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Sesame Street Fan-Fic: Street Smarts

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Well, here we are everyone, the first minutes of March 30th. Hmm, what's so special about this day you ask? ...Got me. ...What's this? *reads memo* "Memo to myself: Post fan-fic on March 30th in honor of Lisa's birthday." ...I still don't see what the big- ...Ohhhhh. Well... Yeah, you heard the memo! So, here it is!


    One! One Chapter! Ah ah ah!

    "La de da de dum..." Super Grover flew through the endless blue sky. "Oh what a beautiful sunny day," the furry-blue-super-monster said. "Oh, and if that does not remind me of a song, I do not know what will!"

    Super Grover dove down from his height above the most famous street in the world. Landing, in a crash of course, in a very familiar pile of trash. "Uch!" Super Grover stood up, dusting himself off. "That landing stunk!"

    The most prominent trash can lid flipped off the tin and a green, fuzzy, Grouch shot up out of it. "Hey!" Oscar shouted. "What do you think you’re doing?!"

    "Hello there Grouchy," Super Grover addressed the grouchiest Grouch of them all. "It is I, SU-" Super Grover held the sound. "-Per Grover!"

    "I know who ya are!" Oscar said. "What I want to know is why you’re here!"

    "Oh! Oh! Very valid question! I am here to sing the opening song!" Super Grover informed him.

    "Figures..." Oscar muttered. "Well, just leave me out of it!" Oscar retreated back into his home.

    "Hmm, he forgot to tell me to-" Super Grover began.

    Oscar shot back out of his can. "Oh, and I almost forgot."

    "Forgot what, Grouchy?"

    "SCRAM!" Oscar shouted, going back into his can.

    Super Grover nodded. "Much better." Super Grover made his way out of the pile of trash, onto the sidewalk. "Now all I need to do is find a phone booth that will suit my outfit changing needs!"

    Super Grover leaned on a tall green light post. "Hmm, now if I were a telephone booth on Sesame Street, where would I be?" Super Grover asked himself. "Oh! I know! I would be on Sesame Street of course!"

    While Super Grover pondered this conundrum a small purple speck flew in front of his face. "Hey there, son, I think I can help you with your little problem here," the speck said.

    "AH!" Super Grover jumped up. "Who was that with the obvious country twang to his voice?!"

    "I say, it was me son," the speck flew in front of Super Grover’s eyes to catch his attention. "Mayor Twiddlebug’s the name, it’s a pleasure."

    Super Grover extended his furry, blue finger for the speck to land on. "Mayor Twiddlebug?" Super Grover asked.

    "Yes’m," the Twiddlebug nodded. "Mayor of Sesame Street, at your service."

    Mayor Twiddlebug was a rather plump, purple Twiddlebug with a monocle and a top hat. He had a distinguishing banner across his chest that read "Mayor".

    "Really?" Super Grover asked. "I did not know Sesame Street had a mayor."

    "Well, ‘mayor’ is sort of an assumed name for the person who holds the deed to the Street," Mayor Twiddlebug told the super monster.

    Super Grover nodded. "Oh, I see now. But um, you said you knew how to help me find a phone booth?"

    "Indeed I do," Mayor Twiddlebug flew into the air. "Right over there," he pointed Super Grover down the sidewalk aways.

    "Oh! I see it now!" Super Grover said. "Thank you very much sir! Until we meet again!" Super Grover took off down the sidewalk. "What a nice, plump little bug."

    Super Grover made his way down the sidewalk to the phone booth in front of Hooper’s Store. He looked in both directions before stepping inside. "You can never be too careful you know."

    The phone booth rumbled around as Super Grover grunted inside. The doors to the green phone booth flung open and Grover popped out. "Hello everybodeeeeeee!" he shouted. "Welcome to Sesame Street!"

    Herry Monster began to drum on a set of metal barrels outside Hooper’s Store as a fanfare of monsters, animals, humans, and whatever joined in the joyous romp.

    "Sunny day,
    Sweepin’ the clouds away,
    " Grover started singing.

    "On my way
    To where the air
    Is sweet!

    "Can you tell me how to get
    How to get to
    Sesame Street?
    " the gatherers sang.

    "Come and play," Big Bird joined in.

    "A-okay!" everyone shouted in response.

    "Friendly neighbor’s there," Bert sang.

    "That’s where we meet!" Ernie continued.

    "Can you tell me how to get
    How to get to
    Sesame Street?
    " Prairie Dawn, Zoe, and Rosita sang.

    "Ah! That’s sewen! Sewen singers! Ah ah ah!" The Count counted with the usual response from the heavens.

    "It a magic carpet ride!" Cookie Monster sang. "Mmm, tasty carpet..."

    "Every door will open wide
    To happy people like you!
    " Elmo pointed to all his friends.

    "Happy people like-" Telly started.

    "What a beautiful-" Herry sang.

    "Sunny day!" Maria sang, wrapping her arm around Elmo.

    "Sweepin’ the clouds away," Gordon and Susan sang.

    "On my way to
    Where the air is sweet," Bob sang.

    "Can you tell me how to get," Alan sang from a window in Hooper’s Store, with Baby Bear by his side.

    "Como llegar a Sesame Street?" Luis added.

