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Sesame Street films

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikebennidict, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. mikebennidict New Member

    with talk about SS animation, it would be nice to find info about the films that have been made on the show over the years. especially those made durring the 1st 5 years SS was on. i wonder what the first film was made and when they began making films for the show? while that might be an obvious question for all we know they might of gone out filming stuff a year in advance. it be nice if the Sesame Workshop had info i when certain films were 1st made, who made them, and maybe go behind the scenes and had stories on how they were made and any interesting stories about them.
  2. mikebennidict New Member

    rememeber the film about the men who painted this large number 5 either on a street or a play area of a N.Y.C. neighborhood? the 2 men lay down this large white thing witch had a 5 cut out and 1 of the men spray paints the inside of this thing and the kids sing Johnny by the ocean Johnny by the sea. Johnny broke a bottle and he blaimed it on me. I told Ma. Ma told Pa. Johnny got a spanking so ha ha ha! How many spankings did Johnny get. 12345! now this was probably 1 of the silliest film SS has ever made. 1 thing i wonder about is what did the 2 men think? probably didn't wanna do it but were ordered to by their boss. just imagine theese 2 men who work for the city of New York go in 1 morning, let's say this was in 1969, their boss calls them in and says men the 1st thing i have for you to do is go to Jones St. and paint a 5 in the street? the men look puzzled and ask why do you want us to do that? their Boss says some T.V. producers who are working on a show called Sesame Street wants us to do this. SS an educational series that helpes pre-schoolers with letters & numbers wich is going to debut on NET National Educational Television this fall. the men, so where just going to paint a big 5 in the street? how's that supposed to be educational? the boss, come on guys i have no time to argue with you about this. just go down to Jones St. as i said. the film crew will be right there. so off they go. on their way the men feel funny about this. 1 says to the other, i don't get it Frank. it's seems so rediculous and i have to be the 1 to paint the 5. i agree Jack. this is wierd. well they finally arrive at their destination and get the 5 out and begin painting and everything goes as follows. then after that's over with, they remove the 5 they just painted and get everything in the truck and go about their usual bussiness. Jack the guy who panted the 5 said boy in all the years i've had this job i never thought i'd do anything like this. Frank the other guy yeah tell me about it.
  3. mikebennidict New Member

    i'm sure we all recall the firefughters film. you know with the song the fireman he's ready to go the fireman. what's interesting about this 1 is you never know when or where a fire will break out so i wonder if maybe they send film crews to various stations and them when a fire broke out in the teritory of the station that 1 of the film crews were, then they finally they had what they wanted. i figure this might of been possible because to have 1 film crew sit at 1 station to wait for a fire, they might of been waiting for a long time.
  4. mikebennidict New Member

    many of us have seen the film of the red letters., the H, O, and R being pulled up the builiding. but do you remember an Electric Company film were they had all theese rd letters on the roof and were attaching them to a sign holder making the word hotel? while theere's no R in hotel, there were some others off to the side and the letters H and O looked like the 1 in the SS flim. there were also some deep sea diver films made for TEC i wonder if if that was also the same deep sea diver in the SS films?
  5. mikebennidict New Member

    this actually started out with Gordon about to go for a bike ride and asking if we'd like to come along and this film was shown of him riding around N.Y.C. and he's waving to everyone he meets. and while that's not strange, it's almost as if all those people expected him to come by so they were obviously ready for him. the music that was played with the film was good as well. of course years later they would just show the film of Gordon bike riding.
  6. mikebennidict New Member

    anyone rememebr the electric magnet film?
  7. mikebennidict New Member

    remember the film where their in a Mexixan neighborhood showing kids playing and towards the end of the film they all have some kind of refreshments? and some guy sings something in spanish towards the end. wonder what he said?
  8. mikebennidict New Member

    rememeber this odd 1 where this cartoonist walk up to this chair and held up a blank piece of paper and theese 5 birds witch were supposed to be chickens though really didn't look like chickens would appear on the paper clucking and the lady would count them.
  9. mikebennidict New Member

    many of us rememeber the running film and Raposo singing run run everybody run. how about this other running film witch has flute playing through it. it starts out with a aferican person running through a field and what looks like baseball players running towards the camera and several other clip were people are running. > also rememebr the 1 about bridges? a lady says, sometimes when you want to get somewhere, you need a bridge. and they show all of theese bridges and towards the end she says, and some bridges are very very beautiful.
  10. mikebennidict New Member

