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Five Ball Cha-Cha

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Go 'head andrew! Woo that girl!

    Fozzie's not single. I married him. XD

    And who couldn't love the playfulness between our favorite muppet couple?
    Statler and Waldorf, thats who.

    More please!
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hello childrens! So, to be fair, I had the first part of this finished yesterday, but I thought it a little short, so I added a bit more. This is our official last chapter of 5 Ball, however an epilogue is to follow.


    Backstage after the Muppet Show was just as hectic as it was before and during the show. Almost immediately, acts got to work on discussing their failings during this show or coming up with ideas for the next show or trying to pitch their ideas for the next show.

    When you’re a member of the Muppets, it was to be expected.

    Scooter, for his part, always tried to have one eye and one ear on anyone that came up to him, while simultaneously trying to speak to Kermit to let him know what needed to be done as soon as they left. Tonight however, it was clear that the red head was obviously distracted, as he kept looking around to see if his girlfriend had shown up yet.

    It was their tradition that when she saw the show on Sundays, she would head backstage in order to wait for him and tell everyone that they did a good job that night. Because of the circumstances tonight, Scooter was more than eager to find her and see her. He had hoped the way she had smiled at him during intermission had meant his first song had met with her approval and he wasn’t even sure how she was going to react after he did the last song of the night.

    He didn’t need to wait long.

    Catching a familiar shock of red hair out of the corner of his eye, he saw her speaking to Robin as he helped to put some of the scenery away. The young frog had helped to win over their audience tonight, there was no doubt about that and he was sure that Kermit – and Piggy – had been aware of just how many teenaged girls were in the crowd as well. For the moment, he pushed that aside in order to concentrate on the woman that had rapidly captured his heart.

    Scooter hadn’t even been aware that he had broken off a conversation with Zoot before he had quickly made his way over to the Whatnot. Robin, who obviously knew some romantic moment was about to take place, excused himself to hurry after Sweetums and the other monsters as soon as he saw his mentor’s approach.



    “Did…uh…did you see the show?”


    “Oh,” he said, nervously. Of course, she had seen the show or else she wouldn’t be here! Duh! “Did you…did you see my acts?”


    “Oh good,” he replied, nodding quickly. “What did you…?”

    Any further response was cut off by his lips meeting hers. Amanda had been speechless, enamored, giddy, and happy all at once after she had seen the musical pieces he had chosen. She hadn’t been really sure what she was going to say, but she knew what she was going to do. Just as she predicted, Scooter had been quite nervous, wondering if her reaction was the one he was hoping for, and he stood there, trying to ask the question and say the words, that she answered for him.

    By grabbing him by the tie and kissing him.

    There was something to be said about knowing someone so well, that you were both on the same wavelengths. Scooter certainly had known that, being with the Muppets since he was a teen; he and Kermit almost instinctively knew what the other was going to say before saying it and he had gotten into a practiced routine of knowing schemes before Piggy told them to him.

    He had never had the same sense of that outside the group until he had met Amanda.

    As he had hoped, she had known what he had been trying to say and as they kissed right in the middle of backstage, heedless to the whistles, cheers, and cat calls that went up around them, they both knew what this feeling was between them.

    “I love you,” they breathed, once they had both come up for air. Saying it had been one thing, but hearing it was something completely different and it felt like an electrical current had swept through both of them.

    “Disgusting,” murmured a figure next to them. “Such a display! Need I remind you that children come to these things, though I cannot fathom what responsible parent would allow their child into one of our…shows.”

    “Back off me, Sam,” Scooter retorted, though his eyes and mind were focused on the woman in his arms.

    “Oh Samuel,” replied a sweet and heavenly voice from above. “Moi just saw the rat and the shrimp holding a betting pool just off stage.”

    “What?” the eagle huffed. “They know I take offense to gambling within these walls.”

    “Oh they know,” continued the voice. “But when Moi told them that, they said they didn’t care. Well, vous can imagine how utterly shocked Moi was that they would take such a disparaging stance against you, the very thing that keeps our morals in check.”

    “Quite right, Miss Piggy,” Sam nodded. “I shall go find those hooligans and put a stop to it this instance. Thank you, madam, for notifying me of this issue.”

    As the eagle walked off to take care of a betting pool that may or may not have been happening, Scooter turned to look up slightly. As he suspected, Piggy was leaning against the stair railing, obviously heading up to her dressing room.

    “My soul,” he said. “So totally yours. Forever!”