    "How to get to Sesame Street?" Mr. Snuffleupagus sang from the middle of the street, since he couldn’t fit in amongst the crowd.

    "How to get to Sesame Street," Gabi and Miles sang mixed in with a pack of chickens and penguins.

    "Brawk bagawk bawk-"

    "Wack wha whack wack!"

    Hoots the Owl flew down and landed on top of the phone booth. "Da ba dee da doo doo!" he scatted before blowing on his saxophone.

    "How to get to Sesame Street!" Gina sang, bouncing her new baby Marco in her arms.

    Oscar had finally had enough and came out of his can, halting the music instantly. "Hey! HEY!" he shouted. "Why do you need to know how to get to Sesame Street?!" he shouted. "You’re already there!"

    All of the singers exchanged glances of confusion. "Um, may I?" Grover asked.

    "By all means," Gordon said.

    "It is very simple Grouchy!" Grover told Oscar.

    "Oh yeah? How so?"

    "We just needed something to sing about, of course!" Grover grinned.

    "Of course!" everyone agreed as the music resumed.

    "How to get to-" they started the final line.

    "Sesame Street!" a tall man in a business suit threw his arms out to his sides. "Finally! You don’t know how hard it is to find this place! Every time you ask someone how to get here they break out into song!"

    Everyone began to disperse towards the business suit man. Elmo being the quickest and most persistent.

    "Um, excuse Elmo," the furry red monster tugged at the man’s coat. "But Elmo would like to be the first to welcome you to Sesame Street!"

    Business suit man stared down at the monster. "Right," he muttered. "Excuse me sir," he addressed Gordon. "You don’t seem to be childish, discolored, fuzzy, feathered, or a large, shaggy, elephant-like creature."

    Gordon rose his eyebrows. "Uh, well yes, I’m not any of those things, not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things. You see we accept every-"

    "Good, yeah, fill me in on your Nobel Peace Prize-worthy mission statement later," business suit man cut Gordon off. "Just tell me where I might find the deed holder of this street and I’ll be on my way."

    "Now just a second here-" Gordon started again.

    "Do not fret Gordon," Grover said. "I know exactly what you are going to say. ‘I did not even know Sesame Street had a mayor with a deed’. Correct? Well! That is where I, cute, furry, adorable Grover comes in!"

    Everyone looked to the monster. "Grover," Big Bird said. "Do you know who has the deed?"

    "Of course I do, my fine-feathered-friendly-fowl!" Grover smiled. "It is Mayor Twiddlebug of course!"

    "Mayor Twiddlebug?" the crowd asked in unison.

    "You rang?" the purple speck that was Mayor Twiddlebug flew down into the crowd.

    As the bug landed on the asphalt of the street the crowd bent down to stare at him.

    "That’s Mayor Twiddlebug?" Maria squinted.

    "Of course my dear lady," he tipped his hat to her. "Strange that someone of my stature could look this good, hmm?"

    "But... But he es muy pequeño!" Rosita shouted.

    "Yeah, and he’s really small too!" Zoe chimed in.

    "Well... small isn’t a bad thing, necessarily," Telly said.

    Prairie Dawn nodded. "I know I believe in little things."

    "Like little cookies!" Cookie Monster declared.

    "Small or not," business suit man pushed his way through the crowd. "He holds the deed to Sesame Street."

    "Indeed I do," Mayor Twiddlebug nodded.

    "How did you get the deed to Sesame Street?" Bob asked.

    "Well, you see, I-"

    "No time for bedtime stories," business suit man interrupted the mayor. "I’ll take the deed now, mister Twiddlebug."

    "Oh, you’re the man I spoke to over the phone," Mayor Twiddlebug nodded.

    "How can a Twiddlebug hold a phone?" Ernie whispered to Bert.

    "Shh!" Bert scolded.

    "Yes, I am," business suit man said. "Now, my deed, if you please."

    "Hold on here," Maria stepped forward. "Just what do you think makes it your deed?"

    "It is his my dear," Mayor Twiddlebug flew up to business suit man’s shoulder. "He is the rightful heir to Sesame Street."

    "Heir?" Herry asked.

    Elmo took a deep breath. "Is what you breath!"

    "No, no," Alan said. "Heir, as in, rightful owner..."

    "Meaning..." Bob whispered.

    "That Sesame Street belongs to me, and will be a parking lot by the end of the month."

    The crowd gasped and shrieked. "Just who do you think you are?" Susan asked, furiously.

    "Me?" business suit man asked. "My name is Alex Hooper."
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <GLOMPS the Prawn before anybody else gets a chance to reply!> HA! <Continues to read>
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    *BIRTHDAY glomp for the other half before anybody else gets a chance to reply* HA! *continues to watch Lisa read*
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <Finishes reading> PRAWNIE I glomp you! Again! LOVE the story, love the chapter, love knowing that you're gonna rip my heart to SHREDS! ...What?... First off, SUPER GROVER! And SCRAM! No, don't scram, I was just quoting. You stay right here, I might need to glomp you again. Mayor Twiddlebug and OPENING NUMBER!!!!!! With EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!! And Oscar's question, SQUEEE!

    And then, enter man in suit. His opening line is hilarious. Matter of fact, a great deal of his lines are hilarious.


