libby Lou. "Thank you, Animal," she replied and turned her lantern on. "C'mon. The generator's over here." She then pointed her lantern to where a generator was sitting in the corner. "That's it?" Zoot asked. "The generator is a giant electronic box?" "What'd you think it was? A cardboard box?" Libby Lou asked. "Now who's gonna carry that thing outside?" "GENERATOR! GENERATOR!" Animal yelled out and quickly got the generator over his shoulders. Libby Lou lead ahead and opened the door to outside.

    Things have gotten a tiny bit worse than before. It was now much darker out. Rain was pouring and winds were blowing. "Carry generator through that?" Animal asked. "Yeah," Libby Lou replied. "It's not too far though. The plug is right over there." She then pointed her lantern to a plug box (or whatever it's called). "Follow me."

    After following Libby Lou and the other guys through the storm to the plug box, Animal then set the generator down. His arms were tired, but it didn't bother him that much. He knows he's carried heavier things than a generator. "Don't you fret, Libby Lou," Dr. Teeth said as he got the plug from the generator. "I'll happily plug it in for you. Guys, gimme some light." The other guys placed their lights closer to where Dr. Teeth was with the plug. He then tried to plug it in, but it wouldn't budge. He then tried again. No budge.

    "WHY WON'T THIS STUPID PLUG GO IN!?!?" Dr. Teeth yelled out after trying to plug the generator into the plug box for the past 10 minutes. Libby Lou then rolled her eyes and said "I'll plug it in." She then took the plug and successfully plugged the generator into the plug box, the first time. "Wow...heh," Dr. Teeth said, embarrassed. "Why didn't I do that the first time?" "Maybe 'cause the plug box loves me," Libby Lou replied, sarcastically. "Now we need some gas."

    "That's easy," Zoot said. "....Not that kind of gas," Libby Lou responded, not trusting Zoot with his comment. "The gas you put in cars." "...Forget it," he replied. "Look, I have some containers of gasoline back in the basement," she said. "George Harrison, you're fetching one of them." "Why me?" Floyd asked. "Oh wait, don't tell me...because I hate you?" "And vice versa," she replied. "And you're sleeping in the basement tonight anyways so it's good to get used to your surroundings in there." "What surroundings?" he asked. "It's like a forbidden attic or something in there." "What did you just say?" she asked, angrily. "I'm going, I'm going," Floyd said and headed back into the basement to retrieve the container of gasoline.

    Now with a lantern on hand, Floyd was more able to look around the basement some more. He was now able to locate where the couch, staircase and door outside was. "Bingo," he said once he found the container of gasoline. As he picked it up, Floyd then noticed something. It was one of the posters from before. He set it back down for a moment and shone the lantern on the poster. It was a poster for a campy 80's horror flick entitled "Horror Nights." Floyd backed away from it a little when he noticed Libby Lou's name on the poster. He then shone it on another poster. "Thursday the 17th," again starring Libby Lou. Posters from all around were 80's horror flicks that Libby Lou had starred in. "A Nightmare on Pine Street," "Dark Halloween," "The Revenge Of The Doll," "Gargoyled Gremlins," "I Know What You Did Last Winter."

    "Oh mercy..." Floyd said to himself. "It's like a shrine of all 80's horror films Libby Lou has starred in. I never realized Libby Lou was a.....cult horror star." Floyd was never a big fan of horror movies. In fact, he usually laughed at them with the guys and, sometimes, Janice if she wasn't too scared of a certain film. He then stumbled into what looked like a doll. The same doll that was on the poster for "The Revenge of The Doll." The doll did very much resemble Libby Lou if she was a demented trash zombie. Her curly brunette hair and light purple skin tone remained the same on the doll. However, the doll did have bloody scars, big eyelashes, and a wicked smile, just like the one Libby Lou gave before. Floyd noticed a tag on the doll. "Talking Charlene Doll," he read. "Okay, Floyd....this doll cannot be that scary....it just can't."

    "Gee, I'm starting to get worried about Floyd," Dr. Teeth said, worried about his band mate and friend. "Yeah," Libby Lou agreed. "But I'm not worried about Floyd....I just wanna know what's keeping him so long?" "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" a familiar voice screamed in terror. That scream could only be from Floyd. Floyd came running out of the basement, with only lantern in hand and no gasoline container. "It's about time, George Harrison," Libby Lou said. "Where's the gasoline?" "Da....da....evil....doll......" Floyd said, shuttering in fear. "Floyd, what's a matter? I've never seen you this scared before in your life," Dr. Teeth asked in concern. "Libby Lou.....doll.....creepy.....horror star," he replied.

    Libby Lou then dragged Floyd back into the basement; the rest of the guys followed suit. "No! Don't take me back in there! Don't take me back in there!" he pleaded. Once they got back in there, Libby Lou noticed the gasoline containers were spilled. "Oh great!" Libby Lou yelled. "Now we don't have any gasoline for the generator! Nice going, Floyd! Nice going!" She then found a nearby rag and started cleaning up the spilled gasoline.

    "Like, what's going on?" Janice asked as she went down the staircase, with a lantern in hand, to meet with the rest of the gang. "I heard a scream. What happened?" "Your boyfriend spilled the gasoline. Now we don't have any gas for the generator," Libby Lou explained madly. Janice then turned to Floyd and asked "Baby, what happened?" "Doll...evil....Libby Lou....cult star....." Floyd explained, still frightened.

    Animal then retrieved the doll that was nearby and gave it to Libby Lou. Libby Lou then examined it for a bit. "Charlene....." she then whispered to herself. "Who's Charlene?" Zoot asked. "My biggest horror film character to date," Libby Lou explained quietly. She then squeezed the doll's hand in which it dementally proclaimed "Your death is my only chance for happiness." "Charlene....it is you," Libby Lou said. "It always has been you." She then hugged the doll; a few tears came from her eyes. The Charlene doll remained a simple reminder that Libby Lou was still the "Reigning Queen of Cult 80's Horror Films."

