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Sesame Street Fan-Fic: Street Smarts

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh... If only you mew Kathy. But everybody should know... And that'll only happen if Ryan updates. So I come to nag... More story please!
  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ohh, another heart wrenching moment with Grover. Sigh. Poor furry guy. Liked the stuff with Miles and Gabi and Bob and Telly. Want more. Please?
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I’ll Take Eighteen Chapters To Go

    The beak lightly rapped upon the window pane of the hotel room. Hoots peered into the dark hotel room from his perch out in the dark night.

    A light flipped on next to the bed, and a red, furry monster got out of one of the beds. He walked up to the window and looked out. The droopy eyelids of the monster instantly vanished when he saw Hoots. He pulled open the window and Hoots peered in. "Hey there little Elmo," Hoots whispered.

    "Mister Hoots," Elmo whispered gleefully. "What is mister Hoots doing here?"

    "I came to tell you that we’re gonna save Sesame Street, little buddy," Hoots said.

    "Yay!" Elmo shouted, waving his arms.

    "Shh," Hoots said. "Don’t wanna wake up your mom and pops, you guys are gonna have a long day of drivin’ in the morning."

    "Oh, yeah," Elmo whispered. "Yay!" he said quietly.

    "He he he," Hoots laughed. "Well my main monster, I’ve gotta fly, lots of other places to get tonight, ya know."

    "Okay. Um, mister Hoots?" Elmo asked.

    "Yeah, what’s up, Elmo?" Hoots asked.

    "Can you tell Elmo how to get to Sesame Street?"


    The Sloppy Jalopy puttered down the road with Maria and Luis following it behind in their old brown pick-up truck.

    Oscar straightened his cab-driver’s hat in the rear-view mirror. He looked back at Maria and Luis behind him and muttered. "Why’d they have to follow us anyway, Slimey?"

    Slimey squeaked something from his spot in the passenger’s seat next to Oscar.

    "Whadaya mean ‘aren’t I glad they’re here’? No, I’m not glad they’re here! I wish they’d just leave me alone!" Oscar shouted. Slimey squeaked again, as if to scold Oscar. "No, I do not miss Sesame Street either."

    Slimey rose his head as if to smirk at Oscar. "Uh huh," he squeaked.

    "I don’t!" Oscar said. "I don’t miss Hooper’s Store, I don’t miss Elmo, I don’t miss that turkey, I don’t miss Ernie or Bert, I don’t miss Grundgetta, I don’t miss my can, and I don’t miss Sesame Street!"

    Slimey squeaked out another sentence. "Wha’- oh, I know you didn’t mention those other things. I was just- well- but- okay, FINE!" Oscar shouted. "I miss it, okay?" Happy now?"

    Slimey nodded. "Mmhm," he squeaked.


    "Aww, I knew you missed us, man."

    "Ah!" Oscar slammed on the brakes, causing Maria and Luis to rear-end him. "What are you doin’ here?"

    Hoots laughed. "Nice seein’ you too, Grouch man."

    "Whadaya want?" Oscar asked.

    "I wanna tell ya to get back to Sesame Street!" Hoots said.

    Maria stormed over to the side of the Sloppy Jalopy. "Oscar, what is- Hoots! Hi!"

    "Hey there Maria," Hoots said.

    "What’s going on?" she asked. Luis made his way next to her.

    "Me and the Count are savin’ Sesame Street! And we need everybody there to help us!" Hoots said.

    "Really?" Luis asked. "That’s great!"

    "Yeah," Hoots said. "Hey, think I can get a ride with you guys? We’re probably gonna need to pick up some passengers."

    "No!" Oscar shouted.

    "Sure, you can ride with Oscar," Maria said.


    "Oh, come on Oscar, it’s for Sesame Street," Maria said.

    Oscar frowned (okay, so he always frowned). "Fine. Get in back," he told Hoots.

    Hoots flew in the back seat. "Alright, let’s go!"


    Bert and Ernie had crashed on two armchairs after their night of celebrating with Ashley.

    Ashley smiled, bringing blankets out and covering Ernie and Bert with them.
    She began to lower herself on the couch, but before she could sit, a knock came at her door. She sighed. "Who could it be this late?" she asked herself.

    She opened the door and there stood a green thing and an owl. "Hi there, my name’s Hoots," the owl said. "And this here is Oscar. We’re here lookin’ for our pals Ernie and Bert."

    Ashley rubbed her eyes. "Are you from... Sesame Street?"

    "The one and only," the owl said. "How’d ya guess?"

    "Ernie and Bert have told me about it... I wrote a newspaper on it."

    "Yuck, now we’ll get tourists," Oscar said.

    "You must be Oscar," Ashley said.

    "Yeah, what’s it to ya?" Oscar asked.

    Ashley shook her head. "Never mind, come on in."


    Ernie, Bert, and Ashley followed behind Maria and Luis in Ashley’s white Explorer. They parked behind Maria and Luis’ truck. "Do you want to get out with them, fellas?" she asked Ernie and Bert.

    Bert shook his head from the front seat. "No, I think they can handle it."

    "I want to," Ernie said, getting out of the car.

    Ernie walked over to where Hoots and Maria were, they walked up to the door and knocked. "I hope they’re home," Ernie said.

    Hoots and Maria looked down at Ernie. Maria shook her head. Olivia opened the door. "MARIA!" she shouted.

    "OLIVIA!" Maria did the same, hugging Olivia.

    "Wha’- what are you doing here?" Olivia asked.

    "Me have better question," Cookie Monster said, peering out the door. "You bring cookies?"


    The yellow Volkswagen joined the trail of cars, parking in front of the Don’t Drop Inn.

