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Sesame Street Unpaved Episodes

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by MuppetDude, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. matthewxel

    matthewxel Well-Known Member

    By the way, what was the O limerick about? It wasn't the one about the crow, goat eat a bowl of bones, potatoes, soap, toad, snow, bulldozer, and rope, was it?

    What year was that :( and :p skit from with the ABC story :p typed.

    Also what were the 2 skits like that had Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot talking all about over and under, or Little Bird playing the imagination game with Herry? And where did they take place?
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    Start trading for these episodes and you'll find out.
  3. matthewxel

    matthewxel Well-Known Member

  4. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    The "O" cartoon was probably the one you described.

    The E/B sketch was from the first season.

    The Little Bird sketch was done at the standard Muppet brick wall. She described the things she imagined, and one of them was a big, hairy monster--who happened to sneak up on her!
  5. matthewxel

    matthewxel Well-Known Member

    Wasn't the Q segment in episode 54 the one with a guy who lookes a little bit like a Mr.Potato Head(voiced by Casey Kasem)who talks about the letter Q with a tail that keeps falling off? :confused:
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's the one that appears before the "A, You're Adorable" segment.
  7. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    You forgot a couple. Before the "Sad Flower" film, they show:

    Film/Song: "Your Funny Face" by Joe Raposo
    G/S's dining room: Gordon shows a clip of close-up shots of an elephant.
  8. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Here's one of the 67 Sesame Street Unpaved episodes that should add to the Unpaved guide:

    #871-Mr. Hooper Studies His High School Diploma
    Original Airdate: 1976
    Brought to you by: Q, Y, 11

    Street Scene: Big Bird is worried about Mr. Hooper, Mr. Hooper opens the store and tells Big Bird, Gordon, and Bob that he went back to school to study his diploma
    Cartoon: Monster lets man turn on the lights in the dark
    Song: Bein' Green (Lena Horne)
    Film: Farmer takes care of the baby cows
    Street Scene: Bob and the kids talk about Next To with Oscar
    Cartoon: Little Girl Explains About Next To
    Muppets: Little Bird-Next To (Season 2)
    Cartoon: The Alphabet with jazz-trumpet music (lower-case)
    Muppets: Here Is Your Life-Oak Tree (Smiley)
    Film: Car Builds Itself
    Cartoon: Four people cooperate building a table
    Street Scene: Big Bird and the kids cooperate putting toys away before lunch
    Cartoon: Ants carry the huge letter 'Q' up hill
    Muppets: Herry & John-John-Q
    Cartoon: Hypnotic-like 'Q' Rainbow
    Muppets: Ernie's '10 Q' Game
    Film: Wheel rolls away from the garbage, boy captures it to complete his wagon
    Cartoon: q-quiet! (tree chopping)
    Muppets: Grover Sells Kermit Earmuffs
    Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-Q, Quiet
    Muppets: Clap, Clap, Clap (Roosevelt Franklin & the Anything Muppets)
    Street Scene: Gordon sees Oscar cleaning his can with his vacuum the wrong way
    Cartoon/Song: #11 Squares
    Muppets: Hands count to 11
    Street Scene: Cookie Monster talks about telephones with Maria and Luis
    Street Scene: Bob and Gordon play One Of These Things with chairs and a table
    Cartoon: 'Q' Stem Always Falls Off the Capital 'Q' (Season 1, also known as 'Q words', see it also on #54)
    Muppets: Grover's Elevator Holds Only Five People
    Muppets: Kermit, Shala, & Patti-Counting body parts
    Street Scene: Big Bird doesn't want to interrupt Mr. Hooper studying his diploma/Big Bird and John-John try to make a hot fudge sundae, but needs Mr. Hooper for help!
    Cartoon: Sand Y/y
    Street Scene: Big Bird lets Mr. Hooper go back to work at Hooper's, Big Bird decides to study Mr. Hooper's diploma as Gordon (off-screen) says "Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters Q and Y (we see lower-case letters 'q' and 'y'!) and by the number 11"!