    “So totally already know that,” she quipped, continuing her trek upstairs.

    “You don’t mind, do you?” he asked, turning his attention back to the red head. “That Piggy, and ultimately Janice and Camilla, own parts of my soul?”

    “As long as I get the rest of you,” she murmured against his lips. “I don’t mind.”

    And then he kissed her.


    While the rest of the cast and crew got to go home almost as soon as the show, or even their acts, were over, there was usually still some activity that took place afterwards. The director and stage manager usually never left until everyone else had gone and even still, the janitorial staff – which just consisted of Beauregard and the rats – stayed to clean up the theater and then lock up.

    With tonight being Valentine’s, many of the Muppets headed off to take advantage of a still young night in which to either court their paramours or enjoy the single life by hopefully meeting others in the same boat. Others, like Robin, had plans to help put away set designs and scenery before hopefully heading out with his friends for a short night.

    “Please?” he asked, using cute pollywog eyes on his uncle.

    Kermit took a breath and held it for a bit, his face stony before the sight of his teenage nephew. The frog wasn’t opposed to the boy going out and having fun, however with it being Sunday and tomorrow being a school day, he did think he should be a little sterner than he may have been in the past. Especially if his nephew planned on accompanying some of the pretty teenaged girls that were waiting for him outside.

    “Homework’s done?” he asked.

    “Yes, sir.”

    “You know curfew’s ten o’clock?”

    “Could it be eleven o’clock?” the boy asked, hopefully.

    “Nine fifty-nine.”

    “Oh c’mon, Uncle Kermit,” the young frog whined, good naturedly. “What about ten thirty?”

    “Alright,” Kermit muttered, shooing the frog away from the hug he received. “Where ya gonna be?”

    “We’re thinking of hitting dinner at the Clique,” Robin said.

    “That’s right by Schotsky’s,” Rowlf replied, as he walked by. “Fozzie and I are headed there after we get things put away. Want me to give him a ride home?”

    “Rowlf, I don’t need a ride.”

    “I’m not talking to you,” the dog said, pulling Robin in for a noogie.

    “Keep an eye on him, if you will,” Kermit said, much to the teenager’s annoyance.

    Robin knew his uncle wasn’t being unreasonable, but it was his job as a teenager to be as non-compliant as possible. “Aw man,” he huffed.

    “Get going,” Kermit said, nodding his head towards the waiting caravan. “Ten thirty. You can give Rowlf a call when you want to come home.”

    “I will.”

    “Have a good time,” he whispered. “And stay out of trouble!”

    The young frog ran off, throwing open the door to the circle – and what Kermit would call a gaggle – of girls who had been waiting for him. “And speaking of trouble,” he said, seeing Scooter and Amanda appear at his side. “I won’t keep you long, promise.”

    “No worries, Chief,” the red head said, smiling at the frog. “What’s the hurry anyway? Got a hot date?”

    “As a matter of fact,” Kermit replied. “I do. So if you don’t mind, I want to wrap this up as quickly as possible.”
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  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ha! Scooter's soul always belonged to Piggy. He realizes it now! Ha!
    And I love the end! Kermit DOES have a hot date. And we all know who it is! More please!
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here is the conclusion to the chapter before I get down to work. Epilogue is next and then this baby is in the bag!

    Fozzie and Rowlf's tradition is a real one - for me anyway, as it was something my friends and I did when I still lived in Tucson.

    Saying that they would be finished soon was always the intention, but what usually happened when Kermit and Scooter got together to discuss anything business related, it would spiral out of control until fifteen minutes became two hours. In this particular case, however, Scooter was more and more anxious to get this over with.

    He had his arm slung over the shoulders of his girlfriend, while she was nestled tightly against his side; he had taken off and given her his jacket when he noticed the small shiver that seemed to go through her. That left him a bit vulnerable to the way her fingers had somehow found his bare side under his shirt, where she had been lightly stroking for the past five minutes. The gesture, coupled with her being so close, and smelling so very good, and looking so very good, and loving him as much as he loved her was driving him to distraction.

    Now, Scooter liked Kermit. In some semblance of the affection, he even loved the frog probably more than an employee should feel about his boss, but the red head really wished he would stop talking. The red head was a fairly patient guy and he had been waiting, patiently, for a break in the conversation to politely ask to leave.

    He was now at the point of trying to come up with a better way of saying, “Kermit, while all of this is fascinating, I have a distinct feeling that my girlfriend plans on seducing me as soon as we get to the car and maybe just as soon as we leave here, so I would very much like you to stop talking and let me leave.