    His plan for the street, our beloved street? NOT so hilarious. More like scary, and WHAAAA this is gonna be a FANTASTICABULOUS story! <GLOMP!> (See, I told you to stay here.)

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Agreed... This is a very fine start hokay... And like The Lisa, I sooooo want you to post more Prawn!
    Mayor Thaddius Twiddlebug is actually the mayor of Twiddlebug Town, look it up at Muppet Wiki, but it doesn't detract from the overall story.
    And I'll be honest, when you first introduced Alex Hooper with his rude behavior and business suit, I thought it was the baddy from and this might end up being a sequel to Sometimes It's Better To Go.
    Like we've said... Moooooore please!
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    More you say? MORE? ...Okay.
  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I’ve Got Two... Chapters!

    Big Bird peered through the window at Hooper’s Store where the adults and Alex Hooper sat inside talking.

    "What’s going on Big Bird?" Elmo asked.

    "Yeah, what awe they talking about?" Baby Bear tried to jump up to look in the window.

    "I can’t tell..." Big Bird said. "It’s hard to make out."

    Zoe bounced up and down, trying to look in the window as well. "Well what are their faces saying?"

    "Zoe, that’s silly," Elmo said. "Faces can’t talk!"

    "Si, only mouths on faces can talk," Rosita said.

    "Everybody looks sad..." Big Bird said. "Except Mr. Alex Looper."

    "Hooper, Big Bird, Hooper!" Zoe shouted.

    "Oh, sorry," Big Bird said. "I never could get that right."

    A taxi pulled up in front of the 123 Sesame Street apartments. The cab door opened and two bright green flippers hit the pavement. The snout that was connected at the top of those flippers took in a whiff of air.

    As the cab drove away a trash can opened. Oscar shot up out of his can, ready to tell the new visitor to "scram."

    "Hey, buddy!" Oscar shouted. "Why don’t you-" The Grouch stopped, two Saturn-shaped pupils stared back at him.

    "Go on," the frog told the Grouch. "It wouldn’t be Sesame Street without it."

    Oscar blinked. "Uh, well, scram," he said without anger in his voice.

    "Thanks Oscar." The frog hopped off down the street.

    "Hey, Frog!" Oscar called. The frog turned around. "Good to have you back."

    The frog grinned and nodded. He turned back the way he was headed, towards Hooper’s Store.

    "I wonder what’s goin’ on at Hooper’s," the frog asked himself.

    As the Street’s younger residents continued to attempt to see in on the adults’ meeting, the frog stopped behind them.

    "Uh, hi-ho everyone!" the frog said cheerfully.

    No one turned around.

    "What could they be talking about in there?" Telly wondered aloud.

    "Maybe they’re talking about the letter of the day," Zoe said.

    "No, no," Prairie Dawn said. "Cookie Monster already ate it."

    "Excuse me," the frog interjected. "Hi-ho!"

    "They probably won’t tell us what they were talking about either," Big Bird sighed.

    "If only someone was here to help us!" Rosita said.

    "Yeah, but who?" Baby Bear asked.

    "I wish Kermit was here... he’d know what to do," Big Bird said.

    "But Kermit is-"

    "Yeah! Green frog could help us!"

    "But I’m right he-"

    "But he’s so busy, he’d never have time for us..."

    "I am right here!" Kermit the Frog shouted. "Kermit the Frog is right here!"

    As the crowd Hooper’s turned around, a loud gasp was heard. Grover came darting in. "Hello Froggy babieeeeeee!"

    "Hi-ho Grov-"

    Grover smacked Kermit on his back, knocking him over. "Oh, it is so good to see you again Froggy!" The monster hoisted Kermit back on his flippers.

    Kermit swallowed loudly. "It’s great to see you all too." Kermit picked his stuff up off the ground. "But, uh, what’s going on?"

    Everyone started talking at once, trying to explain.

    Kermit frowned. "One at a time! Quiet! One at a time!" he shouted, silencing the crowd. "Now, remember how to take turns?"

    All of them raised their hands. Elmo began jumping up and down. "Ooh! Ooh! Green frog, green frog! Pick Elmo!"

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "Okay, Elmo."

    "Yay!" Elmo cheered. "Green frog picked Elmo! Yay!"

    Elmo grinned and stared at Kermit, giggling. Kermit stared back. "Well?"

    "Well what?" Elmo asked.

    "Are you going to tell me?"

    "Tell green frog what?"

    Kermit scrunched up his face again. He turned to Grover. "Grover, could you explain?"

    "What is the magic word, Froggy baby?" Grover asked.

    Kermit sighed. "Please!"

    "Well! There is no need to shout!"


    "This store is mine. This street is mine." Alex Hooper slammed his soda bottle on the counter.

    "But, that can’t be," Bob said. "I’ve never even seen this so-called deed."

    "Bob’s right. How do we even know there is a deed?" Gina asked.

    "Twiddlebug, the deed, if you please," Alex told the bug.

    The purple speck flew behind the counter, and underneath it. "A little help, please," Mayor Twiddlebug said from under the counter.

    Alan bent down and reached under, pulling out a rolled up piece of parchment. Alan unrolled it and read over it. "It’s... the deed."

