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Old School DVD set ideas

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by ISNorden, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is another idea:

    Television Parodies
    • Sesame Street News: Six Dollar Man
    • Monsterpiece Theater: ABCD Blue
    • Miami Mice: The Count needs to go to a space station
    • What's My Part?: Foot
    • The Add'ems Family
    • Meal or no Meal
    • Trianglebob Trianglepants
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs
    • Six Feet Under
    • Desperate Houseplants
    • Squeal of Fortune
    • The Triangle is Right
    • 24
    • Joe Hundred Guy
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Twin Beaks
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Another great idea would be for sets featuring the "personal favorites" of the cast, crew, and performers. Maybe a disc of Frank Oz's favorite Sesame Street moments, and Caroll Spinney's favorites, and Jerry Nelson's favorites, and so on. I don't know if Frank Oz has ever commented on what his favorite moments were (though I wonder if he would want to be invovled in such a DVD release).

    Maybe there could also be a special Grover boxed set, perhaps with disc one featuring every Grover sketch from the first two or three seasons, disc two featuring Grover the waiter segments, and disc three featuring Super Grover segments. If there is a disc four, it could include either sketches where Grover works outside of Charlie's Resturaunt (maybe call it Grover on the Job), or a Global Grover disc, or a disc of all of Grover's appearances in Monsterpeice Theater, or maybe a Marshall Grover collection.
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was looking over this list, and since posting this, I see that three of those segments were reelased on the 40th anniversary DVD, and four have been uploaded to sesamestreet.org. I hope Sesame Workshop sees this and makes more available.

    And I'd also like to add Jim Henson's "E" claymation from the first season (I've also read there was a "Z" claymation, which I assume was from Henson as well) and the Jim Henson/Maurice Sendak collaboration known as Seven Monsters.
  4. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    Some of the "teen" numbers got their own segments (mostly songs) in the late 80s/early 90s. We've already brought up "Just Take a Look at 15", but these come to mind as candidates for the "Old School Numbers (11-19)" disc in my hypothetical set--

    • "Lucky 13" (sung by a cowboy mouse riding an armadillo; he brags about collecting various good-luck charms in sets of 13)
    • "Sing a Song of 14" (a nursery-rhyme parody set to music, with "14 quacking ducklings baked in a pot")
    • "16 Samba" (performed by a Latino-style band of AMs with a male lead singer; more memorable and "Muppety" than the alternative, "Number 16 Blues")
    • "18 Sandwiches" (a parody of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen", sung by a cartoon girl trying to decide between menu items)
    • A parody of Prince's "1999" with the lead vocalist determined to "party" with his odd pets (all in groups of 19) despite people's objections.
    There were also some 1980s animations that could work, with a suitable number of objects (13 hamburgers, 16 TV sets, 17 brass instruments, 19 kernels of popcorn) forming the digits of the number.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Another idea I've had, for half a year now, has been a series of single-disc releases called "Sesame Street: The Random Classics", featuring a random selection of inserts from the first 20 seasons, with only a handful of individual moments that many fans would remember.

    Ideas for a few volumes:

    Volume 1
    • Bert and Ernie: Newspaper Expedition
    • Grover: Walk (Part 1)
    • Jazz #3
    • Grover: Walk (Part 2)
    • Teeny Little Super Guy: Sleep
    • Geometry of Circles
    • Big Bird and Snuffy: Counting Legs
    • Don Music: Old MacDonald
    • F-Fly
    • I'm Going to Get My Hair Cut
    • Super Grover: Barber Shop
    • Herry's Exercise Class
    • Doctor Flies to Alaskan Villiage
    • Poverty T
    • The Leslie Mostly Show: The Count
    • Biff and Sully Get Angry
    • Pinball Number Count #5
    • Mad Painter #11
    • Ernie and the Box Salesman
    • Kermit and Grover: Toothbrush Salesman
    • Henson Computer #4
    • Roosevelt Franklin: Black History
    • Billy Jo Jive: Bad News Barton
    • Sherlock Hemlock: Missing Cookies Mystery
    • Detective Series: Hippo on Trampoline
    • Snuffy Jumps on Big Bird's Trampoline
    • Mumford's Disapearing Trick
    • School Pageant: Butterfly
    • This is Your Story: Forgetful Jones
    • Henson #8
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: Do you want one?
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
    • Grover's Restaurant: First, Next, Last
    • Herry's "No" Joke
    • Typewriter: R-rope
    • Henson Clay Q
    • Miami Mice: The Count's Ride
    • Two-Headed Monster: fall
    • Danny DeVito: Bus Stop
    • Forgetful Jones in the Dark
    • Three on Lady's Lap
    • Twiddlebugs: Chopping Flowers
    • Peligro
    • Prairie Dawn: Monster Addition
    • Bellhop #20
    • Don't Sing This Song