    Kermit, for his part, knew he was rambling a bit and had been for about ten minutes. Oh, all of this was important, but to say that his mind was on work would have been a lie. Truthfully, he was thinking about Piggy and they fact that they were celebrating Valentine’s Day together for the first time in several years and though he was looking forward to it, he was a bit apprehensive.

    Things had been going so very well for them lately and the frog couldn’t lie that having a combination of returning loved ones and new beginnings for others had his mind whirling in different directions. This relationship of theirs had been full of starts and stops and nothing thanks to him and this new growth that they were experiencing was…was, well wonderful.

    But old insecurities seemed to wielding their ugly heads; if what he was thinking and hoping at this moment came true, what would it mean? One of the reasons he had been so very hesitant with their relationship was that, should it fail, everything could fall apart. Which ironically, was exactly what happened when they did fall apart. Did he really want to take that chance again, after everything they did to get their studios and their name back?

    Yes. Yes, he did.

    The answer came to him almost as easy as it was to say his name. Perhaps in the past, he would’ve said no, that he couldn’t risk it, couldn’t risk loving everything they had built over the years. But ultimately, the Muppets had fallen apart, just as he and Piggy had. He had literally lost everything and in some all-powerful, great world, he had gotten it back again and he couldn’t afford to make the same mistakes.

    He wasn’t willing to make those mistakes again.

    It had taken forever, but Kermit had finally decided that yes, he was willing, wanting, and able to take the chance that, should the Muppets fall again, he at least would have his leading lady by his side, the way she had always been by his side, even when he hadn’t noticed or when he didn’t want her there.

    Snapping himself back into the present, the frog seriously could not remember what he was he and the stage manager were talking about, much less what they had been speaking about for…he didn’t even know how long. What he did know was that Scooter and Amanda were sharing looks with each other that practically screamed, “we’re five seconds from ripping the other’s clothes off” and quite frankly, Kermit had been thinking the same thing earlier with his girlfriend.

    “Alright,” he said, shooing the two towards the door. “Get out.”

    “What?” Scooter asked, confused.

    “Get out,” the frog repeated. “The two of you are practically screaming that you want out, so go. Get out. Go home and do whatever it is that you plan on doing, that I don’t want to know about any further than you going home.”

    “You’re just saying this cause you have a date,” the red head mocked.

    “That I do and if I let you keep me here any longer, I’m going to late,” Kermit said. “And if I’m late, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

    “Which means I’ll never hear the end of it,” the manager finished.

    The frog nodded. “Exactly,” he said. “Now, have a good night, enjoy your time together. Scooter, no meeting tomorrow, but maybe lunch, okay? Then we can finish or restart whatever it was we were pretending to discuss.”

    “Righteo, Boss.”

    Smiling at each other, the two lovebirds headed out of the theater. “Kids,” the frog muttered, shaking his head and grinning.


    The theater was winding down, with only a few people left inside. Most of the fans and audience had left about twenty minutes ago, while Bobo, Beau, and the rats were starting their nightly rounds of making sure that the theater was locked up tight and was clean for the next show.

    Fozzie and Rowlf were headed out for their singles dinner that had been a tradition between the group, that is until the relationships had solidified themselves leaving just the two. However, not wanting to actively hang a sign on such a thing as a ‘singles night on Valentine’s Day’, they instead celebrated the statehood of Arizona, which was signed into the Union on Valentine’s in 1912.

    Forgetting that celebrating a state’s birthday that wasn’t the one they were all living in was of course, not the point of the activity.

    As the bear and dog headed towards the door, the diva herself began to make her way downstairs. “Hey Piggy!” Fozzie called to her. “Rowlf and I going to celebrate Arizona’s 300th birthday at Schotsky’s. You wanna come with?”

    “Sorry boys,” she replied, apologetically. “But Moi has a date.”

    “Oh yeah,” Rowlf said, stopping in his tracks. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

    Pointing over their heads, she said, “Short, green, and handsome over there.”

    Both Fozzie and Rowlf turned to where she pointed, seeing the slim figure of Kermit standing by that old desk of his backstage. Smiling, the frog tilted his head towards them in acknowledgement, which was answered by similar nods from the two.

    “Well, well, well,” the dog muttered, coming around to offer Piggy his hand in order to escort her down. “Heard a lot about that guy. Seems nice.”

