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Playskool's Sesame Street Line is available now

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Drtooth, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I found the Big Bird and Snuffy set at Target just yesterday. So it's slowly coming out. Saw Abby/Zoe as well.
  2. rururufus82

    rururufus82 New Member

    Have all of them but Abby/Zoe and the Winter Pals...anyone seen or know where to get the Winter 3 pack?
  3. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    We got them all except for Elmo/Oscar...and the new sports sets...its nice that they make rosita and Count but I wish they were not sports themed. So anyone know what's next?
  4. iluvfragglerock

    iluvfragglerock Well-Known Member

    So I was looking on Amazon at Sesame Street plush, and I find this Sherlock Holmes plush, and I remembered someone mentioning on here that they wanted one:excited:
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The soccer friends and Skating Friends variants are now available in more places, Target especially.

    And I still didn't get Murray or Telly yet. :busy:
  6. matleo

    matleo Well-Known Member

    I got the skating friends one for my daughter. I'm waffling on the soccer set with Count and Elmo. Waiting to see if they announce any more at Toy Fair this week. May also look into getting the school bus. my daughter is obsessed with school buses.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Considering my high priorities are still the set with Telly and Murray, The Count is the character I want most after them (as Super Grover's with Murray anyway). I usually try to avoid variants unless they're in sets like this, as I value characters over variants (hence the major problems I had with the last TMNT toy line). The thing is, you never know what the future can bring. These things are selling pretty darn good (at least in my area), and I'm sure we could see more in time. But I'd think to pick it up just in case. The only other Count we've got so far is molded into a toy bus.

    I really hope to see more characters if we're getting a third and fourth series. If not so much fan favorites, than characters that appear frequently on the show, but never get any merchandising love. Say, Baby Bear, Grundgetta, Ovejita, or Stinky the Stinkweed. Maybe, in time, we'll see those rarer, but still classic favorite characters like Herry. Me? I would LOVE to see a Mr. Johnson/Waiter Grover set.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  8. BobbyBenson64

    BobbyBenson64 Well-Known Member

    thanx hear i come Amazon:search:
  9. ruxy100

    ruxy100 Member

    Has there been any news of the figures out of Toy Fair?

    A few small things which I've been able to find (the first one is from the Playskool site)




    "This year’s lineup of Sesame Street products from the PLAYSKOOL brand features new ways to play with preschoolers’ favorite characters including Super Grover 2.0, Abby Cadabby, Elmo and Bert and Ernie. From interactive plush and role play to bath toys and playsets, this exciting collection of playthings offers something for everyone! Toddlers can cook along with Cookie Monster in an interactive kitchen, ‘fly’ off on adventure with Super Grover 2.0, play with Abby Cadabby at her fairy school and get ready for preschool with Elmo and friends."
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  10. ruxy100

    ruxy100 Member

  11. ruxy100

    ruxy100 Member

  12. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Wow! Thanks for the videos and info. I wish we could watch that second one in slow motion, ha ha.

  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    WOW! Super Grover 2.0 stuff and a Blogg figure (which, unfortunately, looks like you have to buy a huge big playset for). Really... I gotta start actually collecting these before the new series come out and I can't grab a Telly or Murray set.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  14. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    I know! He's the coolest looking character from the Fairy School segments, real classic Muppet Monster Workshop look to him. I really, REALLY hope he gets released in a 2-pack someday down the line.

    My Walmart stocked a new case of figures recently, picked up a Cookie & Telly pack tonight. I'm not gonna gift it to my Boy until after we go to Reno again, and I (hopefully) find a Bus set and SG & Murray pack, to give all of them to him at once. I've already gotten him Oscars Garbage Truck (cuz my Son absolutely LOVES garbage trucks, he has about 10 different toys trucks of them in various styles and sizes, lol), plus a Bert & Ernie pack. I can't believe I skipped SG & Murray last time I was at Target! I'd gotten him too many other toys, so I didn't wanna go overboard, I hope they still have that pack next time we're over there! Oh, and I've still not yet seen the fire truck w/Grover set in-stores, that's also on my Wishlist for my Boy. :D

    I wonder if the 123 building set is really worth it? My Son already has Oscar and Cookie, and will have an Elmo when I get him the school bus set. Plus, I'm also wanting to get him those K'nex Sesame sets, one of them I've been eyeing is the 123 building set (along with the fire station and fire truck sets). I'm sure he'll get it all, I'm such a spoiling Dad, oops! ;)
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    If anyone's interested, Target is running a sale, and these are now marked down to 5 dollars.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they lumped them in with the Easter stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were going to clear out the whole line in a month. Just a warning. But I DID manage to finally get the set with Telly.
    KermieBaby47 likes this.
  16. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's a great price, instore only? I'll hafta check out their site, still need Bird an Snuffy, plus Zoe and Abby 2-packs, maaaybe the Street set. Not interested in any of the themed packs.

    My Boy now has:
    • Oscar in Overalls w/Garbage Truck
    • Count driving School Bus w/Backpack Elmo
    • Fireman Grover w/Fire Truck
    • Cookie & Telly
    • Bert & Ernie
    • Super Grover & Murray

    I wonder if we'll see 2-Headed Monster (maybe packed with Little Bird?), regular Grover, Herry, regular Rosita, Guy Smiley, Fat Blue, Prairie Dawn & Betty Lou, and Baby Bear? Sherlock Hemlock and Roosevelt Franklin would be way cool, some Yip-Yips & Honkers too! Barkley would be AWESOME. I wish Toy Fair woulda shown more 2-packs...
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The only reason I'm not kinda worried about the future of this line is that half the sets they released they didn't show at Toy Fair last year either.

    I'd say that classic characters would be a stretch now... but I really wanna see Baby Bear down the line. Much like Telly, he's never on anything, and yet he's always on the show.
  18. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    They seemed to sell well enough as they were hard to find around Christmas. I wouldn't worry about Target putting them with Easter things either. They have transformers and other toys back there that are new as well. They don't usually clearence those, but rather just put them back with the toys when the season is over (if any are left). The Sports series doesn't seem to be selling as well though (I want a regular Rosita and The Count)
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Sometimes. But sometimes they clear them all out. But they have had them for some time before, so I hope they don't... and if they do, restock them for the next series.
  20. ruxy100

    ruxy100 Member

    Does anyone know if the Winter Pals set ever got released??

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