    "Okay, it's been a nice reunion with the creepy doll......" Floyd started. "Now can we please get rid of it?" "Oh no!" Libby Lou said, firmly. "Charlene is staying down HERE with YOU tonight, George Harrison." She then placed the doll on top of a nearby table by the couch. Floyd started to get a little nervous about this situation. "I'm going upstairs," Libby Lou then said. "Yeah, I think I'm starting to get a little exhausted myself," Dr. Teeth added in. "I tired......" Animal said. Dr. Teeth, Animal, and Zoot then followed Libby Lou up the stairs. "Floyd, I'm going to go grab another lantern," Janice then said. "I'll be right back, honey." She then kissed Floyd's cheek and followed the rest upstairs.

    Once Janice got upstairs, Libby Lou then stood by the basement door and said "If you need anything Floyd......just scream." She then chuckled a wicked chuckle and shut the door, leaving Floyd all alone in the cold, dark.....and now scary basement with his worst nightmare: Libby Lou as a demented trash zombie doll.
    ------------------------------------------End of Chapter 3--------------------------------------------
    This was a pretty scary chapter, I'll admit. But it was nice giving Libby Lou a past life, before deciding to become a dancer and join the rest of The Muppets. And please, NOBODY mention the character Charlene was based on (or any horror movie characters for that matter). I get frightened very easily. :eek: And I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as well. Chapter 4 will be up soon, so stay tuned! ;)
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  6. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4: More On Libby Lou's Horror Life

    Once she and the others got back upstairs, Libby Lou then sat down on one of the lounge chairs to recuperate. On the bad side, she just couldn't believe that Floyd ruined her chance of at least getting SOME power during this storm. But on the good side, it was nice of her to look back at the old days of being the "Reigning Queen of Cult 80's Horror Films." It was especially nice of her to bump into Charlene the Evil Doll once again. Just like the old days.

    "You gonna be alright, Libby Lou?" Dr. Teeth asked. "I guess," she replied, with a mixed emotion. "We're just gonna have to deal with what we have." "No toilet?" Animal asked. "No toilet, Animal," Libby Lou replied. "Like was it rully a good idea to leave Floyd down in the basement with Charlene?" Janice asked.

    "Honestly, I hate to break it you, Janice," Libby Lou started. "But your boyfriend isn't as brave as he thought he was." "Like, what do you mean?" Janice asked, curiously. Libby Lou then took a deep breath and said "There's no such thing as not being afraid of anything. Once in your life, you're gonna have to be scared of something. Doesn't matter whether it's big or small........and.....and.......that's what I tried to prove in my movies. That, even if it's not real, it still has to scare somebody." Janice then glanced at the door of the basement, in concern of her boyfriend. "Like maybe Libby Lou is right," she thought to herself. "Maybe it is time for Floyd to man up and like be scared of something in his life."

    "I just have one last question before we call this a night," Dr. Teeth started. "So...can you explain to us more about your cult horror life and....Charlene?" Libby Lou then smiled, although not the wicked smile she gave before. More of a friendly, simple smile. "I'd love to," she replied. "Animal, can you grab us some cracker jacks and cheese balls?" "Cracker jacks and cheese balls! Cracker jacks and cheese balls!" Animal yelled out excitingly as he raced to the kitchen to retrieve the bags of cracker jacks and cheese balls (and low fat pretzels for Janice). As soon as he returned and gave everyone their respective bags, he opened up his bag of cheese balls and ate away.

    "Now where do I begin?" Libby Lou started. "Okay, you see, long before I decided to become a dancer and long before I met you guys, I was an instant cult 80's horror star. I was in every cult 80's horror film known to man. But, I NEVER played the victim. I was the villain. That's right: Freddi Krueger, Jasmine Voorhees, Michelle Meyers, Charlene; you name it. I was her. Fans soon called me "The Reigning Queen of Cult 80's Horror Films." Although.......I never cared about winning an Oscar or something. What I cared about most.....was the fun of making the movie. The fun of acting as a serial killer or evil doll, the extensive makeup put on me, the fact that all of my movies ended with me, the villain, winning and killing her last victim.....that was what I cared about most. -sigh- How I miss it all...." "And what about Charlene?" Dr. Teeth asked in curiosity.

    "Ahhh, Charlene," Libby Lou sighed. "My favorite character I ever did. In fact, Charlene reminded me so much of myself, it felt like I was her. Ambitious, anxious, determined, sarcastic.......violent. Well, for the character itself, it was really a doll.....but you know what? When we finished filming "Revenge of The Doll" I kept the real thing. I kept the real doll! And boy when George Harrison finds the real Charlene down in the basement, he's going to shriek like a girl." "Then what was that thing he got freaked out over before?" Zoot asked. "Oh, that," she replied. "It was just one of those talking Charlene dolls they sold in stores when the movie was still playing. Every little girl wanted a talking Charlene doll. One of my fans even dressed as Charlene for Halloween one year. Halloween of '85.....I'll never forget it. They even made a Charlene Barbie Doll!" "Oooh, do you have it?" Janice asked. "Like can I keep it?" "Of course, Janice," Libby Lou replied. "If you really wanna scare your man like that. I thought the Barbie doll was even scarier than the regular Charlene doll itself." "Fer sure," Janice laughed.

    "May I tell you a little something?" Libby Lou then asked. "Absolutely positively you can," Dr. Teeth replied. Libby Lou then chuckled and said "Well....we actually filmed "Revenge of The Doll" in New York.....the same time you guys were filming your movie." "We made a movie in New York?" Zoot asked. "Oh yeah!" Dr. Teeth remembered. "I remember that movie. I had a song in that." "It rully was a montage number," Janice whispered to Libby Lou. "Oh," Libby Lou said and laughed. "I also just remembered something else. I believe "Ghostbusters" was filming in New York the same time as us, too. We filmed my movie inside of an old apartment in Midtown, though. You guys and the Ghostbusters, on the other hand, were all over the place. I think I even remember Animal trying to sneak onto the set." "Charlene! Charlene! Charlene pretty! My kind of violent woman!" Animal yelled out, remembering what he said the day he first met Libby Lou. "Exactly what Animal said the day he ran in," she said as she petted Animal.

