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Life-Size George Harrison Marionette

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Unknown Delight, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. I thought i would stop by today and post this info for anyone who may find it of interest....

    The 'George Harrison' Marionette now has his very own Facebook Page!

    Yep...one stop shopping containing all his current performance videos, plus photos, drawings, and a selection of stories related to his creation. I thought it would be nice to collect everything together in one place outside of a Forum so anyone could check it out.

    If anyone here uses Facebook, feel free to stop on over and visit.

    Here is the direct link to use that will take you to the Page -


    Other news...

    There is now talk afoot of creating two more videos of 'George' performing some additonal tunes. Interest seems to be out there, and i have felt motivated lately to have another go.

    These probably won't be released until later this year...and i hope to have the new additons be slightly different in style to what is currently up and showing on YouTube. I would like to do a 'edited' video this time around, as i purposely avoided this common technique in the previous videos as i wanted viewers to be able to concentrate more on the actual performance of the character in one shot, without cutting away. Any 'gimmicky' camera tricks or a constant flurry of editing i felt would distact from the performance. This time however, i think it would be appropriate to do something different visually..to seperate them from the previous works and add some freshness.

    The two songs being considered are 'If Not For You' and 'Life Itself'.
  2. -

    Just nudging this up the list so our newer veiwers can have a look.

  3. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Awsome! I'm making a big elaphant marionette.He's made of paper mache and paper mache clay.
  4. -
    All new photos of 'George' , photographed last month.
    More will be forthcoming as in the coming weeks work starts on the latest batch of new performance videos.
    Enjoy these in the meantime!
    'George' poses for the camera with his favourite ukulele
    When the mood strikes him, 'George' is known to pick up his uke and do a improptu performance...much to the delight of onlookers.
    A experimental photograph, done for artistic purposes.
    The play of light on 'George's' face makes a nice image. The tiny turquoise 'Dark Horse Records' lapel pin he wears can be seen in this closer view.
  5. -

    Latest news- Work has begun in earnest on filming the NEW collection of 'George' videos! Finally...after many months, cameras are rolling on four new offerings.

    Filming is now complete for the first new addition to the Performance Video collection.
    "That's What It Takes" is now in post-production and about to be edited into it's final form, in preperation for release. If all goes to plan, it should be ready for viewing in a couple of weeks. The target date for release is August 1st.

    Three more video shoots will be taking place for three more songs...two already have very clear ideas about how they will look, which as any filmaker knows is half the battle. Things are looking good so far..with some dashes of random humour tossed in to keep in theme with George's preferences.


    This new collection will be made in a slightly different style, with some different views of 'George' so viewers can see him in greater detail. Close ups, various angles, and alternative views will be put together to give viewers a better look at him and what he can do. Some slight editing is planned to enhance the veiwing experience and give each new video it's own distintive look and 'feel'. I purposely avoided using any cutaways or editing in the previous collection as i wanted viewers to better be able to concentrate on 'George's actual performance....hard to do if the picture is changing every few minutes!

    Now that viewers have seen what he can do, it is time to step things up a notch creatively. The new collection will have a more visual feel, and also inject some of GH's wry humour into the settings. This combo should be both a joy to capture on film on my end, and hopefully a delight to view on your end!

    More info will be shared here as progress goes along.
  6. -

    The past few days have been intense...in many respects. The focus, performance quality, and the very intense heat during filming has had me in a whirlwind of activity. Nothing like filming outside in the 96 degree heat of humid Summer weather dressed in black...ieee!

    Filming is now complete on "If Not For You" and i have to say that this one looks to be something very special. It has a definate 'feel' to it...very homey and comfortable. Think of yourself visiting George Harrison at home..at Friar Park...and getting to spend a Summer afternoon with him enjoying the grounds. Yeah...THAT kind of 'feel' to it visually. Bliss.

    Today i spent some time reviewing all the footage for the first two new videos - "That's What It Takes" and "If Not For You". I was VERY pleased with the results...and some of the veiws of 'George' are stunning. There was even a shot or two where it gave me a little chill, as it reminded me so much of the man himself. It actually kind of freaked me out...but in a really nice way.

    Filming wrapped for "That's What It Takes" last week...and reviewing it's footage today shows a good performance segment with a very funny last minute additon that brings it to a whole new level. I think George himself would be laughing at this little bit...it is SO 'him' ....a random bit of hilarity that is both Python-like and a nice nod to...well, wait n' see!

    'George' is being filmed from various angles, with many close ups. Now folks will be able to better see the detailing of his face, his hands, and guitar stumming/plucking. He can do some decent 'solos' believe it or not. Several takes involve him singing and playing in a way that makes you feel like you are right there watching him in person. A lot more to be seen now then just the usual standard 'facing forward' strumming position as the previous six videos in the collection have already shown.

    These two new additons are a absolute step up in a major way from the original collection. When these are finished in the way i hope to accomplish, it will blow the others' in the collection currently showing out of the water.

    I have a really good feeling about these....now the serious work begins in getting these assembled and cut together into a completed presentation.

