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Seeing a Dear Friend One Last Time

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    This is another tribute to Jerry Nelson. The story may be a little longer, but it might be a little sad and good at the same time.

    Seeing a Dear Friend One Last Time

    Chapter 1

    Few Days Later

    August 29, 2012

    After meeting Gobo, Trish had her heart sinking too. Her father was also gone. She felt like Gobo lost his “father”, even though he never knew his parents when he grew up. Since her family moved to Massachusetts, she started making new friends, just like he told her she would. However, since her father was gone, she was now only with a mother left. What made her so frustrated was wearing black. Fraggles do not wear that color. Neither do the Muppets! She hated black! Then, she went to her tombstone, but she knew sooner or later, Gobo would go to his for his friend. He sure missed him dearly. With Ed Johnson, those happy days were over. That was the straw! She didn’t want to be alone. She wanted to see Robin or Floyd or Gobo no matter what.

    “Hey Trish!” Robin said, behind her

    “Hi Robin! Still thinking about Jerry huh?” Trish said, wiping a tear from her eye.

    “Yeah!” Robin said, sadly. “He was a father to me.”

    “Right,” Trish said chucking a little. “I don’t get it. Why do those things happen? I never liked black clothing. I don’t want…to cry. I…I didn’t know Jerry’s health was not good…neither was my dad’s condition.

    “You lost someone too?” Robin asked.

    “Yeah,” Trish said, sniffling. “He died two days earlier before your friend Jerry did. I…don’t know what else to say.”

    “Wow! Me too!” Robin said, with a small smile.

    “Well, my dad was a kid a long time ago. He was just like you. He liked to play games, sing sings, and…have a great time. Before he was gone, his last words were, “Take care of you, your mom, and each other.”

    “Well, he taught me how to get along with my uncle and his friends.” Robin said, with a sad look.

    “My dad taught me how to be a good girl and get along with my family.”

    “So, that makes two of us, right?”

    “That’s right, Robin!” Then, she noticed little flowers on his small hands. “Hey, what are those?”

    “Oh, those are flowers for Jerry. Uncle Kermit bought them for me.”
    “Aww! That’s great! Can I help you with those?”


    They walked passed other graves until they found Jerry Nelson’s grave. It said, “Birth – July 10th, 1934; Death –
    August 23, 2012.”

    Robin started to cry.

    “Shhh! I know it has been a couple of days, but I miss him too.” Trish said softly, while stroking the little frog’s back to calm him down.

    Then, she carefully put the flowers on the dirt, which was supposed to be for Mr. Nelson. She hopes someone working around the graveyard will plant these flowers.

    Having a gut feeling that she was seeing Robin for the first time, she didn’t know what Robin was going to say to him.

    “I’m not ready to say goodbye to him,” Robin said, sniffling.

    “Well, then if don’t what to say to him, think about the good times you had with him. I even remember this song when I was younger. It was,

    Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit.
    There isn't any other stair quite like it.
    I'm not at the bottom; I'm not at the top.
    So this is the stair where I always stop.

    Halfway up the stairs isn't up and isn't down.
    It isn't in the nursery; it isn't in the town
    and all sorts of funny thoughts run round my head.
    It isn't really anywhere; it's somewhere else instead.

    [Trish & Robin]
    Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit.
    There isn't any other stair quite like it.
    I'm not at the bottom; I'm not at the top.
    So this is the stair where I always stop.

    “So, Jerry loved that song, didn’t he?” Trish said, sniffling.

    “Yeah,” Robin said sadly. “I would always sit on his lap and have some talk about what Uncle Kermit and I been doing so far.”

    “That’s true!” Trish said. “Come on Robin, you can visit him some other time okay? We need to find Kermit.”

    “Thanks Trish,” Robin said with a small smile.

    “You’re welcome, Robin!”


    Meanwhile, at Fraggle Rock, there were some things that were not the same. Although Gobo somehow got his voice back, which is uncertain and a miracle at the same time, still Pa Gorg, Majory, the Trash heap, and Feeny could only make gestures and nod. He could not stand the quietness! Waiting for things to get back to normal was hard. He was ready to go back to “Outer Space” to speak to his friend one more time, even if he was no longer around. He still admits he will always be Gobo. Now, he knows his friends will worry about him again, but he has a reason to go. To be alone! Think about Jerry! Jerry was not just a “silly creature”, he was a good friend of his.

    Next chapter coming up soon!

  2. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Awww..very sweet..
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  3. MollyArriba

    MollyArriba Member

    This is beautiful, man.
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  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thank you! When I was thinking of Robin who lost his "father" Jerry, I felt so sad and I did my best to have that cute frog in character.

    Thanks! Gosh, I can't believe this fanfic is pretty good. I will have Floyd, which will be great, but man I hope I get him into character too.

    I will promise that Chapter 2 is coming up and I might have it done and post it by Sunday.
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  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the comments, everone! On to Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2

    Red was no longer angry, but still upset that Gobo’s “silly creature” friend was gone. If this didn’t happen, she and Gobo would spend more time playing together. No! She knew something wasn’t right. Maybe Gobo wasn’t ready to say goodbye to “Jerry.” The saddest part is Large Marvin’s friend, Feeny, make gestures, Philo and Gunge said that “Majory” wasn’t well, and still Mokey has heard that Ma Gorg is still upset that “Pa” would not say anything. She knew now that the Rock was now too quiet (again).
    “So much for harmony,” Mokey said sighing. Even though they already made peace with the Gorgs, now she had a bad feeling it was silent at the Rock. Like Cantus said that there is music in the silence or what is it is. She still missed Cantus; right after Jim was gone too. She figured Cantus was with “Jim” the silly creature after all. Now it affected her friend Gobo, a Gorg, the trash heap, and a Doozer. She remembered that Gobo got a postcard from Uncle Matt alerting him that Jerry was not in good condition. Silly creatures! There is always something they know that Fraggles don’t.

    Meanwhile, Gobo had to go to “Outer Space”, because he had trouble sleeping thinking about his friend he could count on. He still didn’t understand why Jerry was gone.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, Gobo I didn’t mean to bother you.” Mokey said while coming down to Gobo and Wembley’s cave to check on him.

    Gobo let out a heavy sigh.

    “Mokey, I…I got a lot of things in my mind.” Gobo said, although not in the mood to talk to Mokey right now.

    “Well, if you want to talk I’m here for you Gobo.” Mokey said.

    “I was thinking about Jerry…and…I don’t know…he was like a father or a friend to me. He was an explorer too, but… I remember what he taught me from the silly creature minstrels and the words were: “Well, when the path is deep and stony, and the night is all around, and the way you must take is far away. When your heart is lost and lonely and the map cannot be found, here's a simple little spell that you can say... You gotta face facts, act fast on your own,
    Preparation, perspiration, dynamite determination Pack snacks, make tracks all alone, Don't be cute, time to scoot,
    Head out for your destination!" That’s it! That song we did it was like Jim had to go through and Jerry…oh, but does this even make sense? Oh, if only I could see him again.”

    Mokey felt so terrible for Gobo. Losing a friend was the hardest part that he has to go through. He forgot that silly creatures grow up and age really fast, but for his kind, they age very slowly.

    “Red’s right, Mokey! There are changes and the Rock won’t be the same. It will still go on. She doesn’t like changes (Sighs!) I wish everything would turn back to normal…if our friends said anything.”

    Then, he thanked Mokey for the talk and he wanted some alone time. So, Mokey left and maybe having a talk with the leader was never too much trouble. As she left, Gobo is now determining himself that the only way to get of that quiet place is to go to “Outer Space.” He wouldn’t go the Trash Heap, since Philo and Gunge said she wouldn’t speak. The Gorgs? He didn’t want to make a female Gorg mad thinking that he did something to him. It was never Gobo’s fault! Pa lost his voice, because Jerry is no longer in “Outer Space.” What’s the point to stay at Fraggle Rock any longer?

