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Family Reunion

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Warning, Miss Piggy is beaten by her mother, frequently in this story, up until a certain point. So I suppose viewer discretion is advised. But Don't worry, it's not really that discriptive. So, just enjoy the story.

    Family Reunion
    Chapter One- Miss Piggy and Kermit's family
    It was that time of year again. The Muppets were preparing for their semi-Annual Family reunion. Everyone was setting up matresses, and fixing up the couches so they look nice.
    Miss Piggy hated this time of year. The only living family she had was her mother that hated her, her conceided cousin, Spamela, and her idiot nephews, Randy and Andy. They weren't that fun to hang around with.
    Jaz loved it. She finally gets to see her cousin, Jay. She couldn't wait to tell her about the excitment she's been through, in the little time she's been working at the theatre.
    Fozzie was scared. He hasn't told his mom about him and Jaz yet, and Jaz thinks that he has. His mom was always strict about women. He didn't want his mom to judge her.
    Gonzo wouldn't be able to see his family this year. They were celebrating the intergalactic spawning season of cosmic knowledge fish. It was a very important holiday for his kind.
    Kermit, really got to see a piece of his family everytime Robin came to stay with him. It would be nice if his whole family could come, but it would take up too much room. Instead, his close family was coming. That, at the least, was five people.
    Just as Kermit was helping Jaz fix up the couch, there was a knock at the door. "I got it!" Jaz yelled. When she opened the door, it was Spamela, Randy, and Andy. "Hi Spamela!" Jaz greeted. Spamela pushed her aside.
    "Where's my Linky Poo?"
    Jaz raised her eyebrow. "Uh... In his room." At that moment, Spamela ran for Link's room. "Uh... What's up you guys?" Jaz asked.
    "Well at the moment, we are trying to figure out which one of us is Andy, and which one of us is Randy." Randy explained. "Oh brother. PIGGY! YOUR FAMILY IS HERE!!!" Jaz yelled.
    Miss Piggy walked into the room.
    "Why should I care?"
    "Because it's your family!"
    "Because you love your family?"
    Miss Piggy lowered her head. "That may be..." She turned around. "But I don't recall them ever loving me." Miss Piggy slowly made her way towards her room. Just before Jaz was about to shut the door, An elderly pig, with a british accent walked up to the doorway. "Hi, can I help you, ma'am?" Jaz asked politely. "I'm here for the family reunion." The woman said. "Oh... Um... Who are you related to? Link? Annabelle?"
    "I am the mother of Piggy Lee. Please refer to me as Ms. Lee." Ms. Lee said.
    "Y-You're Miss Piggy's mom? But... But you're british! Piggy's not british!" Jaz stuttered.
    "Yes... Her American accent comes from her late father, Frank. Now where is that brat of mine?"
    "Um... In her room. It's the one with the pink door. Can't miss it! Um... Enjoy your stay and such..." Jaz blushed.
    "Thank You..." Ms. Lee then made her way towards the door. Jaz went to go finish fixing the couch. Kermit went to go get his pie out the oven. As he smelled it, it reminded him of home. It was his mom's famous shoe fly pie. Only frogs found it edible. As Kermit took it out of the oven, Piggy, and her mother were entering the kitchen. "...And that is exactly why you were not allowed to wear that trashy shade you're wearing now! Oh, who's this?" Ms. Lee asked.
    "Um... This is Kermit."
    "THAT'S Kermit? He's more woman-like than you!" Ms. Lee laughed. Kermit was confused. "Um... What?"
    "Piggy Lee has told me so much about you! Or at least her diary has."
    "You read my diary?" Miss Piggy growled.
    "Did you just raise your voice at me? That's it Piggy Lee!" Ms. Lee pulled Miss Piggy out of the room by her ear. Kermit was still confused. However, he did hear Piggy yelp constantly. Then, Ms. Lee, and Piggy Lee, re-entered the room. Miss Piggy was crying, trying to wipe her tears before Kermit had a chance to notice.
    But he noticed.
    "Miss Piggy, are you alright?" He asked.
    "I-I'm fine Kermie." Piggy lied. Ms. Lee then left the room. After she left, Kermit walked over to her, and lifted her head up. "Are you alright?" He asked. Miss Piggy shook her head. "She... She hates me. She always has... And she always will."
    "What did she do to you?"
    Miss Piggy moved a section of her hair to reveal a big bruise. Kermit rubbed it. "OW! D-Don't touch it!" Piggy yelped.
    "Has she always beaten you like this?"
    Miss Piggy nodded. Kermit hugged her. He would have hugged her longer, but there was another knock at the door. As Kermit went to answer it, Spamela walked into the kitchen. Well, there's another cat fight I gotta break up. Kermit thought. Kermit opened the door and Robin clung to him.
    "Hi uncle Kermit!" He yelled. "Hey Robin." Kermit picked up his nephew as he greeted the family that came into the door. "Hi Jimmy, Hi Dottie, Hi Maggie, Hey mom." Kermit then put down Robin and walked over to Jaz with his amphibious family. "Hey Jaz, this is my family. These are Robin's parents, Jimmy and Dottie."
    Jaz shook hands with them both.
    "This is my sister, Maggie."
    Jaz shook hands with her.
    "And this is my mom. Jane."
    Jaz got a hug from her.
    "It's nice to meet all of you! Um... So, I'm Jaz! I'm kinda crazy."
    "Yes, Kermit's mentioned you in his letters." Dottie said. Kermit just looked away, scratched behind his head, and whistled. Jaz just paused. Kermit quickly directed his family upstairs, and upstairs they went.
    "I'm crazy, huh?" Jaz asked.
    "You said it, not me." Kermit lied.
    Jaz only smiled.