    Alan handed the deed to Gordon. Susan and the others read it over Gordon’s shoulder.

    "Okay, so it’s the deed. But what makes it yours?" Maria asked.

    "Where’s the other document Twiddlebug?" Alex Hooper asked.

    "It’s- oomf- still down here!" Mayor Twiddlebug tugged at another piece of paper under the counter.

    Alan pulled it out. "What is it Alan?" Luis asked.

    "It’s... it’s a will." Alan whispered. Alex crossed his leg over the other and smirked. The adults looked at each other.

    "Whose will Alan?" Susan asked slowly.

    "His will..." Alan quickly gave Gordon the will.

    All eyes turned to Gordon.

    "Mr.- Mr. Hooper."



    "My dear friends," Mr. Hooper said as he wrote. "My time on this Earth is growing short. That is why I have decided to write down my last will and testament. First, I must reveal that-"

    The bell atop the door of Hooper’s Store rang. A purple-skinned Muppet cowboy entered the store.

    "Howdy par’ner," said the cowboy.

    Mr. Hooper sighed, he put aside the pen and paper and turned his attention to the cowboy. "Hello there Forgetful, what’ll you have today?" he asked.

    Forgetful Jones scratched his head. "Well... uh... tarnation, I plum forgot!"

    "Figures..." Mr. Hooper impatiently wiped the counter top. "Milkshake?" he asked.

    "No... no, that wasn’t it." Forgetful took a seat on a barstool.

    "Well, would you like one anyway?" Mr. Hooper said with a smirk, trying to get rid of Forgetful, and back to the business that wasn’t his business.

    "No... I don’t think so." Forgetful got up off the barstool. "Ah well, thanks anyway." Forgetful Jones shook his head, and left Hooper’s Store.

    Mr. Hooper shook his head as well. "At least now I can-"

    The bell rang again. This time signaling a two-headed monster. The Two-Headed Monster to be precise.

    "Oh no..." Mr. Hooper sighed. "Not you... two?"

    The two heads argued with one another. "No, no, no!" one shouted. "Coke! No Pepsi!"

    "No, no, no!" replied the other. "Pepsi! No Coke!"

    Mr. Hooper uncapped a bottle of both sodas, to be prepared, and continued on his will.

    The monster continued to argue with itself. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" shouted the first head. "No thirsty!"

    "No thirsty? Hungry!"

    "Yeah! Cupcakes!"

    "No! No cupcakes! Cookies!"

    "-the deed to-" Mr. Hooper was muttering.

    "COOKIES?!" Cookie Monster popped up out of nowhere, behind Mr. Hooper.

    The shop-keeper threw his arms up in shock, knocking over the Pepsi, spilling it on his will. "Ach!" he groaned.

    Cookie Monster bit his fingers. "Oh, sorry. Um... where cookies?"

    Mr. Hooper handed Cookie a box of cookies (and Cookie proceeded to devour them, and the box). He picked up his will and muttered at the soda stain. He shoved the paper, along with another he grabbed from atop his refrigerator, underneath the counter.

    "I’ll get to it later..." Mr. Hooper mumbled, going back to work.

    Unfortunately, later never came.
  8. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member



    <is no longer concious, please come again soon>
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Loving everything... Song reference as the chapter's title!
    The preview you shared with us!
    Kermit! Kermit? *Checks, yep Kermit!
    Forgetful Jones and the Two-Headed Monster, with a cameo by Cookie Monster also!

    *Saddened by later never came.
    Post moooooore!
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    You all ready know I love this, in case you don't, go check out MC Jr.
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Three Chocolate Layered Chapters!

    "La la la..." Big Bird sang as he packed away his many belongings. "Boy, I’m sure gonna miss Sesame Street."

    "We all are, Big Bird," Bob said, moving around some of Big Bird’s things. "But are you sure you really need to keep all of these things? Most of this stuff is junk."

    "Junk?" Big Bird asked in shock. "Bob, each of these things have a different memory attached to them."

    "Big Bird, how can you remember so many different memories?" Bob packed away a train set.

    Big Bird grabbed a rack of ties and threw them into a box. "I don’t remember."

    Bob sighed and picked up the ties, folding them correctly. "Well, I must agree with you though, Big Bird, we have had a lot of memories here together."

    "Yeah... it’s just too bad it’s over." Big Bird stuck his head inside a box.

    "Oh, Big Bird," Bob placed his hand on Big Bird’s side. "We’ll still keep in touch. It’s not like we’re never going to hear from each other again."

    Big Bird brought his head back out of the box, wearing earmuffs. "Sorry Bob, I didn’t hear you."

    Bob smiled. "Big Bird, take off the earmuffs."

    Big Bird did as he was told, and put the earmuffs back in the box. "Bob, how long do we have left on Sesame Street?"

    "We told you this morning Big Bird. Alex Hooper gave us a week to pack our things and say goodbye," Bob said.

    "Oh..." Big Bird sighed. "A week? But that’s not very long at all."

    "No, it really isn’t, but Sesame Street belongs to him now, so he makes the rules." Bob patted Big Bird’s back.

    "But why? Why does Sesame Street belong to him?" Big Bird asked.