    He packed a small bag with Doozer sticks, radishes, and his small guitar (gourd), before he flanged it to his shoulder and headed out to the Great Hall. He knew it all along that it was too quiet. The last time he made it too quiet and let his friends sleep was when the Ditzities were dying. He knew he made an awful mistake even though he could not come up with a song. He could hear come music playing, but at least it was never a problem from those tiny creatures.

    He went through the direction to Doc’s old workshop. It was like the good old days. He made friends with Sprocket and Doc, even though he moved away to another place. Those days now vanished like Doozer dust. He quickly scribbled down a note to let his friends know that he was going to “Outer Space” for a reason, and then tacked it to a wall so they can see it. Without looking back, he entered to the old workshop. It did look like a damp climate, but it didn’t matter to him. Uncle Matt already went to “Outer Space” the day after Jerry was no longer way above from Fraggle Rock. Although he was familiar with it now, he knew there would new dangers and he wouldn’t mind making friends with new “silly creatures.”


    Dominic walked to a restaurant and he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was Floyd and Animal! That red guy was enjoying it. Floyd couldn’t eat anything! He was not in the mood to eat anything.

    “Hey guys,” Dominic said, entering. “Floyd, sorry about your friend, Jerry.”

    “That’s alright, man!” Floyd said sighing. “He was my main man.”

    “It’s like Jim all over again way back in 1990 isn’t it?” Dom asked.

    “Yeah, man, that green stuff was upset when his main man Jim was gone.”

    “Right,” Dom said, scratching his head. “Well, I seen you on the Muppet Show, in movies, and everything.”

    “Thanks,” Floyd said. “Man, I thanked him for everything after he retired. I was in his 65th birthday.”

    “Wow! Older than you? Gosh! I didn’t know that! How was your summer for you and Janice?” Dom said, before rubbing his arm.

    “Well, it wasn’t bad, but until I can’t believe Jerry’s gone. Man, I never said goodbye.” Floyd said, shaking his head.


    “Animal! Down!” Floyd yelled.

    “DOWN!” said Animal.

    “Well, Animal is still Animal.” Floyd said, letting out his laugh.

    “Well, if it isn’t Trish my main girl.” Dominic said, smiling.

    “Hi Dom, Robin is fine. I finally found Kermit so Robin’s with him again.”

    “Aw! That’s nice! Can we go now? I am getting tired of staying here for too long.” Dominic said, scratching his head.

    “Sure! I hope Robin will be okay for now. He’s got Matt Vogel!”

    “His new father?”

    “Yep! So, I think coming in the fall, he might have some good times again.”

    “I hope you’re right, Trish! By the way, Animal…uh he just..”

    “I know he scared me since he said, “Woman!” He loves to chase women.”
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  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    Piggy knew that Kermit felt so bad for Robin. It was now when Kermit lost his friend Jim all over again. He felt like he needs to have a talk with him even though summer is already almost gone. She understood what the frog was thinking right now. Now alone, she didn’t like at all. Being with Kermit made her less alone.

    Jaz, meanwhile, had a feeling Janice was not with Floyd, but he was spending time more with Animal instead. She was not even herself. Jaz knows now she has to cheer both Piggy and Janice up and do something.

    “Hey, Janice! Hi, Piggy! How’s your day?”

    “Like Floyd spends more time with Animal than with hanging around with a rully beautiful valley girl.” Janice said, angrily.

    “Kermie won’t spend time with moi.” Piggy said, sadly.

    “Well, whenever I am down,” Jaz started. “I would start singing. So, this is song is for Janice.”

    “And for Moi?” Piggy said, with a small growl.

    “Yes, Piggy! It’s for you also. So, this song goes like this. Play it, Dominic!”

    He starts playing the guitar, before Jaz is about to song.
    Sometimes it's hard to be a woman
    Giving all your love to just one man
    You'll have bad times
    And he'll have good times
    Doin things that you don't understand
    But if you love him
    You'll forgive him
    Even though he's hard to understand
    And if you love him
    Oh, be proud of him
    Cause after all he's just a man

    Stand by your man
    Give him two arms to cling to
    And something warm to come to
    When nights are cold and lonely

    Stand by your man
    And show the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man

    Stand by your man
    And show the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man

    “So you see, you girls should still talk to Floyd and Kermit even if they have to go through a tough time they are having right now.

    “Thank vous,” Piggy said. “You are very kind to moi.”

    “Fer sure!” Janice said, before the two girls left to go find their men.

    Now that she was happy to help Piggy and Janice with their problems, now she had to deal with Fozzie’s problems. After all, Jaz still loved that silly old bear.


    Gobo was both nervous and excited at the same time for going to “Outer Space” It was not only neat, but it was never quiet. He didn’t mind the noise at all. Then he remembered that same day. That one doozer had an apprentice, who was Cotterpin, and he was considered an architect. It did sounded he was retiring after all. Poor Cotterpin! Never in her life from Doozerdom would it ever happen like this. Then, his friends, except Boober did a memory game and unfortunately a few days of trying so hard, he did started talking, but he could only talk to one Fraggle at a time.

    He shook those thoughts from his head. He wasn’t in Fraggle Rock anymore. He was at a different world. Thinking about Jerry, or his silly creature friend. The friendly creature, that gave him neat hats. I guess he did know what passing it on stands for anyhow. To give gifts to another friend! As he was through the grass, it was coming back to him. It was like Uncle Matt has been here. However, he already went before Gobo even got here. Now aware of dangers, he could understand that it can be dangerous, but it might be fun too. He recognized some rolling things on a dark trail far away from him. There were blue, red, black, silver, and green rolling things. Now what was he thinking? He was not like his Uncle “Traveling” Matt.

    Gobo had a feeling now there was something missing. Who does he miss the most? Was it Jerry? Yes, because that was his best friend. Sprocket? Not really! He comes to visit that “hairy” beast once in a while. His friends? He couldn’t think of anything else. Wait a minute! Something else was coming to him. He was a musician, singer, and a funny “silly creature” that gave Gobo hats. It all made sense to him. They had something in common. They were explorers, smart, had friends, and we’re part of each other. Now the fraggle knew that this was the first “silly creature” he met before Jim. Boy, he was glad that his friends helped him get through this time where he did lose his friend. I guess he had to be somewhere in “Outer Space”, so Gobo could say some words to him one last time before he decides to come back to Fraggle Rock.
    Trish and Robin walked to a nice quiet place to sit down and have a nice chat.

    “Well, Robin,” Trish said. “You have to accept that Jerry is gone. I also understand that he was your father, maybe, but if you want to cry, I have a shoulder for you to cry at, okay?”

    Robin wiped his eyes with his arm. He understood now that Matt will now be his stepfather, since Jerry was his real father after all. The truth was after Nelson retired; Mr. Vogel did not want Robin to be left alone. So, that was when he became his new, well maybe babysitter, but it was nice to have a new friend around.

    It just wasn’t the same anymore. The feeling he had was talking to an adult or maybe someone older than him will help him cope through the loss he has to go through.

    “Come on, let’s go find Kermit now.” Trish said. “I hope he isn’t thinking about Jim again like he was yesterday.”

    “Yeah, I don’t like being alone without my Uncle Kermit.” Robin said, before Trish picked up Robin up out of the bench and carried him while walking to a trail that leads them to the end of the park.
    Song Credits:
    Stand by Your Man – by Tammy Wynette

    I rully don’t mind country at all. Okay, I know this song came from my mind, but this is like a rully a good song fer sure. :flirt:

    Here is a video of the song

    However, I want to make sure everyone rully enjoys like this chapter. :sing: :flirt:
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  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    No comments!! What's the big idea? :excited:
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    You know what? I need help! Does anybody or anyone have any ideas to make this story better?
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  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Now, “follow me” ‘cause another chapter is about to come. :smirk: :) :sing:

    Chapter 4

    Two Days Later,
    August 31, 2012

    Robin had already started school and was making new friends. Some of them felt his sympathy for his friend that passed away. Others, not so much! All they did was laugh! Those who knew how he felt stood up to him and defended those that treated him differently. Their names were Gabriel (“Gabby”), Lizzy, Kim, and Heather. Lizzy and Kim were Muppets Whatnots, but Heather and Gabriel and were humans, which he didn’t mind at all. The problem he had was his uncle might be busy this fall. He had to visit Steve so they can have a talk about Jerry’s good and bad times. Kermit made a quick decision that Kathy, a Muppet fan, would love to baby-sit and keep an eye on Robin until he gets back from his vacation. When Robin heard about this, he got upset and couldn’t believe it. Why did his friend have to die? He was really his “father”, even though he didn’t have his own.