    “He’s the nicest,” Fozzie added.

    As Piggy hit the last step and began to move past Rowlf, he whispered, “Do try to behave yourself.”

    “Funny,” she retorted. “That’s what I was going to say to you.”

    “No meeting tomorrow, guys,” Kermit reminded. “Ten-thirty, Rowlf.”

    “No worries, Kermit,” the dog replied, as he and Fozzie headed. “I’ll get the kid back in time for his bedtime story.”

    “Very funny.”

    “I thought so.”

    “Share that with Robin,” the diva quipped. “I’m sure he’d enjoy it too.”

    “Oh yeah, he will,” Rowlf answered. “Especially when I tell him you two said it.”

    “Good night!” Kermit exclaimed, hearing only the chuckles of the pianist as they left.
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  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm, me likes this all. Sorry I didn't reply when the first part was posted, or yesterday for that matter. Got caught in a Burton movie marathon on ABC Family while plotting and planning some things. That, plus a sizeable update to KG you should go and read yourself.

    *Laughs at the celebrating of Arizona's statehood.
    *Glad that frog and pig have a date.
    *Anticipating what you put into the epilogue.
    *Smiles at the image of Scoot and Mandy.

    Please post when possible.
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    You make moi melt with those words you type.
    I love it!
    Post when possible, like count said.
  7. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    Love it, ecspecially the bit about celebrating Arizona's birthday. And I smiled when Fozzie said that Kermit was the nicest. *eagerly anticipates more*
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It's a snowy day here in Denver! So how's about a little steam to make you all toasty warm? Here's the epilogue for story; Mr. Count Halloween Guy, you know what to do!


    The morning on February 15th came with a bit of sunshine. The weather, which had been cool for the last few months, seemed to be literally thawing and making way for at least a sunny day that would hold temperatures of at least sixty degrees.

    Scooter awoke at his normal time, around sixty-thirty, though his body more than complained that the warmth and coziness of his bed would be lost to him should he decide to get out of it. Rubbing some of the sleep from his eyes, the red head rolled over to his back and stretched, ready to take the day on before stopping and narrowing his eyes.

    This was not his bedroom.

    It was one thing to wake up alone, something that Scooter had often done, but it was something completely different to wake up alone in someone else’s room and someone else’s bed. His eyes began to frantically search around for clues to where he was, while his brain tried to index exactly where he was, what he had done, and who he had done it with. His eyes fixed on something silky and green, which prompted a flood of memories to his brain, causing him to smile.

    Oh yeah. He remembered now.

    The sleepiness and panic that he had been experiencing only a short time ago disappeared, as steamy remembrances rose up in his mind. He was in his girlfriend’s apartment, which logically meant that he had awoken in her bed. The smell of breakfast was slowly filling his nostrils and senses, concluding that it must be she who was cooking. Stretching once more, Scooter ambled out of bed.

    It was only a short walk from the bedroom to that of the kitchen/dining room combo and as expected, Scooter found his beautiful girlfriend standing at the stove, making breakfast. She had stolen the black dress shirt he had worn the night before and the stage manager was hard pressed not to immediately run over and take her in his arms.

    Their Valentine’s night had been a mix of passion, exploration, and comfort; oh, they hadn’t completely cemented their relationship in a fully intimate manner, but they had done things, really good and fun things, and Scooter wouldn’t be lying when he said he hoped they could do those good and fun things again, soon, and on a more frequent level.

    Standing and watching her now, Scooter was filled with emotion; he had never felt this way about anyone before and certainly, there were very few girls who felt this intense about him. He loved this woman, with every fiber of his felt being. He loved her.

    Walking over her, he wrapped his arms around her from behind, hugging her tightly when she leaned back fully in his embrace. “Good morning,” she whispered, humming when she felt his lips brush across her neck.

    “Morning,” he said, nuzzling her softly. “Love you.”

    “I love you, too,” she sighed. “So much so that I’ve made your favorite for breakfast.”

    Lifting his head, he noticed the plate of pancakes that sat off to the side, and that she was in the process of flipping one on the small skillet she owned. “Now I definitely love you.”

    Chuckling, she turned the oven off, flipping the last pancake onto the readymade stack and moving the skillet to a back burner before she turned in his arms to give him a proper good morning kiss. Sighing in delight, she murmured, “A girl could get used to this.”

    “So could a guy,” he answered, dropping another kiss on her lips. “I’m gonna need my shirt back at some point today.”