    More to come if you want it! :)
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  2. miss muppet

    miss muppet Active Member

  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    More? For reallys? Wow!
    "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!"

    Chapter Two-
    Jay, Freddy, and Fozzie's mom
    It was a little later in the day. Fozzie was trying to keep Jaz away from the front door as much as possible. Any moment now, his mom could come through that door, and start asking questions about Jaz. Luckily, Fozzie kept her distracted with a long list of food to make, so Jaz spent most of her time in the kitchen. There was a knock at the door. Fozzie answered it, and was in shock.
    "J-Jaz? How did you get out of the kitchen?"
    "Oh, I'm not Jaz, I'm her cousin, Jay! A lot of people say we look alike." Jay said.
    "How are we supposed to tell you two apart? You guys look exactly the same!"
    "Easy! I wear Jean dresses with long sleeves underneath, and I have my hair in a ponytail. I can't stand it any other way. Jaz wears what she always wears! Her vest, shirt, and jeans combo!" Jay explained.
    "Oh. I knew dat."
    "You must be Fozzie Bear. Jaz has told me so much about you! She really likes you." Jay giggled.
    Fozzie blushed as he shut the door.
    "Where is Jaz anyway?" Jay asked.
    "In the kitchen."
    Jay went in the kitchen, and Kermit entered the room covered in bruises. "Kermit, what happened?" Fozzie asked.
    "Fozzie, never, ever get in between two blonde pigs when they fight. Ok?"
    Fozzie nodded. "Kermit, do you need ice for that?"
    "No, it's not the first time I've gotten a bruise. Miss Piggy's gotten mad before." Kermit chuckled.
    Fozzie escorted Kermit to his room, and ran back downstairs.
    Robin entered the room next.
    "Fozzie, Miss Piggy's nephew's aren't any fun to play with!"
    "Well, they don't really do much without Miss Piggy." Fozzie explained. "You can probably play with Jay. If she's anything like Jaz, I'm sure she'll play with you." Fozzie smiled.
    Robin nodded, and went to go find Jay. Then, finally, there was a knock at the door. It was his mom.
    "Hi Ma!" Fozzie exclaimed. Right behind his mother was his teenage brother, Freddy.
    "Hey Freddy."
    Freddy gave his brother a hug, then ran inside.
    "Fozzie, You haven't changed a bit!" Fozzie's mom gave him a big hug. "So, how have ya been Ma?" Fozzie asked.
    "Well, I've been fine. Your little brother tires me out though! I'm not as young as I used to be, you know!" His mom smiled. "Now where's the kitchen? I'm starving!"
    Fozzie grabbed his mom before she moved another step toward the kitchen. "Uh, Ma, you don't wanna go in there! It's messy from all the cooking! I'll go get you something! You just make yourself comfortable in my room, Ok?" Fozzie pushed his mom upstairs, and caught his breath once she made it up there. "That was close..." Fozzie said. Then, he made his way to the kitchen. Jaz was making sandwiches.
    "Hey Jaz, think you can spare a sandwich?" Fozzie asked.
    "Fozzie, if you want something to eat, can't you make it yourself? These sandwiches are for Miss Piggy's family." Jaz explained. Fozzie got closer to her.
    "Can I have just one?"
    "Jaz, you know I'm a bad cook!"
    "Sandwiches don't require cooking."
    "But Jaz... I need a sandwich."
    "Then make one."
    "What does it take to get a good sandwich around here?"
    "I don't know, you tell me."
    "Um... Chocolate?"
    "Uh... A compliment?"
    "A... Hug?"
    "You're getting closer."
    "A kiss?"
    "Maybe... Why don't you try it?"
    Fozzie smiled, and pulled her close.
    "You know, you're a lot of trouble." He murmured.
    "I know." Jaz giggled.
    Fozzie kissed her passionately.
    "Hey, No PDA in the kitchen!" Jay yelled.
    Jaz only laughed. She handed Fozzie his sandwich.
    "Thanks Jaz." Fozzie then kissed Jaz on the cheek, and went to give his mom the sandwich.
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  4. miss muppet

    miss muppet Active Member

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. Lol don't ever get between two blonde pigs in a fight classing MORE please * jumps up and down*
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Wow. Three Chapters in One day. I officailly have nothing better to do!