    Libby Lou then yawned and said "Well, it kinda is getting a little late right now. I think I'm gonna head to bed. C'mon, Animal." "Night night. Night Night," Animal said as Libby Lou took him by his chain upstairs to her room. "Goodnight," Dr. Teeth, Zoot and Janice then said, not at the same time. "Jan, where ya sleeping?" Zoot asked. "Like, I'm going down to the basement to comfort Floyd," Janice replied as she grabbed one of the lanterns and opened the basement door. "He must be rully lonely down there. Goodnight, guys." "Night, Jan," Dr. Teeth and Zoot said at the same time.
    --------------------------------------End of Chapter 4----------------------------------------------
    Sorry if this chapter was short, but it really explained Libby Lou's past life as a cult 80's horror star better. And this was fun writing about Libby Lou's past. And, once again, like the chapter before, please do not mention any of the horror characters mentioned. I get scared very easily. Stay tuned for Chapter 5! ;)
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  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    That's a great chapter, MissMusical12! Well, I didn't know "Ghostbusters" and "The Muppets Take Manhattan" were filmed at New York during the 1980s. I understand about your warnings of not mentioning any characters that make you so scared. Like I said, I only and truly watch the ghostbusters movie and of course, the little shop of horrors film for halloween.
  8. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I thought I read on an interview or watched an interview that mentioned that MTM and Ghostbusters were filmed at the same location at the same time. I could be wrong, though. :smirk:
  9. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5: Janice Confronts Floyd (And His Fear)

    "Floyd," Janice called out to her boyfriend as she carefully went down the stairs to the basement, with a lantern handy. Once she came down, she immediately shone her lantern on Floyd, whom was curled up on the couch and shivering in fear. "Floyd, are you okay?" Janice asked. Floyd immediately heard Janice's voice and sat up. "Oh, Jan, it's only you," he responded, relieved. "Hehehe.....uhhh....what are you doing down here?" "Like I was going to sleep with you tonight," Janice replied as she down the lantern on a counter. "I didn't want you to like get too lonely down here." "Oh good," Floyd replied. "Err...I mean, cool."

    Janice shook her head and then said "Floyd, like please, stop lying. I know you're still scared." "Me? Scared? Ha!" Floyd replied, obviously lying. "I'm not scared. I was just playing it up, that's all." "Floyd......" Janice said, tired of her boyfriend's false replies. She then picked up the Talking Charlene Doll left on the floor and squeezed its hand. The doll then threatened "Oh that blood of yours will be so enriching once I axe your precious head off. Ahahahaha!" "Gaaaaah!" Floyd yelled out in terror and threw the doll back on the floor. "Don't let it kill me! Don't let it kill me!"

    He then looked back at Janice, embarrassed. He thought he was acting like a coward in front of his own girlfriend. And all because he was scared of a doll that looked like Libby Lou. But Floyd couldn't help it. Now that Floyd had discovered Libby Lou's horror past, he started to become more frightened of Libby Lou. Not just Charlene and Libby Lou's other characters. But also Libby Lou herself.

    Janice then laid Floyd down on the couch and snuggled on top of him. "You know, like, there's a lesson I've learned tonight," she started. "That you have to be scared of something in this world. You can't like go on with your life without being scared of something. Like....there's no such thing has being fearless. Like there's always a fear for everything and everyone." Floyd batted his eyes a few times. "Maybe you are right, Janice," he said. "Maybe there is something in this world I gotta be scared of......and I think I finally found out what it is tonight." "Libby Lou was the one who told me that," Janice replied. "She like knows how to deal with fear and bravery rully well. That's what she said she knows best to like....motivate herself to keep scaring her fans. She wants everyone to fear her for what she does best......scaring us half to death."

    Floyd then looked up at the side of the room where the poster for "The Revenge of The Doll" was. He then held Janice a little tighter and then groaned quietly in terror. Janice then sat her and Floyd up, with Janice now on his lap, and rubbed Floyd's neck to comfort and soothe him. He eased at her touch and loosed his grip on her. "Like do you remember when we watched the first "Paranormal Activity" movie?" she asked. Floyd nodded, still enjoying his soothing neck rub. "Remember how scared of it I rully was?" she then asked. "How I like held on to you so tight in fear? Remember what you told me? You told me that you were here for me. You weren't going to let anything scare me like that. Now, here I am, saying the same to you. I'll be here to protect you. I promise. Nothing's gonna harm you like as long as I'm here. Fer sure."

    She then stopped rubbing Floyd's neck, feeling as though Floyd had felt a little better. She then touched his cheek and sweetly kissed his forehead. Floyd then smiled and said "Thanks, Jan. For sticking with me in my time of need." "Isn't that like what a good girlfriend should do?" she asked. "Stay by their guy's side as much as he stays on their side?" Floyd chuckled and replied "Of course, baby."

    Floyd then laid back down on the couch again, with Janice snuggling back on top of him. "Anything else you like need, Floyd?" she asked. "Mmmmm a goodnight kiss would be nice," Floyd flirted. "How 'bout one?" "Rully?" she asked. "Just one and I'll let you sleep," he replied. Janice then gave in and kissed Floyd sweetly but quickly on his lips. She then went back to snuggling on his chest. "Night, Floyd," she then said and drifted off to sleep. "Sweet dreams, Jan. I love you," Floyd said and soon drifted off to sleep himself.
    ------------------------------------------End of Chapter 5-----------------------------------------
    Sorry for the short chapter. I ran out of ideas. But yeah, I had to include a sweet little fluffy FloydxJanice moment in this story. Chapter 6 will be up soon, so stay tuned!
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    Chapter 6: In The Cold Of The Night

    Many things changed outside in the past few hours. It stopped raining and the wind was no longer blowing so hard. However, the temperature dropped maybe 20 degrees or so, giving the comfy home of Libby Lou a colder atmosphere. To the Mayhem, it felt like they were sleeping in Alaska or something.

    Dr. Teeth awoke from the couch in the living room, shivering like he just escaped from an ice cube. "Brrr....man is it freezing," he whispered. "It's like Jack Frost decided to come early this year." He then tried to shake Zoot, whom was sleeping on the floor, awake. "Zoot. Hey, Zoot," Dr. Teeth whispered to wake up his band mate. "Wha...wha...where's the fire?" Zoot asked, struggling to stay awake. He then looked around the room. No fire anywhere.