    "Finally, a stop I can appreciate," Oscar said.

    Maria, Luis, Susan, and Gordon exited their cars. They stood in the dimly lit parking lot. "We’ll handle this, Oscar," Maria said.

    "Fine by me, skinny, just hurry it up, will ya?"

    The four adults walked into the Don’t Drop Inn lobby. "Hello," Susan said. "Can you tell us which room Miles Robinson is in?"

    "Are you serious?" the Grouch lobbyist asked. "You think I would give away the room number of a guest?"

    "Sorry, we’ll just-"

    "You guys really know your Grouches!" the lobbyist said. "They’re in room one."

    Gordon looked over at the room doors. "Which one?"

    "The one, one!" the Grouch shouted.


    Maria rolled her eyes and knocked on one of the doors. It fell in. She looked inside. "They’re in here."

    "Mommy?!" Gabi shouted, running to hug Maria.

    Maria hugged her daughter and ran her fingers through her hair. Miles stepped out of the room as well. "What are you guys doing here?"

    Gordon put his hand on Miles’ shoulder. "Son, we’re going home."


    Bob and Telly joined everyone in the great migration home to Sesame Street. Gabi, Miles, Bob, and Telly all joined Ernie and Bert in Ashley’s vehicle, while Cookie Monster and Olivia were with Gordon and Susan in the Volkswagen, and Maria and Luis in their truck, with Oscar, Hoots, and Slimey in the Sloppy Jalopy.

    "Where’s Grover at, anyway?" Oscar asked Hoots as he drove through the dark town.

    "Not sure," Hoots said. "Just keep your eyes peeled."

    They slowed to a stop in front of a stop light. "Ya mean we don’t even know where he is?"

    As they waited at the stop light, a blue monster sprayed water on the Sloppy Jalopy’s window.

    "Hey, hey, hey!" Oscar shouted. "Watch it pal, I never clean this thing!"

    The monster looked up, Oscar’s eyebrow shot up over his eyes. "...Grouchy?" the monster asked.

    "Grover?" Oscar replied. "Great, we found ‘im," Oscar muttered.

    Hoots looked over the seat. "Grover, what’re you doin’, man?" he asked.

    "I am making a living," Grover said. "What are you doing?"

    "We’re takin’ you home!" Hoots said.

    "Home?" Grover asked. "You mean to Sesame Street?"

    "You bet!" Hoots said.

    "Well what are we standing around here talking idly for?" Grover asked. "Scruffy! Grad the bags! We are going home!"


    "Oh, Big Bird will be so excited to see us!" Grover said.

    "You know it," Hoots replied as the Sloppy Jalopy parked next to the curb.
    "Good thing we sent the others on to Sesame Street," Oscar said. "I was gettin’ sick and tired of seein’ them."

    "Yeah, they had to go back early," Hoots said. "Just in case Count needs 'em."

    "May I go get Big Bird?" Grover asked.

    "You bet, blue man," Hoots said.

    "Thank you Hoots, sir, but I am a monster," Grover said as he got out of the car.

    He walked up to the door and knocked. Granny Bird opened the door and peered out at him. "Hello?"

    "HELLO GRANNY BABIEEEEE!!" Grover shouted.

    Granny Bird smiled. "You’re here for Big Bird, aren’t you?"

    Grover stood up straight. "How could you guess?"

    "Call it a hunch," Granny Bird said. "Come in, come in, Big Bird just sat down to a bowl Honey Bunches of Seeds."

    "Oh, thank you," Grover said, stepping inside the house. He followed Granny Bird towards the kitchen.

    "Big Bird," she said. "There’s someone here to see you."

    "Oh," Big Bird said. "Is it Amanda Sue, or Jack, or- GROVER!" Big Bird shot up from his chair at the breakfast table and squeezed Grover.

    "Um, hello there Big Bird," Grover choked out.

    "Oh, Grover," Big Bird said, hopping up and down with Grover in his arms. "I’m so glad you’re here! ...Why are you here?"

    Grover bounced up and down with Big Bird. "Well, it is very- WHAA!- simple," he said, still bouncing. "But, Big Bird, could you stop bouncing?"

    Big Bird did, and he looked down at Grover, still mushed between his chest and his arms. "Why are you here?"

    "Um, before I tell you," Grover said. "There is one more thing."

    "What’s that?" Big Bird asked.

    "I can not breathe when you squeeze me like this," Grover said.

    "Oh, sorry, again," Big Bird dropped Grover on the kitchen floor.

    Grover stood back up and dusted himself off. "Well, you see Big Bird, Hoots, and Oscar, and-"

    "Hoots and Oscar are here too?!" Big Bird shouted joyfully.

    "Well, yes, they are, but-"

    "Can I go see them, Granny, please?" Big Bird asked.

    "Let your friend Grover finish first, Big Bird," Granny Bird said.

    "Oh, okay. Go on Grover."

    "Thank you," Grover said to Granny Bird. "Anyway, we are here to take you home to Sesame Street!"

    "Oh boy!" Big Bird shouted. "I’ll go get Radar! We can leave right away!" Big Bird stopped himself. He looked at Granny Bird. "Oh, but... but I’ll have to leave my Granny Bird."

    "Yes, part of the package, unfortunately," Grover said.

    Granny Bird smiled, and hugged her grandbird. "Don’t concern yourself, Big Bird," she said. "I’ll be fine. You go be with your friends, they need you."

    "Are you sure?" Big Bird asked.

    Granny Bird nodded. "Of course, dear, I love you, and I know where you need to go."

    "Thanks Granny," Big Bird pecked (no, not literally) her on the cheek. "Grover?"