    Chapter Three- Emily and Marissa
    It was chaos. Fozzie was trying to keep Jaz away from his mom, Miss Piggy's mom kept beating her, Spamela and Miss Piggy kept fighting, Robin's still bored as ever, and Kermit's bruises still hurt. How are they all supposed to eat dinner together? In the living room, was Kermit, Miss Piggy, Ms. Lee, and Kermit's mom.
    "... You know, Piggy's dad, and your dad were a team Kermit." Jane said.
    "Really?" Kermit asked.
    "Yes! Your father was a puppeteer, and Piggy's dad was too. They always wrote scripts. Before he died, he asked that I gave those scripts to you, should you ever become rich and famous." Jane explained.
    "Wow. So, even if Me and Piggy didn't meet on our own, we probably would have met anyway?" Kermit asked
    "Probably. But I wouldn't scar you with my daugther's ugliness." Ms. Lee scoffed.
    Miss Piggy looked down, and started to cry a little bit.
    "Well... I think she's beautiful." Kermit smiled.
    Miss Piggy gazed into his eyes. At that moment, Fozzie and his mom entered the room. Fozzie's mom lit up, when she saw Miss Piggy's mom. "Marissa?" Fozzie mom yelled.
    Ms. Lee turned around. "Emily?"
    "Wow, long time, no see! How've you been?" Emily asked.
    "I've been fine. And you?"
    "Oh, I've been great!"
    Both Miss Piggy and Fozzie were puzzled.
    "Uh, Ma, you know Piggy's mom?" Fozzie asked.
    "Of course! We were buds in college!" Emily exclaimed.
    "Yes. We used to have lots of fun in college. That is until..."
    "Until we graduated. Then it was all boredom." Emily Sighed.
    "But we did meet again."
    "Yeah. After Marissa had Piggy and her sister, Frank left her after an arguement. Then he came to me, and I had Fozzie."
    Miss Piggy was puzzled.
    "So, my dad left my mother, and you found your special someone?" She asked.
    "No, Your dad was my special someone! He's also Fozzie's dad." Emily explained.
    "But... If my dad... Is Fozzie's dad as well... Then that means..."
    "You guys are siblings!!!" Kermit yelled.
    Fozzie's jaw fell open. Miss Piggy just stared at him.
    "I swear we already told them that." Marissa said.
    "Oh boy... So... All this time, my sister you've been telling me about since I was born..."
    "Was Miss Piggy, yes."
    "And the brother you told me I may never meet in my life..."
    "Was Fozzie. Precisely."
    "Would you excuse Me for a second?" Piggy asked. Piggy went inside the kitchen.
    Miss Piggy re-entered the room.
    "Well... Um... That was a nice story. I think it's time for dinner." Kermit chuckled nervously.
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  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Eh, that chapter was short. FOUR IN ONE DAY!!!

    Chapter Four- An unpleasant dinner
    It was almost dinner time. They all had to eat at the same table. What chaos this is going to be! Miss Piggy was setting the table, with her head down. As Kermit walked in the dining room, he was impressed.
    "Wow Miss Piggy. I've never seen you set the table before!" Kermit smiled.
    "I'm only doing this because mother asked Moi to."
    "She asked you?"
    "Ok... She forced me."
    "Did she bruise you?"
    Miss Piggy kept her head down, and remained silent.
    Miss Piggy began to cry. "K-Kermie... I..."
    "What? What's the matter?"
    Miss Piggy picked her head up. She had a black eye, and a busted lip. You can see where she tried to put on makeup to try and make the wound fade.
    "I can't stand up to her! She'll just keep hurting me! She no longer has consideration for my feelings! Ever since-"
    Kermit interupted her with a kiss. When he finished kissing her, some of her blood got on his lip.
    "Kermit, please... Don't try to cheer Moi up. It will only make it worse." Piggy sighed.
    "How will it make it worse?"
    "Every time I get happy, mother will make me miserable."
    Kermit hugged her. As long as Piggy was in his arms, she was safe... Or at least she hoped.
    Finally, It was dinner time. Miss Piggy's family and Kermit's family were already sitting at the table. Fozzie was worried. What would his mom say about Jaz? All Fozzie could do was hope.
    Soon, everyone was sat at the table. Beaker and his uncle, Gary Mayo were there, Scooter sat with his sister, Skeeter, Gonzo was there communicating with Brian through a sandwich, Fozzie and his mom were there, and Jay was there. "Hey Jay, were's Jaz?" Kermit asked.
    "She's freshing up. She did a lot of cooking today!" Jay smiled.
    "Can someone help translate for me? My nephew keeps saying meep!" Gary Mayo exclaimed.
    "We don't know what he's saying either. Hey Brian, hows the Spawning season going?" Gonzo asked. "Aw, it's great! We got free intergalactic space candy!" Brian yelled through the sandwich. "So Skeet, how's college?" Scooter asked.
    "Well... None of the students there are nerdier than you."
    "Um... Thank You?"
    "Wow, nice shiner Piggy, where'd you get it? The ugly factory?" Spamela laughed.
    "I liked it better when you were brainless." Piggy mumbled.
    "What did you say twerp?"
    "I'm not a twerp! If anybody, you're a twerp!"
    "Don't hate because I'm skinny, and you're F-"
    "Call me the F word, and you're goin' down, right here, right now." Piggy growled.
    "You're Fa-"
    "Uh... Hey, look! It's Jaz!" Kermit interupted.
    Everyone turned around to see Jaz. "Hi guys!"
    "Um... Have we met?" Emily asked.
    Fozzie got up from the table. "Uh, no, and you don't wanna meet her!" Fozzie started to push Jaz to the kitchen.
    "Fozzie don't be rude!" Jaz went over to shake Emily's hand. "I'm Jaz. I'm sure Fozzie has told you a lot about me since I'm his girlfriend."
    "You're his girlfriend? Fozzie, you have a girlfriend?"
    "No!" Fozzie looked at Jaz. "I mean Yes, but..."
    Fozzie looked back his mom. "But we aren't that close!"
    Fozzie looked at Jaz again. "I mean, we're very close!"
    "Fozzie, why didn't you tell her about me? Am I an embarrassment to you or something?" Jaz asked. "N-No, I just didn't want her to judge you. I thought she'd judge you!"
    "Why would she do that? Your mom is sweet! I've seen her on TV!"
    "Well, she might judge certain things about you."
    All of the men at the table signaled him to stop talking.
    "What things about me?"
    "Everything about you!"
    "Ouch..." Gonzo and Kermit said in unison.
    Jaz started to cry.
    "So you think everything about me is wrong?"
    "N-No, I-"
    "Save it!" Jaz ran upstairs crying as Fozzie chased after her. "Oh no..." Piggy got up. After she did, Spamela got up. "Piggy Lee, can't you mind your business for once in your life?" Spamela sassed.
    "Spamela, stay out of this! I treat Jaz as if she's my own daughter! She needs to be comforted right now!" Miss Piggy explained.
    "You treat her like your own, because you'll never get your own!"
    "You know Spamela, if you can't keep your trap shut, then maybe I need to shut it for you!"
    "Oh Yeah?"
    As Piggy was about to swing, Ms. Lee got up.
    "Enough Piggy Lee!"
    Ms. Lee smacked her causing her to fall.
    "How many times must I tell you to behave?"
    Before Ms. Lee could strike, Kermit got out of his seat, and jumped in front of her.
    "Ms. Lee, please. She's suffered enough! Please stop!" Kermit begged. Ms. Lee paid him no mind, and slapped him across the face, making him bleed, and fall to the floor. The scene played in Piggy's head repeatedly. Miss Piggy got up and slapped her very own mother in the face, causing her to fall. "You can bruise me. You can make me bleed. You can ignore me my entire life. But hit my frog ever again, and you're DONE! I don't care if you're my mother or not! UNDERSTAND THAT?" Miss Piggy yelled. Ms. Lee, nor Spamela, had ever seen that side of Piggy before. All in the room was silent. Piggy was silent as well, and she was starting to cry. She was confused. She ran up to her room. It was now awkwardly silent.
    "So... Who want seconds?" Jay asked. Everyone in the room shook their head at Jay's silly question. What would happen to three upstairs?
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  7. miss muppet