    Bob sighed. "Because Big Bird, he’s Mr. Hooper’s nephew, and, well, Mr. Hooper left the deed to Sesame Street to his closest living relative." Bob explained.

    "But didn’t Mr. Dooper know that his nephew would turn Sesame Street into a parking lot?" Big Bird asked.

    "Hooper, Big Bird, Hooper," Bob scolded gently. "But it was hard for Mr. Hooper to know. Alex was only a little boy when he passed away."

    "Oh, I see." Big Bird nodded. "Then why did he leave Sesame Street to a little kid?"

    Bob shook his head. "No, no Big Bird, he left it to his closest living relative, Mr. Hooper had no way of knowing who that would be."

    "Why do grown-ups have to be so confusing?" Big Bird whined.

    "I’m sorry Big Bird, this is hard on all of us." Bob sat down on the edge of Big Bird’s nest.

    Maria knocked on the door to Big Bird’s home. "Bob, Luis needs some help clearing out the Fix-It Shop, could you help out when you get a minute?"

    "Sure Maria," Bob told her. "Big Bird, will you be okay if I go help Maria and Luis for awhile?"

    "I guess," Big Bird said.

    "Tell you what," Bob said. "Why don’t you go off and play, and we’ll finish packing up your nest later, okay?"

    "Oh boy! Now that sounds like fun!" Big Bird jumped up and down.

    "Oh good." Bob smiled. "Take care Big Bird." Bob and Maria walked off towards the Fix-It Shop.

    "Hmm, now who do I want to play with?" Big Bird pondered. "Snuffy had to go to dinner... everyone else is packing up... oh! I know! I’ll play with Kermit!" Big Bird declared. "I wonder what he’s doing..."

    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -

    Kermit held out the first key on his key ring. Of the four keys he possessed, this one was the oldest by nearly a decade. He looked up at the door with a golden number 69 glistening in the sun on the front.

    Kermit gulped. "Thanks for coming with me Grover."

    "No problem Froggy baby," Grover said softly, placing a hand on Kermit’s back.

    Kermit slipped the key into the hole and turned it slowly. He grabbed the doorknob and opened it up.

    The dark home was silent, as were the frog and monster that stood outside it.

    "I think we need to go in Froggy," Grover whispered.

    Kermit nodded and stepped inside. He reached to the wall on his right and flipped on the light switch. "It should feel good to be home..."

    "But it does not?" Grover asked.

    "No, not when it’s the last time I’ll get to be here." Kermit sat his keys on the kitchen table.

    Grover nodded. "I understand Froggy. But it has to be done you know."

    "I know, I know," Kermit said. "But that won’t make me want to do it."

    Grover walked to the center of the room. "Well, where shall we begin?"

    "Let’s start in the bedroom, I guess," Kermit sighed.

    Grover and Kermit made their way to Kermit’s bedroom. The bed was big enough for one, and had a dark green comforter spread out over it. In the center of the bed lay a tan trench coat folded neatly with a hat sitting on top of it.

    Kermit fell on his bed. "I can’t do it Grover. I just can’t leave Sesame Street."

    Grover sat next to his friend on the bed. "Sure you can, Froggy, you have been gone sporadically since 1976 you know."

    Kermit looked up at Grover. "Where did you learn a word like ‘sporadically’?" he asked.

    Grover shrugged. "It helps to read up on your diction every once in a while."
    Kermit sighed. "It’s true that I haven’t really lived here in awhile... but still, it was always here for me to come back to, and now... it’s gone."

    Grover nodded. "Trust me Froggy, I know what you mean. I have lived here for as long as my cute little monster mind can remember. And now I have to move away, from all of my friends and even my mommy!"

    Kermit sat up. "Why do you have to leave your mommy?"

    "Because Froggy, it is time for me to go out into the real world and be the greatest cute little monster I can be." Grover preached.

    Kermit smiled. "Grover, as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been the greatest cute little monster you can be. And nothing will ever change that."

    "Oh, thank you Froggy." Grover said proudly. "And you have always been the greatest green, flippery, scrawny little frog you can be. And the only thing that has changed that is Miss Piggy. But, please, do not tell her I said that."

    Kermit scrunched up his face. "I promise." He got up off the bed and walked towards the closet. "But why has Miss Piggy made me less than the best frog I can be?"

    Grover gulped and fidgeted nervously. "Uh, well... um, what’s that? My SU-per hearing thinks it hears the calling of my loving mommy!" He shot up off the bed. "Coming mommy!" Grover called, darting out of the house.

    Kermit frowned and shook his head. "The things you learn on this Street." Kermit grabbed a box out of the closet. "Or... learned, I should say." The frog sighed.

    Kermit returned to his seat on the bed, next to his reporter outfit. He dusted off the small box and opened it up.

    "So many memories... so many friends... and now..." He gulped loudly.

    Inside the box was a stack of thirty-eight pictures. Each one laminated and noted with a year on the top right corner. The first being 1969.

    Kermit looked at the cast spread out on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street. As he flipped through the pictures, the cast grew and grew year by year. Many things changed, looks, voices, relationships, friends, in fact, one of the only things that didn’t change was the stoop.

    Kermit looked at the cast photos from the last few years, and he noticed one distinctly green thing missing.