    "Man, it's like....something o'clock in the morning. Why'd you wake me up?" Zoot then asked. "Man, I'm freezing here," Dr. Teeth replied. "Can you go check the temperature by the front door?" "Yeah...sure," Zoot replied. Zoot then got up from the floor and shuffled over to the electronic thermometer by the front door. He squinted his eyes to read the thermometer closely. "Negative 20," Zoot said, but then widened his eyes and yelled out "NEGATIVE 20!?!?!?!" Dr. Teeth then rushed to over to where Zoot was and shushed him. "Shhh! Zoot, you'll wake the neighborhood up," Dr. Teeth warned. "I wasn't yelling," he argued. "I was......surprised." "Either way, I've never heard you yell like that before," Dr. Teeth said as the two walked back into the living room. "And besides, it's not even negative 20. It's just 20. Your sunglasses may be fogging up again."

    "Man, Animal's so lucky he gets to sleep in Libby Lou's room," Zoot said out of jealousy. "Why?" Dr. Teeth asked. "You like her or something?" "No!" Zoot argued. "Her bedroom is the warmest room in the house, even without power." Dr. Teeth raised an eyebrow and asked "How do you know Libby Lou's room is the most warmest room in this house?" "I went to the bathroom before the power went out," he started to explain. "So then I went her room because I felt something warm.....and then.....it felt like....Egypt." "Egypt? Like....The Sahara Desert?" Dr. Teeth asked in curiosity. Zoot nodded, but added in "Only with a beach."

    "Wait a minute!" Dr. Teeth then exclaimed. "An idea just popped into my cerebrum!" "What's the idea?" Zoot asked. "Zoot, my friend...." Dr. Teeth started, wrapping one of his long arms around him. "We are going to sleep.....in a girl's room!" "You mean you and I are going to sneak into.......-gulp-.....Libby Lou's bedroom?" Zoot asked, sounding a little nervous. "Exactly," he replied with confidence. "If Animal can do it, we can do it. Let's go!" Dr. Teeth then grabbed two nearby flashlights and headed up the stairs, with Zoot following behind him.

    Meanwhile, things weren't much better for Floyd and Janice down in the basement. Although Floyd had now (somewhat) gotten over his fear of Charlene, there was still one problem he had to face. The fact that the basement was the coldest room in Libby Lou's house. Even curling up on the couch with Janice and having his jacket on did not help him at all. What really didn't help him was the fact Libby Lou didn't even bother giving him blankets. If Floyd thought Charlene was torture enough, not having blankets only made his torture even worse.

    Floyd awoke to the sound of a quiet whimper, which did come from Janice. He noticed she was as close as she could to him and holding him quite tightly, too. "Babe?" he asked in concern. "You alright?" Janice looked up at Floyd and then replied "I'm....fine. I'm just rully cold, that's all. Like, if I knew this was going to be like...Antarctica...then I would've grabbed my sweater from the bus. I guess I wasn't rully thinking." Floyd then closed his eyes to think for a minute. To add one more act of torture for Floyd, it was seeing his girlfriend freeze to death. And that torture he definitely did not want to see more than anything. Even more than Charlene.

    Floyd then sat him and Janice up for a moment. He then took his jacket off and placed it over Janice's shoulders. "Here," he said as he gave her his jacket. Janice gave a shocked look. It was very nice of him to lend her his jacket, but the fact he put her life over his in the freezing condition they were in was what shocked her. "But, Floyd...." Janice started. "You need it more than I do," Floyd said. "We both know it. I think I'd rather for Charlene to use a bow and arrow to kill me......than to see you freeze to death." Janice turned her head, but Floyd tilted her head back to him and gave her sweet but quick kiss on the lips. "I'll be fine, baby doll," he said afterwards. "I promise."

    Janice then took the jacket off and gave it back to Floyd. "I don't think I rully wanna chance that," she said. Floyd then looked down in disappointment, feeling as though he thought he was acting like a bad boyfriend. Janice then touched his cheek and leveled his head up to hers. "Hey, like don't get all discouraged and stuff, honey," she said with encouragement. "I can go grab us a few blankets upstairs in Libby Lou's room, if that's alright." Floyd then cracked a little smile and nodded. Janice then got up from the couch and turned on a nearby lantern. Before Janice could move any farther, Floyd then grabbed her hand and said "Wait." Janice then turned her head and saw Floyd with pleading eyes. "Take me with you," he pleaded quietly.

    Janice smiled and helped him up. "Fer sure," she replied as she helped get Floyd's jacket back on him. "Thanks, babe," Floyd said and then took Janice by the hand as she lead the way upstairs.
    ---------------------------------------End of Chapter 6------------------------------------------
    Uh oh! Mayhem is about to stir even more once the band all meets in Libby Lou's room! :eek: And I especially love the interaction between Dr. Teeth and Zoot in the beginning. Stay tuned for Chapter 7! (I don't know how long I have to go....this story is gonna be maybe a few more chapters.)
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    Chapter 7: The Long Hallway of Truths and Lies

    The long halls of the second floor of Libby Lou's house were a bit confusing. Doors everywhere on either side of the long hallway. To the Mayhem, it seemed endless. Libby Lou was rich alright. Perhaps her idea for a long, second floor, hallway came from her combination of the money she earned from her 80's cult horror films and from working as a dancer, with and without the Muppets. It looked the hallway to a hotel; Caesar's Palace, even. Except at night, especially with no electricity, it looked a lot creepier.

    "Man, this hallway's endless," Zoot complained. "Endless, man! Endless!" "How does she afford this hallway and this house....a generator?" Dr. Teeth asked.......Ummmm, I think I just explained it to you in the first paragraph, Dr. Teeth. "Well, I wasn't paying any attention, Miss Narrator," he replied. "Besides, this hallway and story is confusing enough," Zoot added in. "....What exactly are we doing up here again?" Oh brother. Dr. Teeth, please explain. "Absolutely," Dr. Teeth replied and turned to Zoot. "We're heading up here to sleep in Libby Lou's room." "Why? You like her?" Zoot asked. "Nooooo!" he replied, shaking his head in fear. "She's waaaaay too creepy for me, anyways." "Wouldn't that be something Floyd would say?" Zoot asked.