    miss muppet Active Member

    MORE MORE !!!! I love it !!!!! More piggy and kermit drama I can hide the suspense !!!!!
  8. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Great story. Miss Piggy's mom and Spamela are characters I just love to hate. Keep up the good work!:D
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Wow, thanks! Here's the next installment!

    Chapter five- The three upstairs
    Both Jaz and Miss Piggy were upstairs crying their eyes out. Fozzie sat next to Jaz's door, crying as well. Emily came upstairs. "Fozzie?" Fozzie looked up.
    "Fozzie I'm dissapointed in you! Thinking I would judge her! Shame on you!" Emily scolded.
    "Ma, not now! Right now I'm waiting for the right time to go in there! You've judged so many women in the past, what was I supposed to think? I really didn't want you to judge her because I think she could be... She could be the one." Fozzie cried some more.
    "Fozzie, if you really like this girl... If she's really worth it... You'll bust into those doors, and apologize without giving her the chance to approve your entry! And don't you ever worry about my opinion! She your girl, not mine!" Emily smiled. "...Thanks Ma." Fozzie gave her a hug. "Wish Me luck." Fozzie whispered. Emily nodded, and made her way back downstairs. Fozzie slowly entered the room. Jaz's crying had eased, but she still was sitting on the floor, looking kinda depressed. Fozzie sat down next to her.
    "Jaz... I didn't mean what I said down there. Was I was trying to say came out all wrong. I... I actually love everything about you. You're funny, you're talented, you're cute..."
    "Stop describing yourself." Jaz blushed.
    "I'm describing you!" Fozzie yelled.
    "Don't yell at me!" Jaz shouted.
    "I'm not yelling at you!"
    "Yes you are! And you now what?"
    Jaz yanked his tie and kissed him affectionately.
    "I find it attractive." Jaz smiled.
    Fozzie blushed.
    "You're the attractive one out of both of us. Not me."
    "Oh stop!" Jaz blushed
    "So... are we... are we good now?'
    "I don't know... You're going to have to convince me to forgive you..." Jaz smiled. Fozzie pinned her on the floor and kissed her with giving her any air. Finally, Jaz pushed him off. "You jerk! I needed air!" Jaz giggled.
    "I still forgive you..."
    Fozzie pulled her close. "I'm glad."
    "I know you are. You think I could be the one."
    Fozzie blushed. "You heard that?"
    "Mm-Hm. You wishy-washy bear!" Jaz giggled.
    "Uh... Well Jaz, I gotta go! Uh... Bye!" Fozzie ran out of the room.
    Jaz giggled at his silly excuse. Oh Fozzie... What am I going to do with you?
    Miss Piggy was alone until her mother entered the room. Ms. Lee tapped her on the shoulder, but shook it off. "Piggy... I'm sorry."
    "Sorry? SORRY? You've beaten me, neglected me, put me in stupid little beauty pageants to reap the reward, and you think sorry is gonna cut it? I Hate you! I really do! You aren't even like a real mother to me! You're just some random old lady who "raised" me!"
    Ms. Lee was in tears.
    "I... I had no idea you felt that way! I'm... I'm so sorry!" Ms. Lee hugged Piggy tightly. "I was so upset about your father, that I took all my sadness and anger on you, and... I'm so sorry!" Ms. Lee cried.
    "It... It's alright." Piggy whispered.
    And there they sat, mother and daughter. They sat and cried together. They were happy to finally be on the same level of understanding.