    Volume 2
    • Super Grover: Boxes
    • Ringmaster #2
    • Pinball Number Count #3
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: Sticky Four
    • Swng Up High
    • The Magic Apple
    • Typewriter: I-ink
    • 1-2-3-4-5!
    • Five Disco Song (was that called "Gimmie Five"? I'm referring to the song with Luis, Bob, Gordon, and David)
    • Roosevelt Franklin: Traffic
    • Billy Jo Jive: Haunted House
    • Prairie Dawn: Haunted House
    • Kermit News: Elmo's Game Idea
    • Big Bird's Home Movies
    • Harvey Kneeslapper's Bucket Prank
    • There's a Big Heap of Trash at the End of the Rainbow
    • Bert and Ernie: Paws
    • Henson #5
    • Lulu's Back in Town
    • The Trading Game
    • Jazz #9
    • Buddy and Jim: Ironing Board
    • Put it in the Trash Can
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
    • Bert Almost Shops for Dinner
    • It's Alive
    • Simon Soundman and the Explorer
    • Forgetful Jones: Mirrors
    • One of These Things: Spies
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: AWAY FROM
    • Olivia reads "The Two-Headed Monster" Story
    • Professor Hastings: Y Lecture
    • Still We Like Each Other
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    A few ideas for additional "Random Classics" volumes...

    Volume 3
    • Kermit and Oscar: Bus Stop
    • Typewriter: O-Owl
    • Doc Meets Mean Manny
    • Henson #9
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs
    • Pinball Number Count #11
    • Buddy and Jim: Light Bulb
    • News: The Talking Stick
    • Bert and Ernie: Peanut Butter and Bread
    • Roosevelt Franklin: POISON
    • Mad Painter #7
    • Jazz #8
    • Bert and Ernie: Sandbox Game
    • Henson E Claymation
    • That's About the Size of It
    • Grover's Restaurant: The Count's Hot Dogs
    • This is my J
    • Elmo Scares Bert's Pigeons
    • Henson Computer #10
    • The People in Your Neighborhood: Librarian and Plumber
    • The How Many Game
    • Forgetful Jones and Mother at Train Station
    • Larry and Phyllis: Stamps and Envelopes
    • Miami Mice: Kermit's Interview
    • Roosevelt Franklin Counts
    • Ernie and Cookie Monster: Taking Turns Eating Some Cookies
    • Windy
    • Detective Grover
    • Danger
    • Teeny Little Super Guy: Danger
    • Monsters Near and Far Song
    • Cast Surprise Song
    • Seven Monsters
    • Kermit Talks About Walls
    • David: Animal Charades
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: Dion Joke
    • Bellhop #10
    • My Rock
    • Two-Headed Monster: Cheese
    • Bert and Ernie: Through the Hoop
    • Sand Animation: N
    • Head Ball: Smart Tina
    • Super Grover: Bus Stop