    "Floyd's different," Dr. Teeth replied. "The two just hate each other, that's all. I mean, yeah, Floyd's been our amigo for a long time....but yet, you have to admit. He's sarcastic and arrogant...and a bit on the cynical, hypocrite side. But he only goes on that "cynical, hypocrite" side when he wants to be. I mean, one drink of a Strawberry Thunder, Bud's Liberty, Harper's Isle, you name it; he's perfectly fine. Libby Lou, on the other hand.....she's creepy. Creepy with a capital C. In a way, Libby Lou's just like Floyd; sarcastic, arrogant, cynical, hypocritical....but then again....there's something about her that makes her different from Floyd." "What?" Zoot asked. Although he wasn't really paying attention to what Dr. Teeth just said, he didn't help but ask anyways.

    "Floyd's got us...and Janice and Animal. I believe Libby Lou doesn't want to rely on anyone," he explained. "That must be why she doesn't want a boyfriend or something. That must be why she did her horror movies. So she could be feared for what she does best and not loved. I mean yeah, she's quite the looker, I'll admit...but her personality just frightens me, internally. That must be why Floyd hates and is now scared of her. Her frightening personality is quite intimidating."

    "Huh?" Zoot said, giving a confused look. Dr. Teeth then looked around and then saw a sign on a door nearby. The sign read: Libby Lou's Bedroom. Do Not Enter While In Rest. "Hey, look, Zoot!" Dr. Teeth exclaimed. "We found her room!" "Good," he said. "Now I can use the toilet." "But, Zoot, Libby Lou said not to use the toilet when the power's out," Dr. Teeth said, sounding a little frightened. "Ohhhh, do I have to hold it, man!!?!?" Zoot complained, jumping up and down a little. Dr. Teeth then shushed Zoot and said "Okay, but make it quick, Zoot. We gotta get our slumbering back in."

    Zoot then hurried off to find the nearest bathroom while Dr. Teeth carefully opened the door to Libby Lou's room. Of all the rooms in the house, it looked like Libby Lou's room was a master bedroom. The walls were painted in a darkly blood red, not even with stripes or polka dots. There was 2 big windows, covered by black curtains. The curtains did look a little torn. The floor was hard wood, except near Libby Lou's bed; where a big mosaic rug lay underneath the bed. The ceiling was high; high enough so that the tapping of rain on her roof was pretty much unheard. There was another door in the bedroom; possibly Libby Lou's closet. There was also an HD TV, standing proudly on its wooden dresser. Opposite of the TV, just a few feet away, was Libby Lou's bed. Her bed had to be the most elegant thing in her room, in Dr. Teeth's opinion. Red curtains covered all around the bed, with its black bed sheets. Inside of those thin, red curtains was Libby Lou herself, sleeping soundly. She was comfortably covered in black blankets. On the right side of the bed on the floor slept Animal, in a comfortable bed designed for the typical house pet.

    Dr. Teeth then crept to the other side of the bed on the floor and laid down. The rug actually felt much more comfortable than the couch in the living room. It immediately put Dr. Teeth back into his slumber, where he was before we woke up. He could also feel the warmth of the room. Zoot was right. It felt like the Sahara Desert near a beach. A much more comfortable setting than the coldness of before.

    Meanwhile, Janice was leading Floyd through the long hallway. "Man, you can get lost here without even trying," Floyd said as looked around the hallway. "Fer sure," Janice said. "Like, I'm sure Libby Lou's room is around here....somewhere." The two lovebirds then continued walking in silence for a bit until Janice had to courage to say "Floyd...I have a question." "Yes?' he wondered. "Ooooh...how do I put this..." she said, trying to figure out the right words to ask. "Why...do you hate Libby Lou so much?"

    Floyd blinked a few times in surprise. Janice? She still didn't know why? He then thought to himself that, after all those years of dating, and after all those years of knowing Libby Lou, Floyd still hasn't told Janice why he hated Libby Lou. Floyd then took a deep breath and explained everything "Libby Lou....she pretty much is like me. Only...creepier. I really don't like when people try to steal my lifestyle. She's not a musician, thank god. But....it's her personality. She's sarcastic; I'm sarcastic. She's arrogant; I'm arrogant. She's cynical; I'm cynical. Yeah, I even admit I could be a bit of a cynical one sometimes, baby. But that's who I am.....and Libby Lou's just stealin' my way! And her 80's horror cult star status doesn't help either. She probably brags about it whenever she gets the chance. You know why? 'Cause she's desperate, that's all! A desperate attention seeker lookin' to mess around with someone's head!"

    He then pulled Janice a little closer to him and continued. "It's a good thing she's not jealous of us, babe. 'Cause if she wanted me so bad, I would've pushed her into a garbage can years ago. Just like her precious Charlene. She could be a demented trash zombie with her." "But...like she said all of her villain characters liked...killed all of her victims," Janice said, sounding a little concerned. Floyd blinked his eyes a few times and replied "Libby Lou probably said that just to make herself feel more important in this world. Well guess what? She's not as important as she thinks she is! She's just gotta wake up and realize it!"

    Janice then looked down in despair. Although she didn't hang around with Libby Lou as often as, say, Miss Piggy, Libby Lou was still Janice's friend. Finding out all of these different things about Libby Lou only made Janice more confused. She loved Floyd, no doubt. But sometimes, she feels he says the wrong things....sometimes even at the wrong time. Whether to believe him or not was the question.

    Janice then leaned against the wall, out of Floyd's embrace. Tears started to form from her eyes, all from the confusion and trust. Floyd looked at his girlfriend in concern and worry. "Maybe I shouldn't have said it so harshly," he said to himself. He then leaned against the wall next to her. "Jan....it's not you," Floyd started. "And it never has been you. I love you, with every inch of my heart." "Like, I know," Janice said, quietly. "But...like....sometimes I don't know if....if..if...." "If what?" he wondered. "If....if I trust you enough. Like...just now," she answered, forming more tears in her eyes.