    Groaning in disappointment, she pouted and said, “But I like your shirt.”

    “So do I,” he chuckled. “And I like you in my shirt…and out of it.”

    A smug smile formed on her face as she pressed herself closer to him. “I can tell.” Kissing him again, she then hugged him tightly. “When do I have to let you go?”

    “Only for lunch,” he said. “But I’ll have to leave early, as I have to hit home and change.”

    “You know your life would be easier if you just left some of your stuff here.”

    The very suggestion made the red head tighten his hold on her; so he wasn’t the only person who wanted to experience last night again. The suggestion that he keep extra clothes in her apartment could only mean one thing – that she was of equal mind on his waking up in her home.

    Pulling back to look at her, he whispered, “I’m definitely going to do that.”

    “So am I,” she replied, smirking.

    It’s one thing when your girlfriend suggests that you spend more of your nights with her, in her home; it’s another delight to discover that she wants to spend equal time in your home as well.

    Needless to say, the pancakes were cold by the time they actually sat down for breakfast.


    Kermit hadn’t given him a specific time at which to come over for lunch, but it was such a frequent occurrence that Scooter assumed the frog had meant between twelve-thirty and one o’clock in the afternoon. Scooter was already running late as it was – trying to get his shirt back had proved…agreeable, if not distracting. Amanda had looked fantastic in his shirt and in case he thought the night before had been a dream, she had looked equally fantastic when he had gotten her out of the shirt.

    That had been a rather…productive thirty minutes spent wisely.

    He then of course had to rush back to his apartment in order to shower and change – Amanda’s suggestion of showering there had been tempting until the prospect of her joining him put him back another fifteen minutes – before speeding off towards Beverly Hills. He running about fifteen minutes behind when he finally pulled up into the driveway, getting out and grabbing his laptop bag as he did.

    Using the key that Piggy had given him long ago, he made his way through the front door. Fully expecting one or both of the home’s occupants to be waiting for him in the living room or at least sitting at the table, the red head was a bit shocked to note how quite it was. He smelled coffee, so he knew someone must be up and therefore, his first stop was the kitchen.

    Piggy stood at the kitchen island, taking her first sip of the morning’s coffee, still dressed in a fluffy blue robe. Nodding to the page as he placed his bag within the table booth across from it, she greeted him with, “Good morning, Scooter.”

    “Afternoon, Piggy.”

    Looking at the young Muppet in confusion, she turned her head to look at the clock on the nearby microwave. Sure enough, the time stated it was nearly one-thirty in the afternoon and not the ten o’clock in the morning that she thought it was. “Huh,” she murmured. “Didn’t realize what time it was.”

    “Are you just getting up?” he queried, going to the fridge to look for the cream they usually kept for him and Fozzie for their coffee.

    Watching him as he went through the motions of making his umpteenth cup of coffee for the day, Piggy replied, “Moi had a very late night.”

    “I’m sure you did,” he retorted. “Please, say no more.”

    “You’re one to talk,” she smirked. Flicking at the very visible love bite that was on his neck, she said, “You either had a very…productive night or you have some really large mosquitos in that apartment of yours.”

    Wincing at the sting, the red head tried to rub the pain away. “I wasn’t at my apartment last night,” he muttered.

    “Do tell.”

    “Get your mind out of the gutter,” he retorted. Nodding to her own love bite, she quipped, “Those mosquitos, as you say, obviously must be aware that you live here.”

    Chuckling, the diva replied, “Oh, this isn’t from a mosquito. Frogs do bite, you know.”

    “No, I didn’t know.”

    “Is there nothing sacred between the two of you?”

    “No,” the two answered. Turning, Scooter saw the familiar form of Kermit digging through the fridge, looking for something.

    “Mornin’ Scooter.”

    “Afternoon, Boss.”

    The frog immediately popped his head from the fridge and looked at his assistant. “What?” he asked, surprised. Both Scooter and Piggy pointed to the microwave clock, which displayed the time at a little after one-thirty. “Geez, that’s pretty darn late,” he muttered. Looking at his page, he asked, “I assume you’ve had breakfast then?”

    “Yes, I did,” the red head answered, immediately taking out his phone and dialing. “And I’m figuring that neither of you did, so I – Scooter the Magnificent – am going to rectify that for you.”

    “You’re an angel,” Kermit replied, walking past and heading towards the coffee cup that Piggy was holding out for him. “A bratty angel, but an angel none the less. Did you get bit by something?”

