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LeahXZoot4Evur's Muppet Show Outlines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LeahXZoot4Evur, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Hey all. I am now finally making my Muppet Show outlines. And no, I am NOT stealing anything from MissMusical12. I just wanna give it a try.

    Here is the first one...Theses stories involve the Future Muppet Shows, with you know some celeberties we know. Like, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, One Direction....stuff like that. Maybe even animation characters too. You'll know.

    This is a very special one for the Electric Mayhem debut. The guest star is Miss Selena Gomez.

    Knocks on Door; Scooter peeks in.
    Scooter: Oh Selena! Selena Gomez! 30 seconds till' curtain, Selena!
    Selena(places a magazine down): Thanks Scooter! Hey, while you're here, tell me. How come there are a lot of hippie-stuff everywhere?
    Scooter: Oh, well, today is the Electric Mayhem's celebration.
    Selena Gomez: Oh, is it one of their birthdays today?
    Scooter: No. Its a celebration on all of the years they've been together.
    Selena Gomez: Oh! Well, I must admit something.
    Scooter: Whats that?
    Selena Gomez(turns to camera): This is gonna be one groovy show tonight.


    TRUMPET GAG: Peace signs and music notes blow out of Gonzo's trumpet.
    Gonzo: Huh. Well thats peaceful!

    Kermit(comes out wearing a hippie-halloween costume.) Thank you! Hi-ho and welcome everyone to a very special episode of the Muppet Show! Tonight is a debut....er....celebration. Well, thats the same thing! Our special guest tonight is singer and American actress, Miss Selena Gomez!
    Audience: Ooooohhhhh...
    Kermit: Yes! But first! I would like to show and explain to you all why all Muppets are dressed as hippies tonight. Well, I would like to bring them up onstage to sing, and thats our opening number! So give it up! For Dr.Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!

    MUSIC NUMBER: (Dr.Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are all singing, Rock n' Rollin' around the World.)

    Statler: Eh, I wonder what the debut is about.
    Waldorf: Hmmmm....maybe something about that. (points to the audience)
    Statler: You mean the audience?
    Waldorf: No! The exit!
    Both: Dohohohohohohohhoh!

    (the Electric Mayhem walk in.)
    Kermit: Hey, nice job you guys!
    Floyd: Thanks Greenstuff!
    Dr.Teeth: And my li'l froggy man, we also wanna thank you for throwin' a special for our debut tonight.
    Janice: Yeah, like, I don't think we've done it before back then. Fer sure.
    Kermit: Oh, your welcome, guys. (looks around)
    Floyd: Everythin' ok? Kerm?
    Kermit: Wheres Zoot and Lips?
    Janice: Like, they're in our dressing room. Zoots helping Lips prepare for his first solo tonight!
    Dr.Teeth: Yeah, man, Lips was nervous this morning. But he's excited.
    Kermit(nodds): Ahhhh....so anyway, its time for Selena's number.
    Janice: Oh I forgot she's like, performing with us!
    Floyd(laughs): Thats right, mama.
    Dr.Teeth: Ok, you two head onstage. I'll walk the drummer.
    Dr.Teeth and Animal left for the exit.

    Kermit: Ok, now heres a number involving Floyd and Janice. Here, singing 'Naturally' with Floyd and Janice is Miss Selena Gomez!

    MUSICAL NUMBER: Selena Gomez sit between Floyd and Janice, singing 'Naturally' At the end, Animal pounces on Floyd and starts licking him.