    Huh, that seemed longer when I was writing it...
    Oh well. It won't take long for me to do another chapter... YaY...
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  10. miss muppet

    miss muppet Active Member

    Awwwww more please xx
  11. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Aw, good thing Miss Piggy and her mom had a talk and had reached an understanding. Hopefully she will be a better mom to Miss Piggy from now on :)
  12. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6- Moopets and More
    Having settled the few problems they were having, the Muppets decided to rest. It was a long day for all of them. Jaz and Jay crashed in the living room. Jaz was wearing her Fozzie bear pajamas, and Jay was wearing her Animal ones. Hm, cousins act like sisters.
    "Jaz?" Jay whispered.
    Jaz's eyes flickered open. "Hm?"
    "So... I wanted to ask you something."
    "So... I'm engaged..."
    "You're engaged? Why didn't you tell anybody?"
    "Well, it's just that... That makes him family right?"
    "Yeah! Why didn't you bring him?"
    "Well, It's just that he has four family members he doesn't go anywhere without." Jay chuckled nervously.
    Jaz paused. "Well... Tell you what. You call them over here, and if Kermit has a problem with it, then I'll deal with it!"
    "R-Really? Now?"
    "If you want to."
    "Thanks Jaz! Thank you so much! I'm going to call him now!"
    Jay leaped up from the couch, and ran to the house phone. Jaz stared at her in amusement, as she ran like a maniac. After making the call, Jay ran to the couch, to rest.
    "I can't wait til tomorrow." Jay whispered.
    The next day, Jaz woke up, startled by the knock at the door. Jay however, was very well rested. If there was any difference between Jaz and Jay, it was that Jay was a morning person, and Jaz was not. Jay ran up to the door and opened it. "Hi Sweetheart!" Jay greeted.
    Jaz rubbed her eyes, and looked at the door, mouth agape. It was Foozie! Fozzie's imposter! And Poogy! And Kermoot, and Roowlf! And Janooce! This had to be a nightmare!!!
    Jaz immediately ran upstairs to Fozzie's room. Fozzie was fast asleep, and snuggling his teddy bear. Jaz shook him awake. "Fozzie?"
    "Hm?" Fozzie yawned.
    "The Moopets are back!"
    "T-The M-Moopets?"
    Jaz nodded. Fozzie fainted. "Hey!!!" Jaz yelled. Fozzie was still knocked out. Jaz smiled and walked calmly out of Fozzie's room. After walking out, she scrambled into Kermit's room, and shook him awake. "Kermit, the Moopets are back!" Jaz yelled. Kermit sprung up. "What?!" He exclaimed.
    5 minutes later -Kermit's office
    "Okay, we've got to do something about this." Kermit said.
    "But what can we do Mon Capitaine? It's Jay's family, so it's also Jaz's family. And you said it yourself, no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles we face, we never forget one of our own!" Miss Piggy recited.
    "I know... But... The Moopets are evil! All they do is cause trouble!" Kermit directed his attention to Jaz. "I'm sorry Jaz, but you have to tell Jay that the Moopets have to go."
    Jaz nodded. "You got it. This is all my fault anyway."
    Fozzie rubbed Jaz's back. "I'll help you." He said.
    Jaz and Fozzie approached Jay.
    Jaz cleared her throat. "J-Jay? I'm really sorry about this but-"
    "Oh Jaz! Thank you so much for letting me bring my Foozie! It really means a lot to me! Thank you so much!!!" Jay exclaimed. "So, Jaz, What did you want to tell me?" Jay asked. Jaz looked her over. She was confused as to what to tell her. She had to talk to her conscience on this one. "Excuse me for a sec." Jaz excused herself to a corner, where no one would pay attention to her. All of a sudden, a small angel, looking like Kermit with a halo and wings appeared on Jaz's right shoulder, and on her left one, was a small devil, looking like Miss Piggy with a red cocktail dress, matching heels and gloves, and instead of ears, she had horns. "What am I going to do, you guys?" Jaz asked her consciences.
    "It's an easy desicion. Tell her like it is!" The bad conscience said.
    "Now Now, Piggy, it may seem like the right thing to do, but Jaz shouldn't hurt her cousin's feelings. She seems happy." The good conscience told the bad one.
    "Yeah, but her friends told her to tell them to get outta here!"
    "I know, but Jaz doesn't want to be rude. Jaz, just go with it. Who knows? The Moopets could've changed!"
    "They're Moopets! They don't change!"
    "Well, you don't know that. Jaz, just do what you think is right. Bye!" The good conscience flew away, and faded as he got higher.
    "Ciao!" The bad conscience burst in to flames, and was immediately out of sight.
    "Sheesh..." Jaz mumbled to herself.
    Jaz walked back over to Jay and Fozzie.
    "I just wanted to say that... I... I'm glad you're happy..." Jaz lied. Jaz walked away as Fozzie followed.
    "You couldn't do it, could you?" Fozzie asked.
    "She was just so happy, and I couldn't ruin that! I just have to tell someone else to do it... Or... I can tell one of the Moopets to le-"
    "NO!" Fozzie interupted. "I do not want you to die today!"
    That made Jaz giggle a little. "I won't die, I promise!"
    At that moment, Miss Poogy walked up to them.
    "Fozzie, who's this?" She(?) asked.
    "Um, this is Jaz... She um... She's my-"
    "You're galfriend?"
    Fozzie nodded, while also blushing.
    "Um, why do you ask?" Jaz asked.
    "Because you're the target for da Moopets, and now that I've found ya, I'm gonna KILL ya!" Poogy pulled out a knife.
    "You wanna give the dying thing a second thought?"
    Fozzie asked. Jaz was already gone, and running.
    "I'll take that as a yes."
    Later that day, at about lunch time, Kermit and Robin were helping Miss Piggy make lunch in the kitchen.
    "Ok, Robin sweetie, you make the PBJ's, and Kermie, you make the turkey sandwiches. I'll make the grilled cheese." Miss Piggy smiled.
    "What about the shoe fly pie?" Robin asked.
    "Your uncle can make that for you dear. Moi refuses to touch the ingredients..." Piggy cringed.
    Kermit laughed. "It's times like this, when it seems like nothing can go wrong." Kermit smiled. At that moment, Jaz ran into the kitchen. "Poogy's tryin' to kill me!!" She yelled.
    "Looks like vous spoke too soon, Mon Capitaine." Miss Piggy sighed. "I thought you were supposed to tell those Moopets to leave!" Kermit yelled. "You do it, my life's at risk right now!" Jaz yelled. "Alright, Alright, you're right. I'll do it."
    5 minutes later
    Kermit entered the kitchen in cuts and bruises.
    "Yeah, this is going to be harder than I thought..." Kermit whined.