    Grover stopped fiddling with his thumbs. "Oh, um, yes, Big Bird?"

    "Let’s go home."


    Alex Hooper watched as the wrecking ball drove into the twilight of Sesame Street.

    "I'd like to see them stop me now."
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Excuse me.





    In short, this chapter OH SO TOTALLY ROCKS! ...Sorry, I'll try to stay out of caps, but it's just so hard...



  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Loved it all. Although, with what you put into the reunions, I would've liked to see them arrive at Linda's home and get Bob and Telly, and hopefully Linda and Jordan too. Wonder if that little dilema will get tended to in the aftermath of jubilation over saving the street.

    Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the VW painted a powder blue after getting a complete overhaul owing to it being devoured in FTB? Anyway, great chapter and I await the next segmet with great enthusiasm.
  6. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!:excited: LOVED IT Ryan!!!!
  7. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yayyyyy!!!!!!! I'm so happy everyone is going home to save Sesame Street!!! Ooh, but then you have to end with this "I'd like to see them stop me now" and a wrecking ball. Come on, don't leave it here, more more more!
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You know... Someone should tell that Alex Hooper guy... Careful what you wish for. You might just get it.
  9. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Nineteen Hearts Turning Into Chapter Nineteen In a Story With Nineteen Parts

    The sun rose, following the Sloppy Jalopy as it drove into Sesame Street. "Oscar, stop here, Oscar."

    "I got it, I got it."

    "Stop, Oscar."

    "I’m stoppin’!"

    "No you are not! You are still going! That is not-"

    Oscar slammed on the brakes and Grover flew out of the car into Oscar’s pile of trash. "That is stopping," Grover said.

    Oscar, Big Bird, and Hoots got out of the Sloppy Jalopy and joined the rest of Sesame Street’s residents on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street. "Hello every-"

    "Shh, quiet Grover," Bob whispered.

    "What is going on?" Grover asked. "And what is everyone staring at?"

    Grover turned to look as the sun reflected off the yellow metal of the wrecking ball. "Oh. That."

    "That could be a problem," Hoots said to The Count.

    "One, one problem," The Count said. "Don’t vorry. Now that everyone is here vith us, ve’re sure to triumph."

    "What’s plan, Gordon?" Cookie Monster asked.

    "Me?" Gordon replied. "Why me?"

    "Who better, bro?" Olivia asked.

    "Thanks sis," Gordon said. "But I really don’t have any ideas. I mean, it’s not like I can summon up an earthquake on command."

    Suddenly, the ground beneath everyone began to shake. "Are you sure, pop?" Miles asked.

    "That’s no eawthquake," Baby Bear said. "Look!" He pointed to the corner as a shaggy brown Snuffleupagus lumbered down the sidewalk.

    "It’s Snuffy!" Big Bird declared, running to hug his best friend.

    "Oh, hi Bird," Snuffy said. "Am I late?"

    As everyone went to greet Snuffy, and let him know what was going on, Grover ducked over to a phone booth. "This looks like it would be the perfect job for a furry, blue, super-monster."

    Gordon looked his family up and down. Not just Miles, Susan, and Olivia, but everyone. They were all his family, and they always would be. He had to save them. "I’ve got an idea," he said.

    Everyone stopped. They all turned to look at Gordon. "Oh, great, chrome dome has a plan," Oscar said. "What are we gonna do? Sing ‘em into submission?"

    "If any of you sing. I call the police. Which I will be doing anyway, but I can charge you with disturbing the peace if you sing."

    Alex Hooper stood swinging a set of keys around his finger. "Fancy seeing you all here again," he said.

    "Mister bad-man can’t do this to Sesame Street!" Elmo shouted.

    Alex Hooper sneered. "Yeah, are you going to stop my big wrecking ball, Ya little red fur-ball?"

    Elmo shied back from the man. "Hey, easy," Maria said. "He’s just a kid."

    "So was I. When you ruined my life," Alex Hooper said.

    The Street residents exchanged glances, then Susan spoke up. "We’ve only known you for a few weeks. How could we have ruined your life?" she asked.

    "You took my uncle from me!" Alex shouted.

    Luis stared at Alex. "When Mr. Hooper- your uncle- when he died, it was because he was old. Not- not because of anything we did."

    "Some of us didn’t even get a chance to meet your uncle," Gabi said.

    "Yeah," Miles added. "But our mom and dad and friends tell us all about him, and how great he was."

    "Yeah, for you," Alex said.

    "What you mean?" Cookie Monster asked. "Mr. Hooper nice to everybody, monsters, birds, people, Grouches, cows, piggies, Ernie, and even Bert too!"

    "Hey!" Bert frowned. Ernie patted his best buddy’s back and laughed.

    "That’s just it!" Alex shouted. "He was here for you, but not for me! I never got to know him, because he spent all of his time here!"

    "Well, wouldn’t you?" Prairie Dawn asked.

    "Yeah, everyone loves Sesame Street!" Zoe said.

    "Not everyone," Alex said.

    "Really?" Big Bird asked innocently. "Who doesn’t? They must not have ever been he-"

    "Me, ya big turkey!" Alex shouted at Big Bird.

    "Hey, this guy ain’t half bad," Oscar muttered. Maria elbowed Oscar. "Heh, neither are you, skinny," he said.

    "Now, if you’ll excuse me," Alex said. "I have a street to demolish." He jumped into the wrecking ball and turned it on in a flash. He pushed forward a lever, sending the wrecking ball flying forward, straight towards Hooper’s Store. "And I’ll start, with the place that stole my uncle from me!"

    "He can’t do this!" Gina cried.