    Kermit: Oh, very nice job Selena!
    Selena Gomez: Thank you Kermit. (turns to Janice) Is he gonna be ok?
    Janice: Like, who? Animal or Floyd?
    Selena Gomez: Floyd.
    Janice: Oh yeah! Like, yeah, he'll be fine. Floyds' takin' Animal for an extra-walk with the Good Doctor. Fer sure.
    (Selena and Kermit nodd) (Then heard a loud thumping noise.)
    Kermit: What the heck was that?
    Selena Gomez: Whats going on?
    Janice: Like, I dunno?
    Fozzie comes running downstairs.
    Kermit: Fozzie! Whats going on up there?
    Fozzie: Thats what I came downstairs to tell you, Kermit. Scooter and Gonzo is upstairs with them.
    Janice: Who?
    Fozzie: Lips and Zoot. Hes ok, but hes hurt. He fell off the chair and can't get up.
    Kermit: Whos ok? And whos hurt?
    Fozzie: Zoot is ok, Lips got hurt.
    Kermit; Selena; Janice: WHAT???
    (Everyone runs upstairs to the band's dressing room)
    Kermit: Oh no!
    (Zoot was sitting next to Lips, holding his hand. Scooter and Gonzo were trying to lift the broken wood pieces of the chair off of Lips. Lips, however was moaning quietly in pain, he was a little bent.)
    Janice(Running towards Lips.): Like, are you ok, Lips?
    Lips shook his head.
    Janice: Zoot, like, what happened?
    Zoot: We were just practicing until one of the legs on his chair broke and he fell of pretty badly.
    Kermit: Scooter!
    Scooter(runs to Kermit): Yes cheif?
    Kermit: Tell Walter to play a few whistling songs until we get this sorted out.
    Scooter: You got it, boss. (runs off to find Walter.)
    Selena Gomez(gets most of the wood off Lips; carries Lips in her arms): Does it hurt?
    Lips nodds slowly.
    Zoot: Kermit, hows Lips gonna do his solo tonight?
    Lips(places an arm on Zoot's hat): Its ok, man. I can still try.
    Janice: Like, I dunno....you look pretty bad.
    Lips: I'll be fine.
    Fozzie(hands Lips his trumpet): Heres your trumpet. Try it out.
    Lips takes the trumpet and plays a little. Then stops
    Lips: Augh! Its no use! That chair must've pulled a mucsle in both of my hands! Now what am I gonna do?
    Selena Gomez: Take it easy Lips. You're gonna be fine. (turns to Kermit) I'll keep him in my dressing room Kermit.
    Kermit: Ok. I'll call a doctor to make a house....er....theater call.
    Janice: I'll like, call Floyd. Him and the boys might wanna hear about this.
    Zoot: I'll uh....um.....
    Fozzie: Tell Nigel what happened and Lips wont be playing.
    Zoot: Yeah. I knew that. (Leaves the room)
    Gonzo: I better go with him, just in case if he forgets what to tell Nigel. (ran out of room)
    Fozzie: I'll get Beau to clean up his act! Wocka Wocka!!!
    Kermit: Not now Fozzie. Just get Beau.
    Fozzie: Got it!

    Captin Link and Dr.Strangepork are rescuing First Mate Piggy, who was left in a muddy planet. Link and Strangepork had the ship to themselves and knew Piggy had the controls. So they flew in their spacesuits to the muddy planet and once they got Piggy on the ship, she karate chops both of them, saying that how stupid they thought on leaving her on the muddy planet with all of the male mud pigs, trying to make her kiss one of them. GROSS!

    Bunsen sets Beaker into a lava lamp mode, for the Electric Mayhem's debut. Until Beaker exploded and somehow turned himself into Janice, lucky for Beaker he still had his science gear on and he had his voice.

    Kermit talks to the band and Trumpet Girl; Bunsen and Beaker walk in.
    Kermit: Uh Bunsen, should you be getting Beaker back into his normal self?
    Bunsen: Not to worry Kermit. It wares off in a few hours. Nothing to worry about.
    Kermit: Oh good.
    Bunsen and Beaker walk off
    Floyd: Well, I don't have to worry about Jan-I mean Beaker. I'm more worried about Lips.
    Dr.Teeth: Positivly. Did you call that doctor, Kermit?
    Kermit: Yes, he's still here. Selena is watching Lips.
    A doctor comes out of the guest star's room
    Janice: Like, how is he?
    Doctor: He'll be good as new in a few weeks. Just two sprained ankles and wrists.
    Zoot: Will he be able to play tonight?
    Doctor: No I'm afraid not. Oh and uh, you all might want to talk to Lips and Miss Gomez, Lips is pretty upset.
    Kermit: What about Selena?
    Doctor: Shes comforting him.
    Dr.Teeth: Dont worry big green, we'll talk to them.
    Kermit: I hope so. Eeeesh.

    The Swedish Chef makes pastaleos. The meat and potatoes exploaded. The skin part burned onto his shoulders.

    The Newsman reports about the Electric Mayhem's debut. He said that the band said that the music will be so fenominal, it'll be falling on us perfectly. Then a huge, Electric Mayhem logo falls ontop of the Newsman.
    Newsman: Oh, so thats what they ment.