    I know what's on #871 because I got better copies of the last shows from 1969 that aired on Noggin (43-54-83), #871, and #1316 from SSetta

    And believe it or not, I'm glad that I have all of the Unpaved episodes from Seasons 1, 3-5, 7, & 10-11.
  9. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    As a Mr. Potato Head collector, I now have a whole new fondness for that cartoon. :)
  10. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Mike. BTW, concerning episode #871, are there certain street scenes that should be counted in the "Insert" list? (Clips that can be reused over and over again.) (NOTE: If Gordon's clothes change in those street scenes he was in, either all or one can or can't be included as "inserts".)
  11. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    I've got one more episode from '69 to add to the Unpaved guide:

    #83-Big Bird Moves Birdseed
    Original Airdate: 1969
    Sponsored by: A, H, T, 10

    83A:Big Bird has trouble putting all of his bags of birdseed to his nest, Mr. Hooper helps him putting them in the box
    Cartoon: "This is an H" (ending with hole and help)
    Cartoon: H-Hole
    83B: Susan ties a jump rope to Big Bird's box, Big Bird couldn't pull box with birdseed and rope, Bob adds wheels for him, Big Bird waits for Bob by counting up to ten
    Film/Song: Baker#10 (toes, triangles, bowling pins, little Indians, toys, chocolate layer cakes)
    83C: Bob builds a wagon for Big Bird to pull his birdseed easily
    Cartoon: Jazzy Triangle
    Muppets/Song: Everyone Likes Ice Cream! (weird-looking AM's and different voiced Cookie Monster)
    83D: Susan and kids figure out what tails and heads are in the right different animals
    Film: Animals have tails
    83E: Bob and the kids feed the baby black piglet milk
    Muppets: Ernie's 'A' Machine
    Live-Action: Bob and Mr. Hooper build an 'A'
    Muppets: Monsters look up at 'A'
    83F: Mr. Hooper and kid-A
    Cartoon: A-Ape (Man Hides Away From Ape Playing Ukulele)
    Cartoon: A for alligator
    83G: Mr. Hooper lets kid learn the alphabet from James Earl Jones
    Live-Action: James Earl Jones recites alphabet
    83H: Mr. Hooper lets kid watch a film about in, over, and around
    Muppets: Kermit & Fuzzyface (the early Whatnot Monster before Grover)-In the Box featuring Fred the Dragon inside the box
    Cartoon: 'T' sketch ending with "Trash" and "Ticket"
    Live-Action: Buddy & Jim-Shoes in different boxes
    Cartoon: Bear counts bees
    Live-Action: James Earl Jones counts to 10
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert: Fast Cleanup Before Lunchtime
    Cartoon: T for television
    83I: Susan and kid-food
    Film: Girl picks food from garden
    Muppets: Bert's Newspaper
    Live-Action/Song: One Of These Things-silverware/One Of These Things-vegetables with Susan
    83J: Closing-Bob and kids talk about the hedgehog
  12. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    There's a few more I know...

    Here are some episodes I can think of...

    #1037-Buffy's New Baby Cody
    Original Airdate: 1977
    Sponsored by: E, F, 3

    1037A: Buffy & the kids talk about Buffy's new baby Cody
    Cartoon: Kid names his own body parts
    Muppets: Ernie's Own Chocolate Ice Cream (with Oscar, Season 2)
    Muppets: Cookie Monster: E-Egg
    1037B/Song: Right In the Middle Of the Face (with Bob & the kids)
    Muppets: Cookie Dresses Up Like Ernie (Season 2)
    Live-Action: Animal Guessing Game#1 (lions)
    Film: Lions
    Cartoon: F-finished
    Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games#2 (turtle)
    1037C: Big Bird draws a picture of his friends from Sesame Street including Buffy/Big Bird is jealous because he wanted Buffy to see the picture but Buffy is too busy with Cody!
    Cartoon: The Dog & the Bone
    1037D: Buffy cheers Big Bird up by singing "Different Ways"/Big Bird creates the final touch for his drawing
    Cartoon/Song: Three (sung by a cartoon fiddler)
    Film: Mad Painter#3
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert-More & Less (Grape Juice & Pizza) (Season 2)
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#3
    Muppets: Adventures of Super Grover-Boys Fight Over an Apple
    1037E: Big Bird watches Cody talking a bath
    Cartoon: Casa
    Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games#3 (giraffe)
    Cartoon: Translation-broken glass insert
    Muppets: Grover & Herbert Birdsfoot count to 20
    Film: Milk! (From Farm To Market To House)
    Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games#4 (fish)
    1037F: Closing-Big Bird watches his friends and Buffy taking care of Cody

    Next time I'll do 1041, 796, 8 and a couple...
  13. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Now here's a couple...