    More news as production continues along !
  7. -

    Today sees the release of TWO NEW 'George Harrison Marionette' Performance Videos. Both are done differently from my previous videos of 'George', and these new additons are made more in the style of a actual music video. Check them out and let me know what you think!

    Although these are still very much 'homemade' efforts and in no way 'professionally' filmed, I think they are a nice step up from how the previous videos were handled. You get to see more of what 'George' can do, from different angles and situations, and from a closer view. There are also some bits of humour slipped in and other details sharp eyed viewers may spot.

    Despite some dissapointments i personally have in the final uploaded picture quality, i think viewers will find them entertaining. I feel a little dissapointed that my master tape looks 10 times better then these digitized versions, and i was not able to get better end results. Hopefully this will not take away too much from the viewing experience.

    A note about the audio - You will need to turn it up all the way as for some reason the upload diminished the volume of the original soundtrack.

    Here are the links...hope you enjoy!


    "That's What It Takes"



    "If Not For You"


  8. Hope everyone enjoyed the two recent additons.

    Work is progressing ahead on the next two videos. Pre-Production work has been going on for a couple of months now, and some neat ideas have come to light that have made me to decide to dedicate some extra time to working on two specific visual elements related to the videos.

    'Life Itself' was ready to be filmed last month, but filming was put on hold until work was complete on a seperate project that is needed for the shoot. That project is now complete, and the way is clear to start filming.

    Here is a peek at a scene from the upcoming 'Life Itself' -

    This image is of one frame of a animated sequence that will be featured during one of the instrumental segements.


    'George' will also be sporting a new look in this video as well....to fit in with the mood. 'Life Itself' is one of Mr. Harrison's most spiritual compositions and extra effort is being taken to insure that translates into the overall visual look and 'feel' of the videotaped performance. Special considerations are being made on the lighting effects used, as well as some interesting scenes that invoke his peaceful residence.

    More news now - A Traveling Wilbury song is in the works for a future Performance Video.

    After much to consider, it is now firmly in place for the follow up to 'Life Itself'. Great news for you Wilbury Fans!

    The #1 request i have recieved over the past year from viewers is for 'George' to perform a Traveling Wilburys' tune. As noted earlier in this thread, it was difficult to find a song he could perform alone when most of the Wilbury tracks feature multiple vocalists. Having all those different voices taking turns singing usually does not translate well into a one-character performance.
    The song choice fits perfectly however, as George himself provides the lead vocal throughout. Why i never thought of this song choice before, i have no idea...as it is my all time fave Wilbury song. After relistening to it many times to hear if it would be a valid choice for 'George' to perform, it all came together and now it is in the pipeline for development. Yay!

    Probably the most exciting thing about this particular song being performed is that it will require some additonal work in making something to be included in the presentation. A 'cameo' appearence is in the works....and it will be a fun addtion to the tune. Watch for more regarding that...in the future.

  9. -
    Here are some new photos of 'George'....ones i came across today that i have yet to have shared until now.

    ^ ^ Contemplating something....
    ^ ^ Full of Krishna's light!
    ^ ^ Although blurred, i like the setting and lighting.


    Work contines on the next Performance Video "Life Itself'. The very latest updates can be found on the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page.

    The last few months have seen ideas for this video really come together, and it is shaping up to be a nice one.

  10. -

    Hi Friends! Time for a long overdue update...

    Things are coming along well with the next video. I just recently figured out how to convert my own videotaped performances into digital files so this should make the gaps between releases much smaller.

    A brand NEW short instrumental video with 'George' was created very recently and is now ready for release. Watch for a link soon! This is just a short collection of clips set to a instrumental bit of music, but still a nice additon to the lineup.

    In other news...

    Over 30 or so new photos of 'George' will be hitting his Facebook Page over the course of the next few days for those interested. Lots of fun things to see, and some currant portraits.

    Link to the 'George Harrison Marionette' page : http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/George-Harrison-Marionette/108744329145003

    Here are a few of the many recent photos. Enjoy !

    ^^ A charming portrait of a leg-end...

    ^^ 'George' enjoying his recently aquired Hawaiian Uke kindly donated by a fan...


    ^^ Shooting a video segment ...

    ^^ 'George' cannot resist a little self-promotion for 'All Things Must Pass'...!


    The most up to date news related to this project can be found on the Facebook page listed above. Enjoy!
  11. -
    More great news in the creative department....!

    Today i experimented around some more with the video making program, and created a new experimental video with 'George'. Here is a screen shot of the finished video for 'Someplace Else'


    'Someplace Else' was filmed two years ago back when i shot the videos for "Thats The Way It Goes" and ''Devil and The Deep Blue Sea' . Between shooting those, i 'played around' with a couple of other songs, one being 'Jai Sri Krishna' which was eventually released....and this take of 'Someplace Else'. Up until now i really did'nt feel it was worth releasing, as it looked far too similar to the previous three videos. Thanks to the recent discovery of being able to convert my tapes into digital files..that has now changed.

    I took the footage and used the program to enhance the visual look of it a little, giving it a different feel. This makes it stand out a little from the others. 'George' performs it in a mellow mood...and with the added sepia tone and slight camera move in, the once passed over performance now has a unexpected new life.