    Miss Piggy however fell down a few stairs. She must have lost her footing or balance. She was already dressed to go to a fashion show or something. Greg, whom was Charlie’s friend started to laugh. She probably had a bad day, because her frog lost his friend Jim, then, Scooter lost Richard, her agent Bernie, and now Floyd, Robin, Lew Zealand, and so on have their father Jerry passing on to a better place. Piggy believed her agent was now either Maurice or Eric Jacoberson. That was her stepfather all right, but not only did he look kind of cute, he was very serious about Piggy’s pushiness.

    “Watch it, mister!” Piggy growled.

    “Now that wasn’t nice, Greg,” Charlie scolded. “I know you care about bad things happening to good guys, but that doesn’t mean you make fun of an animal, even though they are trying to be good to you.”

    “Well, I thought it was funny about that female pig falling down those stairs.” Charlie said chuckling.

    “Well, keep it down or Miss Piggy will hear you.” Charlie said, in a huff.

    “Okay, then I will keep my mouth closed of you know who, okay?”

    Charlie was happy to be a guest at the cabin the Muppets rented to stay for a week, after he had a terrible day and his girlfriend, Deborah, lost her plush toy brown puppy, which she named him “Rowlf.” Also, Jaz, the Muppet named Dr. Dientes, even though he was not a doctor, MissMusical12 and Vincent were around as well. Kathy lately finally came, after a long day from talking to her family about stuff that she may not want to say to Robin. Otherwise, she was glad to see Jaz, Charlie, Greg, MissMusical12, and Vincent. She was sort of uncomfortable with Dr. Dientes, but she had to deal with him later.


    Meanwhile, Floyd could not wait to work with the Electric Mayhem and their gigs. He felt so bad for the little green frog. He is not the only one who lost him. He was slowly strumming his bass guitar. Greg came in to check on Floyd.
    “Hey, Floyd!” Greg said. “How are ya doing?”

    “I’m fine! A couple of days have been bad, but today’s good, man.” Floyd said.

    “Well, I was going to do a duet for you before I go and it’s “Mr. Bass man.” Greg suggested.

    “Aw man! That song’s old school!” Floyd said sadly.

    “Oh come on Floyd, for old time’s sake please do this song. I loved it and so did your friend Jerry.” Dominic said, in a nice way.

    “All right, I’ll do it. I love your attitude!” Floyd said laughing.

    Bah B B Bah B Bah B Bah Bah BB
    Bah BB Bah B Bha B Boom Boom Boom

    Hey Mr. Bassman
    You've got that certain something
    Hey Mr. Bassman
    You set that music thumping
    To you it’s easy when you go 1-2-3
    Bah B B Bah B Bha Bah BB

    No, no Bah BB Bah Bah B Boom Boom Boom
    Hey Mr. Bassman
    You're on all the songs with a
    Bag B B Bah Bah B Bah Bah BB
    And a Bah BB Bha B Bah B Boom Boom

    Hey Mr. Bassman you're the hidden king of Rock and Roll
    Bah B B Bha B Bah B Bah BB
    Bah BB Bha B Bha B Boom Boom Boom

    Well you don't mean a thing
    When the leader's singing
    When he goes Ay Ay Ay Ay Yi
    Hey Mr. Bassman
    I'm asking just on thing
    Will you please teach me?
    Yeah, the way you sing
    'Cause Mr. Bassman
    I want to be a bassman too
    Bah B B Bha B Bha B Bha Bah BB

    Bah BB Bha B Bha B Boom Boom Boom
    Well it don't a thing when the leader's singing
    When he goes Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
    Hey Mr. Bassman
    I think I'm really with it
    Hey Mr. Boom Bomm Bah Bomm
    Di di di di di di
    Come on Mr. Bassman
    Now I'm a bassman too
    Bah B B Bha B Bha B Bha Bah BB
    Bah BB Bha B Bha B Boom Boom Boom

    Dominic then convinced Floyd to take his long-time girlfriend, Janice for a walk. He agreed with Dom’s suggestion and went out in a spring like breeze kind of weather. Floyd forgot that Jerry’s wife name was “Jan,” but then he was wondering why he called Janice “Jan” in the first place?


    Gobo woke up from sleeping on the grass. Although not as comfortable as sleeping on a rock, he didn’t what to do but to eat and sleep. Something was missing, but what could it be? Was it Jerry’s family? He hasn’t seen them in along time since Jerry’s birthday, which was about 12 years ago. Where were they and what are they doing right now? As he traveled further, the world became stranger than ever. Then, he found another creature and it looked like it wasn’t moving. He was worried that it was dead. On second thought, he looked closer which made him sigh of relief. Then, he saw a figure, and it was a silly creature he has never seen before. She knew the creature was probably upset or something. The poor thing! He couldn’t take the silence anymore and started singing a song of what he was picturing right now.

    You want to know
    How it will be
    Her and me
    Or you and me

    You both stand there your long hair flowin'
    Eyes alive your mind still growin'
    Sayin' to me, "What can we do now that we both liked you?"
    I liked you too
    I don't really see why can't we go on as two

    You are afraid
    Embarrassed too
    No one has ever said such a
    Thing to you

    Your father's ghost stands at your shoulder
    Face like ice a little bit colder
    Sayin' to you, "You can not do that, it breaks all the rules
    You learned from your friends"
    I don't really see
    Why can't we go on as two?

    We liked each other
    It's plain to see
    There's just one answer
    That comes to me

    Sister love their brothers
    And in time maybe others
    So you see what we can do is to try something new
    If you're crazy too
    I don't really see
    Why can't we go on as two?

    “What’s the point? I can’t leave this Fraggle here suffering…or let it die.” Gob said to the silly creature.

    “Your right, sir!” the female silly creature said. Come on; let’s get it out of here. It’s up to us to take care of her.”

    Gob has never ever picked up a sleeping or a weary Fraggle before, but he remembered the last time a Fraggle was ever on his back was none other than Wembley, his closet friend. Of course, the female Fraggle had no idea what it was in store for her.

    Don’t worry, more to come!
    Song Credits:
    Mr. Bassman
    Triad (moderately alterated to make it more appropriate) - by Grace Slick (song's in minor key)
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  10. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    What happens next, eh? Well, why don't say so? There is more coming your way right now.

    Chapter 4

    The Next Day,
    September 1, 2012

    Jaz and Kathy were now in charge to take care of Robin since Kermit and Piggy finally left to take a vacation to see their friends Steve Whitmire and Eric Jacoberson, which Piggy believed was her current agent. If she didn’t have that nice man, she wouldn’t be as safe to go to Paris or wherever else she could go to. So, Fozzie, Scooter, Robin, Gonzo, and Beauguard, the dim-witted janitor were left in the cabin for now with their friends, Jaz, Kathy, Dominic, Molly, now a new guest at their rented cabin, Dr. Dientes, MissMusical12, and Colleen.

    Although Robin was not as sad as he was last week, he invited his best friend, Heather to their cabin. He would be so sure that Kathy didn’t mind a visitor to stay over for a while. Jaz, realizing that she was an adult forgot all about Fozzie, because she was supposed to have a date with him late this morning. Fozzie was very shy to girls, but he thought Jaz was very funny. The date was official and Jaz left Kathy now in charge to take care of the little frog.

    In consideration, Robin and Kathy went to the backyard and found a pond with a few lilies. Kathy found this relaxing, but Robin…now he had a feeling he was thinking about Jerry again. The good part was he was thinking about the good times with him, but the bad part was some kids were teasing him just because he lost his friend meant the world is going to change even more. That was what made him scared, but his uncle did advised him that it was okay to be scared sometimes. He was still small, but he was growing up and aging from seven to eight years old. He was glad that his uncle and his friends finally got back together and in their new movie, but this year…it was different. He had Kathy, his first babysitter, since last year and Jaz, would be his next this year if Kathy had to take the night off and go see her family.