    "And he shall not!" shouted Super Grover as he burst out of the phone booth. "Sorry it took me so long, but my helmet would not stay on."

    The girls on the street screamed as the wrecking ball narrowly missed Hooper’s Store. "More power!" Alex shouted angrily.

    "This looks like my furry, blue chance!" Super Grover shouted. He darted in the path of the falling wrecking ball. "Halt, villain, for it is I! Su-" he held the syllable, swirling his head back and forth. "P-AHH!" The wrecking ball slammed into Super Grover, and swept him off the street.

    "Super Grover!" everyone below cried.

    "Oh, my fragile blue body," Super Grover moaned.

    "Gordon, we have to do something!" Bob shouted.

    "I know, I know!" Gordon said. "Count, how many fingers do I have?" Gordon asked.

    "Ah! That’s one, two, three, four, five! Five fingers!" The Count counted. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Thunder and lightning filled the sky.

    "That won’t scare me this time!" Alex declared, preparing to swing the wrecking ball back at Hooper’s.

    The ball inched closer to the brick wall, Super Grover pried himself off the wrecking ball, and stuck out his arm and leg closest the wall. "Oh, this will not be easy on me," he whined. Super Grover’s hand and foot hit the wall, and Super Grover grunted as he tried to push. "Oh, come on super muscles, do not fail me now!"

    He pushed hard, and the ball flew backwards, knocking into the crane holding up the wrecking ball. The metal that made up the crane twisted and broke as the wrecking ball plowed through it. The crane broke, and fell to the ground in a pile of twisted metal and broken asphalt beneath it.

    Alex Hooper’s mouth fell open, he stared at the mass of broken machinery that lay beneath him.

    No one spoke.

    A taxi screeched to a stop in front of the mess.

    Two green flippers hit the pavement.

    "Grover?!" Kermit the Frog shouted, cradling a newspaper beneath his arm. Kermit tossed the newspaper behind him, and ran over to the broken wrecking ball. "Grover! Oh, Grover, why did you have to do that?" Kermit choked back tears as he pulled aside pieces of metal.

    The rest of Sesame Street joined Kermit’s attempt to move the metal. Kermit found the furry, blue, super-monster finally, laying a few feet away from the actual ball. He ran over to Grover’s side and looked him up and down. "Oh... oh Grover..."

    "Su-per Grover, if you please, Froggy baby," Super Grover uttered.

    Kermit laughed. "Grover!" He pulled the monster to his feet and began to dust him off. "Are you hurt?"

    Super Grover pushed his helmet out of his eyes. "I think my cape is torn."

    Kermit hugged his old friend. "Thank goodness."

    Then Elmo hugged Grover and Kermit, then Big Bird hugged all three of them, Rosita hugged all four, and eventually, everyone hugged everyone.

    "I hate to break this up," Alex Hooper said. "But the police are on their way." He slammed his cell phone closed and shoved it into this pocket.

    The group hug dissolved, but no one backed down. All of them stood their ground firmly.

    Kermit glared at Alex Hooper. "Fine."

    "Beg pardon?" Alex asked.

    "Um, Froggy baby, jail is most certainly not fine," Super Grover said.

    "No one is going anywhere," Kermit said.

    "Yes, you are," Alex said. "Once the police arrive."

    "I don’t see where you’re going with this one, Kermit," Gordon said.

    Kermit ran over to where he dropped newspaper and picked it up, opening the front page, and shoving it in Alex Hooper’s face. "Read it and weep."

    Ernie and Bert looked at Ashley. "Ashley, do you think that-" Bert started.

    "Of course!" Ernie shouted. "Ashley, it’s your article!"

    Ashley blushed. "No, it can’t be. That’s not my newspaper," she said. "It’s the New York Times!"

    Alex snatched the paper from Kermit’s hands, and read it aloud. "Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?" he read. "What a crummy title."

    "Keep reading," Kermit said.

    "That’s my title," Ashley whispered. "In the New York Times..."

    Alex’s eyes read over the text of the article. He looked back at Kermit. "This doesn’t prove anything."

    "No," squeaked a tiny, country voice. "But this might."

    Everyone watched as two Twiddlebugs flew down into the group. "Mornin’," said Mayor Thaddeus Twiddlebug.

    "Mayor Twiddlebug?" Grover asked. "What are you doing here?"

    "I’m here to show that this street doesn’t belong to this cheapskate here in the business suit," Mayor Twiddlebug said.

    Alex Hooper shot a glare at the bug. "Twiddlebug, this is treason!"

    "Why, yes, yes it is," Mayor Twiddlebug said. "Tom, get out that deed."

    "Oh, yes sir!" Thomas Twiddlebug said, digging out a piece of paper and flying it over to Gordon’s hands. "Here you are sir, read it, I think you’ll like what it says."

    "But this is just Mr. Hooper’s will," Gordon said. "We’ve already read over it."

    "I think you may want to read it again, sir," Mayor Twiddlebug said.

    Gordon read the will aloud. "Dear friends, I, Mr. Harold Hooper (not Looper, Big Bird), have a confession to make. I’m the current holder of the deed to Sesame Street, but after I pass on, I must pass the will on as well. Which is why I’m leaving the deed to Sesame Street, passing on the title of true owner of Sesame Street to-"

    "My closest living relative," Alex growled.

    "Not quite." Gordon grinned. "My closest friend, Big Bird."

    All eyes shifted to the eight foot two yellow bird. "Me?" Big Bird asked quietly.

    "Him?!" Alex shouted. "That’s impossible! I have the will, that’s a fake!"

    "Not exactly," Mayor Twiddlebug said. "If you’ll show us your copy, I’m sure you’ll see why."