    Volume 4
    • Spring is Here
    • Kermit News: Sleeping Beauty Falls Asleep
    • The School Game
    • Mad Painter #6
    • Pinball Number Count #6
    • Ernie and the Candy Salesman
    • Raisen Army
    • Sand Animation: Q
    • Bridge Keeper: Triangle
    • Harvey Kneeslapper and the Mailman
    • If I Had a Kid Like You
    • The Leslie Mostly Show: The Amazing Mumford
    • Grover's Restaurant: Bacon and Eggs
    • Monsterpeice Theater: Gone witht he Wind
    • Pageant: Foods We Eat
    • Kermit and Joey: Up and Down
    • That's What Counts
    • Two-Headed Monster: Mom
    • Bus Stop Tour
    • Tony Danza: Angry Over a Note
    • Forgetful Jones: Bath Time
    • Bert and Ernie: After a Bath
    • Swimming Like Sea Lions
    • Typewriter: Y-yo-yo
    • Kermit and Jennifer: Knees
    • Roosevelt Franklin: Here and There
    • Alphabet Chat: R
    • We Coulda
    • Farley's Mind
    • I Like Alaska
    • Kermit and Grover: Yes
    • Billy Jo Jive: Meatbone
    • Same Sound Brown
    • Six Snails
    • I'm a Big Girl Now
    • The People in Your Neighborhood: Life Guard and Carpenter
    • The American Revolution: Quill
    • Geometry of Circles
    • D-U-C-K-I-E

    Volume 5
    • If I Was a Cloud in the Sky
    • Hill Street Twos
    • Pinball Number Count #6
    • Telephone Opera
    • Name That Sound: Grover
    • Elephant Trunks
    • The People in Your Neighborhood: Dentist and Bus Driver (original)
    • Ernie and the Snowman Salesman
    • Kermit News: Mumford's Big and Small Trick
    • Dr. Nobel Price's Soup Experiment
    • David Disco Skates
    • Grover's Elevador: In and Out
    • I Love a March
    • If I Were
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Guys and Dolls
    • Geometry of Circles
    • Billy Jo Jive: Wrong-Way Willie
    • Kermit and Elmo: Loud and Quiet
    • What Comes After Three?
    • Cheerleaders: Four
    • Henson #4
    • Roosevelt Franklin: Hurt Feelings
    • Forgetful Jones: Outside
    • Twiddlebugs: Keeping Warm
    • Hi Friend
    • Kermit and John-John: Animal Sounds
    • One of These Things: Musical Banana
    • Danny DeVito Laughs with Oscar
    • Biff Hangs Paintings
    • Teeny Little Super Guy: Redcap
    • Ernie and Cookie Monster: One Cookie Left
    • Buddy and Jim: Painting a Room
    • Sherlock Hemlock: V
    • Deena and Pearl: Underwater
    • Professor Hastings: Big and Little
    • I'm Pretty
    • Pageant: Teeth

    I think that would make a nice collection. Showcase a lot of underrated goodness. I do feel a little bit bad about all the Monsterpiece Theater choices. I was limiting the list to pre-season 21, and in my opinion there's hardly a 1980s Monsterpiece Theater sketch that's not a true classic.
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Just the other day, I was thinking of a great idea: "Sesame Street Treasure Chest". The packaging would resemble a treasure chest, and would include three discs (thoguh I don't expect Warner Home Video to release a three-disc Sesame Street set anytime soon). It could focus on seasons 1-30. Disc 1 could include three full episodes, disc 2 could include inserts only (and maybe also a random selection of street stories), and disc 3 could include "bonus content", like the "This Way to Sesame Street" preview special, one of the test pilots, unaiered sketches, outtakes, newly-created featurettes, and maybe something else (like Out to Lunch).

    I'm not a big fan of the idea of "burn-on-demand" DVD services, but an idea that could be interesting is what I would call "Sesame Street Buffet", in which fans can select a certain number of clips that can be burnted into an on-demand release, in whatever order desired (of course what I think would be better for a title like "Sesame Street Buffet", if there was actually technology that could do this, would be for a certain number of clips to be included, and before viewing the viewer could pick the order they'd like to watch the clips in, any desired order at all, and some could be ommitted if the viewer didn't feel like watching a certain clip).
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I would LOVE for SW to do that exact thing with specific episodes. Could you imagine? You get your choice of 2 or 3 episodes from the start to the current season of the series and you pay X amount of money for them. That would REALLY help Muppet wikia out if that were possible. I wonder if they still have to worry about music rights, though.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if there was a DVD focusing on celebrities who made multiple appearances on the show? Maybe grouping the sketches by celebrities, with most or all of their featured appearances (not cameos in celebrity montages) on the show. Not sure about whether I'd put their appearances in street stories (I know Madeline Kahn was in two street stories, for example). If I was in charge I also wouldn't put in celebrities whose only appearances outside of one isnert is a "Word of the Day" explanation sketch.