    The funny thing was he calls Kathy “Mom” since he didn’t know his mother when he was younger frog either.

    “Mom, are you okay,” Robin asked, after he was silent for a while looking at the pond and those beautiful small flowers.

    “Yeah, Robin, I’m fine,” said Kathy after wiping the tears from her eyes. “But I know what’s it’s like to lose someone you cared about. That Jerry cared about friends and family. I didn’t know he had a wife named Jan. She rather seemed very sweet and it was a good name for her.”

    “I remember the time when my uncle Kermit, Jim, and Jerry took turns reading a book called “Winnie the Pooh” and we would have a great time even reading A. A. Mine’s poems. Too bad he’s not here today!”

    “I know what you mean, Robin,” Kathy said, stroking his back. “If one of my parents were gone suddenly, I would be very upset, but I will still keep things that are like part of their memories. If he were here, I would of thanked him for doing the best to around with you, and Floyd, and what was his mane, oh yeah, Gobo Fraggle with his purple hair and seemed really brave. Think about it, Robin! It would be nighttime and one of those stars could be him. You’ll never know! I better get back inside! I bet Dominic is having a fit again.

    “Thank you for making me feel better, Mom.” Robin said.

    “You’re welcome, Robin.” Kathy chuckled. She still like that little frog calling her “Mom.” He was so cute and ruthless! Now it was time to find out what Dominic is sad about this time.


    When the female Fraggle woke up, she moaned and groaned from her quiet state of the deep sleep she had. To her realization, she didn’t feel the patchiness of the ground. She felt something very soft and kind of bouncy. It was the sheets she lied on and they smelled clean. The cave-like room did not belong to a Cave or to a playful Fraggle. It belonged to a silly creature. How did she get here and who was it? Was it her kind of creatures? It could be one of her kind.

    “Where am I?” she said to herself. “How did I get here? I wonder who got me here.”

    She sat up slowly and examined through her surroundings. There was a small wooden object was close to her bed and then there were pictures of what looked like trees, plants, and the sky. She was definitely not in Fraggle Rock anymore.

    She was in Outer Space looking for a Fraggle named Gobo after she net the Storyteller and told her stories about how Gobo was an explorer and how he and his friends were finally at peace. She knew something was missing. He had a “silly creature” named Jerry Nelson and they became friends. I guess the “father” kind of relationship was kept secret between him and Gobo.

    She was worried that she doesn’t know where Fraggle Rock is now. Then, she heard faint humming coming from a different room. She saw the Storyteller and others, but not Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, or Boober. The Storyteller told her that Gobo was the cute male Fraggle with purple hair, with the same color of the fur from the tail, brown skin, yellow sweater with red stripes, and a brown vest.

    “Oh good,” he cried. “You’re up!”

    “Huh? Oh yeah! I heard about you before, but I never seen you before.” Kara said, even though she wished she were dreaming.”

    “My name’s Gobo,” he introduced to the female Fraggle. “I wasn’t expecting you here, but I’m glad you’re here.”

    “Me too!” the girl said. “I’m Kara Fraggle by the way. I lived in Fraggle Rock for all of my life, but in a different cave.

    “Were you born a Cave Fraggle?” Gobo asked, since he wanted to know if she was one of those or not.

    “Not really, but I was with a colony where we had a different harmony and stuff,” Kara said. What I had been hearing was…it’s a long story, Gobo. I came to Outer Space, right after I noticed that the Rock and I am sure you did the same thing.”

    “Well, I had to go to Outer Space, because I was looking for Jerry’s family.” Gobo explained.

    “Who’s Jerry?” Kara asked.

    Gobo had the same feeling. His friend, Red, always asked “silly” questions to anyone.

    “Well, he’s a silly creature who loved to sing, dance… and to hang out with.” Gobo said.

    “Well, he sounds very nice to you too, Gobo. What happened to me was terrible and…” She then froze in mid-sentence thinking about how she felt so awful before someone of her kind found her in the first place. “I want to know how Jerry to everyone. It all started at some place I never been to before.”

    *Flashback* - Many Days Ago
    August 28, 2012

    Kara went to a small building and it was a place where drinks were coffee or tea. The silly creatures were inside the place drinking their coffee and tea beverages. She heard that some bearded is dead and they didn’t care about it.

    “Oh Emmet!” the silly creature said. “This is terrible! Do you really miss him?”

    The creature nodded with a “yes!”

    Kara was so frightened that she didn’t know what to say.

    “Uh…sir!” she said nervously.

    “What?” the male creature with a rough voice said.

    “Sir…do you know Jerry?” Kara asked.

    “What did you say, CREATURE?” the male creature yelled.

    “I said…Who Is Jerry Nelson?” Kara said out loud.

    “I don’t know WHO Jerry is, you little rat.” the male creature said snarling.

    Then, he grabbed and tugged her tail, before the other creature said, “You leave that creature alone!”
    “What DID you say?”

    “You heard me, mister! Leave THAT creature alone.”

    Then, he let her go of the tail, and the creature groaned in pain. She remembered that the Storyteller said that there are times where it’s bad luck to have your tail tugged, unless you were in serious danger.

    “That man’s not to bother you anymore. My name’s Colleen, what’s yours?”

    “I have to go,” Kara said quickly. “Oh and thank you for saving my life.”

    “Wait! You didn’t what your name was.” Colleen called out.

    However, she got into more danger. The face from one creature that was heartless hit her, and then one creature forced her to drink the bitter water. Unfortunately, she defended him and didn’t drink it after all. She even almost got her stuff stolen. She survived through her first dangerous journey of Outer Space.

    Back to the Present
    “So, I knew your name sounded familiar, but I never had any real friends until now.” Kara said.

    “You haven’t stayed too long, eh?” Gobo asked.

    “No, but… we need to think about our friends including yours, Gobo.”

    Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.

    Remember, Kara?
    You and I,
    We'd nearly cry,
    To know their love was strong,
    And by and by,
    We'd start to sing along.

    We sang,
    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    You work all night.
    You work all day.
    You still can't keep,
    Those worry blues away.

    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    Life comes up.
    Life goes down.
    There's just one way,
    To keep it,
    Going 'round.

    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.

    “Well,” Kim said, as she entered the room. “I finally called one of my friends and I wrote down the address of the place. I’m sure you miss Jerry, Gobo, but seeing his family would be nice even though you haven’t seem them in a long time.”

    The silly was right all along. The last time he saw his family was on Jerry 65th birthday. Now he knew that those do age faster than his own kind.


    While Gobo and Kara bonded into their friendship in Outer Space, at the Rock, his friends started to get worried over him. Red started blaming herself for letting Gobo go out there, but Mokey convinced her that this was never her fault, and it was his own choice. He could not stand the quietness of the Rock. There was still light at the Rock, but still why would he had a serious reason to go back to Outer Space? He didn’t tell her that this “Jerry” had a family of his own. That was a secret kept from him and his friend…now just gone.

    She remembered that one day when Uncle Matt freaked out that “silly creatures” captured Cantus. Gobo had to calm down and told his Uncle Matt is around the Rock somewhere and they don’t know if he comes back with a different voice or not. His uncle was being silly, but Gobo definitely droved her crazy.

    Red was disappointed that Gobo didn’t come with her to Outer Space with Wembley and his Uncle Matt when there was a letter inviting them, that there was an event to pay a tribute to Jim, the first friend that they lost, and Mokey, didn’t even know him.

    Then, there was that one day when he was exploring Outer Space, he was right all along. Jerry was sick and knew that his condition was not good. That must have been why he came back right back to Fraggle Rock…before the day when Jerry passed on to a better place. That was where Richard, Jim, and Juhl were. She know understood that once those things happen, that meant her home was not going to be the same or even too quiet.