    "Baby, please..." Floyd said, desperate to do anything for his beloved Janice. "I really hate seeing you cry. Please...if there's anything I can do to make it up. Anything." Janice then turned to him; their eyes meeting. She then said quietly "Take back everything you like just said about Libby Lou. And I rully mean...everything." Floyd then closed his eyes for a moment to think it over. His head was saying that everything he said about Libby Lou was, in his mind, all true. That she was an arrogant, sarcastic, hypocrite who deserves to be a demented trash zombie. But....his heart said something else. If Floyd said he wouldn't take it back, he'd lose Janice. For good, even. But....if he lied and said he would take it back, it would mean that Janice could trust him again. It might not be what he truly believed in, but if it meant remaining with Janice, he'd do it.

    "Alright," Floyd sighed. "I take back everything I said." "Rully?" Janice asked. "I mean it," he replied. "And I promise never to say another mean word to Libby Lou....ever." "Pinkie swear?" she asked, leading out her pinkie to fully make sure that Floyd fulfills his promise. "Cross my heart and hope to die, my main squeeze," he replied, wrapping his pinkie around hers and then kissing her hand. "Thanks, honey," Janice said and then hugged Floyd. "It rully means a lot. C'mon."

    She than grabbed his hand and lead down the hallway once more. A little while later, the two then finally approached the room whose sign read: Libby Lou's Bedroom. Do Not Enter While In Rest. Janice then opened the door quietly and went in, with Floyd right behind her. She then noticed something (or someone) in the distance, laying on the floor near Libby Lou's bed. Janice shone her lantern light on the shadowy figure on the floor and it turned out to be.....................................................................................................................................................Dr. Teeth!
    -----------------------------------------End of Chapter 7-----------------------------------------------
    Ooooh! Leaving you guys on a cliffhanger! Anyways, this was a pretty dramatic chapter on my part. Maybe even my best dramatic chapter. Stay tuned for Chapter 8! :halo:
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    This chapter is rated PG, for scary stuff
    Chapter 8: Upstairs Mayhem

    Dr. Teeth awoke immediately and jumped to the light flashing on him. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" he screamed out as he saw the light. This reaction immediately woke Libby Lou up. "What is goin....." she started but then noticed the three band members in her room. She then screamed out in terror and anger. This reaction then woke Animal up and thus he screamed, too.

    "What are all you people doing in my room!?!?!" Libby Lou yelled out. "Like, Floyd and I just wanted to get some blankets for the basement," Janice explained. "Then how do you explain him?" Libby Lou asked she pointed to Dr. Teeth, still laying on the rug in shock. "Ummmm...." Dr. Teeth started, trying to figure out the right words to say. "This rug...it's so...soft." Libby Lou glared at him in disgust and said "Nice try, buster. Now, get off my rug!" Dr. Teeth then stumbled to his feet and stood by where Floyd and Janice were standing. Libby Lou then turned to Animal, whom was too occupied with feeling the rug. "Rug soft..." Animal said soothingly as kept petting it. Libby Lou gave him a menacing stare and pointed to where the other three were. "Get over there! Now!" she commanded. In a hurry, Animal rushed over to where Floyd, Janice and Dr. Teeth were and Floyd then grabbed Animal by his chain.

    Libby Lou then did a head count and realized something. "Wait a minute," she started. "Where's the other one?" "What other one?" Dr. Teeth asked. "The stupid one, stupid," Libby Lou angrily replied. "Oh, then I'm right here," Dr. Teeth replied, giving a stupid reply. "Not you, you idiot!" Libby Lou yelled out. "The other stupid one." She then widened her eyes and realized....."If Zoot isn't in my room...then he must be........OH NO!!!!"

    She then rushed towards her bedroom door and tried to open the door, but Zoot opened it first, slamming the door on Libby Lou. Zoot felt much more relaxed than he was before. "Ahhhh...." he sighed. "Much better. Oh hey, guys. What'd I miss?" "Everything," Floyd replied. "The story's pretty much over." "Really?" Zoot asked.

    "Not even close, you morons...." a familiar, booming voice echoed. The Mayhem then huddled together in fear. "L-L-L-L-Libby Lou?" Dr. Teeth asked. "Is...that you?" "Awww she's just probably messing with our heads again," Floyd said. "B-b-b-but what if it's rully...Charlene?" Janice asked. Floyd laughed and replied "Jan, I might be scared of her.....but even I know Charlene's just a fictional character." "Just a fictional character, Floyd?" the voice echoed again. "Just a fictional character!?!?!?" The voice then followed with menacing evil laugh.

    All of a sudden, a little hidden doorway opened up from the high side of the wall. Standing at a glorious three-feet-tall or so was what looked like a demented trash zombie doll. The doll dawned a striking resemblance to Libby Lou; with her curly brunette hair, except it was long and down, and light purple skin. Cuts and scars everywhere on her body. Triumphantly wearing a tattered white dress, with blood and black ink stains on it, and silver Mary Janes. Held in the doll's hand was what looked like an ax, the one you usually cut wood with. And on her face, was that usual wicked smile.

    Floyd's eyes met with the doll's, in fear. "Char-char..." he stuttered. "No! It...it can't be! You're...you're....not...." "Oh, I'm real, Floyd Pepper," the doll replied, wickedly. "I'm real. I'm the real...the one...and only....Charlene!" She then sprang down from the doorway, wielding her ax towards Floyd. Luckily, Janice jumped in and pushed Floyd out of the way at the last second. This caused Charlene to hit her ax on the wood floor. "Ugh!" Charlene grunted. "Why didn't I hit him near the rug?"

    "Floyd, are you okay?" Janice asked in worry. Floyd then gave a sigh of relief and replied "Yeah, I'm okay. But...you saved me. I....I owe you one, babe." "Awww, it was nothing, rully," she responded, blushing.