    "Why haven’t I been here?" he asked himself. "Where have I been?"

    He knew the answer all too well, and he wouldn’t trade his past years with his Muppet family for anything, but still, he felt as if he was neglecting his Sesame Street family.

    A furry blue head poked its way through the doorway. "Um, Froggy, may I come back in?"

    Kermit rubbed his eye before looking up at Grover. "Of course Grover, you’re always welcome."

    Grover walked back in and sat back down next to Kermit. "What is wrong Froggy baby?"

    Kermit smiled and handed Grover a picture from the middle of the stack. "Look there," Kermit pointed. "Remember Don Music?"

    Grover nodded. "How could I forget? I get a headache just thinking about him."

    Kermit laughed. "And look there, there’s me in my trench coat, and you in your cowboy gear."

    "Oh, yes! Oh! Look at this one!" Grover grabbed the photo labeled "1989".

    "Oh, hey, that was our twenty-year celebration," Kermit said.

    "Yes, and look there, there I am! And there you are!" Grover pointed.

    Kermit laughed again. "That was right before-" Kermit stopped himself, moving back in the time line, rather than forward. "Remember that first year?"

    "How could I forget it?" Grover asked. "Remember Jim and Frank?"

    Kermit put the pictures back in the box and nodded. "Now those are things I’ll never forget."

    "They are not things Froggy, they are... wait, what did they do?" Grover asked.

    "More than any of us will ever know, and then some." Kermit said. "But don’t ask specifics, that’s too risky."

    "Oh, right, right," Grover said. "Hey, Froggy?"

    "Yes, Grover?"

    Grover grabbed the frog around his neck and pulled him in for a hug, resembling a little girl seeing Kermit for the first time. "I have missed you!"

    Kermit gasped for air, choking out the words. "I-" he gulped. "I’ve missed you too, but, I miss air more right now."

    Grover released the frog swiftly. "Oh, sorry," Grover blushed behind his blue fur.

    Kermit adjusted his collar, then smiled at his old friend. "It’s okay Grover." He patted Grover’s back gently. "It’s okay."

    "Now, Froggy baby, I have a question for you," Grover said.

    "It never ends on this street..." Kermit muttered. "What is it Grover?" he asked the monster.

    "Would you like to go to Charlie’s Restaurant for dinner while you are here?" Grover asked.

    Kermit perked up. "Well, sure Grover, that sounds great!"

    "Oh! Good! Because I am working a double-shift this week and-"

    "Wait, you know what, on second thought, why don’t we invite the whole street?" Kermit asked. "My treat!"

    "Well... okay, that would be good," Grover said. "But on one condition, Froggy."

    "What’s that?"

    "You let me add the thirty percent gratuity on to your bill."
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm, another numeric reference in the title. If this is what I can look forward to, then I guarantee your ears will be shattered by nightfall.

    Loved everything, especially Kermit and Grover at froggy's apartment home.
    So much detail and so worthy of lengthy review...
    The photos of each year's cast... *Tears up a little.
    And they're going to have dinner for the whole street at Charlie's... Well, I hope they enjoy their meal, it might just be their last. Unless they get a call from the governor at the last second.
    You heard that Prawn! Post more please!
  13. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, this is powerful! It's great that this story should come now, because I'm feeling this huge surge of SS loyalty after just yesterday having finished the Old School set. I know. Took a long time, didn't it? Anyway, Kermit's been through much worse than this with the theater and all; he can't believe that there's nothing that can be done for Sesame Street?
    Oh well, more please!

    And is it just me, or is Grover sort of the Sesame Street counterpart of Fozzie in these fanfics?
    Oh, and I also love your naming scheme for the chapters!
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Trust me Kate, it's not late at all... Still haven't gone through all the Muppety DVD's I got for Christmas last year. And with my current workload, it looks like they'll have to wait till summer vacation. Oh well, something to look forward to I suppose.
    And hey... We'd like some more story please.
  15. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Four is the Legs on a Spotted Moo Cow, Four is the Chapter Right Now

    Cookie Monster walked into Hooper’s Store, as he did ever day, and took a seat on a bar stool, also as he did every day. "Hello Alan," Cookie said to Alan, who was packing boxes. "Me have me usual, please."

    Alan wiped his brow and stared at the blue monster. "Cookie, how can you eat cookies at a time like this? Shouldn’t you be packing?"

    "Oh, no Alan. Nothing keep me from cookies. Not rain, nor sleet, nor apocalyptic lightning storm!" Cookie declared.

    Alan shook his head, pulling a glass out of one of the boxes. "I hope you appreciate this." Alan grabbed the last carton of milk from the otherwise empty refrigerator. He poured it into the glass and handed it to Cookie Monster.

    "Oh, of course me appreciate it!" Cookie smacked his lips as Alan retrieved a box of cookies from one of his larger boxes. "Me appreciate it every day!"

    "I’m sure you do Cookie Monster." Alan grabbed the last three cookies from the box and put it on a plate. "Careful with this plate now, I just cleaned up in here."

    "Don’t worry," Cookie swiftly grabbed up a cookie. "Me no eat plate, me not in mood for China food." He devoured the cookie in his usual manner, splattering crumbs everywhere.