    But I would include all or most appearances by James Earl Jones, Pat Paulsen, Bill Cosby, Lena Horne, Johnny Cash, Madeline Kahn, Judy Collins, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Mel Gibson, Robin Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg. I realize there are other celebrities who made multiple appearances on the show, but think that would be a good selection of celebrities. Don't know what a good title would be ("Celebrities Who Visited Sesame Street Many Times"?). Not sure if we would need every appearance by all those celebrities (with the exceptions fo Pat Paulsen, Mel Gibson, and Robin Williams, all of them have appeared on Sesame Street DVDs in the past, some guests like Judy Collins may have made too many guest appearances, and it could be hard to clear Ray Charles' "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" or James Taylor's "Up on the Rooftop").

    For bonus features, it would be cool to have a special feature about these guest stars appearances, and maybe new interviews with some of them (I think James Taylor and Judy Collins would do interviews, and maybe also Whoopi Goldberg). But maybe it could also have a "before they were stars" feature, including segments with Raul Julia (Rafael), Alan Arkin (Larry of "Larry and Phyllis"), Paul Benedict (The Mad Painter), Charollete Rae (Molly), Savion Glover, and maybe also some stars who appeared on the show as kids (like that kid from Everybody Hates Chris), plus bonus segments with Buffy St. Marie and Ruth Buzzi. And maybe also a selection of bonus Kermit the Frog segments (since Kermit is often referred to as "Sesame Street's number 1 guest star").
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if it would be a good idea for Sesame Workshop to release a boxed set of the full episodes where street scenes were sampled in the 40th anniversary DVD. I'm not talking about the disc 2 street stories (because pretty much all of those street stories have been released on DVD... Was "Slimey to the Moon" an insert or just shown once?).

    I would leave out the Hawaii clips (as those should be grouped together in one set, either with all the full episodes or edited together like "Friends to the Rescue"). But then that would be at least 7 episodes: Antonio's birthday (where "Bienvindidos Song" comes from), Telly's debut, the bird watchers episode, Mr. Hooper's death, Snuffy gets seen, Luis and Maria get married, and Gabi is born. It's hard to tell if "The Hello Hello Hello Song", "Bring Your Own Can Night" and "Elmo's Make-Believe Trip" were repeated inserts or just shown in one episode (or maybe two, if the street scenes were reused and renumbered later on). "Hello Hello Hello" and "Elmo's Make-Believe Trip" are both open-ended and very well could have been repeated (though it would be weird for "Hello Hello Hello" to be shown in an episode in a spot later than the beginning, since the clip starts with the end of the theme music and the characters reference the show starting). "Bring Your Own Can Night" seems like it could have been an insert as well, and is pretty much open-ended, but at the same time, there are things about the scene that seem confusing as a stand-alone sketch (like Oscar apparently being responsible for the adults, needing to hide them in the can, the cast initially protesting against going to the Cha-Cha Palace but then moaning when they hear they can't get in, etc.).

    Still, I don't expect Warner Home Video to release more than a two-disc Sesame Street set, so that might be too many episodes for one box set.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    While this wouldn't neccessarily be an "old school" release, I wonder if it'd be good if all the season 40 street stories with appearances by long-gone "Old School" characters were released on one DVD. Of course that'd be five street stories on one set (six if you want to count Lulu's appearance in the rainbow episode which has already had a DVD release), and it would probably be hard to promote to kids (as they alll contain different types of plots). Could you imagine a DVD with a title like "Spot the Characters" (still... I could imagine small circle images of Sherlock Hemlock, Biff and Sully, Forgetful Jones, and Harvey Kneeslapper on the cover, maybe with Elmo looking around)?