    Lips cries on Selena's shoulder; Selena rubs his back in a relaxing motion.
    Selena: Lips, its gonna be ok.
    Lips: Are you kidding? Selena, I've been looking foward to my solo all of my life. Tonight was supposed to be my night to perform to the band! (continues to cry on Selena's shoulder)
    Lips' crying became softer when there was a knock on the door.
    Selena: Come in.
    The Electric Mayhem(Animal is with Gonzo) and Trumpet Girl came in.
    Janice: Hey like, we heard about what happened about Lips, so we like, came in here.
    Trumpet Girl: Is he ok?
    Selena: Yeah, he's pretty bummed.
    Floyd(walks to Lips and places a hand on his back): Lips, buddy. We feel terrible about this.
    Lips: I know, I feel terrible mostly.
    Dr.Teeth: Oh man, now what are we gonna do? We still need a trumpeteer by the closing number!
    Lips: I'm sorry guys, this is all my fault. Today wouldn't been a disaster if I haven't fell off that chair. I messed up the debut, I blame myself.
    Selena: Lips. Its not your fault. It was the chair's fault.
    Lips hopped off Selena's lap and Zoot and Dr.Teeth catches him, then Lips cries on Dr.Teeth's shoulder slowly and softly.
    Dr.Teeth: Lips. Its ok. There there.
    Selena then had an idea.
    Selena: Trumpet Girl, come here. I have an idea.
    Trumpet Girl: You can call me Delores. And whats your idea?
    Selena: Take over Lips tonight! We wont tell Lips but he'll be surprised.
    Trumpet Girl: Your right, Selena. I'll take over.
    Selena: Good. You go tell Kermit and I'll stay here with the band and watch Lips.
    Trumpet Girl nodds and leaves the room with Lips' trumpet Selena walks up to Lips, who is still crying, but on Janice's shoulder.
    Selena: Lips? Would a song make you feel better?
    Lips nodds.

    Selena Gomez sing 'Year Without Rain'. Accompained by the Electric Mayhem and sung a little by a few pig-girls.
    Lips: Thanks Selena, I feel better now. Well....sort of.
    Selena(laughs): You're welcome. (hugs Lips)
    Lips: Oww!
    Selena: Sorry.

    MUSIC NUMBER: Rowlf and Selena Gomez sing 'Love You Like A Love Song'. Accompained by Zoot, Janice, Nigel, Miss Piggy, Walter, Annie Sue, Robin, and a few birds.

    Statler: You know what I love?
    Waldorf: Whats that?
    Statler: All of the lame sketches.
    Waldorf: Thats because they are lame.
    Both: Dohohohohohohoho!

    Kermit: Another very nice job, Selena.
    Selena: Thanks Kermit. Is Trumpet Girl ready?
    Kermit: Not sure. Oh here she comes now!
    Trumpet Girl comes down wearing a short, purple, mini dress. Black heels to match.
    Trumpet Girl: Well?
    Selena: Beautiful! You look perfect!
    Trumpet Girl: Thanks. Is Lips in the orchestra pit, Kermit?
    Kermit: Yes. He doesn't know that you have his trumpet. I wish you luck.

    Kermit: Ok, now for our final number on the Electric Mayhem's debut, the band's trumpeteer Lips, as you all know, broked both of his wrists and ankles. He was supposed to do a solo tonight, but now someone he knows is going to play for him. And Lips had been practicing a trumpet-version of one of Adele's songs just for his bandmates. So here she is, our trumbone player, Trumpet Girl!
    Lips: Wha?

    MUSIC NUMBER: Delores takes out Lips' trumpet and plays a romantic tone of 'Someone Like You' from the trumpet. She plays as hard as she can. During the song, the Electric Mayhem walked to Lips.
    Floyd: You practiced the song just for us?
    Lips nodds.
    Janice: Awwww Lips. Like, thats sooooo sweet of you!
    Zoot: I think you did a pretty nice job, you know, before what had happened.
    All: Zoot!!??
    Zoot: Sorry! Geeze!
    Lips: Its ok guys. I knew this day has meant to all of you.
    Dr.Teeth: I am positivly touched. Thank you Lips.
    Lips: No probs. Now if you guys excuse me, I'm goin' up there to see my girlfriend.
    Zoot: We'll help you up.
    The song was almost over. Trumpet Girl was surrounded by the Electric Mayhem and Lips. After the song, Lips stepped up and kissed Trumpet Girl on the cheek.
    Lips: You're awsome babe,
    Trumpet Girl: Thanks, but thank Selena. It was her idea.
    Lips: I'll thank her later. But you played it just like I did.
    They both shared a slender kiss.
    Audience: Awwwwwwwwwww......