    Alan sighed. "Cookie Monster, please! Try not to make a mess, alright?"

    Cookie nodded. "You got it, Alan." He gently picked up the next cookie, carefully lifting it off the plate.

    "Thank you," Alan said.

    The back door of Hooper’s Store opened and Miles stepped through, carrying an apron. "Hey Alan, hey Cookie Monster."

    "Miles, hey, good timing. Do me a favor and run in the back and get the broom and dustpan?" Alan asked.

    "What happened? Didn’t we just clean up?" Miles asked.

    "Well, yeah, but then we had a surprise guest." Alan motioned to Cookie Monster, who daintily waved back, careful not to spill any crumbs.

    Miles went into the back and came back with the broom and dustpan. He bent over underneath Cookie Monster’s barstool and began to sweep up.

    Meanwhile, Cookie Monster was taking minuscule bites of his cookie. "Sorry about mess Miles, me being careful now, though, don’t worry."

    Miles tossed the contents of the dustpan into the trash can. "Don’t worry about it Cookie Monster." He leaned the broom against the counter.

    "So, Miles," Alan said, resuming his packing. "How’s the move going?"

    "It’s good," Miles said, trying to tie his apron behind his back. "Mom and dad sure do have a lot of stuff though."

    "A lot of memories," Alan said. "They’ve been here on Sesame Street for almost forty years, you know."

    "Me know," Cookie Monster said between nibbles. "Me here almost that long too."

    "Yeah, I know," Miles said, still fumbling with his apron. "And I’ve almost been here twenty."

    "That also true," Cookie Monster said, now a quarter of the way through the cookie. "Me there for that too."

    Alan smiled. "I wish I was, but I got here when you were just a little guy."

    "Not too little," Miles smirked, growing agitated with the apron.

    "What wrong with little?" Cookie asked.

    "Well Cookie Monster, do you actually like those little bites you have to take?" Miles asked.

    Cookie Monster looked from the cookie to Miles. "Not particularly."

    "Well, that answers it then." Miles reached behind his back one more time, failing to tie the apron, finally groaning. "Alan, can you help me tie this thing?"

    "I got it," came a cheerful voice from behind Miles’ back. Gabi stepped around Miles, holding her hands behind her back. "There ya go."

    Miles smiled. "Thanks Gabi."

    "No problem," Gabi blushed.

    Alan and Cookie Monster looked at each other. "What do you make of that Cookie?" Alan asked, leaning on the counter, watching Miles and Gabi talk.

    Cookie Monster nibbled on the cookie again. "Well Alan, take it from worldly monster," Cookie said. "Me think that Gabi the delicious chocolate chips to Miles’ scrumptious cookie. And together, they make one heck of good thing!"

    Alan looked back at the two kids again. "You know Cookie, you may be on to something."

    "No, not yet, me still on me second cookie. Not moved on to third yet." Cookie munched.

    Alan smirked. "Cookie?"

    "Yes Alan?"

    "You can make a mess."

    "Oh boy!" Cookie shouted, shoving the remainder of the second cookie into his mouth. "This so exciting!" The monster grabbed up the plate and let the third cookie slide into his mouth, then crunched down on the plate. He wiped his mouth with his hand and smiled at Alan.

    Gabi and Miles were now staring at Cookie Monster too. "Finished?" Alan asked.

    "Almost," Cookie Monster said. He let out a belch. "‘Scuse me," he said. "Now me finished."

    Alan shook his head. "Miles, Gabi, could you-"

    "I’m on it Alan," Miles said. "Don’t move Gabi." He rushed off to grab the broom.

    Cookie Monster smacked his mouth around each of his fingers. "Told you," he told Alan between furry, blue appendages.

    Alan laughed and went back to packing up Hooper’s Store.


    Rubber Duckie squeaked as Ernie tried to get Bert to play with him. "Come on Bert, it’ll be fun!"

    "No, Ernie, I don’t have time right now. I’ve got to get everything packed before the end of the week." Bert grumbled, carefully wrapping his bottlecap collection in bubble wrap.

    "But Bert, watch," Ernie grabbed a sheet of bubble wrap and popped it, making Bert jump.

    "Ernie! Stop that!" Bert shouted.

    Ernie laughed. "Come on Bert, you know you thought it was funny."

    "No, Ernie, I did not think it was funny. I thought it was childish, now if you want to help you can go get another roll of tape from the kitchen." Bert put his wrapped bottlecap collection into a box.

    "Gee Bert, if you really need me too. Come on Rubber Duckie." Ernie and Rubber Duckie walked out of the room.

    Bert sighed. "Sometimes he’s just too much."

    "I found the tape Bert!" Ernie called.

    "Good, bring it in here!" Bert called back.

    Ernie came out carrying a video tape in his hand. "Here ya go Bert."

    Bert lowered his eyebrow. "Ernie... this is a video tape. I wanted masking tape."

    "I got the masking tape Bert, just read the title." Ernie pushed the video at Bert.

    Bert swiped it from Ernie’s hand and read it. "‘Bert and Ernie’s Masquerade Party’." Bert groaned.

    Ernie laughed again. "I told you I got the masking tape."

    "Ernie, that is not funny!" Bert said.