    Still, a release like that should also contain segments that focus on the "hidden gem characters".

    Perhaps start the release with the "Wing in a Sling" episode followed by sketches with Herry and Sherlock Hemlock, then the "Jack be Nimble" episode followed by a Biff and Sully sketch, then the Cookie Tree episode followed by a Forgetful Jones sketch, then the Seven episode followed by a Harvey Kneeslapper sketch, and then the Worm Cup episode followed by a Bip Bipodotta sketch (hopefully not another release of Fat Cat.. That's been released four times already).
  12. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    My suggestions for each character:

    1. Herry: "I Can't Help It" (a musical number set on the street, in which Herry apologizes for the damage that a strong-but-clumsy monster can cause)
    2. Sherlock Hemlock: Ernie and Sherlock reach different conclusions about a party-related mess in Ernie's yard
    3. Biff and Sully: Sully wants to hear music while he works, so Biff builds a piano
    4. Forgetful Jones: Buster tries to remind Jones to brush his (own) teeth, but Jones ends up brushing Buster's instead
    5. Harvey Kneeslapper: a closet full of toys is rigged to fall on whoever opens the door, but the prank backfires three times
    6. Bip Bipadotta: either his "Air" song or his "Opposites" song
    I tried to find sketches that emphasized each character's personality and typical role on the show. (That was harder for Bip Bipadotta than for the others, I admit!) Unfortunately, I don't recall any older sketches in which Herry and Sherlock Hemlock appear together, unless you count non-speaking crowd cameos; so I gave each of them a separate sketch.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I guess I should have worded what I said differently. I meant one sketch with Herry followed by something with Sherlock. And I thought that Sherlock Hemlock sketch featured Prairie Dawn, not Ernie.

    In the case of Harvey Kneeslapper, I feel it'd be better to include one of his typical pranks, involving wordplay on letters or numbers (like the "ya know where I wanna B?" segment). Honestly, I feel most of Harrvey's segments that don't follow that formula are a bit weak (interestingly, most of the Harvey Kneeslapper sketches at sesamestreet.org are ones that follow different formats; could this be an attempt to prove he wasn't a one-note character?).

    In the case of Biff and Sully, I would have listed "We Coulda" or the sketch where Biff and Sully get angry.
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Today I've thought of an idea that I'd call "Sesame Street Seasons Party Mix", which would group clips by five-year periods (or maybe more... I doubt we'll get such a release by season 41).

    Much like the "Seasons 1-5" and so on introductions in the 40th anniversary set, this would break up five-year peridods, grouping the segments in random order (as opposed to season order), maybe with a special introduction for each period (maybe Big Bird for seasons 1-5, Grover for seasons 6-10, The Count for seasons 11-15, Elmo for seasons 16-20, Telly for seasons 21-25, Zoe for seasons 26-30, Cookie Monster for seasons 31-35, and either Abby or Murray for seasons 36-40). A nice touch would be the opening for the first of each five year periods.
  15. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking, with the 40th anniversary ending soon, it would have been great if Sesame Workshop put out a follow-up DVD to "40 Years of Sunny Days", maybe "More Sunny Days".

    Here's what I would do on such a release:

    Disc 1:
    • Jazz #8
    • Bert and Ernie: Sandbox Game
    • Buddy and Jim: Light Bulb
    • Everyone Likes Ice Cream
    • Prairie Dawn Invites Monsters
    • Bill Cosby: Twins Count to 20
    • Seven Monsters
    • Operatic Orange
    • Grover Needs Help
    • Bert and Ernie: Bert Gets Locked Out
    • Wally and Ralph: Pants and Belts
    • Fix-It Shop Opens
    • That's About the Size of It
    • The Count and Cookie Monster Co-Operate
    • Luis: Aqua
    • Cast Alphabet
    • The Geefle and the Gonk
    • The Golden An
    • Nobody
    • Roosevelt Franklin: High and Low
    • Kermit and Joey: Alphabet
    • Willie Wimple: Tree Chopping
    • Sam Makes Orange Juice
    • Ernie and Cookie Monster: Same and Different
    • Lena Horne: Bein' Green
    • Grover: Near and Far
    • Tell a Joke
    • Typewriter: O-Owl
    • Sand Animation: X
    • What's the Name of That Song?
    • Milk Song
    • Oscar Blows a Whistle
    • The Earmuff Salesman
    • Lilly Thomlin: Sing
    • There's a Hole in the Bucket
    • Buffy Breastfeeds Cody
    • Judy Collins: Horse Sense
    • Billy Jo Jive: Meatbone
    • Bert and Ernie: Brad's Bath
    • Two-Headed Monster Story
    • Oscar Jogs
    • One Potato
    • Alphabet Chat: R
    • Mystery Guest
    • The Leslie Mostly Show: Mumford
    • Grover the Messenger
    • Deena and Pearl: Underwater
    • I Can Do It By Myself
    • Long Time No See
    • Dance Myself to Sleep
    • If I Were
    • Grover's Restaurant: Singing and Dancing Waiter
    • Everybody's Song
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
    • Scenes from Camp Echo Rock
    • Street Garden Cooperation
    • Teeny Little Super Guy: Swing
    • Ask Oscar: What's the Longest Grouch Word?
    • Kermit News: Old MacDonald and the Spaceship
    • You Say Hola
    • Snuffy on Trampoline
    • Detective Series: Hippo
    • Kermit and Elmo: Happy and Sad
    • Susan and Gordon Adopt Miles
    • Miami Mice: The Count
    • Twiddlebugs: Smoke Detector
    • Write It Down
    • Two-Headed Monster: Heavy and Light
    • Peligro
    • Ookyook Song
    • The American Revolution: National Bird
    • Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin: Just the Way You Are
    • The Word is No!
    • Bonus Features:
    • From the Vault:
    • Chickety Chick (a season one Big Bird song)
    • Kermit's Radio (season one Grover sketch)
    • Big Bird and Snuffy Sorting Song (an early Snuffy appearance)
    • I Want a Monster to Be My Friend
    • Richard Hunt as Elmo
    • Behind-the-Street Scenes
    • Making of Grover's Restaurant: Singing and Dancing Waiter (among other behind-the-scene sclips)

    Disc 2:
    • Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg: Fur, Skin, Hair
    • Air
    • Water Conservation Cartoon
    • Don't Throw That Trash on the Ground
    • Biff and Sully Babysit Natasha
    • Kermit News: The Bird Family
    • Super Grover and Super Elmo
    • Mysterious Theater: The Case of the Missing Cat
    • Grover the Taxi Driver
    • Wet or Dry
    • Rick Moranis: Stick Out Your Hand and Say Hello
    • Barn in the USA
    • Mountain of Love
    • Grover's Restaurant: CH Sounds
    • Jim Carrey: Happy/ Sad Feet
    • Oscar Meets Slimey
    • Simon Soundman Meets Old MacDonald
    • Madeline Kahn Opens the Park
    • Just Happy to be Me
    • Monsterpeice Theater: Dances with Wolves
    • Bert and Ernie: Ernie Catches Fish
    • Savion: Rhyming Game
    • Bubble on my Snuffle
    • Felines
    • The First and Last Cookie
    • You Tickle Me
    • Suzie Kabloozie: Letter F
    • Robert McNeil: Worms Land on Moon
    • Things That I Remember
    • Fran Dresher: The New Nanny
    • C is for Cookie
    • Elmo's World Transportation: Mr. Noodle
    • Telly and Rosita Find Murray Sparkles
    • Alphaboy: N
    • Hurricane: The Last Twig
    • Keb Mo: Everybody Be Yo'Self
    • Fix-It Shop Becomes a Mail-It Shop
    • Number of the Day: 10
    • Spanish Word of the Day: Si and No
    • Cookie Monster Meets Cookie Hood
    • Jane Tuesday: L
    • Nora Jones: Don't Know Y
    • Bert and Ernie: Sleep!
    • Birdseed Cookies
    • Letter of the Day Game Show: Y
    • Twiddlebugs: Family Portrait
    • Oscar's Car Breaks Down
    • Because We're Friends
    • American Monster Classics: A Streetcar Named Monster
    • Murray Has a Little Lamb: School of Natural History
    • Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Tiny Town
    • Super K Cereal
    • Mad Men
    • Adam Sandler: Crunchy
    • Marshall Grover: Front and Back
    • Wing in a Sling
    • Bonus Features
    • Season 41 Sneak Peek
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of an idea, a two-disc set of early material (let's just say the first 20 seasons) that hasn't been released commercially yet. I'd call it "Sesame Street's Unreleased Classics".

