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Muppets' Saturday Night Live - Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Stan Davis Member

    Channing Tatum:Stan Davis

    Channing Tatum:So watch muppet snl girls i have to go to my dressing room
  2. Warldorf Active Member

    All girls but Clara: WE'LL COME WITH YOU!!!
    Ok, I gots to go to sleep. Got school tomorrow! Goodnight!
  3. Stan Davis Member

    (Cold Opening)
    (Guest star's dressing room)

    Scooter:Stan Davis
    Channing Tatum: Dominicboo1

    Scooter:Channing Tatum 15 second till Curtain Mr Tatum
  4. Warldorf Active Member

    Channing: Be right the, Scooter. (His shirt is off and he's flexing)
  5. Stan Davis Member

    Scooter:Stan Davis
    Channing Tatum:Waldorf

    Scooter:Excuse Me Channing what are you doing?
  6. Warldorf Active Member

    Channing: Flexing. Why?
  7. Stan Davis Member

    Scooter:Stan Davis
    Big Mama:Waldorf
    Channing Tatum:Waldorf

    Scooter:Uh Never mind (Big Mama comes in)
  8. Warldorf Active Member

    Big Mama: Hey there, Channy, baby!
    Channing: Well, now I see why they call her Big Mama! But Live from the Muppet Theatre...
    Mama: IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!
  9. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit:it's muppet saturday night live with our very special guest star Channing Tatum Music (the theme music starts)
  10. Stan Davis Member

    Statler:Stan Davis

    Statler: Did you bring your camera?
  11. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Waldorf-Camera? I thought you said Canada.
    Mounty-Camera eh?
  12. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis
    Cast: Dominicboo1

    Kermit:it's time to get things started
  13. Stan Davis Member

    (the theme song ends)


    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit: So you pigs are you doing a waltz for the opening number
  14. Warldorf Active Member

    On the most sensational, inspirational, muppetational,
    This is what we call Muppet SNL!!!!
    Gonzo: (blows horn and fire bell rings out) AAH!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!! (trumpet goes on fire and starts to smoke)
  15. Warldorf Active Member

    Pigs: Yes, we're doing it to the music of Swine lake!
  16. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan Davis

    Kermit:well good luck out there guys
  17. Warldorf Active Member

    Pigs: Thanks, I really don't wanna ham it up, though!
  18. Stan Davis Member

    (the pigs head towards the stage)
    (Janice and Mandy are talking)

    Mandy:Stan Davis

    Mandy:man that channing tatum is pretty handsome don't you think?
  19. Warldorf Active Member

    Yeah, fer suuuure!!!!!
  20. Stan Davis Member

    Kermit:Stan davis

    Kermit:Mandy are you talking about Channing Tatum

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