    This will be released soon, as it is ready to go.

    The brief 'Instrumental' video i mentioned previously will also be released. This minute or so clip was also a experiment and has some nice images of 'George' doing various things that have yet to be seen.

    And where is 'Life Itself' you ask? Still awaiting filming. All this recent experimentation is going to insure a even better end result for the next Performance Video.

    Stay tuned!
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    My first time seeing this. As a George Harrison fan, very cool! "Someplace Else" is one of my favorite solo songs of his btw. : D

    I can imagine George liking this idea very much, since he wasn't all that crazy about doing music videos himself, lol.
  13. Hi Heralde..and thanks for commenting!
    Glad to hear you like that tune too....such a beautiful number.
    The video featuring 'George' performing 'Someplace Else' is ready for release, i just need a good chunk of time to upload it.

    I have some great news today though...
    Today the new short 'Instrumental' video featuring 'George' was released.

    It is a brief but fun clip i put together with the new production system i have been experimenting around with these past couple of weeks.

    It is a special treat for those regular readers who visit the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page, but anyone who stops by to visit can have a look at the new video!

    Here is where to go -


    Everything anyone would want to know about this project is on that page, with numerous photos.

    The link below will take you to one album featuring photos of 'George' in various poses for the interested or curious. Over 30+ photos were added recently.



  14. -
    Today sees a new 'George' video debut!

    Just released the latest video featuring 'George'....exclusively on the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page.
    It is the first of two videos of him performing the wonderful tune "Someplace Else".

    Here is where to go -

    Named the 'sepia tone version' due to the nostalgic graphic look of the video, it was one of the first i created with the new post-production process. It was originally shot two years ago, but was not released due to it looking too visually similar to the other 'George' Marionette videos that were made at that time. Thanks to the new post-production process, the old footage took on its own unique look to set it apart.
    'George's' guitar playing movements are particularly nice in this video...so enjoy!

    The second video for "Someplace Else", named 'full colour version' , will see release very soon.
    This will have a wide release, so it will be easy to find on YouTube when the time comes.
  15. -

    Thanks Freddy! I am glad to hear you are enjoying 'George'!

    Brand spankin' new 'George Harrison Marionette' Performance Video was released today!
    "Someplace Else" ( colour version)
    Video link via YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEuWbjvAI74

    Hope you enjoy...!

    I think this is one of the better videos in this collection thus far, with a nice look to it and a charming performance by 'George'.

    The picture quality is a step up from some of the previous efforts i think, with viewers able to get a better look at the Gardner in action. I went back and actually compared it to a couple earlier efforts, and the difference in quality is embarrassing in some cases. As i add more videos to the list, i just may have to go back and 'unlist' a few of the earlier efforts. I guess every performer or artist feels that way when they look back at their earlier works.

    Let me know what you think of the new video....and if this is something you would like to see more of.

    A couple of photos from the video shoot...


    " Life Itself " is still on track for release, and filming is scheduled within the next couple of weeks.

  16. -

    Great news folks!

    Filming is FINALLY underway for the long awaited "Life Itself" Performance Video featuring 'George'!

    The past two days have been active, with half of the shots now complete. In the coming days the last half will be filmed, and then the real fun begins.

    This will be done in a 'edited' style, with several different scenes peiced together to create a finished video. All the details can be found on the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page which has production notes now posted in the 'Discussion' section.

    Stop on over and have a read...and watch out for new photos coming soon.

    For those not on Facebook, i will post more info about the video here as it gets closer to completion.

    I am glad to finally see some movement on this video....it seems like it has taken ages to get all the pre-production work done and have the availble chunk of time to actually film it.

  17. -

    Filming is now complete for "Life Itself" ..and it has been a intense few days.
    Working with this music is effecting me on a deeper level and it is definately welcome. I think this will be one of the better 'George' Performance Videos to date.

    The footage is being overviewed before the editing process, as there are several different takes to look at before deciding on what is best for the final video. What i have looked at so far appears to be very nice. Many of the scenes involving the lighting effects came away looking really neat, with some delightful surprises. 'George' was enjoying himself...and the finished video will reflect this.

    Folks will get to see him play his guitar(s) in greater detail...and some spiritual elements are present in keeping with the reflected theme of the song.

    Here is the first of a series of photos from the video....more to follow soon.

    [​IMG] -
  18. -

    Fantastic news....

    A very special short PREVIEW of the latest 'George' video "Life Itself" will be taking place exclusively on the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page on Monday, August 15th!

    This special video showcases a few clips from the finished video, and will give readers there a peek at what is to come.

    The FULL version of the "Life Itself" Performance Video will be released very soon....watch out!

  19. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Cool, can't wait to see the complete version!
  20. -
    Today is the day folks...

    The special preview of the new "Life Itself" video is now up exclusively on the 'George Harrison Marionette' Facebook Page.

    Stop on by and check it out, as it is a neat peek into what is to come!

    Link to the Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/George-Harrison-Marionette/108744329145003

    Some more photos from the video - Enjoy!







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