    Why does Poogy want to kill Jaz?
    How will this problem be solved?
    Why was Piggy's part so small?
    Why am I asking you all these questions?

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  13. miss kermie

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    And this is Jay if your wondering what she looks like.
  14. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    She looks great.
    Oh, and I liked that chapter. Nice of you to bring back the Moopets. I'm excited to see how everything will turn out.
  15. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Shout out to my buddy Mo!

    Chapter 7- Mo' Chaos
    It was lunchime, yet again. And the good thing about that is, is that Jaz would be safe from Miss Poogy in the kitchen. She just can't get out of there, until The Moopets clear out of the living room. In the kitchen with her of course, was Fozzie.
    "Jaz, I'm really sorry that this is happening to you." Fozzie said. "Well, it isn't your fault, so don't worry about it." Jaz sighed. "I just wish I knew WHY you were the target for the Moopets." Fozzie frowned. Jaz shook her head, because she of course, didn't know either. I mean, Jaz is a goody two-shoes. What could she have done to upset them? At that moment, there was a knock at the door. "Be right back." Fozzie left to go answer the door. He hoped it was the pizza guy. He was getting hungry. When he opened the door, his jaw dropped. "Mo?" He asked.
    "Fozzie! How've ya been bro?" Mo asked.
    "Um, I've been fine! I just can't believe you made it! Come on, there's someone I want you to meet." Fozzie dragged Mo to the kitchen. "Jaz! Jaz, I want you to meet someone. This is my sister Mikayla, but we call her Mo. Mo, this is Jaz... my um... girlfriend." Fozzie blushed.
    Jaz and Mo shook hands.
    "Nice to meet you Jaz. Fozzie talks about you all the time!"
    Jaz and Fozzie both blushed.
    "Anyway, what are you doing out here? The party's in the living room!"
    "N-No, I can't go out there. It's death!" Jaz stuttered.
    "Uh, ya see Mo, the Moopets are after Jaz, and we don't know why." Fozzie explained.
    "Why'd you let the Moopets in anyway?" Mo asked.
    "Foozie is Jaz's cousin's fiance."
    "Well... That stinks. Tell you what, I'll go undercover for you. I'll find out why they wanna kill you. Ok?" Mo smiled.
    "Oh, wow, you'd do that?" Jaz asked.
    "Of course! I mean, I pretty sure we'll be family soon." Mo giggled. "Mo!" Fozzie blushed.
    "Anyway, I'll go, you guys stay here!" Mo scurried out of the kitchen, leaving Jaz and Fozzie alone.
    "Well... She says stay here, but I really don't have much of a choice, do I?" Jaz asked.
    Fozzie smiled and shook his head.
    In the living room, Mo closely examined Miss Poogy. She was sitting on the couch, sharpening knifes. Mo sat on the opposite couch. "So... You're Miss Poogy?" Mo asked.
    "Yeah, what's it to ya?" Poogy asked, not taking her eyes off her knifes. Mo cleared her throat.
    "Um... Well... I heard you were a Moopet, and I've always wanted to be one. Could you give me some pointers?"
    Poogy paused. "What...? Why the heck do you wanna be a Moopet?" Miss Poogy asked.
    "Well, I hate that I'm being labeled a Muppet, just because I'm Fozzie's sister. I hate Muppets. I wanna be a Moopet." Mo lied. "Ok, well what do you wanna know?" Poogy asked.
    "Well, rumor is, is that you're after Jaz. Why? Is she like, the key to destroying the Muppets or something?" Mo asked.
    "Th-That's none of ya business!" Poogy stuttered.
    "You seem a bit defensive about this." Mo smirked.
    "Look, see this? This is a knife. You keep pressin' me about this, Imma stab ya with it." Poogy threatened.
    "Oh, Poogy please? Can you just leak some info about it? For your biggest fan? Please?" Mo begged.
    Poogy rolled her eyes. "Fine kid. None of the other Moopets are in on this. Only me. The whole thing is a secret from the rest of the gang, 'cause I don't want them askin' questions. I chose Jaz as a target, 'cause I couldn't choose Jay. The rest is somethin' you can't be trusted with, so scram!" Poogy yelled. Mo nodded, and ran to the kitchen.
    "How'd it go?" Jaz asked.
    "I got some info, but she wouldn't leak the whole thing. She said, you're a target, because she wasn't able to choose Jay." Mo explained. "Well, what's that tell us?" Jaz asked.
    "I don't know. But I'm assuming, that she can't choose Jay, because then Jay would tell Foozie, and the gang would start asking questions." Mo explained.
    "What, the other Moopets don't know about this?" Fozzie asked. "Nope. This is all Poogy's idea. But maybe I can make a deal with her, and get on her good side to get more information on the subject." Mo smiled.
    "Poogy has a good side?" Fozzie asked.
    Jaz giggled. "Fozzie, everyone has some kind of good side. And Poogy has to have one, because she rolls with the other Moopets with no problem, right?"
    "Well, yeah... I guess so... What's the plan?" Fozzie asked.
    "I'm going to go make a deal with Poogy. Wish me luck, you guys!" Mo ran out the kitchen, leaving the two alone again.
    "... Your sister is gangster, yo." Jaz said.
    Fozzie smiled. "Yeah. She is."
    Mo sat back on the couch she was sitting on before.
    "Why are you here again?" Poogy asked.
    "I wanna make you a deal." Mo said.
    "... I'm listenin'."
    "Look, how 'bout I be your servant? Every little job I do, you give me more information on this whole 'Jaz' thing. What do you say?" Mo asked.
    "... So... Everything you do, I gotta give you information on my plans?" Poogy asked.
    "Yeah. Think of it as... A way to earn your trust. Do we have a deal, Miss Poogy?" Mo asked.
    "... Alright. We got a deal."
    Poogy and Mo shook hands.
    Let there be chaos.
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  16. Yuna Leonhart