    Alex pulled out his version of the will from his pocket, and opened the soda-stained paper up. "See, right here, it says ‘my closest-‘"

    "Soda stain." Kermit smirked.

    "No! No!" Alex shouted.

    "I’m afraid so," Mayor Twiddlebug said. "And if you’ll look closer, you’ll see that your so-called will is not signed by Mr. Hooper. Meaning that yours is incomplete, and the finished copy reveals that the true owner of Sesame Street is the one and only, Big Bird."

    "But I don’t know how to run a street," Big Bird said.

    Bob walked over to Big Bird and smiled up at him. "Big Bird, do you love Sesame Street?" he asked.

    "More than anything!" Big Bird said.

    "Then you know how to run a street," Bob said.

    Alex Hooper panted, and began to back away. "You’ll never get the deed from me! Never!" he shouted.

    "Hey pal," Oscar said. "Look behind ya."

    Behind Alex, a police car pulled up and a tall police officer exited the vehicle. "What’s going on here?"

    "Officer," Oscar said. "This man stole the deed to our street!" Oscar shouted.

    "Our street, Oscar?" Telly asked.

    "I think Oscar’s finally starting to like Sesame Street," Herry said.

    "Si, it is about time, too," Rosita replied.

    "Hey, this place can grow on a Grouch," Oscar said. "Just don’t tell anybody."

    The officer arrested Alex Hooper, returned the deed, and tipped his hat to the residents of the "most famous street in the world".

    "What? We’re not famous," Alan said.

    "Sure you are," the officer said. "That newspaper article about you is the talk of the nation!"

    "Newspaper article?" everyone asked in unison.

    "Told you," Ernie said to Ashley, laughing.

    "You folks take care, now," the officer said, walking Alex towards the squad car.

    "Um, just a second sir!" Super Grover told the officer. He ran over to Alex Hooper and looked him in his eyes. "Sorry about your wrecking ball." Alex growled at Grover. "Well?" Grover asked. "Are you not going to apologize to us?"

    Alex laughed, then the police officer shot him a glare. "Yeah, aren’t you gonna apologize to these folks?" he asked.

    Alex Hooper stopped laughing. His eyes scanned the crowd of Muppets and humans. For the first time since he’d been on Sesame Street, Alex Hooper smiled. "I’m sorry. And... and I know why my uncle never left." Everyone cheered and began to jump up and down.

    Sesame Street was saved.

    As everyone celebrated, Gordon pulled Miles aside. "What is it, pop?" Miles asked, his grin spreading across his entire face.

    Gordon reached into his pocket, and handed Miles a ring. "Go get her, son."

    Miles looked from the ring to his dad. "Th- thanks dad." He hugged Gordon, and Gordon hugged him back. "Promise you won’t leave?"

    "How could anyone leave Sesame Street?" Miles asked.

    Elmo ran up to Kermit. "Green frog! Green frog!" he called.

    "Oh, hi there Elmo," Kermit said to the monster.

    "Green frog?" Elmo asked.


    "Is Sesame Street going to be okay?"

    Miles climbed to the top of 123 Sesame Street, pulling Gabi along with him. He knelt down on one knee and held out his hand. "Gabi, will you marry me?"

    Tears rolled down Gabi’s face. "Yes! Of course!" Gabi shouted.

    Kermit smiled. "Yeah, Elmo," Kermit said. "Sesame Street’s gonna be okay for a long, long time."
  10. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member



    And the award for best sentence EVER goes to:

    Sesame Street was saved.

  11. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    As Olivia sang on Sesame Street several years ago...

    Here's another thing that arms can do:
    If I take one arm and the other one, too,
    I can put my arms around all of you...
    (GREAT... BIG... HUG!)
    And that's another thing that arms can do.
    Bravissimo, prawncracker, for writing such an emotional and suspense-filled fan story!​
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto to what Lisa said. More please.
  13. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    The Count's got a point: a nice even 20 chapters feels more like Sesame Street, especially when we've been celebrating the whole show's history as if this were an anniversary special on TV.
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Oh, don't worry, it will be 20 chapters. Just... tomorrow! Hehe!
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Fright... And I whole-heartedly endorse this campaign promise made by Prawny. Cause he knows what'll happen if he fails to deliver.
    *Gets deluxe penguin cannon... What? Wait, why are you taking it away? Oh, I see, this bat blaster that blasts out bats is much better suited for me to rain down nagging on authors.
    Fright... Carry on... Post more soonerishkibbible.
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    Yaaayyyyyy!!!!! Sesame Street is saved! And I love that Mr. Hooper really left Sesame Street to Big Bird! That's so appropriate!! Love it! Can't wait for the last chapter even if it is the end of the story. Oh and Miles and Gabi are too cute.
  17. Katzi428

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    Ohhhh RYAN!!! I'm practically speechless here!!
    Wait...no I'm not. This was one of the best chapters ever! Especially the part about (the late,not to mention great) Mr. Hooper leaving Sesame Street to Big Bird in his will!
  18. theprawncracker

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    I See What You Mean, But it Isn’t Nineteen, in This Case, the Chapter is Twenty

    The sun rose on Sesame Street.

    Three weeks had passed since the day Alex Hooper tried to destroy Sesame Street.

    Three weeks had given Miles and Gabi just enough time to plan their wedding.
    Big Bird walked down the sidewalk with a skip in his step, singing a "la la la" song, saying hello to everyone he passed, all of them running around making last minute plans for the big day. Big Bird pulled at his black bow tie around his neck with his hands, each one wearing a white cuff link, as Bob came running towards him.

    "Good morning, Bob!" Big Bird called to his friend.