    Disc 1 would focus on the real essential segments that haven't been released commercially, but should have by now. Maybe it could be titled "The Best Stuff Not Yet Available Elsewhere!"

    Contents can include:
    • Bert and Ernie: Cake
    • Super-Grover: Computer
    • Pinball Animation #3
    • Snuffy on Big Bird's Trampoline
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: B
    • Typewriter: U-Umbrella
    • Henson #9
    • Cookie Monster and Count Co-Operate
    • Teeny Little Super Guy: Redcap
    • Kermit and Elmo: Happy and Sad
    • Mad Painter #8
    • Jazz #8
    • Bert and Ernie: Sandbox Game
    • Grover's Restaurant: Big Burger
    • Luis: Agua
    • If I Was a Cloud in the Sky
    • Mystery Guest
    • Kermit, Shola, and Fanny: Next-To
    • Forgetful Jones: Brushing Teeth
    • Everybody's Song
    • Operatic Orange
    • Two-Headed Monster: Same and Different, part 1
    • Kermit News: First Day of School
    • Two-Headed Monster: Same and Different, part 2
    • That's About the Size of It
    • Two-Headed Monster: Same and Different, part 3
    • Squeal of Fortune
    • Proud of Me
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
    • The People in Your Neighborhood (original)
    • The Golden An
    • The Amazing Mumford: Full and Empty Jar
    • Lena Horne: Bein' Green
    • That's About the Size of It
    • You Say Hola and I Say Hola
    • Bert and Ernie: Cookies in Bed
    • James Taylor: That Grouchy Face

    I know I ommitted some unreleased segments I see as "essential" that I normally always include in such wishlists, but that does look a bit satysfying for now. But for disc 2 I would have the focus be on the lesser-known, more rare, cult classics, fan favorites... Maybe title the disc "The Underappreciated Moments".

    And I would include:
    • Ernie and the U/V Salesman
    • Roosevelt Franklin: Traffic
    • Seven Monsters
    • Ernie's Dirt Poem
    • Milk Song
    • Speedy Maria Subtracts Chairs
    • The Leslie Mostly Show: Cookie Monster
    • Miami Mice: The Count
    • Kermit Talks About Necks
    • Windy
    • My Rock
    • The Sound of the Letter A
    • Funny Farm
    • The Anything-in-the-World Prize Game
    • Grover's Restaurant: The Count's Hot Dogs
    • Buddy and Jim: Slide
    • Henson E Claymation
    • Grover, Debo, and Kermit: Secret Letter X
    • Billy Jo Jive: Missing Dog
    • Prairie Dawn Invites 3 Monsters
    • We Coulda
    • Simon Soundman: Trumpet
    • Kermit Guesses from Clues
    • The American Revolution: Surprising the British
    • Ringmaster #2
    • Wally and Ralph: Glue
    • Harvey Kneeslapper: Bucket Joke
    • Batman: Dirty Windows
    • Danny Devito: Bus Stop
    • Kermit News: Slushabouts
    • Spring is Here
    • Henson Computer #10
    • Twiddlebugs: Flowers
    • There's a Hole in the Bucket
    • Geometry of Circles (one other than the one that's available on the 40th anniversary set)
    • Nobody
    • I'm a Big Girl Now
    • Women Can Be
    • Imagination Rain
    • Ernie and Cookie Monster: Hope
    • Martians: Grandfather Clock
    • Peligro
    • Danger
    • Bert and Ernie: Pigeon Joke Book
    • Write It Down
    • Poverty U
    • Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot Count to 20
    • Monsterpiece Theater: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
    • Patti LaBelle: Take the Hand of the One You Love

