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Muppets' Saturday Night Live - Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Warldorf Active Member

    Yes! He's soo dreamy!
  2. Stan Davis Member

    (Scooter comes in)

    Scooter:Stan Davis

    Scooter:Uh your needed on stage the show just started
  3. Warldorf Active Member

    Aah!!! (runs onstage)
    Hi-Ho everyone, and welcome to the Muppet SNL! And we have a real special guest, the talented and dreamy Channing Tatum! But first! First, we have two pigs waltzing to Swine Lake!
  4. Stan Davis Member

    (The Curtain opens and 2 pigs dance to swine lake meanwhile in the wings Steven is watching the act)

  5. Warldorf Active Member

  6. Stan Davis Member

    Beauregard:Stan Davis

    Beauregard:Excuse Me Steven my can of slippery wax is missing
  7. Warldorf Active Member

    Oh, would you like me to help you fi-yi-yi-yi-yiii!!!!!! (slips on the wax)
    Beau: Thank you!
  8. Stan Davis Member

    (The Two Pigs finish the number)
    (The pigs exit the stage)

    Steven:Stan Davis
    Pig #1:Waldorf

    Steven:Great number pigs but guys watch out the floor is slippery
  9. Warldorf Active Member

    Oh, thank yoooooooouuu!!!!!!!!! (slips and falls)
  10. Stan Davis Member


    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit: (into intercom) everybody onstage for Channing's first number that's Channing,Steven,and Lew Zealand please onstage you guys
  11. Warldorf Active Member

    (They all start to go on but they all slip)
    Channing: Oww!!!
    Kermit: What's wrong, Channing?
    Channing: My leg! I think it's broken!
  12. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit:Who did this?
  13. Warldorf Active Member

    Beau: Hey, have you seen my bucket of wax? (Sees everyone there) Oh, thanks guys!
  14. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit:Scooter Can you tell Mandy and Clara to get ready for their Fairy Sketch
  15. Warldorf Active Member

    Scooter: We can't! We need Channing, Steven and Lew!
  16. Stan Davis Member

    Channing Tatum:Stan Davis

    Channing:Kermit i was joking about the broken leg im ready to go on
  17. Warldorf Active Member

    Are you watching SNL tonight? The host is Seth MacFarlane and music guest is Frank Ocean!
  18. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

  19. Warldorf Active Member

    Kermit: And now, ladies and gentleman, CHANNING TATUM! YAAAAY!!!!!
  20. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Channing Tatum-Hi! Is everyone ready for the sketch?

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