    "Oh, hi Big Bird," Bob said, rushing past him. "I can’t stop to talk right now. I’ve got flowers to pick up."

    Big Bird shook his head. "Everyone’s busy this morning. Even Oscar is taking a mud bath!" he said.

    He found his way to his favorite step on 123 Sesame Street, and sat down. "Gee, I wonder when the wedding will start." He pulled at his bow tie again. "This thing sure is uncomfortable."

    Big Bird looked up and down Sesame Street, it was empty. Everyone was too busy inside getting ready to come out and play. Big Bird sighed. "Well," he said. "I guess this is why people write songs."

    "If you feel lonely, and you need a friend," Big Bird started to sing.
    "I know a place on which you can depend
    A place that’s quiet, and always nearby
    And you know there-" Big Bird got up off the stoop and began to skip down Sesame Street.

    "No one’s a stranger, the door’s open wide
    And what good things you’ll find waiting inside
    The smiles, the kindness, all troubles behind
    When you go there!"

    A few kids came out to join Big Bird as he sang on his skipping trip down.

    "You’re on the happiest street in the world
    The happiest street, in a beautiful world
    A place to be young, a place to be free
    For you and for me!" Big Bird and the kids sang together, laughing and singing as the skipped down the street.

    "Yes it’s the happiest street in the world
    The happiest street in a wonderful world
    Wherever I ever go
    The happiest street I know!

    "You’re on the happiest street in the world
    The happiest street in the beautiful world
    Wherever I ever go
    The happiest street I know!"

    By this time, Sesame Street was filled with monsters, animals, and Muppets of all sorts, as per usual. And they were all joining Big Bird in his gleeful song.

    "Sometimes you worry, you’re down on your fears
    But, when you’re with us, those fears disappear
    We’ll be together, our friendship will grow
    So you see here," Big Bird sang.

    "The sun’s always shining, the sky’s always blue
    And someone loving is waiting for you
    It’s not so far from the place that you are
    Please come be here."

    "‘Cause it’s the happiest street in the world
    The happiest street in a wonderful world
    Wherever I go
    It’s the happiest street I know!" Everyone sang together in beautiful harmony, frogs, bears, chickens, cows, horses, birds, grown-ups, kids, monsters, Ernies, Berts, everybody.

    "We’re on the happiest street in the world
    The happiest street in a beautiful world
    Wherever we go
    It’s the happiest street we know

    Everyone cheered and nodded their heads happily. They were all staying home.

    "Hey, what’s everyone standing around for?" Maria asked. "We’ve got a wedding to get to!"


    "Oh, Baby Bear, I’m so nervous!"

    "Easy Telly, easy. Miles chose you to be his best man because he knew you wewe the best monstow for the job!"

    "Best monster?" Telly asked. "But I’m supposed to be the best man! I can’t be a man and a monster! Baby Bear! I don’t think I can do this!"

    "But Telly," Herry Monster said from a seat in the front row. "If you don’t do it, the wedding will be ruined!"

    "By all means Telly," Oscar said from his seat next to Herry. "Go ahead and don’t do it." Oscar laughed.

    Telly fiddled around with his hands. "No. I can’t! I have to do this! For Miles! And for Gabi!"

    "And for cake we get after wedding!" Cookie Monster declared.

    "That too!" Telly said.

    "Thanks Telly," Miles said.

    Miles, Cookie Monster, Telly, and Baby Bear took their places up at the alter across from Rosita, Zoe, and Gina. "You look great, girls," Gina told Rosita and Zoe.

    "Oh, gracias Gina," Rosita said. "You look very pretty too."

    The crowd filled in nearly all the seats set up atop the roof of 123 Sesame Street, where the wedding was being held.

    Inside the staircase leading up to the roof, Prairie Dawn was giving Elmo the talking-to of a lifetime. "Now, Elmo, I want everything to be perfect!" Prairie Dawn said. "This is my first time as a flower girl, and I won’t have you messing it up! I know, I know, you’ve been a ring-bearer before, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t do something wrong and mess everything up, ruining my big debut on the roof!"

    "Um, Prairie Dawn?" Elmo said.

    "Yes? What?"

    "Elmo will try very hard not to mess up Prairie Dawn’s big flower girl on the roof show," Elmo said.

    "Good," Prairie responded. "And don’t lose the rings, either."

    Grover ran up to the door leading to the stairs and knocked. "Is everybody ready down there?" he called down.

    "Yeah!" came a many-voiced response.

    "Oh, good!" Grover turned around. "Alright, fire up the organ!"

    Bob began to play the wedding march on an old organ they dragged up to the roof.

    "Okay," Grover said. "That is the wedding march! Start marching!"

    "Hold it! Hold it! Stop the wedding!" Kermit shouted, running in front of the alter.

    "Froggy baby!" Grover shouted. "You cannot just stop the wedding all willy-nilly! These things are planned out!"

    "Sorry, sorry," Kermit apologized. "But there’s someone here to see Bob."

    "Me?" Bob asked. "Who would be here to see-"

    Linda approached the organ bench. She was wearing a stunning red dress. She sat down next to him, and hugged him.

    "Oh, Linda," Bob said and signed. "This is- how did you- what a surprise!"

    ‘I’m full of surprises, Bob’ Linda signed.

    Bob grinned, and hugged Linda back.

    "Can we get on with it, puh-lease?" Grover asked.

    "Yes, yes, Grover go on," Bob said. He began to play the organ again, this time with Linda’s help.

    "Alright, people, start marching again," Grover said.

    "Wait! Wait!" Telly shouted.

    Grover rolled his eyes (and his whole head at the same time). "What is it Telly?"

    "When do I get the ring?" Telly asked.