    #1041-Cripple Creek
    Original Airdate: 1977
    Sponsored by: K, Z, & 7

    1041A: Buffy and Fred the Horse sing "Cripple Creek"
    Cartoon: Pink Panther Karate-Chops the Letter 'K'
    Muppets: 'K' Cheerleaders (Version 1)
    Film: Kids watch movie about 'DANGER' with man on movie screen
    Muppets/Song: Danger, by Little Jerry & the Monotones
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#7
    Muppets: Newsflash-Hey, Diddle, Diddle
    Film: Sea diver-on, into, around, through
    Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-K, Key
    1041B: Oscar's grouch club (Oscar and kids talk about being angry)
    Muppets: Ernie Cleans the Apartment Part 1 (Season 1, Ernie wears a pink-and-purple striped shirt)
    Cartoon: K-kick
    Muppets: Ernie Cleans the Apartment Part 2 (Season 1)
    Film/Song: Take A Breath (early)
    Live-Action: Bob and Luis build a train tunnel
    Muppets: Cookie Monster At the Library
    Film: Adding and subtracting acrobats
    Cartoon: Magical Herman's Adding Trick
    Film: 1-20 Ice Skaters
    Muppets: The Addition Game with Guy Smiley and Herry
    Cartoon: Kent Gets Kicked Out Of the Forest (K)
    1041C: Big Bird sings "He's Smaller Than Me" to Cody
    Cartoon: Triangles
    Muppets: Imagining Shapes (The hipster was voiced by Northern Calloway, who played David)
    Cartoon: Z for zebra and zoo
    Film: Peacock
    Cartoon/Song: The Alligator King
    1041D: Big Bird watches Buffy holding Cody
    Cartoon: "I am crying"
    Film: The Telephone Wire
    Cartoon: Numbers 1-20 say the names, some of them didn't listen to '0' (like #17 is snoring!)
    Muppets: Ernie Eats Cookies In Bed
    Cartoon: Letter 'Z' Drawing
    Muppets: Kermit & Joey count to 20
    Film: A Day at the Indian school
    1041E: Closing-Oscar's grouch club repeat the closing lines of this show

    #8-Letter 'B' Treasure Hunt
    Original Airdate: 1969
    Sponsored by: A, B, X, 4, 5

    8A: Gordon and Sally go on the alphabet treasure hunt/Gordon and Sally found a blue ball and a bat/Mr. Hooper doesn't know what he's holding
    Film: Kids paint pictures beginning with 'B'
    8B: Mr. Hooper found Big Bird and Mr. Hooper finally knows he has a banana
    Film/Song: 'B' Is For Bubble
    8C: Susan bought bread for sandwiches
    Live-Action: Buddy & Jim-Peanut Butter-and-Jelly Sandwiches
    Muppets: Ernie Studies Drawing X's
    8D: Susan and the kids sing "If You're Happy And You Know It"
    Muppets: Unnamed Cookie Monster Eats Bert's Bacon and Ernie's Very Own 'X'
    Cartoon: Egg on Boy's Knee Alphabet Poem
    Muppets: Ernie erases X's
    Cartoon: Little boy's erasing counting poem
    Muppets: Ernie lets Cookie see the counting poem cartoon again
    Cartoon: Little boy's erasing counting poem (AGAIN)
    Muppets: Ernie erases Cookie
    8E: Mr. Hooper shows Gordon and Sally a chair-it's not complete yet
    Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies#4
    8F: Mr. Hooper now shows Gordon and Sally the complete chair/Mr. Hooper shows them the almost-complete wagon
    Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies#4 (AGAIN)
    8G: Mr. Hooper now shows Gordon and Sally the complete wagon/Mr. Hooper throws an apple to Gordon
    Cartoon: A for alligator
    8H: Gordon & the kids feed a rabbit
    Film: A bear scratches its four legs
    8I: Susan and Arianna-sounds in kitchen
    Film: Noises
    Live-Action/Song: Five Fingers In My Left Hand with Bob
    Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies#5
    Muppets/Song: Five People In My Family
    8J: Big Bird, Susan, & Sally-Short & Tall
    Film: Sad flower
    Muppets: Gordon, Ernie, & Cookie Monster-4 objects in 4 boxes
    Cartoon: B for bicycle, bear, bump, branch, bee
    8K: Gordon and Steve pretend to drive in different kinds of transportation
    Film: Transportation
    8L: Closing-Bob shows Gordon and the kids the lamb "Sesame"

