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Dr. Teeth Heads for Nashville

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, May 5, 2009.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Enjoy the following fan fiction. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but I'm planning on writing fan fics starring each of the fivew original members of The Electric Mayhem. I already wrote ones for Animal ("Animal and Bean in the Dessert") and Janice ("Janice's Big Break"), so here's Dr. Teeth.

    And a note: In the last day I've been having on-and-off problems with my internet connection, so don't be surprised if I'm not able to post new chapters as frequently as I usually post here.

    Chapter 1

    Dr. Teeth had been asked to be the grand marshall in The Rock & Roll Parade in Nashville. He wen tto the train station to get ready. Janice and Zoot accompanied him.

    "Well, this Nashville parade will be a great opportunity for me!", said an excited Dr. Teeth.

    "Well, have a good time", said Janice.

    "I will, Janice, I will", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Goodbye", said Zoot.

    "Yeah, what he said", said Janice.

    "Alllllll aboard!", said the train conductor.

    Dr. Teeth got on the train, and it left.

    "Well, the band can go on without me this week", said Dr. Teeth, "I'm sure Digit will do a good job filling in for me."

    The train went miles towards Nashville, Tennessee. But then two bandits rode their horses to the train, and the two bandits got onto the train.

    "Okay, this is a stick-up!", said bandit #1.

    "Everybody freeze!", said bandit #2.

    "Oh, no!", said one passenger.

    "Is there a problem?", asked the conductor.

    "Yes, this train hasn't stopped", said bandit #2, pointing his pistol at the conductor.

    "Stop the train!", said the conductor.

    The train stopped.

    "Okay, everybody get off the train!", said Bandit #1.

    The passengers got off, and the train continued.

    "Well, that sure was easy", said Bandit #1.

    "Yeah, who'd have thought that in this day and age that a train robery would be as easy as it was when our great-grandfathers were i the buisness?", said Bandit #2.

    But then they saw that Dr. Teeth was still on the train.

    "Hey, there's one passenger still on the train", said bandit #2.

    They stopped the train.

    "You have to get off", said bandit #1.

    "But I've got to get to nashville", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Not on this train you don't", said bandit #2.

    And with that, they threw Dr. Teeth out of the train, and the train went moving again.

    "Man, what a passenger", said bandit #1.

    "Yeah", said bandit #2, "And what a terrible Dr. Teeth costume he was wearing."

    Dr. Teeth got up from where he had landed.

    "Oh, shoot", said Dr. Teeth, "How am I going to get to Nashville now?"
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  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    Dr. Teeth walked down the road, and saw a sign that read "Nashville 25000 Miles".

    "It'll take forever to get there", said Dr. Teeth, "And I have to be there in a day!"

    Just then a talking donkey from behind spoke.

    "So, you need to go to Nashville, eh?", said the donkey.

    "Oh, yes", said Dr. Teeth, "You see, I'm the grand marshall for..."

    "Well, allow me to introduce myself", said the donkey, "My name is Jack. Last name's not important."

    "Neither is my first name", said Dr. Teeth.

    "I can get you to Nashville", said Jack, "I am good witjh directions."

    "Okay, then let's go", said Dr. Teeth, who got on top of Jack.

    So they traveled for hours, and Dr. Teeth slept while Jack continued walking. The next morning, Dr. Teeth found out that they were in Texas.

    "What are we doing in Texas?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "Texas?", said Jack, "I thought this was Georgia."

    "No, it's Texas", said Dr. Teeth, "Much farther from Tennessee than we were."

    "Oh, my direction must be wrong", said Jack.

    "I'll say", said Dr. Teeth.
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  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    They were now really far away from Nashville, Tennessee.

    "How are we going to get there in time?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "How about we go by plane?", asked Jack.

    "No, I've been banned from flying planes for two months", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Really?", said jack, "Why?"

    "It's a long story", said Dr. Teeth, "Seven chapters worth, so please don't ask."

    Then they heard a carnival barker behind them. He wasn't actually at a carnival, but was speaking like a barker, behind a podeum and with a hot air balloon next to him.

    "Step right up here and win this here hot air balloon!", shouted the barker.

    "What do I have to do?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "All you've got to do is answer a question about rock and roll",s aid the barker.

    "Oh, I'm really good at this", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Okay, here is the question", said the barker, "Can you name three Beatles albums?"

    "Yes", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Congraduations!", said the barker, "You've won the balloon!"

    "Terriffic!", said Dr. Teeth.

    So Dr. Teeth won the balloon and got on.

    "Well, it's been nice meeting you, Jack", said Dr. Teeth.

    "But how am I to get home?", asked Jack.

    "Just use your sense of direction", said Dr. Teeth.
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  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4

    Dr. Teeth rode his hot air balloon up in the sky and towards Nashville, but he enjoyed the scenery.

    "Wow, this is soooooo cool", said Dr. Teeth, "When I'm done I've got to take the rest of the band on such a trip."

    Dr. Teeth soon spotted nashville.

    "Well, I get off here",s aid Dr. Teeth, who puled the rope... Which caused the balloon to explode. Dr. Teeth fell into a tree, and then into a bush.

    "Ohhhh, that did not feel good", said Dr. Teeth.

    Dr. Teeth then called for a taxi.

    "Where to, Mack?", said the grumpy taxi driver.

    "Take me to the Rock & Roll Parade", said Dr. Teeth.

    "What Rock & Roll Parade?", asked the taxi driver.

    "You don't know about it?", asked Dr. Teeth, "I've got the info flyer right here."

    Dr. Teeth brought it out and gave it to the taxi driver.

    "This isn't in Nashville, Indiana", said the driver.

    "What do you mean?", said Dr. Teeth.

    "It's in Nashville, Indiana", said the driver.

    "What?", said Dr. Teeth, "But.. But I've got to be there in three minutes. What'll I do?"
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  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    The taxi driver had an idea of how to get Dr. Teeth to the parade in nashville, indiana on time.

    "I've got a plan", said the driver.

    "What's the plan?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    The driver got out of the car and opened the trunk. Inside was a cannon.

    "You mean you are going to shoot me out of the cannon and into my destination?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "Of course", said the taxi driver.

    "Okay", said Dr. Teeth, who got into the cannon.

    "Fire!", said the driver, who fired the cannon.

    The cannon shot Dr. Teeth, and he actually landed on his float at the parade, upside-down.

    "Glad you could make it, Dr. Teeth", said the float driver.

    "Yeah, sorry that I didn't make it until the last minute", said Dr. Teeth, "You won't believe what's happened?"

    "Well, it seems it's been a traidition for our grand marshalls to be here at the last minute", said the driver, "But thankfully we know of many taxi drivers with cannons."

    The taxi driver then fell in from the sky.

    "What are you doing here?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "I came her ebecause I forgot to give you something", said the taxi driver.

    "What is that?", asked Dr. Teeth.

    "The bill", said the taxi driver.

    The End
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  6. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Good! Luv it!

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