    Meanwhile, Wembley had to sleep in Boober’s cave since Gob was gone for a few days already and still has not seen his best friend ever since he remembered that Red found that note that Gobo left saying that he was going to Outer Space to clear his mind from the quietness there was around the Rock. Not only did he miss his friend, he felt like a wembler again.

    Every single time I wake,
    Can’t get outta bed
    Every move I need to make
    Stops inside my head
    If I had some kind of key
    If I knew which way to be
    Maybe I could find the road ahead. (Wembley sang)

    You got to choose right (choose right).
    Stop getting uptight (uptight).
    Gotta move now (move now).
    Mustn't lose now (lose now).
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues.
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues. (The female fraggles sang)

    Every time I try to choose,
    Something seems to stall.
    Every time I get confused,
    Choke and lose it all.
    How come I'm so paralyzed?
    Think I'll go get analyzed.
    Feel so weary I could sit and bawl (Wembley sang)

    You got to choose right (choose right).
    Stop getting uptight (uptight).
    Gotta move now (move now).
    Mustn't lose now (lose now).
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues.
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues. (The female fraggles sang)

    Now every mornin' when I wake,
    Can't get outta bed.
    Every move I mean to make,
    Stops inside my head.
    If I had some kind of key,
    If I knew which way to be,
    Maybe I could find the road ahead. (Wembley sang)

    You got to choose right (choose right).
    Stop getting uptight (uptight).
    Gotta move now (move now).
    Mustn't lose now (lose now).
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues.
    You got the choose-right, up-tight, move-now, losin' blues. (The female fraggles sang)

    “Oh boy, I remembered that one time when Convincing John convinced me to be a definite fraggle. Well, I was too definite and Gobo did say it is up to me that one day I would be decisive. So, I am over-flexible, but…I can’t help being a wembler.”

    The more he thought of his best friend, Gobo, the more it came to him that Gobo did have a secret that Jerry was his best friend first before he became friends with Doc, another silly creature he made friends with.


    What’s wrong, Dominic honey.” Colleen asked.

    “I got a frantic call from my friend and he heard that Michael Duncan is still in the hospital sick.” Dominic said with a sad look in his face.

    “What?” Kathy asked. “First, Jerry’s gone and now a good idol of ours is reported sick. Well, that sounds awful.”

    “Tell about it!” Dominic said sighing. “It’s like all over again with the sick and the dying. We had a horrible summer and the drought Colleen, was unbelievable. I couldn’t water my lawn, because the city council and the mayor banned us from using water on our grass. Arghhh! This is the worst year to have someone you love just disappear into thin air or just gone.”

    Kathy didn’t understand what he meant, but they did have an awful summer that was so dry the grass turned brown and everything was dying.

    “It’s okay, Dom!” Colleen said, rubbing his shoulders. “I know life’s hard and the summer was not the greatest, but we survived.”

    “Yeah, we’re living with a bunch of weirdos.” Dominic muttered under his breath.

    “Not just weirdos, Dom,” Colleen said, with a serious tone. “But all kinds of creatures and us. If we were not here, the Muppets would be bored with the same things they do. They like visitors so they could try something new or talk about how they feel when their original “fathers” passed on.”

    “Like Kermit, Scooter, Janice, and Robin’s father were gone?” Dominic asked, having a feeling that he was starting to cry.

    “Yeah, but they have stepfathers even though they are not their original fathers like Jerry, Jim and Richard were.” Colleen explained. “They got used to them and you got used to this world.” They got used to them and you got used to this world, okay?”

    “All right!” Dominic said. “I like your attitude, Colleen. You’re beautiful, smart, and you know what’s going on. I don’t why I live in a cruel world, but I might as well get used to it until I get old and then just like that I lived in a better place.”

    “Well, Steve is being a great friend to Kermit. Before that, he first met Rizzo and Wembley.” Colleen said, with a grin on her face.

    “Oh yeah, the rat and that light green Fraggle creature. I guess he had a kid in him.”

    “Well, we all feel like the kids inside, but we’re grownups now. We sometimes will act like a kid, but I know it’s not the right time right now.”

    “So, how was your day with Robin?” Dominic asked to Kathy.

    “Oh, he’s fine, Dom! He’s not thinking about Jerry as much he was last week. He told about the good times they had, the times the conversation was between him and Nelson, and that one time when Jerry had to find him whenever he got either lost or missing. Yep1 Those was the good times! I like that little frog, guys. [Sniffs] He even still calls me a “mom.”

    “Well, don’t forget that Jerry was the announcer of Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and oh my gosh that voice sounded familiar to me. It was unique and I liked it. The Muppet world is changing again.”

    “That’s true, Dom,” Colleen said. “They will fun again soon. Like I told Robin that…you have to be patient.”

    “Did he ever told you about his uncle’s family?” Dominic asked.

    “Sort of, Dom!” Kathy said sniffling. “His sister Mags already grew up and has frogs of her own. It’s sad that he hasn’t seen Mags in a long time.”

    “Well, we all love our friends. Hey, I got an idea. How about we cheer Robin up by acting on a scene or something very silly.”

    “That’s a great idea, Dom.” Colleen said. “Why didn’t I think of that? We could do…oh yeah the song where there’s a hole in the bucket.”

    If there was, then the water would not stay in that bucket, right?” Dominic said chuckling.

    “Sure,” Colleen said. “Let’s gather the Muppets around and cheer that little frog up so he doesn’t have to be so sad anymore.”

    “Okay,” Dominic said. “I hope this works out.”

    Next chapter coming up very soon.

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    Chapter 5

    “Did you say Jerry had a family?” Gobo asked to Kim.

    “Yes, he really had a family. Why? Is there anything wrong with seeing his family?” Kim asked.

    Gobo had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Seeing his family? He’s very shy at times. He was even shy at Jerry the first time he met him with a lot of purple hair, his yellow sweater, and a purple jacket. He was a young teen back then. Now, he is an older teenager and he could become an adult Fraggle in the future. Whenever he visited that “silly creature”, he wasn’t as shy as he used to be. Now that he was not around anymore, he felt so terrible. He doesn’t know what to do. He was scared and uncertain who was going to be his friend now. It might be a “silly creature”, but it didn’t matter. Losing a friend that he really cared about was bad enough to make him feel so miserable or not even himself.

    “Gobo?” Kara said, trying to get him to say something.

    “Huh?” Gobo asked. He forgot all about Kara that was standing next to him.

    “The “silly creature” asked if there was anything wrong with you to see his family.” Kara said.

    “No, it’s not a problem at all.” Gobo responded. “It’s just that…I don’t know. This might sound silly, but I-I liked Jerry from the start even though he was a great explorer.”

    “Well, then what is it?” Kara asked.

    “Well, it’s been a long time since I saw his family.” Gobo said. “I cared about him, my friends, and almost everything. I never even said goodbye.”

    Kara didn’t know that Gobo had the guilt to feel so sad for himself to leave his friends Red, Mokey, Wembley, and Boober behind at the Rock. He still didn’t understand why his friend was dead.

    “Gobo,” Kim started. “I’m sorry! You didn’t even know that your friend would not be here anymore, but…the truth is…well…his family is from Massachusetts.”

    “Massa-what?” Kara and Gobo said together.

    “You know a place called, “Cape Cod” and it’s supposed to be a small place.

    “Ohhhh!” Kara and Gobo said together.

    “Kara, can we have a talk for just a second?” Kim asked.

    “Sure!” Kara said.

    As they left Gobo alone so he could have time to think if it was the right thing to do. Kara and Kim went to an empty room so they could sit down and talk.

    “Kim,” Kara said, clearing her throat. “Why do you want Gobo to see Jerry’s family?”

    “Well, it would nice for him to get to know them one more time.”

    “How will that help him, Kim? He’s gone through so much in his life. He lost his friend, Doc, and now Jerry? I don’t want him to lose any more friends. Losing one silly creature he trusted for many days was bad enough. Maybe…I will tell him that whatever he has left from him should never be lost.”