    rememeber this old film where the kids are in a city park looking at clouds and imagine what they look like. in thi 1 the clouds really look like a chicken, a bunny, etc. i get a feeling that wasn't done on location but more than less some kind of special affects or something. the last part was interesting with the sky being black and theese 2 scary cats as 1 of the kids said appeared. then the sky was the usual blue night time sky and it ends with 1 of them saying let's go home. also rememeber the eating film where all the animals are eating and Raposo is singing a song, can't remember the beginning but the last part goes like eating is important in a very special way. you must eat very carefully. so you'll get bigger every day. and the turtle i think goes aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
  11. mikebennidict New Member

    remember this film about the 3 black balls? actually there was 2 that i recall. 1 was where the 3 of them try to find their resting places. 1st the big ball tries to fit in the small balls hole, the medium 1 tries to fit into the big one's spot. then the small 1 goes into the medium size balls hole. eventually they find their places. durring the whole time the 3 make these wierd noises. >another film about the 3 balls is where the small one gets up from it's place and goes to this mirror and not only looks at reflection but i guess imagines being other things such as being a tennis ball and a pooltable ball and after that dosappears. the ball for some reason sounds distraught and quickly rushes back to it's hole with the other 2.
  12. mikebennidict New Member

    i never saw this 1 but on the hooperfan site in the section of where they have the 1971 publication about the show there was mention of a film company making a film about shopping at the supermarket where kids where simply buying food and in 1 part of the film they showed them picking out food in fast motion and it had the sound of race cars to accompany it as the kids were racing with the carts.
  13. mikebennidict New Member

    rememeber the animal film where the the 2 animals, can't rememebr what they were. think they were rhrinos, just stairing at each other and Joe Raposo sings a song called i'm in love with you? what was so funny is when the one at the left ran away after the song ended.
  14. mikebennidict New Member

    rememeber the deep sea diver films where he goes down and picks up sea shells, another has him going over under, through and around stuff and another where he looks into the camera and a says boo! anfd he swims away? i wonder if that was the same guy you did those deep sea diver films for the Electric Company? i mention 1 of them. where he comes out of the sea with some words. can't rememeber what they were but the last one was shark and the diver runs away. > and the film with the H,O, and R being pulled up the building. up untill the SS and EC reruns on noggin, i thought this was also a SS film but it was a n EC film where the men have the letter on the roof and they're trying to hang on the sign or letter holder you see on building that spell the word hotel. i can't help but think that was done by the same people who did the SS film at the same location, they filmed the letter H,O, and R going up and then went up to the roof of the building across the street and film the men putting up the letters for the word HOTEL. of course there's no R in hotel but seeing that film on TEC reruns on Noggin there was more letters the men weregoing to put up witch they didnt show. very interesting isn't it?
  15. Pug Lover New Member

    I recall a simular film from later years.The beginning of it was videotaped in the SS set,where Gordon was about to go jogging and invited us to come along.From there we see Gordon in a film jogging through all different areas of the city.The instramental music played throughout the film,was the classic Chariots Of Fire theme.
  16. mikebennidict New Member

    other films that i liked where those 2 slow motion films with that 1 kid. > 1 shows him watching the football game and see the slow montion replay and wonders what everything would be like in slow motion. there was another such film with the same boy and he was out in the snow. somebody either threw a snowball at him. for some reason that bothered me when i was small.
  17. sesamestreetmom New Member

    I remember the films with the balls! I had completely forgotten about them until I read your post!
  18. mikebennidict New Member

    do you remember the 2nd film a little bit better. i think it also showed a baseball game as well.
  19. sesamestreetmom New Member

    I remember all of it.....some of it is alittle vague, but I do know exactly what you are talking about. I remember the baseball game. I remember the little silly sounds the balls made and I remember the ball looking in the mirror. In my mind it's run together like one big skit, but I definately know what you are talking about. I always thought it was really cute.
  20. mikebennidict New Member

    another one witch was a running and jumping film witch starts out with 3 men running and then jumping over a rock and others also doing the same. the last part is where a athleete jumps over a net, the camera faces the net from below therefore you can only see him flying over the net without him jump from and landing on the ground. i always found this interesting as a kid. i wonder who was this guy anyhow?

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