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    Hm, a deal? How interesting. Let's see what Miss Poogy has planned. And let's hope she won't find out Mo is doing this for Jaz.
    By the way, I liked it when Mo teased Fozzie and Jaz :D
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  17. mo

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    thank you so much! you actually wrote what I would probably! and it sounds like me!
    sorry I could'nt read it earlier I've been busy and could'nt come on the forum....thank you. you rock!
  18. Twisted Tails

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    Well, war may not be the solution, but chaos happens to all Muppet families. hee hee hee!
  19. fictionalnice

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    Wow! So many different things happening! I love it!
  20. miss kermie

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    Chapter Eight- Making another agreement
    Mo has followed Miss Poogy all day, asking to do things, in hopes in discovering her plans. Unfortunately, everything Mo asked to do, Poogy wouldn't let her.
    "Miss Poogy, can I make you a sandwich?" Mo asked.
    "No, I'll do it." Poogy snapped.
    "Well that's not fair! We made a deal, that I do you favors in exchange for information, but you aren't letting me do anything at all!" Mo yelled.
    No one yells at Poogy. Ever. Period. So, I assume you can imagine the angry look on her face.
    "You got some guts yellin' at me kid..." Poogy snapped.
    Mo was sweating. Observing Poogy from a distance is scary enough. Imagine it up close!
    "What're ya so quiet for? Say somethin'!" Poogy yelled.
    Mo still remained quiet.
    Poogy thought for a second.
    "Alright fine. I'll let you do stuff. Your first favor is gonna be to say somethin'!" Poogy yelled.
    Mo smiled at how silence gets her some results.
    "Ask me somethin'."
    "Um... So does this really have to do with Jaz?" Mo asked.
    Poogy rolled her eyes. "Well... Yes, and no."
    "Yes and no?" Mo's speechless again.
    "The problem isn't really HER, but she's related to the problem..." Poogy explained.
    "Interesting..." Mo mumbled.
    Poogy walked off into the room she was staying in. Meanwhile, Mo ran to the kitchen.
    Jaz seemed to have crashed on the floor last night.
    It must be upsetting to be so scared, you can't even sleep in your own room. Mo attempted to shake her awake.
    "Jaz, wake up!"
    "FOREIGNERS!!!!!" Jaz yelled. Jaz looked around, clearly confused. All she saw was Mo.
    "Oh, hi Mo. What's up?" Jaz asked.
    "So, great news, you are half way not the problem." Mo smiled. Jaz, was puzzled again. But then again, she always was a puzzled. Always.
    "What do you mean by that?"
    Mo shrugged. "No idea."
    At that moment, Fozzie came in, to get some breakfast.
    He was so sleepy, that... he saw nothing.
    Seriously, it's a wonder how he got to the kitchen.
    "Fozzie!" Mo yelled, smiling.
    It startled him so much, that he fell in the garbage can.
    "Anyone else have the urge to watch The Great Muppet Caper right now?" Jaz chuckled.
    Fozzie got up, with the garbage can stuck to his butt.
    It only made Mo and Jaz laugh.
    "I used to do that to Fozzie all the time when we were little!"
    Mo laughed.
    "And I hated it." Said Fozzie, trying to pry the can off his butt. Jaz laughed. Then frowned. She didn't have siblings...
    "Anyway, Fozzie, Jaz is halfway not the problem, so I still need more information." Mo explained.
    Jaz and Fozzie thought for a moment... Or at least Jaz did. It was really hard to think with a garbage can on his butt.
    "Well... Maybe you should ask the other Moopets. Sometimes the right way to find out about someone is through their friends... If they're friends..." Jaz blushed a bit. Giving ideas wasn't her cup of java. But Mo seemed to have some cogs turning in that brain of hers.
    "Great idea..." And with that, Mo walked off into the attic, where Roowlf was.
    Roowlf was being a canine, trying to track down a kitten.
    "Um, Roowlf?" Mo called.
    Startled, Roowlf started barking. Then he realized it was a human, and not a feline.
    "What?! I'm tryin' to catch me some breakfast!"
    Mo took a few steps back.
    "I only came to ask about Miss Poogy... What's she like?" Mo asked, trying to force out a smile.
    "Well, she's mean, heartless, fat, mean, violent, pig-ish, mean, and mean!" Roowlf nodded once to confirm he was done. "You said, mean like four times!" Mo shouted.
    "She's that mean."