    “Actually, that’s up to him, Kara.” Kim said to the female Fraggle. “Why don’t give him a chance. You know there might be some things he is missing. It could be a hat, or maybe a letter Nelson forgot to give to him. The only thing we can do is write some suggestions to Matt Vogel to take over Gobo.”

    “You mean to be his new friend?” Kara asked.

    “Yeah! Still, I will give him a chance to cope through the loss he had. One day, he might think of the happy times again.

    Meanwhile, Gobo believed that maybe seeing Jerry’s family is a great idea. He hasn’t seen them since the birthday Jerry had and he was invited. Boy, he loved parties and even silliness. What if they feel sorry for him? Then, he was thinking about his competitor and his best friend, Red Fraggle. Worried sick about him by now! Maybe even scared! They had a great summer until when the last of the summer days started to come, he went to Outer Space and said his goodbye to his friends.

    However, he came back, but with terrible news before something else bad happened. He heard that Cotterpin got worried about the Architect, his friend Mokey finding out that the female gorg named, “Ma” had a gorg sick, and worse the trash heap, and then she was reported sick too.

    He had a bad feeling that the season of fall was coming. What changes were coming next?

    He knew he met Jerry before he made contact with Doc. He understood that Jerry felt bad that Christine was gone and he couldn’t get over the loss he had unless he had a friend. Then, there was Doc who then got worried about Ned’s condition and they had to move to Arizona. Gobo was right all along. Instead of a hello, there will be always to be a heart-felt goodbye.

    The song that was for all kinds of creatures probably meant something to him. Saying goodbye is meant that you go away but remembering the good times they had. That clicked him right away. Jerry was not only his friend; he was the heart and the spirit of the Rock. Even though his friend was the center of attention to the silly creatures, Gobo was the leader to all of the Fraggles. Then, he remembered the time when he had a crush on Mokey, the den mother of the clan. He thought it was best to be on a bond friendship with Red. However, there were times when she would keep telling him either he was brave or rather crazy as his Uncle Matt. Now, he missed her! He admires her as much as Red admires him.

    In fact, he missed all of his friends. Not only was his home peaceful, it was a little bit too quiet.

    Jerry Nelson like Jim had a beard line on his face, but he had his good ol’ grin. He would always listen to Gobo whenever he had a problem or if he wanted advice.

    “Much more to say, foolish to say, it’s time to say goodbye,” were the words that were stuck in his mind of his.

    He never heard from Jerry for months. He knew something was missing, but what could it be?

    Kara and Kim finally realized at that moment that Gobo couldn’t be brooding like this anymore.

    “Well,” Kara said slowly. “What do you want to do?”

    “I do want to see his family, Kara. Maybe there is something I never had from him in a long time.” Gobo said quietly to Kara.

    “Them, we can go either by car or by plane.” Kim said to Kara Fraggle.

    “Are you sure my friend will be okay?” Kara asked.

    “Yeah! He will be fine. I promise you that he will get through this.” Kim said, hugging Kara and rubbing her soft back.

    Kara at first wasn’t sure if she should trust this silly creature, but then she knew it was Gobo’s time to find something he was really missing that he never ever really had in his life.

    “Then, let’s go guys,” Kim said, before she went to a table to get her keys for her car. She then led Gobo and Kara to a spot where her object was. It was a purple thing with some light objects and a flag that was from the top of it. Before she could get them in. She noticed another vehicle coming and was familiar with someone that Kim heard about before.

    “Hi, Kim,” said the young lady as she got out of the vehicle. “How’s your day going?”

    “Fine,” said Kim. “Do you recognize these creatures?”

    “I know that guy,” the lady said pointing at Gobo. “But who’s the other one. I don’t remember her.”

    “That’s Kara!” said Kim. She is Gobo’s new friend.”

    “That’s great, but my name’s Amy and I am just checking to see how you’re doing,”

    “How’s Beth, you know your sister?” Kim asked.

    “She’s okay, but very busy. She’s got a job and doesn’t really babysit kids liked she used to anymore.” Amy responded.

    “That’s too bad!” Kim said. “I have to go anyway, because… [Sniffs] I have to go back home.”

    “What didn’t you tell them, Kim?” Amy asked.

    “My fate is… that I have to get back to work. I know they don’t understand me, but we’re different.” Kim said sadly.

    Then, she turned away from Amy and sank low behind the vehicle crying with her head down. She felt the bitterness inside of her. Gobo noticed it was like his friend all over again in the same state when he lost his loved one.

    “I know why Jerry’s gone.” Gob said to Kara. “I guess it was his time to go. We were friends til’ the end. I cared about my friends and my home. Even you!”

    “Gobo, I don’t know what to say.” Kara said shocked at he was saying to her. “Thanks!”

    “Aww! It was no problem to have friends, even though they are silly creatures.”

    “Gobo, you are so silly.” Kara said chuckling.

    “I don’t know if I am silly, but… I-I… I can’t say it.”

    Kara then started hugging him while he was about to cry again.

    Kim wiped her tears with a new tissue she got out her purse. She couldn’t this man he lost was breaking a Fraggle’s heart.

    After Kara gave him one more hug for Gobo, she went straight to Kim, since she got upset about losing someone you cared about.

    “Kara, I’m sorry that… I made him cry.” Kim said.

    “You didn’t do that. Gobo’s just upset because he doesn’t understand why your friends have to pass on,” said Kara.

    She knew that Jerry never ever stop being Gobo’s friend. He would always count on him no matter what.

    So, he was down there from the Fraggle. Big deal! But they were as close as they can ever be.

    “You go with Gobo and Amy.” Kim said. “I never said he was ever that sad to you. I was just trying to make your friend feel better.”

    “You mean it?” Kara asked.

    “Yes! I liked your friend and I know what he’s been through.” Kim said, as she hugged Kara closer making sure she was fine.

    As they said their last goodbyes, Kim saw Kara with Gob and /Amy before they went into the vehicle and then disappeared out of sight.

    Once they were gone, she knew that she had to go home and even get to school in a day or two.


    Floyd and Janice were walking through a small park. Janice loved Floyd, but now he was thinking about how “Jan”, his wife got her name. He was hoping it wasn’t his honey Janice the valley girl and lead guitarist. If it were true, then that probably was a nice name.
    “Jan, remember when you lost your father Richard?” Floyd asked.
    Janice started to feel sad now once he asked her that question.
    “Like fer sure!” Janice said. “He was like a cool dad.”

    “I thought so,” said Floyd. “I didn’t mean to get you upset, honeybunch, but before he retired, it was his idea to have Jan as his wife since he knew that… I already had you. He was cool and not low. Man, he was hip and loved to sing. After my father was no longer with me, then came John. He was all right, but he just wasn’t my style. Matt was hip too! He was even better than John Kennedy. He loved to sing just like… Jerry loved to.”

    “Like wow!” said Janice feeling better. “What like happened to your real dad, Floyd?”

    “He died when I was young, Jan.,” said Floyd sadly. “I already visited his family yesterday and I saw lots of flowers, cards, and even drawings from our fans. They really do care about the hip man I once had.”

    “Fer sure!”


    Dominic just couldn’t believe it. His life wasn’t fair. He loved Colleen for all of his life. He felt so bad. He just wasn’t sure if that plan was going to work yet.

    “Why are you mopping?” Colleen said. “There are no more people dying.”

    “Think again Colleen! Who is going to be gone next? I don’t want to be sick,” Dominic, said, with a serious look in his face.

    “You are not going to be sick.” Colleen said. “That song was your idea.”

    “You’re right!” Dominic said with a smile. “We should make Robin happy even if this song is going to be funny.”

    Rowlf meanwhile wasn’t sure if he wants to play the role of Henry, until Kermit told him that he was behind the set off Sesame Street a long time ago and Jim made him laugh even if he had a bad day or not.

    So the audience was gathered even Wardolf and Starler were there. Robin thought this was probably going to make him laugh after all.

    Rowlf was humming, and then he said, “Well Liza, going to fetch you some water.”

    “Well, that’s nice dear Henry,” said Colleen playing the role of Liza.

    Rowlf then looked at the bucket and realized that there was a hole in the bottom of the bucket.