    Kermit: Ok well this has been the twisted show we had in a while. But now for our goodbyes.
    Lips and Delores walk onstage.
    Lips: Kermit, the band wanted me to tell you that today was the best debut they had in years. They told me to thank you.
    Kermit: Oh tell them, your welcome.
    Trumpet Girl: You got it.
    Kermit: Anyway, lets bring out our very special guest star, Miss Selena Gomez!
    Selena Gomez comes out dressed as Lips!!!???
    Selena: Thanks for having me on tonight, Kermit.
    Kermit: No problem.
    Lips: Why are you dressed as me?
    Selena: Moral support.
    Lips: Ahh....got it. Anyway, thanks for cheering me up earlier.
    Selena: Your welcome Lips. (kisses him ontop of his head) Hope you feel better.
    Lips: Thanks.
    Kermit: Well, see you next time on the Muppet Show!
    (Kermit, Selena Gomez, Lips and Trumpet Girl are surrounded by Floyd, Janice, Dr.Teeth, Animal and Zoot)

    Hope you like it! BTW, I take Muppet Show guest star requests. They have to be future stars!
  2. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Heres one with Ross Lynch!!! This'll be really good!

    Scooter: (knocks on the door; peaks head through door) Oh Ross! Ross Lynch! Fifteen seconds 'till curtain, Ross!

    Ross: (combs down bangs with his small, black comb) Hey thanks, Scooter! This'll is so great being with the Muppets!

    Scooter: Huh, I bet your family's proud, eh?

    Ross: Yeah....but I bet my bros and sister are jealous now!



    Gonzo: (blows trumpet and out came lightning bolts and striking his head)


    Kermit: Thank you, thank you! Hi Ho and welcome to the Muppet Show! Where there are new Muppets joining us day and night.....well, mostly night, actually. Our very special guest here tonight is singer and actor from the Disney channel show, 'Austin and Ally'...Ross Lynch!

    Audience: Oooohhh...

    Kermit: Yes! But first! An act from the Frog Scouts!

    MUSIC ACT: The scene takes place in the woods, with the fire in the middle surrounding the Frog Scouts, burning in the night. The Frog Scouts surround the fireplace. The sing the 'Camp Fire Song Song' from SpongeBob. Little Robin sings mostly throughout.


    Kermit: Ok. Very nice job, Frog Scouts!

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  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I can imagine Robin singing this song. LOL! I love Robin! He is so cute!
  4. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Finishin' Ross's story!

    Robin: Thanks, Uncle Kermit!

    (Floyd walks in)

    Floyd: What up, my li'l green friend?

    Kermit: Oh hi Floyd. Hey uh, Dr.Teeth told me that you guys have a new member of the band, now. Congrats!

    Floyd: Thanks Kerm. She's Dr.Teeth's ex-girlfriend. We met her the night when you took us all to Jhonny's Pasta Place one time.

    Kermit: Really! Well, I would love to meet her.

    Floyd: That'll be good, boss man. But uh, don't you have to announce the guest star?

    Kermit: (remembers) OH RiGHT!!!! (rushes to the intercom) ALRIGHT, ALL PEOPLE ON STAGE FOR ROSS LYNCH'S NUMBER!!! (leaves onstage)

    Floyd: Heh heh, and they call Zoot forgetful.


    Kermit: Ladies and gentlemen, ROSS LYNCH, YAYYYYYYY!

    Ross's number takes place at an Italian restaurant. Ross performs "Billion Hits" accompined by the Electric Mayhem, Rowlf, Trumpet Girl, Nigel, and a few penguins.


    Statler: Oh, ya know, I know how many things are in a billion.

    Waldorf: Really? What are they?

    Statler: These lame acts!

    Both: DOhoohohohoho

    The patient is a horse who fell through on a bad cold. Nurse Janice kept silent while Nurse Piggy and Dr. Bob argue on what to do with him since they have no cure to give him. It continues on until Nurse Janice says, "Like, knock it off!"


    Kermit: Ok, nice job you three.

    (Dr.Teeth, Zoot, and Lips walk in along with a female Muppet with light blue skin, long navy blue hair, small teardrop nose, large half open eyes with 3 lashes and purple eyelids, and her smile was short like Lips')

    Dr.Teeth: Yo Kermit! Wanna met her or what?