    "You stupid blonde!" Charlene yelled out, approaching the two lovebirds. "You ruined my plan!!" She then grabbed a nearby chainsaw. "Now let it be war upon you both!" Charlene yelled out and started up the chainsaw, but it soon stopped. She then tried starting it up again, but it still didn't start. "Why won't this stupid thing WORK!!?!?" Charlene yelled out in frustration, still trying to get the chainsaw to work. She then gave up and tossed the chainsaw off to the side. She then grabbed her handy switchblade knife and yelled out "Now.....LET IT BE WAR UPON YOU.......Huh?" Charlene noticed that Floyd and Janice had soon vanished from her sight. "Where'd they go?"

    She then searched around the room looking for Floyd and Janice, but didn't realize they were hiding in the closet, where the rest of the band was hiding. "Like what are we gonna do? She's like...rully after us," Janice whispered in worry. "Actually, she's more after you and Casanova, so it's actually not really my situation here," Dr. Teeth replied quietly. "Wow, thanks for the support, Dr. T," Floyd replied sarcastically. "Hey, anyone got a match here?" Zoot asked. "I DO!" Animal yelled out and lit a match. Once the match was lit, they heard a strange, female giggle. "Jan, that wasn't you, was it?" Floyd asked. "No," Janice replied. The band then turned their heads to see that....Charlene was right behind them!

    Immediately the band rushed out of the closet, (with Animal leading the way and crashing right through it) screaming in terror as Charlene chased after them, with her switchblade knife still in hand. The band then noticed that one of the windows were wide open. A perfect opportunity for them to jump out and escape the terror. Dr. Teeth lead the jumping out of the window, followed by Zoot, Animal, and Janice; but when it got to Floyd, Charlene held him back by his jacket and pulled Floyd right back in.

    "FLOYD!" the rest of the band yelled out. "FLOYD! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Animal then yelled out. "Wow, like, you rully took my line, Animal," Janice said in jealousy. "Sorry...." Animal said. "C'mon! Let's get outta here before the doll sends us on a one way wacky trip!" Dr. Teeth insisted. "Wait!" Janice yelled out. "Like, what about Floyd?" "What about Floyd? Everything tonight was his fault," Dr. Teeth responded. "Well....except the toilet. I warned you, Zoot, not to flush the toilet." "I couldn't help it," Zoot replied. Dr. Teeth then turned back to Janice and said "Listen, Jan, we gotta get outta here...now! We can always use Clifford as our bass guitarist." "Replace Floyd and you'll rully be one less lead guitar player." Janice threatened. "And drummer!" Animal added in.

    Dr. Teeth and Zoot then turned to each other. Janice was right. They couldn't just leave their friend to suffer through what's going to come to him. And besides, Clifford wasn't the greatest on bass guitar either. If they lose Floyd to Charlene, they lose Janice and Animal. Dr. Teeth then nodded and said "Okay, gang.......let's save our bass guitarist from that demented trash zombie doll!" "YEAH!" the four then said together. All of a sudden, a trap door opened up from below their feet, sending the four pummeling down the hole.
    ---------------------------------------End of Chapter 8--------------------------------------------
    Now we're really getting to the good part of this story. I was kinda debating on how I should do this story with this and the next, and it will be the last (possibly) chapter. At first, I was gonna do a plot where Floyd breaks his promise to Janice and then he has to win her trust back and blah blah blah. :grouchy: But then I figured, it would focus too much on the couple. So then I settled on a horror movie-esque sequence, featuring the beloved Charlene. :scary: (I figured, let's bring her into the story and show her off.) Again, please no one mention any horror movie reference involving Charlene. I get scared very easily.
    Stay tuned for the (possible) conclusion of "Stormy Mayhem!" :D:sing::flirt::cool::halo:
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    Whoa! I do not like the sound of that doll. Me not like it. Janice better go save Floyd from that meancing doll. :flirt:
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    Ladies and gentlemen....the exciting conclusion to "Stormy Mayhem!"
    Chapter 9: Child's Play

    "Uhhh....where am I?" Floyd asked himself, after being knocked out and pulled back in by Charlene. He then noticed he was chained up on a rack, awaiting the pulling torture that was about to come to him. "Oh great...just great." Floyd then looked around the room he was in. He couldn't see much from it, due to the darkness. But it did look like one of those torture chambers he's seen in movies and stuff. However, it looked a lot scarier than what he'd seen before.

    "Ahhh, Floyd, glad to see you woke up from your deep sleep. And your last," Charlene snickered from the distance. The wicked doll was just above him; right near a lever that was possibly connected to Floyd's rack. "Okay, you freaky doll," Floyd yelled out. "Where am I?" "Why, my torture chamber, of course," she answered. "I guess somebody wasn't paying attention to my movie." "But I've never seen it," Floyd denied. "Oh yeah. And the Titanic magically came to life," Charlene sarcastically stated and laughed a wicked chuckle. "And by the way, Floyd, I've got a big decision to make right now...and I'll need your opinion." "What do you mean, you stupid trash zombie?" Floyd asked. "Will you stop calling me a trash zombie!!?!?" Charlene yelled out in anger. "And I'm not even a zombie. I was a doll thrown away in the garbage and ripped up by hungry cannibals." "Doesn't that still make you a trash zombie?" Floyd sarcastically asked and laughed. "Ha ha ha ha, humor me all you want, Floyd," Charlene threatened. "But I've got a surprise for you. And I'll need your decision." "Fine," he said, giving in.

    Charlene then went over to a nearby light switch panel. "Behind Door Number 1........" she started and turned on the first light switch. From a distance, the first light on the left revealed Janice locked up in what looked like bird cage, dangling in mid air by a piece of string. Below the bird cage was a chamber full of sharp spikes and dead bodies. "Hey! Narrator! Pipe your mouth, why don't you, and let me do all the explaining!" Charlene commanded. Okay, fine, Charlene. "Floyd!" Janice screamed out from above. "Janice!" Floyd called out in response. "Don't fret, I'll save you, babe!"

    "Ah ah ah," Charlene warned. "I'm not done yet....Behind Door Number 2....." Charlene started and flicked on the second switch. The second light, in the center, revealed Dr. Teeth and Zoot tied up together and dangling above a pool of....."Toxic waste and uranium. Bad combination," she finished. Zoot then turned to Dr. Teeth and asked "Did she just say toxic waste and....." "No, man," Dr. Teeth interrupted. "She said toxic waste and......" "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!?!?" Charlene commanded. "I did NOT put the stuff you men put into toilets in!" Dr. Teeth and Zoot then laughed; easily angering Charlene.