    I can't really think of what I'd consider to be good bonus features for a set like this, aside from what I've put on previous wishlists. And somehow I couldn't see this being a collection of volumed sets, unless future volumes were reformatted. There aren't too many pre-1989 segments I see as "essential and unreleased" I didn't list (aside from many individual Sesame Street News, Monsterpiece Theater, Super-Grover and Grover's Restaurant sketches... Hmmm, and it seems there are many well-remembered unreleased Bert and Ernie sketches I left out).
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking, maybe for febuary it would be good if they released a black history month-themed DVD, featuring segments with black celebrity guests, black cast members, Billy Jo Jive, and maybe also Roosevelt Franklin and Kingston Livingston III. Or maybe that would make a better documentary special, much like the A&E biography and Sesame Street Unpaved.
  18. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member




    These DVDs are collections of street scenes from the current seasons of Sesame Street. Which makes me wonder if it's possible for them to do the same for "street stories" from the early 70s. Not the whole hour-long episode (that, we know would be complicated), just the multi-part street scenes from each episode.

    Ones like...

    *Big Bird opens Hooper's Store (from #198)
    *Cookie Monster's amnesia
    *Grover becoming Oscar's butler
    *Oscar's "NO" signs
    *Big Bird's rocket

    ...some could even revolve around a topic like the DVDs above. Maybe one volume could focus on Big Bird, another could focus on Oscar...

    They could also release only the street segments from episodes like #355 (Rainstorm) and #333 (Antonio's birthday fiesta).
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Well while not from the 1970s, the five-part hurricane episode street scenes were edited together into the DVD Friends to the Rescue, and other street stories of the former format were edited into the videos Slimey's Worm Games and Computer Capers.

    An ideal choice would be to combine all of the hawaii scenes together.

    Just recently I thought it would be cool if they did releases with such titles as "1970s Mix", "1980s Mix", "1990s Mix", and "2000s Mix", featuring several segments from those decades (including 1969 with the 1970s). But these would showcase the sketches in random order as opposed to chronologically (though either way would be fine with me).
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if it would be a good idea if Sesame Workshop/Warner Bros. put out a "100 Greatets Sesame Street Moments" DVD, perhaps allowing the fans (via Facebook, Twitter, or any other means of communnication) to nominate their favorite moments (maybe limit the number of nominations by less than 100... I know that when The 100 Greatest Warner Bros. Shorts book was in development the fans were allowed to nominate up to 50 shorts).

    There would be things to consider. Many casual fans would probably nominate many of the segments that have been released on DVD more than twice (hopefully the 100 with the most nominations by fans wouldn't be found in "40 Years of Sunny Days", but I'm sure there are many segments ommited from that release that casual fans would notice the absense of). I could see the majority of votes from casual fans being things found in either the Old School releases, 40 Years of Sunny Days, and 25 Wonderful Years: A Musical Celebration (if not all of them).

    Also, I wonder if Sesame Workshop would be able to accept every nomination (though they could always put in certain guidelines). It's always possible that the 100 most-requested segments could include stuff that Sesame Workshop couldn't clear, like song covers SW couldn't secure video rights for, or appearances by non-Sesame copyrighted characters (the only non-SST characters I know of who made appearances on the show who haven't been in any Sesame Street releases are The Pink Panther, The Simpsons, and Lamb Chop), or guest appearances Sesame Workshop could secure rights for (or maybe even celebrity appearances SW wouldn't want to release, like Chris Brown's appearances).

    And it's possible that the majority of most-requested segments could be too similar to each other... Too many Sesame Street News segments, or too many Mosnterpiece Theater segments, or most of the Pinball Number Count segments.

    But if such a release were done, I'd like to see introductions for most if not all segments, at least the more noteworthy ones. Perhaps give some insight or behind-the-scenes info on them, performers could share memories of working on them. It would be interesting to see Murray Monster interviewing the cast and crew.

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