    “Whoa! Now wait a minute!” Rowlf said, before putting on his banjo to strumming it and singing,
    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. Uh-huh!

    Then fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry
    Then fix it dear Henry dear Henry fix it. (Colleen sang as Liza)

    With what should I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    with what should I fix it, dear Liza, with what? (Rowlf sang)

    “Oh great!” Colleen reacted before singing,
    With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a straw.

    “Oh yeah!” Rowlf said, before finding a straw. It was a size of a long measuring tape.

    But the straw is too long, dear Liza, dear Liza,The straw is too long, dear Liza, too long.

    Colleen let out a small groan in a southern kind of way, and then she sings,
    Then cut it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,Then cut it dear Henry, dear Henry, cut it!

    With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, dear Liza,with what shall I cut it, dear Liza, with what? (Rowlf sang)

    With an ax, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,With an ax, dear Henry, an ax

    Rowlf found an ax, but it just wouldn’t cut the straw, and then he sings,
    But the ax is too dull, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    The ax is too dull, dear Liza, too dull.

    Then, sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,then sharpen it dear Henry, dear Henry, sharpen it! (Colleen sang)

    With what should I sharpen it, dear Liza, dear Liza,with what should I sharpen, dear Liza, with what? (Rowlf sang)

    “I can’t take it! I just can’t take it,” Colleen responded, and then singing,
    With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, a stone.
    But the stone is too dry, dear Liza, dear Liza;the stone is too dry, dear Liza, too dry.

    “Well…” said Colleen, and then singing,
    Then wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,Then wet it dear Henry, dear Henry, wet it.

    With what should I wet it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    with what should I wet it, dear Liza, with what? (Rowlf sang)

    With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, with water. (Colleen sang)

    But how shall I get it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    (Oh, Henry!), Colleen groaned.
    But how shall I get it, dear Liza, with what?

    In the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,In the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, in the bucket! (Colleen sang)

    But there's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.There's a hole. Uh-huh! (Rowlf sang to end the song)


    After that song, Robin was laughing with his friends again. He sure did miss the good times already. Kathy was nice enough to have a good talk with him. As he went to his room, he was looking around the room until he found a small letter from Jerry and it said,

    Dear Robin,
    I apologize if I hadn’t wrote to you for a long time, but the present you got from last Christmas is from me. If the teddy bear reminds of me, I am all right with that. So, what everything it is naturally. I miss very much! There might be a time where I may have to go and… I missed Jim, Richard, oh I even missed Christine, my wonderful daughter. I hope this letter helps you. I love you very much.

    Your Father,

    Robin felt a little bit better, but he knew that he forgot to open that letter earlier when it was messy. He was glad that he cleaned it up before he even heard the sad news that his father passed away.

    He was probably right! The teddy bear he got used to belong to Jerry when he was a young boy.
    Songs Used:
    There’s a Hole in the Bucket from SS

    Whew! That took forever! The next chapter will be coming up! Promise!
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    Chapter 6

    Two Days Later,
    September 3, 2012

    No! NOOOOO!” Dominic said, now couldn’t believe that after a blistering summer, another important man is gone. “Not Michael Clarke Duncan!”
    “What’s wrong, Dom?” Colleen asked.
    “Michael’s gone, Colleen. That same old friend of mine called me again and heard that the actor is dead.”
    “All right! I want you to instead read books, not watch the news."
    “Do whatever you want.” Dominic said filled with tears in his eyes. “My life’s miserable, people are dying, and I still don’t understand what the heck is going on.”
    “Death... well we have to face it and..."
    “Colleen, just stop talking about death,” Dominic snapped. “I’m scared of being invisible. I don’t know what to say.”
    “Oh Dominic!” said Colleen. “I know the world is not the same and now they are bunch of new things we don’t like, but I loved you the day you met me.”
    “Oh Colleen!” said Dominic and started to hug her. They realized that maybe it is not easy being green, but you have to be yourself. Always!


    Back at the Rock, it was still quiet, but it wasn’t very silent as it was many days ago. She was sitting on a rock and it was not a game of “can’t touch floor.” She even wondered why Wembley is so worried about Gobo. She was the one that was worried sick about him than the little green Fraggle. Gobo has never lost his friend before and it happened already.

    First, Cantus lost a friend
    Then, we lost another silly creature
    But recently and just now
    Gobo lost his friend
    “Jerry Nelson?” Red asked herself. “Oh poor Gobo!”
    He taught how to be an explorer
    He taught us how to read
    If didn’t matter if Gobo was not tall
    As his friend was
    But now Fraggle Rock will be different
    And everything must sadly come to an end
    But there are times where we tell stories
    Of him again and again

    “Why did Gobo have to go Outer Space… without me. Maybe Gobo was right! His friend was a “silly creature” and this “Jerry” did have some fun with us.”

    Then, she had this anguish in her face once that Fraggle left. Not only did she lose her patience, she could no longer get upset anymore. She already had trouble sleeping and thinking about this Fraggle that loved her, but as he said, their relationship is sort of complicated. Why did she believe in that kind of task Gobo was up to?

    There were days where he felt the guilt wondering when this silly creature named Jerry will ever to come to see him again. Then, there was a confession and it was a secret between him and Uncle Matt. They believed they trusted one “silly creature” they could count on. So, Gobo’s silly creature was Jerry and his Uncle Matt was Dave. They never ever told that confession to the Fraggles. It was consider top secret.

    “That does it!” Red said, with a feeling that she was about to go crazy. “I am going to Outer Space and find Gobo. Oh, I don’t want him to get hurt out there.”

    Although this was the day when summer was gone and fall came. Winter was long days away. The chill of the fall air was around the Rock and the leaves at the gorg’s garden have changed color.


    “So, it’s just me and you again,” said Jaz, with a sigh.
    “Yep, it is just the two of us. Without you, I am the only one here,” Colleen said.
    “So, how is Robin doing,” Jaz asked, after there was silence.
    “He’s in a good mood now, but he is still keeping whether Jerry gave him.”
    “I agree, but what about Dominic?”
    “He went back to his hometown. He doesn’t want to hear anymore of others passing on… or deaths. He’s busy again, which is good, but I don’t understand why there are times where he doesn’t feel like calling me.”
    “Maybe you can call him back,” insisted Jaz.
    “Jaz, I need to give time some alone time.”
    “So, what does Robin miss the most?”
    “Mags, and that is his sister.”
    “Really, and has Kathy told you about his sister.”
    “No, and I think Robin and I should go find his sister.”
    “What about his father, Jerry?”
    “I…I know he still misses him, but Matt is his stepfather now.”
    “Well, did you look up to see if he has a child coming up?”
    “Maybe, but that is none of your beeswax, okay?”
    “Fine, but if you want help Robin find his sister, I don’t mind.”
    “Great, just great! Jaz and you are just too busy with Fozzie.”
    “I am not, it’s just…so I do have a crush on him and I go out with him. He’s so shy, Colleen. I even already told him that he felt bad for that frog too. It’s like Jim-”
    “Can we talk about something else?”
    “Okay, well, about a few days ago, I saw this Fraggle, but it was not the one I really recognize.”
    “It wasn’t Gobo, Colleen?”
    “No, it was different… the fur…the color…everything. It looked like a girl creature.”
    “Well, don’t just sit here, go find that creature.”
    “Oh good, I will do that. You go help Robin find Mags.”
    “What,” Jaz said, with a nervous fit.
    “Well, you know he misses her, right?”
    “I’m sure he does…you win, Colleen. While you find that creature, I will get Robin, and then we will go out and find his sister.”
    “That’s a good idea, and I hope Kermit’s okay with that.”
    “I will talk to him, oh and good luck. I hope you find what are you looking for.”
    “Thank you, Jaz,” said Colleen.
    Jaz then gave her a hug, helped her pack up, and finally went out of rented cabin to find either Gobo or that new creature first.