    And now, the ever-hard-to-find one you all have been waiting for...

    #796-Headline Howie Gets A Scoop On Snuffy
    Original Airdate: 1975
    Sponsored by: P & 2

    796A: Snuffy counts his friends who didn't see him (including Cookie Monster busy eating cookies)
    Muppets: Bert Tries To Dream About Ice-Skating Before He Goes To Sleep At Night (in Bert's dream, you can see the person in full-body Bert costume ice-skating in an live arena show!)
    Film/Song: I'm A Hard Workin' Dog (Cow Dog)
    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper#2 (pogo stick trick, Season 3)
    Cartoon: P for painting
    Cartoon: P-Pillow (Boy hits brother with pillow, brother smacks him with giant pillow)
    Cartoon: Two men make the volume of their radios louder
    Muppets: Professor Grover Talks About the 'Head' with Maria
    Film: Kids and adults do jobs
    796B: Headline Howie gets a scoop on Snuffy, making Big Bird so furious
    Cartoon: Pat the Pilot (P)
    Cartoon: Orange guy falls off the wall with the ball
    Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School-Loud & Soft
    Cartoon: Kids in bus spell "BUS"
    Film/Song: Pockets (that's the song you're all talking about!)
    Cartoon: Kids in bench wait for the bus
    Muppets: Newsflash-Humpty Dumpty
    796C/Song: "I Just Got the Postcard From Amy" with Grover & his friends
    Cartoon: There's A Zoo In Me!
    Muppets/Song: Fishermen Song with Judy Collins
    Muppets: Herry & John John-Loud & Soft
    Cartoon: Five colored lines make a circle
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert At the Emotional Movie
    Live-Action: In, Under, & On with Bob & friends
    Film/Song: Baker#2
    Cartoon: Hand draws telephone booth with pencil
    Muppets: Bert & Ingrid count backwards from 10-1 (Season 3)
    Cartoon: Magical Herman's Adding Trick
    Muppets/Song: Numerical Corresponse with Link Hoghtrob-voiced Guy Smiley-like Whatnot Muppet
    Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-P, Pencil
    Cartoon: P for picnic (ants carry foods beginning with 'P')
    796D: Maria gives David the typewriter as his birthday present
    Muppets/Song: P-My Favorite Letter by the Cowboy Muppets (Season 3)
    796E: Closing with Mr. Macintosh, Maria, Big Bird, and Herry

    I hope this guide to 796 makes you wish for getting it...
  14. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Here are the guides to all of the episodes of Big Bird At Echo Rock Camp:


    #1706-Day 1: Big Bird Leaves Sesame Street (14th Season Premiere)
    Original Airdate: 1982
    Brought to you by: D & 2

    1706A: Big Bird sings "I'm Going To Camp" with all of his adult friends
    Cartoon: Sand D/d
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert At the Egyptian Pyramid
    Cartoon: 2 Farmers
    1706B: Big Bird is so sad that he will miss Snuffy
    Muppets: Baby Honker Hatches, Learns To Honk Like all of the Honkers
    Film/Song: All By Myself, Well, Why Not?
    1706C: Big Bird & Snuffy play the guessing game, the bus arrives to pick up Big Bird for camp, but the bus is stuck
    Muppets/Song: The Coconut Counting Man with The Count and Harry Belafonte
    Cartoon: 2 Giraffes (Swedish Animation)
    Film: Sounds Around the House with Violin (DEBUT of the series)
    Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet
    1706D: The bus is finally not stuck, Big Bird meets Rusty, the lavendar-colored Anything Muppet boy
    Cartoon: Boys read "BUS"
    Film: Man lets girl in bus read names of places and things outside the bus
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Bert's It!
    Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-D, Daisy
    1706E: Big Bird, Rusty & the kids ride on the bus to Camp Echo Rock (this was the special opening theme for 1707-10)
    Cartoon: Toothpaste on Parade
    Muppets: Two-Headed Monster Share Pillow
    Cartoon: Consonaut Sound Limerick-D, Dog
    Film/Song: I Have A Chair
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#2
    Muppets: Woodsman muppet sings about nature
    1706F: Closing-Big Bird arrives at Camp Echo Rock and goes to Cabin 10