    "When Elmo gives it to you!" Grover said.

    "Oh," Telly said. "When is he going to give it to me?"

    "When they get to start marching!" Grover shouted.

    "Oh, sorry, sorry!" Telly said nervously, reclaiming his spot at the alter.

    "Any one else care to pose an interruption?" Grover asked.

    "Yip! Yip! Yip!" a Yip-Yip Martian yipped from a seat.

    "Yes, the wedding should be out of this world," Grover said. "That is, if we ever get to start it!" The Yip-Yip Martian covered its eyes with its bottom lip.

    "Moving on!" Grover shouted. "Bob! Play that organ!"

    Bob shook his head, and he and Linda started up the wedding march, one last time.

    "March!" Grover shouted.

    "But Grover, it’s May, not March," Elmo said, poking his head out the door.

    "Just go!" Grover shouted.

    "Yes sir!" Elmo said, scooting out from the stairs, and marching down the aisle, carrying the rings on a frilly pillow.

    Prairie Dawn followed Elmo, throwing flowers behind her. She wore a silky blue and yellow dress and a big blue bow in her hair. "Well, aren’t you going to clap?" Prairie asked. The crowd laughed, and applauded for the flower girl.

    Grover walked to the middle of the alter. Miles turned and looked at him. "Grover, what are you doing?" he asked.

    "Ministering, of course!" Grover said. "Everybody rise!"

    Miles straightened his bow-tie, Maria shed a tear, and Big Bird bounced lightly in his seat.

    The crowd rose to their feet, and a beautiful young girl emerged from the stairs dressed in all white.

    Gabi took her arm in Luis’, and the two began to walk down the aisle.
    "Wow," Bert said quietly.

    "Bert," Ernie whispered. "Pst, Bert!"

    "What is it Ernie?" Bert asked.

    Ernie grabbed hold of Bert’s nose and pulled it right off his face. "Didn’t you try and tighten up your nose for the big occasion?" Ernie laughed.

    "Ernie!" Bert scolded nasally, lowering his eyebrow significantly. "We’re at a wedding! Try to behave yourself."

    Luis kissed Gabi on the cheek as he gave her away, and took his seat next to Maria and Gordon.

    Gabi looked at Miles, who grinned at her, his eyes glistening on the verge of tears. Hers were no longer on the verge, they were overflowing.

    "Don’t cry, Gabi," Rosita said. "Miles is a nice guy."

    "Yeah, you’ll both live happily ever after, I’m sure!" Zoe said.

    Gabi sniffed and wiped a tear off her face. "Thank you, girls."

    "Dearly beloved," Grover the minister said. "We are gathered here today to bond in holy macaroni, the lives of these two lovely lovers. If anybody has any objections to make, you should probably do it now, because no one will listen to you later."

    All that the crowd could do was grin for the happy young couple. "Elmo thinks that Gabi and Miles should get married," Elmo said.

    "Yeah," Big Bird said. "Because they love each other very much."

    "This is givin’ me a stomach ache," Oscar complained. "Move it along, will ya?"

    "Certainly," Grover said. "The ring, if you please, little Elmo."

    Elmo ran up and handed the ring to Telly, who passed it on to Miles.

    "Miles, repeat after me, please," Grover said. "With this ring, I do thee red."

    "Wed," Miles corrected him.

    "Whatever," Grover said.

    Miles slipped the ring on Gabi’s finger. "With this ring, I do thee wed."

    "Nicely done," Grover said. "Now, do you, Miles Robinson, take this pretty young lady who we all know and love, Gabi, as your awfully worded wife?" Miles shifted his weight, and stared at Gabi. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Grover asked. "It is not like it is a tough question. You love her, she loves you, now all you have to do is say ‘I do’."

    Miles gulped. "I do," he said simply.

    A sigh of happy relief swept over the crowd. "I love you, Miles," Susan said quietly.

    "Good," Grover the minister said. "Now, do you, Gabriella Rodriguez, take this handsome young man, Miles, to be your awfully wounded husband?" Grover asked.

    Gabi cried more tears of joy. She clenched her bouquet in her hands tightly as her lip quivered. "Oh, come on!" Grover said. "Do not tell me you actually have to think twice about it, too! Do you not remember that you love him?" Grover asked.

    "I do," Gabi said.

    "Good," Maria and Luis whispered.

    "Oh! Great!" Grover shouted. "Now, by the power invested in me by Charlie’s Minister Degree in Less Than Five Minutes Department, I now announce you to be husband and wife!"

    Everyone in the crowd sat quietly. "What is wrong?" Grover asked. "Why are you not clapping? They are married!"

    Kermit walked up next to Grover and cleared his throat. "I think you’re forgetting something," the frog said.

    "What?" Grover asked. "What could I, the minister, have possibly forgotten?"

    Gabi giggled and bent down and pecked Grover on the cheek. Grover rubbed his furry, blue cheek. "Um, I think you are supposed to kiss him," Grover said.

    Kermit, Miles, and Gabi smirked at Grover, waiting for- "Ohhh," Grover said. "You may now kiss the bride!"

    Miles bent in to kiss Gabi, and Gabi leaned in close to him.

    A furry brown trunk covered Big Bird’s eyes. "Thanks, pal," Big Bird said.

    "No sweat, Bird," Snuffy said.

    "Okay," Grover said. "They have kissed! Hit it, Hoots!"

    Hoots flew atop the piano. "My pleasure." Hoots blew into his saxophone playing a swell of music on his saxophone, while Bob and Linda accompanied him on the organ.

    The newlyweds began to walk down the aisle together, hand in hand.

    "Oh, Snuffy!" Big Bird said. "Time for the rice!"