    "Maybe not." Ernie grabbed the tape back. "But our party sure was, come on, let’s watch it."

    "Ernie, we don’t have-"

    "Sure we do Bert!" Ernie grabbed Bert by the arm. "Our VCR is working just fine."

    "But Ernie, we-"

    "Yes we do Bert," Ernie said. "I made the popcorn already." He handed Bert a bowl of popcorn.

    "But that’s not what I-"

    "Oh yes it is Bert, old buddy, I made it just like you like it, with a pinch of garlic salt."

    "Do you have a-"

    "Response to everyone of your arguments? Yup."

    Bert sighed. "Alright Ernie, you win."

    "Oh good," Ernie said. "What made you change your mind?"

    "Ernie..." Bert sighed.

    Ernie laughed again. "Just kidding Bert." He pressed play on the VCR and took his seat in an armchair.

    "Um, Ernie?"

    "What is it Bert? The movie’s starting." Ernie whispered.

    "You’re in my chair."

    Ernie looked the chair up and down. "Oh, sorry Bert." He laughed, moving to his own chair.

    Bert sat down with his bowl of popcorn and began to eat it, kernel by kernel, just like he had for nearly forty years. Silently, he wondered if they’d have popcorn with a pinch of garlic wherever they would end up.

    Ernie laughed out loud as Grover came into their apartment on the home video. He was wearing an elephant mask. Bert let himself chuckle slightly.

    "Hello Ernie, hello Bert," said the elephant-masked Grover. "I came prepared to spend the night, I even packed my trunk!"

    Bert laughed, truly laughed, letting his cares disappear, if just for a moment.

    "Don’t laugh too hard Bert," Ernie said. "You may get popcorn caught in your throat."

    Bert smiled at his friend. "Now Ernie, have you ever known me to laugh too hard?"

    "Well... no," Ernie scratched his chin. "But stranger things have happened."

    "Yeah, most of them on this street," Bert said.

    "And we’ve seen ‘em all, haven’t we buddy?" Ernie asked.

    "We sure have Ernie, we sure have." Bert sighed. "Too bad we won’t get to see anymore."

    Ernie nodded somberly. "Well, it could be worse Bert."

    "How so?"

    "We could have to live on the moon." Ernie smiled.

    Bert nodded. "Well... ya know, I’d like to visit the moon. On a rocket ship, high in the air! Yes, I’d like to visit the moon." Bert sang the last sentence.

    "But I don’t think I’d like to live there," Ernie sang.

    "Well, I’d look to look down
    At the Earth from above," Bert sang.

    "But I’d miss all the places
    And people I love
    So although I might like it
    For one afternoon
    I don’t want to live on the moon." Ernie muted the television with the remote.

    "I’d like to travel under the sea," Ernie sang.
    "I could meet all the fish everywhere
    Yes I’d travel under the sea
    But I don’t think I’d like to live there."

    "I might stay for a day there
    If I had my wish," Bert sang.
    "But there’s not much to do
    When your friends are all fish."

    "And an oyster and clam
    Aren’t real family
    So I don’t want to live in the sea," Ernie sang.

    "I’d like to visit the jungle
    Hear the lions roar
    Go back in time
    And meet a dinosaur," Bert sang, smiling at Ernie.

    "There’s so many strange places
    That I’d like to be-" Bert continued.

    "But none of them permanently," Ernie finished.

    "So if I should visit the moon
    Well I’ll dance on a moon beam and then
    I will make a wish on a star
    And I’ll wish I was home once again," Bert sang.

    "Though I’d like to look down
    At the Earth from above
    I would miss all the places and people I love," Ernie continued.

    "So although I may go
    I’ll be coming home soon," Bert held the note.

    "‘Cause I don’t want to live on the moon," the two friends harmonized.

    "No I don’t...
    Want to live...
    On the moon."

    Bert nodded. "You’re right Ernie... it could be worse."

    "Yup." Rubber Duckie began to squeak. "Rubber Duckie thinks so too." Ernie laughed.

    Bert smiled. "Of course he does Ernie... of course."

    "Ooh, it’s the part where Cookie Monster drinks all the punch!"

    Bert turned back to the television. "Yeah! Right before he ate all my quiche!"

    "Well... someone had to."

  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good chapter. Me love Cookie Monster's role... And Bert and Ernie getting a scene of their own, about time.
    But this chapter's intro... Confess, where does this reference about the spotted moo cow come from? Anyway, gotta run nd get ready to leave. Have fun.
  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Oh, PRAWNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Did you HAVE to wrench my heart with "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon"? Did you? I mean, really, you're supposed to be the FUNNIER half, and I'M supposed to be the heart-wrencher! ...I kid, it fantastic writing. Oh gee, me talk like Cookie now. COOKIE!!!!!!!

  18. anytimepally

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    it's from the song "Four" by Little Jerry & the Monotones
  19. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    Wow. cool fanfic so far! It'll be harder to find suitable song references, though, if this story runs past twelve chapters. Good luck!
  20. theprawncracker

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    Indeed, thanks Randall. :D

    And thanks for reading everybody! Oh, and ISNorden, I think after twelve chapters I'll head into the alphabet. Not sure though. :p

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