    #1707-Day 2: Big Bird Learns To Play Baseball
    Original Airdate: 1982
    Brought to you by: C, V, & 3

    1707A: Big Bird & the kids get up early for breakfast, Rusty doesn't want to go to breakfast, he wants to sleep!
    Muppets/Song: Frazzle! with Frazzle & the Frazzletones (one of the members is Maurice Monster)
    Cartoon: Consonaut Sound Limerick-V, Violin
    Live-Action: Unknown celebrity talks to himself
    Cartoon: 'V' In Space
    1707B: Big Bird learns to play baseball
    Muppets/Song: Full Body of Rhythm by Little Jerry & the Monotones
    Film/Song: I'm A Hard Workin' Dog (Cow Dog)
    1707C: Big Bird gets rest period, Big Bird writes a letter to Maria and sings "I Am Fine, How Are You?"
    Film: Bicycles (Raposo)
    Cartoon: C-cap (Cap Is Too Big For Man)
    Film: Insects
    Muppets: Ernie Yells "Hey, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!" to the Fish
    Cartoon: C Is For Cake
    Muppets: Herry & John John-Loud & Soft
    1707D: Big Bird eats new foods for dinner-hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and peas
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#3
    Film: 1-2-3 Orange Ball Roller-Coaster (original powder version)
    Muppets/Song: I'm So Lonely
    Cartoon: 3 Mice (Swedish Animation)
    Film: People jump
    Cartoon: Rocks aren't alive
    1707E: Big Bird is crying about missing Sesame Street
    Film: Mad Painter#3
    Muppets/Song: Dance Myself To Sleep by Ernie interrupted by Bert
    Cartoon: #'s 1-20 jump into the boat
    1707F: Closing-Big Bird sleeps in Cabin 10

    #1708-Day 3: Big Bird Learns To Swim
    Original Airdate: 1982
    Brought to you by: H, Y, & 8

    1708A: Big Bird & the kids fix their beds neatly, Big Bird and his counselar Mickey help Rusty to fix his bed neatly
    Muppets/Song: Proud by early Little Jerry & the Monotones
    Live-Action: Kids running
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert Fix Beds
    1708B: Telly tells Oscar that he misses Big Bird so much
    Film/Song: We All Sing With the Same Voice
    Cartoon: Boy talks about his pet letter 'Y', Yetta
    Muppets: Sinister Sam Wants To Know 'Y'
    Cartoon: The post office
    1708C: Big Bird gets a huge postcard from Snuffy
    Cartoon: Boy learns to put his mom's letter in the mailbox all by himself
    Cartoon: 8 Bats (Swedish Animation)
    Muppets/Song: Eight Beautiful Notes by the Count
    1708D: Big Bird gets his free period looking around in the whole camp
    Cartoon: Truck Carries the Number Eight
    Muppets: Ernie's Imaginary Baseball Game
    Film: Boy learns to ride on the pony
    1708E: Big Bird learns to paddle in the canoe
    Cartoon: H for hola (Spanish soundtrack)
    Muppets: Grover's Restaurants: Menu Only Contains Milk
    Cartoon: H for hello (voice of Gary Owens)
    1708F: Big Bird and Rusty learn to swim!
    Film: Kids take swimming lessons in the pool
    Cartoon: Peacock 1-20
    Film: Water, Water Everywhere
    1708G: Closing-Big Bird & the kids head back to Cabin 10

    #1709-Day 4: Big Bird Hikes Up the Echo Rock Mountain
    Original Airdate: 1982
    Brought to you by: J, Y, & 4