    "No comment..." Mo ran back downstairs.
    Hoping to find Janooce.
    Mo entered the room that all of the Moopets, except Poogy, were staying in. In the room now, was Janooce and Foozie. It was good for Mo, because that meant she could ask both of them and save time.
    "Hey guys!" Mo smiled as best as she could.
    Janooce smiled and nodded. "Hola."
    "Yo." Foozie said, playing with one of Jaz's favorite game systems.
    "Uh, does she only speak spanish?"
    "No, no, I speak english." Janooce patted Mo on the hand in assurance that she wasn't so foreign.
    "Oh. You don't seem as mean as everyone says..."
    "Until you tick us off." Foozie chuckled.
    "Oh... Uh... Anyway... Do you guys think you could tell me something about Miss Poogy?" Mo asked.
    "Well, she's a bit overwieght..."
    "Si, Si, Mucho grande puerca." Janooce agreed.
    "Uh, I mean personality wise." Mo chuckled, a little nervously.
    "Oh! Well... I couldn't tell you. Miss Poogy usually locks herself away in her room during the day. Unless we're all going somewhere and she comes along, I don't usually see her..." Foozie explained.
    Mo thought for a moment. Miss Poogy was like, their leader. How is it, that she let's them live their lives? She doesn't appear to be that kind of person. And there's no way in heck she changed from The Muppets, to now. Mo pondered about her, until Janooce finally spoke.
    "I do know she has a diary."
    "Great. Miss Poogy has a diary. Civilization has no purpose. as of right now." Mo said, walking off to find Kermoot, the last Moopet she needed to speak to.
    Kermoot was on the roof, just watching the clouds. Which is wierd, because he doesn't LOOK like the kind of guy who does that... But then again, Miss Poogy has a diary...
    Mo approached Kermoot, and lightly tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, are you Kermoot?" Mo asked.
    Kermoot looked over his shoulder, and nodded.
    "Yea, whatcha need?"
    "Um, I was wondering if you could tell me about Miss Poogy."
    "Well... She... I could tell you all about her..."
    Kermoot nodded.
    "What kind of person is she?"
    "Well... She's actually very sensitive, and girly... Well... Not girly, she hates that. She hates cute. So... I guess you could call her a tomboy..."
    "I'm sorry, I zoned when you said she was SENSITIVE..." Mo said.
    Kermoot smiled a bit when Mo said that.
    "Well... She used to be."
    "Then what happened?"
    "She got amniesa, and I blame myself for it..."
    Mo put a hand on her shoulder, thinking of a way to make him feel better, without walking into a long winded story.
    "We used to love eachother..." Kermoot sighed.
    "Ok, I'm outta here. I've lost it."
    "Seriously! You have no idea what I've been through with her!"
    "I do not, want to hear about it."
    "Why do you want to know about her anyway!?" Kermoot yelled so loud, the neighbors looked around.
    "Because she's after my brother's girlfriend, and I'm trying to figure out why. If I know why, I'll get her to stop somehow. We made an agreement for me to get information, as long as I do things for her, but she's not letting me do anything..."
    Mo explained. Kermoot however didn't seem surprised. It was Mo who was surprised in the end.
    "I know why."
    "Yea. She's after Jaz, because Poogy figures, that if Jay notices she's picking on her cousin, she'll ask why, then do anything to get her to stop. That would be Poogy's opprotunity to get Jay kicked out of the house." Kermoot explained.
    "Why does she want that?" Mo asked.
    "She wants Jay out of the house because... She doesn't like seeing romance like she used to... She almost hates it now."
    "Aw, cracker jacks..." Mo sighed.
    Now what was she going to do? Poogy won't stop until she leaves, or until Jay leaves. She could wait, but she's certain that Jaz doesn't want to spend the rest of the reunion in the kitchen. Mo was absolutely clueless, until it hit her.
    No seriously, Kermoot backslapped her for zoning out.
    "Ow! What was that f- Wait! I got it!" Mo smiled.
    "If I get Miss Poogy to like you again, will you get her to leave Jaz alone...? Please...?" Mo asked.
    Kermoot almost didn't hesistate. The only thing was that Poogy turned into what The Sims 3, would call Unflirty. Otherwise known as difficult to woo. But... If Mo could do it...
    "Alright, deal."
    Remember when I said, let there be chaos?
    Let there be more chaos.
    It's coming, just you wait.
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