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New York City shopping

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by JaiRenee, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. JaiRenee

    JaiRenee Member

    I'm headed into the city for materials next weekend. I grew up in the city, but this is going to be my great puppet tour, hitting the garment district, visiting Broadway, East 67th and 69th, and then taking a bus to Astoria to visit the Sesame Street lot.

    Not my point of this. Point is, anyone know any stores in the garment district that sell, either antron fleece, or fur? Or any of the magically elusive materials that puppets are made of?

    This is my first post, btw. Glad to join this forum.
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  2. MuppetLabsBoy

    MuppetLabsBoy Well-Known Member

    No store sells antron fleece in NYC (look around this section of the forum and you'll see just how hard it is to actually get antron). If you are in need of spandex for clothes, there are stores every 3 feet for that. Also, be sure to check out M&J Trimmings; they have a HUGE selection of buttons, ribbons, patches, and sewing materials.
  3. JaiRenee

    JaiRenee Member

    Well it's New York. There's sure to be stores that sell fake fur. It's freaking New York.
  4. bluebomber95

    bluebomber95 Well-Known Member

    There actually is a store that sells antron fleece. It's called "Elegant Fabrics" and it's near Pearl Studios.
  5. muppet88

    muppet88 Well-Known Member

    I just called elegant fabrics and the sell Antron Fleece for $24 a yard.
  6. muppet88

    muppet88 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to give a quick update here about where to find puppet building supplies here in NYC as I moved to the city and have found some great resources.

    I went to Canal Rubber this week and they sell black reticulated foam. I purchased the 1/2 inch thickness for about $27 a yard. Great store! They have several other thicknesses available as well as lots of rubber tubing which is great for making hand openings in the bottom of puppets. Their website is below.


    I also want to mention Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. They are a fantastic store that provides supplies to most of the Broadway shows here. They have a huge stock of Rit dyes, both liquid, powder and their professional line. They also have Jacquard, Procion and Dylon dyes. This is one of my favorite stores as things are always in stock and their prices are very reasonable! Oh and they carry Barge contact cement! Website is below


    Elegant Fabrics carries several faux furs. They are a bit on the pricey side (most shaggy Muppet type furs were around $39 a yard) website is below

  7. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    I visited NY in 1996 & 1998 from the UK. I remember going into a huge shop that stocked 1000's of items, fur, ribbon, feathers, fabric etc etc. it was huge. A great shop. It was opposite the m&m shop on times square!! i think! Sorry I can't help more, just wanted to say how amazing it was??

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