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Minor Muppetz' TMS outline: Marcia Wallace

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    This outline is part of the secodn season of the muppet show.

    Cold Opening/ Dressing Room
    Marcia wallace throws darts in the dressing room while blindfolded.

    Kermit: hi ho and welcome again to the muppet show! (an explosion suddenly occurs) Tonigths guest star is Marcia Wallace (another explosion happens). But now it's time for a rocky opening number! (another explosion hapens).

    Opening Number: I can't get no satysfaction
    A group of muppet rocks sing the rolling stones song.

    Statler: what do you think of rolling stones?
    waldorf: I prefer rolling rocks.

    Gonzo is trying to break a world record to see if he can hop up and down during the entire show.

    And now it's time for marcia wallace!

    marcia wallace puts gum in her mouth and balloons come out of her ears. she spits the gum out and the balloons go bak into her ears. Gorgon heap is ammazed and wants to try it, but it only causes his horns to fall out of his head.

    At The Dance
    Gonzo hops around on-stage while the others dance.

    The frogs hop backstage in an attempt to defeat gonzo. However, Scooter accidently spills some tar onto the floor, getting the frogs stuck.

    U.K. Spot/ Prop Room
    The newsman decides to have some peace and quiet by reading a newspaper alone in the prop room. He reads a news story saying that gumballs have been falling out from the sky and causing explosions after they hit the ground. a few fall into the prop room and cause a few explosions. another article is about ping pong balls that have been shooting things from out of nowhere, and one hits the newsman. one last news story points out that the newsman is not on-stage, and he runs out to the stage.

    Muppet news
    "here is a muppet news flash: "I hate myself". What the...? (turns to another paper) in other news, "I am a sissy and must press thirty pounds"... wait a minute. (turns to another paper) "I need less money than what I currently make".. (to backstage) hey, who's been switchign my papers again?!"

    Fleet Scribbler laughs at his practical joke, and the newsman comes and punches him. "what a headline! Muppet newsman punches tabloid reporter!". Gonzo is still hopping.

    Talk Spot
    Kermit asks marcia if she needed experience to portray a secretary on TV, but marcia says that you don't need experience to play a certain role, but it helps. kermit is glad that he didn't need experience to be a frog (a little joke played on marcia).

    Prop Room
    Bunsen and beaker look for a rulr and microscope. However, when bunsen isn't looking, various props come alive and start attacking beaker.

    Dressing Room
    Miss Piggy is insulted when marcia wallace kindly offers her some chocolate.

    Gonzo is still hopping. kermit wonders how he will be able to do his act if he wont stop hopping.

    Kermit introduces Gonzo.

    Gonzos Act
    Gonzo does a high wire act while hopping. he actually makes it across without falling, but then he stops to take a bow, ending his record ('well, there's always next week").

    Statler: that was the worst act ever!
    waldorf: how can you say that? he made it.
    Statler: that's what I hate about it.

    Closing Number: Yellow Submarine
    Captain Link Hogthrob operates a submarine and is joined by Miss Piggy, dr. Strangepork, and three pigs.

    Good Night
    Gonzo is hopping mad over losing his record. other muppets who join kermit and marcia wallace on-stage include the newsman, Fozzie bear, and Dr. Strangepork.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    In case you are wonderign, here are who some of the performers are supposed to be:

    The Rolling Stones are performed by jerry Nelson (lead singer), Richard Hunt, Frank oz, and Jim Henson.
    The three pigs in the closing number are performed by Dave Goelz and Richard Hunt (they only sing back-up vocals. either Louise Gold performes one but not the voice, or one of the performers performs both at once).
    Gorgon heap is performed by Jim Henson.

    I have not decided what kinds of props attack beaker, nor have I decided who dances in at the dance. I will reveal that (and the performers) later.
  3. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    Good work minor.
    Now that I've bumped this up perhaps you may be able to think about the things you have left un-revealed.
    In any event it is still another great outline. :D
  4. Stan Davis

    Stan Davis Well-Known Member

    At The Dance
    Gonzo hops around on-stage while the others dance.

    Minor muppetz which couples are dancing in this?

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