    Kermit: Uh sure!

    Zoot: Kermit, this is Leah.

    Dr.Teeth: She's our 4th lead singer and also a brass player.

    Kermit: Nice to meet you, Leah.

    Leah: You too, big green.

    Kermit: No offence, but she seems shy.

    Zoot: It's her first day, she's been nervous since this mornin'.

    Kermit: Well, uh. I'll assure you Leah, that everyone is very nice. You'll fit in.

    (Crazy Harry comes running and Mean Mama was chasing him.)

    Kermit: Not to mention wild and out of control.

    Leah: I usually just deal with it, Kermit.

    Dr.Teeth: Positivly.

    Kermit: Say Leah, the band is performing next, how about you join with them?

    Leah: Well, if it's ok with D.T, it's ok with me.

    Zoot; Lips; Kermit; Dr.Teeth: Who?

    Leah: I was referin' D.T to Dr.Teeth.

    Zoot; Lips; Kermit: Ooooohhhh...

    Dr.Teeth: It's definetly ok with me, Lee.

    Leah sings the theme song of 'Austin and Ally' The band plays behind her. At the end, Lips accidently blows his trumpet into Leah's ear. She ended up falling on the ground.


    (Zoot walks in with Leah on his back)

    Kermit: Leah! Are you ok? I'm sure he didn't mean to do that.

    Leah: It's ok, Kermit. It was just an accident. I'll be fine. I just need to relax.

    Bunsen experiments on a plain pharana plant. It was supposed to turn into a turnip, though it turned into a Super Mario Pharana Plant and ate some of Bunsens expriments.

    ROSS'S Dressing RoOM:

    (Ross was brushing his hair)

    *knock knock knock*

    Ross: C'mon in!

    (Lips walks in)

    Ross: Hi! Who are you?


    Ross: Oh wait, I know you! You're that guy who plays trumpet in the orchestra and Electric Mayhem, right?

    Lips: (nods) mmhmm.

    Ross: Shy guy, huh?

    Lips: (nods)

    Ross: (places hand on Lips' back) Tell me, why're so shy?

    Lips: (shrugs)

    Ross: Well, theres gotta be some reason....um.....oh I got it! Stage fright!

    Lips: (slightly nods and shrugs)

    Ross: Ok, how 'bout c-camera shy?

    Lips: (slowly nods)

    Ross: Hey man, there's no need to mess up. Besides you play great, you sing awesome. You've got the talent!

    Lips: (nods a little bit)

    Ross: (smiles) Hey, if it makes you feel better, you can talk to me! I mean, there's gotta be someone on this show you can talk to.

    Lips:......(sigh).....the band.....

    Ross: You talk to your bandmates a lot?

    Lips: (nods) Sometimes.

    Ross: Ya see? Now do ya feel better....uh....uh..

    Lips: Lips.

    Ross: Right, Lips. See? Doesn't it feel good to let out your shyness?

    Lips: I guess.

    Ross: How 'bout a song?

    Lips: I'd like that.

    (Ross and Lips both sing 'Send It On' by the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. Robin, Wayne, Wanda, Janice, Dr.Teeth, Zoot, Animal, Floyd, and Trumpet Girl join in.)

    Kermit: Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, Mr. Ross Lynch! Yay!!!!


    Ross Lynch perfoms 'Not a love song'. Accompined by the Electric Mayhem, a few pengquins, and Lew Zealand.


    Kermit: Ok, this show must come to an end somehow, but before we go, lets bring out Ross Lynch! YAY!!!

    (Ross Lynch comes out, along with the Electric Mayhem, Walter, Leah, and Trumpet Girl)

    Ross: Thanks for invitin' me on the show, Kermit. I had an awesome time.

    Kermit: Oh, good!

    Ross: I especially like hangin' with Lips, here.

    Lips: (nods; looks at the camera) *gasps* (starts shaking)

    Ross: Lips, it's ok, man.

    Lips: *takes in deep breath* (gives a thumbs up and a peace sign.)

    Kermit: Uh, ok! We'll see you all next time on the Muppet Show!
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  5. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    More Please! These are rully good!!!
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  6. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    You should SO do One Direction!!! I luv them!!!
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  7. kathy26

    kathy26 Member

    hi there is there a way you can do a muppet show with Justin Bieber

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