    “Something called Amanda,” Piggy giggled.

    “I don’t want to know.”

    “If only your live in wife felt the same way,” the page retorted, moving quickly out of reach of the diva, who had been making an aim for him.

    “I think you’re more brat than angel,” she quipped.

    “Keep that up and you won’t get a treat,” he shot back, smiling as he headed out onto the patio to place an order for delivery.

    It was funny how things seemed to change, but always remained. Scooter didn’t know what the rest of the year held, for either him and Amanda or him and the Muppets, but at this moment, things couldn’t be better.
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  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Blinks. Thaz it? Kinda felt, meh, never mind.
    *Ish pleasantly melted by the Scoomanda coupling
    :flirt: Rully?
    You try coming up with one of those derpy celebrity name-mashings for them then Ms. Bennington.

    And then to have the same outcome at the The Frogs estate, well, you earned some of these ghost cookies.
    :insatiable: No chocolate chips?
    Go ask Angelo, he's the one who made the recipe with you dude.

    *Looks forward to what's next, either Motocross or Bogen County Crown or 4-Ball.
  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Frogs bite. At least she was being honest. Ha.

    I vote motorcross next...
    No wait...
    Bogen county...
  11. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Very, very sweet! "Fic is lahk a box'a choklits..." Er...no. No it isn't. Shut up.

    Your banter is well-writ and never fails to amuse me. I think you've taken Gonzo's lechery to a height (a depth? a sinkth?) which I hadn't previously assumed existed, but there's enough of it in canon to allow me to accept your version of him. And I have to admit, the exchanges between him and Piggy over his secret marriage were funny and well-timed.

    Could absolutely picture Scooter going all-out to tell his girl (in song, of course -- don't all Muppets? :)) how he felt. This is a sweet little romance, and a nice break for me from my own rollercoaster-adventure writing! Thanks so much for posting it. :news:

  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    No, it ends kinda abruptly. I did note that, but *shrugs* there was nothing more to say. And really, in my series, sometimes the end of one thing carries on to the start of the next story (as the last one did).

    I think Gonzo's my little inner junior high kid, cause of the dirty lines I think up go right to him. Now of course, I wrote more Rizzo in my stuff, they would go to him. I'm also liking my Gonzo/Piggy frienemy pairing; they really are the most unlikely friends, but they're also loyal (as we'll see later)

    I actually have no idea if real frogs bite, but something fuzzy from a Nat Geo that I watch years ago tells me that they do. And really in any case, this one does.

    Motocross is actually up next, cause I have that planned already. I just kinda needed a break from it and in an ironic sense, I apparently break from writing by doing more writing.

    I do however a question for you in terms of 4 Ball Fox Trot, the next story in this series. Regardless of the direction, our '4' in this case are Scoomanda and Kermiggy (or Amanter and Pigmit) but I now have three different story lines for them and I'd like to know which one sounds better -

    #1. The Murder Mystery Storyline - the original storyline I had for 4 Ball. To make up for the disasterous dinner date from 7 Ball, the two couples go on a real 'double date' only to become amatuer detectives in a murder mystery.

    #2. The HIMYM Storyline - based on an episode from How I Met Your Mother, new couple Scoomanda seek couple time with the experts Pigmit, who actually don't do couple things. After 'dumping' the young couple, the pig/frog duo are heart sick to learn that the younger Muppet pair have moved on to hanging out with other couples.

    #3. The Snowed In Storyline - this one is just based on the fact that it's snowing in Denver and it's BF cold and for some reason, my mind went to the four being snowed in during a trip of some sort.

    Okay, those are your choices and this really is a 'which one of these looks more interesting?' questions cause I don't know.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    If those are our choices, then I vote for Option C.
    Pops: Very popular choice.
    *Swats fly down onto the desk, netting nothing but air.
  14. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Well, the double date and the snowed in one sounds cool.

    However, I don't know why, but what if they got in a fight if they get snowed in?
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    That was my thought too, that some sort of fight would happen. Ironically, IIRC, this was also an idea that was sorta brought on by, of course, another Designing Women episode.
  16. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    The third option sounds the most interesting to me.
  17. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Huh. So far, #3 seems to be the winner here, which is ironic cause this is the one that is the least realized (ie - just an idea that's not fully formed), but I will go with the masses here cause, why not?

    And I'm sure the colder it gets, the more tempting this will be. I may make the other two a part of the One Shots I've got going. Thanks much!

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