    1709A: Big Bird & the kids got everything to pack for the overnight trip on the mountain
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Follow the Arrow Game
    Film: Flowers in Tree
    Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple-Land Pollution
    Film/Song: There's A Bird On Me
    Muppets: Orange girl reads "hug" with Herry
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#4
    1709B: Big Bird follows the arrows to the top of the mountain
    Muppets: Grover's Counting Echo
    Cartoon: 4 Carpenters
    Live-Action: Bill Cosby counts four kids
    Muppets: The Boy Who Cried Monster
    Cartoon: Sand J/j
    Muppets: Bert & John John-Emotions
    1709C: Telly is upset that Big Bird isn't his friend anymore
    Cartoon: Boy discovers worm under rock and baby birds in nest
    Muppets: Camp Wannagohome-the Tree
    Film: Kids/adults do jobs
    Cartoon: J-Jam (Season 1)
    Muppets/Song: This Is My J by Biff
    1709D: Big Bird and Mickey cook hot dogs
    Muppets: The Rhymies Go Camping
    Cartoon: J Under Man's Hat
    Film: Animals with homes
    Muppets: Grover's Restaurants: Before & After (Soup and Ham Sandwich)
    1709E: Big Bird & the kids sing the "Echo Rock Rock" song at night
    Cartoon: The Yellow Yahoo (Y)
    Film/Song: Flying (Raposo)
    Muppets: Two-Headed Monster Share Headphones
    1709F: Closing-Big Bird & Rusty sleep in the tent

    #1710-Day 5: Big Bird's Last Day
    Original Airdate: 1982
    Brought to you by: V, W, & 5

    1710A: Big Bird & the kids take themselves their photograph
    Muppets/Song: Big Kids Cry
    Cartoon: Five tall things
    Film: Buffalos
    Cartoon: 5 Worms In An Apple (Swedish Animation)
    Muppets: Newsflash-The Three Little Pigs
    Cartoon: I've Got A Mind (Season 2)
    1710B: Big Bird wins the swimming award at the award assembly
    Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count#5
    Muppets: Adventures of Super Grover-The Barber of Sesame Street
    Live-Action: Maria as Charlie Champlin-Long, Longer, Longest
    1710C: Big Bird sings "Good-bye Country" before he does his final Echo Rock Handshake
    Cartoon: W-wallpaper (Wallpaper Covers Man)
    Muppets/Song: The National Association of W Lovers by Bert
    Cartoon: Gloria talks about 'W'
    Film/Song: What Are Kids Called (Raposo)
    Cartoon: White man tries to recite the alphabet
    Muppets: Grover & kid-scratching tummy and hugging
    Cartoon: Walk Tall
    Muppets: Grover & Stevie Wonder-Long & Short Notes (street insert from #514)
    Film: Long/Short Automobile
    Cartoon: The Vase Villain In the Panama Hat (V)
    1710D: Bob, David, Maria, & Luis plan to create the WELCOME HOME BIG BIRD to Big Bird, Snuffy already decorated the sign to Big Bird!
    Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple-Water Pollution
    Film: Whales
    Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-W, Wall
    1710E: Big Bird is back from Camp Echo Rock
    Film: Agua
    Muppets: The Count vs. Cookie Monster (The Count & Cookie Cooperate)
    Cartoon: What would happen (balloon popping)
    1710F: Snuffy finally knows that the answer Big Bird went to camp is 'bus'
    Cartoon: Spanish Shapes Snake
    Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Ernie's Guess What I Am Game (ends with Bert Acting Like A Train)
    Cartoon: Sand W/w
    1710G: Closing-Big Bird talks to Snuffy about his days at Echo Rock Camp
  15. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know the frist episode that aired on August 19, 1981?

    I would love to have that episode since its the first one that aired when I was born.
  16. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    It was a rerun. Seasons began in November/December and ended around May/June.
  17. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Would you know what episode reran that day?
  18. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    No clue. Sorry.
  19. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's very interesting you have that birthday. That's the exact same as Christopher Cerf. :)
  20. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Now that neat to have the same birthday as his. ssetta would you be able to cheak what episode ran that day? I would love to have it even if it is a reran episode. Thanks for telling me about the b-day thing. Thanks.

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