    Maggie the Frog came across to a small café called, “Daises” which is has been said that it was named after someone who was honored by this small place. She never ever seen this unfamiliar café and it seemed rather pleasing to her. It has been said that Gina now runs the place to keep her spirits and to make her mother proud even though she passed away about two months ago. Business was running slow again after a hot summer when more customers to stay cool and have a talk. Then, the layoffs came and Gina was glad that Joe, the manager let her work. Sadly, she felt disappointed that she was now the only person working at “Daisies.”
    One girl named Sarah had her arms crossed to her chest unhappy with her life. Her idol, Jerry Nelson, passed away, her friend's dog, Lucy was sick, and her parents were part-time workers working at night and they sleep all day.

    Maggie was not the only one who had a rough time now. She missed Robin and she was still on her way to find her brother. The only picture she had that the little frog hidden back at the swamp was a black and white photo of Jerry with Robin on his shoulder. She could tell that he was smiling and glad to see him. Those good days have vanished, but the memories never went away.

    Then, she heard a loud crash and then some groaning. The woman finally got up and picked up some pieces that went to the floor. Then, she rubbed her arm and it felt sore.

    Sarah got up to see if the employee was okay. Feeling so sorry for her, she helped her to clean up the broken glass off the floor. Gina finally smiled and would feel glad if someone would work for her. Then, the tears from her beautiful brown eyes started to roll down to her cheeks.

    “My arm hurts so bad now,” Gina said, wincing from her sore arm. “I miss my mom!”
    “Hi there,” said Maggie with a gentle voice. “Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?”
    “Maybe,” said Gina, taking a deep breath without wincing from pain again.

    “Ma’am, can I help you if that’s okay with your manger,” insisted Sarah, with a grin.

    “I will ask Joe, okay,”
    “Sure. I don’t mind if it is okay with… who are you?”
    “My name’s Maggie,” said the female frog introducing herself. “I am looking for my brother, Robin.”
    “I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen your brother, Maggie,” said Gina, with a sad look in her face.
    She couldn’t believe it. Nobody knows where her brother is unless… someone knows who he really was.
    “Gina probably doesn’t know, but I know who Robin was.” Sarah said to Maggie.
    “Yeah! He is five inches you know smaller than you and his siblings.”
    “That’s right! That’s my brother, but… Jerry was his father. He once told me all about him.”
    “I didn’t know that. How did you get here?”
    “Before I came here, I was back at the swamp looking to see if my brother left anything. So, I went to his small bed and what I found underneath was a picture of Jerry, his father, and he in a small bag. I felt so sorry for him and i-it was like Jim, Kermit's father all over again. The last time Robin was around was when… well, he told me he used to visit him all the time. He cared about Jerry…. And I don’t wanna lose him like he lost his father.”
    “So, your brother didn’t know his own parents,” asked Sarah.
    “I don’t think so… his parents were gone when he was young before he had to be taken care of or perhaps watched by Kermit. Then, when he was working at the Muppet theatre with his uncle, he met Jerry. That was how they known each other ever since… until he retired. My brother would sometimes visit him to make him happy again… and they would laugh, sing songs, and have a good time. I love Rob, Sarah! I haven’t seen him for a while.”
    “Maybe I can help you look for him,” said Sarah, with a small smile in her face. “I mean your brother is very cute and…”
    “He’s not five anymore, Sarah,” interrupted Maggie.
    “Okay, so maybe he is not a cute kind of a frog, but he is still ruthless and my parents… they still loved him.”
    Sarah then swallowed hard and was afraid that Gina, the employee might hear them.
    “I’m sorry Gina doesn’t know your brother. She is you know not very familiar with frogs, that are friendly, not slimy.”
    “That’s true, but aren’t you going to find my brother or not.”
    “Well, I never say no to a female frog like you,” said Sarah chuckling. “Do you miss Kermit?”
    “Sometimes,” said Maggie. “But I am worried about Robin. That frog can take care of himself. It’s Rob I’m worried about.”
    “Oh, I get it,” said Sarah. “You want to see Robin so bad that you want to tell him that you’re sorry about losing his father although he isn’t a frog.”
    “Yeah,” said Maggie smiling. “So, we can we go now?”
    “I’m afraid so,” said Sarah swallowing hard. “I’m already tired of hanging around here all day anyway.”
    Without another word, Sarah and Gina were already out the door, while Joe helped Gina out with her work for the rest of the day.
    They walked around the streets before the day came to a close in silence. The slight cold breeze blew through them. Maggie was the only that shivered, but she knew Sarah was warm enough with her sweater and light-weighted jacket.
    “Are you cold,” she said.
    “I’m wearing a scarf,” explained Maggie. “But I am always cold. I learned that frogs have cold feet when walking in the cold.”
    “I didn’t mean to kid around you, Maggie, but what was the last time you were with Kermit and Robin?”
    Maggie had a lot of those questions in her mind. She was afraid to answer right away, but she was thinking about her brother’s father Jim, and then Jerry, Robin’s father.

    “It was during Father’s Day, and well Kermit was always more of a brother than a father to me. Right after that, one day, Kermit and Robin left the swamp and… I felt alone again. When I heard that Robin lost… his father Jerry, I had to leave as well. Sometimes, I would be with Robin all the time whenever he was sad, or angry, or… glad. I am his big sister and I love my little brother.”
    “Don’t worry, we’ll find him, okay, even if it takes days to…”
    “It can’t take forever, Sarah,” interrupted Maggie, with a feeling that she was going to cry. “I really want him… but Kermit can wait.”
    “You still love Kermit, right?”
    “Yeah! I still love that frog.”
    “You getting tired, Maggie? Maybe we can start looking for him tomorrow.”
    “I guess so! We can find somewhere to stay and sleep.”
    “Yeah! I hope we find one. I don’t want any of us to catch a cold.”

    Sarah and Maggie ended up stopping at an apartment. The room they were staying was room 205. Sara then wanted to ask Maggie T. Frog questions.
    “Does Robin have a teddy bear?”
    “He does he have any parents?”
    “Not really… after he joined in the Muppet Show, well, it’s a good thing he still has Kermit.”
    “Was Mr. Nelson…”
    It was at this point that Sarah stopped in mid-sentence before she could finish. Maggie was starting to cry.
    “You don’t understand… I used to sing Robin to sleep… if he hadn’t left with Kermit… I don’t know… I-I wish this feeling would go away, but it’s not fair. Why did Robin have to lose him? Why?”
    “I know it’s hard for your brother Robin,” explained Sarah. “But maybe.. just maybe he needs you. That is what Robin has already got. Sure, his stepfather is Matt, but he’s got you. If you weren’t around, he would be much more lonely if Kermit had to be left alone.”
    “I don't want to tell the real the truth, but Iwant you to hear this,,” Maggie explained. “My mother was Margaret or “Maggie”, but Kermit calls her Mags. She was one of those pushy frogs way before Kermit lost Jim, his father. When she became a mother, she had tadpoles. I was one of them with a tail. Anyway, she named her tadpoles, Christine, Jim… it made Kermit happy… Richard, Ed, Lisa, and… Jerry T. Frog. I’m named after my mother, because… if she cared about Kermit… I cared about Robin."

    Before she could continue, now there was nothing, but a painful memory to her.

    "I made a terrible mistake. My mom told Robn that Jerry was his father and he was shocked. Then, I told her to leave, but Robin believed what I did was worse. I made his aunt go and now he's worried about both me and his aunt. I want to see him so I can tell him I was sorry for what I did."

    For the rest of the night, Maggie was tired and Sarah believed that it wasn't the right time to ask any more questions. It would be best to sleep and talk more about between Kermit and Robin the next day.
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    Oh my goodness! Guys, I forgot all about this fanfic. Why did somebody let me down and now this fanfic... oh please forgive me everyone. If Jen... if GopherCoffee wasn't here to bring so much disaster, I wouldn't be in this mess, but to tell you the truth, I can't continue this fanfic any longer. Jen said I was depressed and made some very sad and depressing remarks about my fanfic. :cry:
    I don't mind the likes or getting the comments about this fanfic, but it has gone nowhere. So, I need to move on, but I will not be hiding unless I have school in the way.

    So, thank you everyone for enjoying this fanfic, but it is time for me to come up with something else.

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