    "Rice?" Cookie Monster asked.

    Snuffy lifted his snuffle into the air, and blew out a shower of rice onto the newlyweds, and everyone else.

    "Rice!" Cookie Monster shouted, holding open his mouth, trying to catch the rice.

    Grover ran up to Maria, Luis, Gordon, and Susan. "Um, this may be a bad time, but I do charge extra for clean up services," he said.

    "We’ll talk about it later, Grover," Luis said.

    "Okay, good," Grover said. "Because I have to go drive the limo to the reception!"

    "Limo?" Susan asked. "Grover, the reception is here on Sesame Street!"

    "Yes, I know!" Grover said, running off after Miles and Gabi. "But every good wedding needs a limo!"


    The reception was held in the middle of the street (which, upon thinking on it more, was a rather unsafe idea), with tables and chairs everywhere, and a long table for the bride and groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    The cake was cut, and devoured, within a minute, thanks to Cookie Monster. Luckily, Alan was prepared with a back-up cake provided by Hooper’s Store, along with the rest of the catering.

    Hoots provided music on his saxophone with the Birdland band accompanying him. Susan and Gordon danced, as did Maria and Luis, The Count and The Countess, Rosita and Telly, Gina and Alan, Big Bird and Zoe, Elmo and Prairie Dawn ("Elmo! Will you let me lead?"), even Oscar and Grundgetta, and of course, Miles and Gabi.

    Kermit sat at a table with Bob, who sat staring at Linda who was dancing with Snuffy. "You know, Bob," Kermit said. "I don’t think she can see your sign language from over here."

    Bob turned around and looked at Kermit. "Kermit, I’m not doing sign language."

    "No," Kermit said. "But you should be. Don’t you think it’s time to patch things up with her?"

    Bob looked at the ground and nodded. "Yeah, you’re right, Kermit."

    "Of course I am," Kermit said. "If I wasn’t right, do you think they would’ve kept me on this street all these years?"

    Bob grinned. "I bet they would have," Bob said. He stood up and made his way towards Snuffy and Linda.

    "May I cut in?" Bob said and signed.

    "Oh, of course," Snuffy said, backing away, letting Bob and Linda dance.
    "Linda, I’m sorry for being jealous," Bob said.
    ‘I’m sorry too’ Linda mouthed.

    Bob’s eyes widened. "You can read my lips?" he asked.

    ‘I told you, Bob,’ Linda mouthed. ‘I’m full of surprises. Linda laid her head on Bob’s chest, and the two of them continued to dance.

    When the dancing ceased, Kermit called everyone to attention by clinking his glass with a fork. "Um, everybody? I just wanted to give a toast."

    "I am sorry sir," Grover, who was now a waiter, said to Kermit. "We are out of toast. Would you like some bread?"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "No, thank you Grover."

    Everyone laughed and kept their attention on Kermit. "Well, it’s certainly been a long run, hasn’t it?" he asked rhetorically. "We’ve all been through a lot. For nearly forty years we’ve been together, and, well, now that we’ve got these two kids coming to spend the rest of their lives together here, well, I think we may be in for another forty."

    "I’m up for it," Susan spoke out.

    "Me too," Gordon said, wrapping his arm around his wife.

    "Ah, me three, three for me," The Count said.

    "Me too!" shouted a head of the Two-Headed Monster.

    "No, me too! You one!" shouted the other.

    Kermit smiled. "Anyway, everybody, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being my family for all these years, even when I’m not around."

    "We love you, Kermit," Gabi said, holding up her glass to him.

    Kermit raised his glass as well. "Here’s to Sesame Street."

    "Here, here!" Everyone responded.

    Here’s to Sesame Street.


    Big Bird snuggled Radar to his chest as he cuddled up in his nest. Kermit, Bob, Linda, Grover, Ernie, and Bert all stood in his nest area with him.

    "Good night, Big Bird," Bob said.

    Linda reached up to kiss Big Bird on the cheek. She signed her farewell and walked away. "Bye, Linda," Big Bird said.

    Kermit turned to look at the framed deed hanging next to Big Bird’s drawing of Mr. Hooper. "I couldn’t think of a better place for it," Kermit told Big Bird. "Or a better bird to have it."

    "Thank you, Kermit," Big Bird said.

    "Sleep well, Big Bird," Bert said. "We’ve had a long day."

    "We’ve had a long month, Bert," Ernie said.

    "Yeah," Bert agreed. "It’s too bad Ashley had to go home to start her new job with the New York Times."

    "Too bad, Bert? It’s wonderful!" Ernie said.

    "Yeah, I guess you’re right," Bert said.

    "Well, Big Bird," Grover said. "I guess I will see you tomorrow, okay?"

    "Alright Grover," Big Bird said. "Hey, Grover?"

    "Yes, Big Bird?"

    "Do you think we could play together tomorrow?" Big Bird asked.

    "Well, of course. It’s not like Sesame Street is going anywhere!" Grover said.

    Big Bird grinned. "Yeah," he said happily. "And neither are we."

    -~-THE END-~-
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    Prawnie . . .

    . . . All I can say is . . .


    . . . And, Grover SO better officiate at our wedding. :p
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    If I may. Marvitrillyscent! Laughed and oohed at everything here.
    Linda in that red dress saying she's full of surprises pretty much captured the moment. You sly dog, erm, prawn.
    The joke Elmo told, a jab at your other half.
    Ernie pulling Bert's nose off. Classic.
    Would've liked to see who caught the bouquet after Gabi threw it away.
    And I agree, the deed belongs next to the drawing of Mr. Hooper.

    A great ending to what was a great story. Thank you Ryan.

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