    "Wait a minute!" Floyd interrupted, in concern. "Where's Animal, Charlene?" "I was just about to get to him....until THOSE TWO decided to be clowns." "We're not clowns, babe. We're musicians," Dr. Teeth pointed out. "Whatever....Behind Door Number 3....." Charlene said in disgust. She then flicked on the third and last switch. On the right, revealed Animal, held tightly in an electric chair; trying to break free. Surrounding him was what would probably look like Charlene's kids. All of them were covered in scars and cuts, had purple skin, weird looking eyes that were just staring at Animal......and the same wicked smiles as their mother. "Boy, does she reproduce quickly," Zoot commented.

    "DOLLS SCARY! DOLLS SCARY! GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT!" Animal yelled out in terror. "Animal!" Floyd called out. "Animal, old buddy! Please, please alright!" "I SCARED!!!" Animal replied. Floyd then turned to Charlene and angrily said "How could you! If I knew you were going to be torturing my friends in front of me, you could've at least let Animal go!" "Hey! Like what about me?" Janice asked, feeling left out. "What can I say, Floyd," Charlene wickedly said. "I'm evil. And I know it." She then gave out a haughty, wicked laugh.

    "Alright, enough small talk," the doll then said, whipping her curly brunette hair. She then approached her master control panel, which controlled all of the traps each of the band members (minus Floyd) were set in. "Let's see....do I send your beloved girlfriend hurling into the pit of sharp knives and dead people? Or do I let your two long time bosom buddies drown in the pool of toxic waste and uranium and NOT stuff from the toilet? Or...do I electrocute your loving companion with the help of my little minions?"

    Floyd then looked around at his band mates in their torturous situations. He's never sent the band in that much trouble before in his life. And it was usually all Animal's fault. Floyd then lowered his head and said "I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry I put you all in this situation. This is all my fault and I take total blame for it." "Like, that's okay, Floyd," Janice said, understandingly. "Like, we still love you fer sure." "Yeah man," Dr. Teeth added in, while Zoot nodded. "We totally understand that this was all your fault. But we appreciate your apology, Floyd." "We love you," Animal then said. "Through thick and thin." Floyd then cracked a smile and said "Thanks guys. For supporting me. I know this is gonna be the end of our lives now...but it was really amazing knowing all of you." "Don't fret," Zoot then said. "We'll be right up there with you."

    Charlene then looked down at the Mayhem as they were saying their last goodbyes to each other before she was going to kill them. "Awww, how heartwarming and sweet," she commented. "Does...does that mean you're gonna let us go?" Floyd asked. "......No. I've decided to kill you first, Floyd," she wickedly replied. "I hope you've had a nice life!" She then wickedly laughed and pulled the lever connected to the Floyd's rack. Immediately, a guillotine came down in a moderate speed toward Floyd.

    "HELP FLOYD! HELP FLOYD! HELP FLOYD!" Animal yelled out. "GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" He then broke free from his electric chair, fought off Charlene's little minions and rushed over to where Floyd was; chained up on the rack. But before he got over to Floyd was, Animal noticed a strange curtain near him. He then tore off the curtain and revealed a strange room...........looking like a control room......with Libby Lou in there. Headset on and remote control in hand.

    Libby Lou immediately jumped at the sight of Animal. "Uh....." Libby Lou panicked. She then said into her headset "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE PURPLE SKINNED, CURLY HAIRED BRUNETTE.......behind the curtain." Her eyes then met with Animal's, in hatred and defeat. She then sighed and said "I guess the jig is up." Libby Lou then turned off her master control switch in the room; stopping the guillotine right before it hit Floyd's neck.

    Libby Lou then went over to Floyd on the rack and unchained him; she hoisted Dr. Teeth and Zoot back up from dangling over the pool of toxic waste and uranium; and finally used a remote control to lower Janice down and free her from the birdcage. After everyone in the band was freed, Floyd then turned to Libby Lou and asked "Did you really have to scare of us half to death like that, woman!?!?" "It was the only sense of revenge after you guys pretty much DESTROYED my house!" Libby Lou said, sternly. "And I would've got away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your stupid animal!" "Like all of a sudden, we're like quoting "Scooby Doo?" " Janice asked.

    Libby Lou then turned red in anger and fumed up. "Get out!" she commanded. "GET OUT NOW! I NEVER WANNA SEE YOUR FACES IN MY SIGHT OR MY HOUSE AGAIN!" The Mayhem then jumped and headed out of the door of the chamber. The band then quickly hopped onto the bus once they back outside. Before Dr. Teeth drove out of Libby Lou's driveway, he rolled down the window and said "Hey uhhh, you might wanna check that giant tree behind your house. I think it's about to fall." He then drove the bus out of the driveway, never to be in Libby Lou's sight again.

    Libby Lou then turned around and saw that a giant tree pummeled right on top of her home. She opened her mouth in shock and anger to what she saw. "MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled out. Libby Lou then knelt onto the ground and cried into her hands, in despair. "My house...my house...my beautiful house....gone..." Libby Lou cried, upset. "Grrrrr........CURSE YOU, ELECTRIC MAYHEM!!!!!!!!"

    But not all was left behind in the now destroyed dream home of Libby Lou. One item remained unharmed by the collapse, but was now more damaged than before. That item: The curly haired brunette doll; with its purple skin, giant eyelashes, scars and cuts everywhere, mud on its face; blood, ink stains and mud on its white dress; one of its silver Mary Janes missing...................but that wicked smile remained on her face.
    ------------------------------------------THE END???????----------------------------------------
    Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN! What an ending! And this was such a fun story to write, too! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. And please, do check out my Muppet Show Outlines, if you get the chance. Again, I hope all of you enjoyed this wicked and electrifying story! :D:sing::flirt::cool::halo:
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    Oh my stars, what an amazing fanfic. I love how you transition so well in your stories, and make the plot interesting yet hilarious. Write on girl ;)
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    This is so good! :flirt::sing::cool::D:halo:
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