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An Electric Mayhem Love Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1
    Let's Hire a Band
    It was a warm summer day when Kermit the frog finished show auditions he sighed it had been a long week. He'd had acts coming in everyday to audition for his new show so he was pretty beat by the time Scooter came running through the door. "Hey...Um...Boss?"
    Kermit looked up "Oh hey there scooter how are you?"
    "I'm good but I have an Idea for they show"
    Kermit was a bit confused the show hadn't aired yet and he was sure he had everything that he needed for it. "What'd you have in mind Scooter?"
    Scooter smiled and flipped to a page on his clipboard. "Well I think the show needs a band"
    Kermit smiled it was something he hadn't thought of yet but it sounded interesting. "A band...huh...you know what Scooter you're right we do need a band something to fill in between acts. But unfortunately I don't have time to audition for one"
    Scooter laughed. "No need to worry Boss I'll take care of the other acts you can hire the band"
    Kermit thought about this for a minute"you know what Scooter I'll do it you help out with the other acts and I'll...I'll hire a band for the show"
    Scooter looked surprised"you really mean it?"
    Kermit looked hid gofer in the eye. "Yes Scooter I mean it, let's hire a band"

    The next day Kermit at work and had Scooter hand out fliers for Muppet Show band auditions.
    By the next week he had over 50 bands to listen to.
    Some of them were super good others he had to immediatley say no to by the time he was done he had chosen 2 final bands they were the The Crystal Ninjas and The Electric Mayhem.
    "Okay guys one more performence each then I'll decide.
    The Crystal Ninjas went first they sang a song about a giant party in which two kids got grounded for not telling their parents.
    The Electric Mayhem went next.
    Dr.Teeth the leader started sining and the rest of the band follwed
    "Ohh yeah Whoo!
    Everybody's lover everybody's brother I want to be your lifetime friend
    Crazy as a rocket nothin in my pocket I keep it at the rainbows end
    I never think of honey I think milk 'n' honey, grinnin like a cheshire cat.
    I focus on the pleasure something I can Treasure, can you picture that can you picture that?

    Then the bass player Floyd Pepper took the next verse
    Let me take you're picture add it to the mixture there it is I got you know,
    Really nothin to it anyone can do it It's easy and we all know how.
    Now begins the changin mental rearrangin' nothing's really where it's at
    Now the Eiffel Tower is holdin' up a flower I gave it to a Texas cat

    Then Janice and Floyd Jumped In
    Fact is there's nothin' out there you can't do 'cause even Santa Claus believes in you
    Dr teeth took the next line
    Beat down the walls, begin,believe,behold, begat.
    followed by floyd
    Be a better drummer, be and up and comer. Can you picture that
    The drummer animal also joined in
    Floyd once agian began to sing
    All of us are winnin' pickin' and a-grinnin', lordy but I love to jam
    Followed by Janice
    Jelly-belly gigglin' dancin' and a wigglin' honey thats the way I am
    then back to Dr.Teeth
    Lost my heart in Texas Northern lights affect us i keep underneath my hat Aurora Borealis. shinnin' down on Dallas! Can you picture that
    Can you picture? you got to see in your mind
    Can you picture? you know it's quick and easy to find
    Can you picture? you don't have to by a frame
    Can you picture? Can you picture that Can you picture that

    When they were done Kermit was very pleased "you're hired !!" He exclaimed the all rejoiced so happy for their success they couldn't wait to get started.

  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2
    I'll love you forever

    37 years later
    It had been awhile since that day the day Electric Mayhem had been hired
    Janice sat in her room looking at a photo album. The first one was of the whole band after the first show. Animal was in the back behind his drums as usual, Dr.Teeth was at his Keyboard Floyd was over the right beside Teeth. Inbetween Zoot and Lips was Janice Zoot had his arm around her waist. Janice and Zoot had been together once For a whole season of the show to be exact. It hadn't worked out like she thought it would they both called it quits after the first season Janice just didn't feel the same way about him and he didn't either. But it was okay now Janice found something in someone else. The next picture proved it. It was of Janice and Floyd After they sang Act Naturally. Floyd made Janice feel special. Until lately she'd been sure he loved her as much as she loved him. But they'd been together so long and she was the same thing would happen agian. That Floyd wouldn't like her as much as he once did. She still loved him as much as she always did. But lately they'd been drifting apart and Janice had no idea why. She put down the album and ventured out into the hall. It was entirely quiet except for the sound of a bass. Janice knew as once it was Floyd, curious she walked towards his room.
    He didn't hear her come in all of his concentration was on his base. Janice didn't want to interrupt him but she had no choice they needed to talk.
    "Floyd?" Janice started.
    He stopped playing and turned around to face her.
    "Hey, babe what's up" Janice looked at him and sighed it was now or never
    "We need to talk Floyd" Floyd was shocked something really must be bothering her she never called him Floyd usually she said something sweet like 'honey' or honeybunch' "Sure thing babe what's on your mind?"
    "Well I was thinking...and...I" she couldn't take it anymore she burst into tears.
    Floyd instantly put his bass down and put his arms around her pulling her into his lap, she continued to cry into his chest. "Whoa, Janice. Hon what's wrong?"
    She calmed herself enough to speak. I...I...was...thinking...and...are you...going...t-to...uh...are you going to break up with me" She started to cry agian. Floyd pulled her back against him. "Jan. Why would I break up with you? I-I love you Jan"
    Janice calmed herself once more and sat up "y-you do?"
    Floyd smiled at her "of course I do I never stopped not once not in all these years and I never will."
    Janice grinned at him "really?"
    Floyd pulled her back into his embrace "of course."
    They were silent for a minute then Janice sat up once more and looked at him. "I love you too" she told him.
    Before either of them could talk Floyd kissed her soundly in the lips making her heart fill with joy once more.
    "Always?" she whispered
    Floyd laughed "Always" he replied.

    Kermit sat at his desk fiddling with a pen.
    He was out of ideas the show had long age finished and they weren't even on TV anymore they were working off movies. Kermit sighed they would all need a new gig soon or they would have to shut down and go their seprate ways.
    Just then Miss piggy came storming in "Kermie?" she said in a sharp tone.
    "Yes Piggy?" Kermit asked already frustrated with her the lack of gigs had put a strain on their relationships. To think of it, it had put strains on all of the relationships in the boarding houde even friends were constantly fighting.
    "Kermie?" Piggy said agian pulling him out of his thoughts.
    He looked up at her. Today she was wearing a blue flowered sundress and white elbow high gloves with a large white floppy sunhat. "Kermit The Frog" she said in her sharp tone. "Why did you let Camilla take the interview? No one can understand her" Piggy demanded. "Kermit sighed I sent Gonzo with her he can translate better than anyone else."
    Piggy was shaking with rage "Moi could translate pour Camilla but vous sent that lunatic with her I want to know why?"
    Kermit was getting angry now he was tired of piggy always hoggin the spotlight it was time she got what she deserved. Kermit was going to tell what he'd wanted to tell her since the day he'd hiredher 37 years ago.
    "You know what Pig?" he demanded at her making her cringe
    "You always get the spotlight if you don't, I have to deal with you. I don't want to deal with you anymore!!! If you can't sit out one tensy little interview then I don't know what to do with you!! You even got me. for over 30 years now I've been with you!!! Well guess what we're done!! you can leave if you don't change. you can pack your bags and leave!!!"
    Piggy was shaking now her face was red and tears welled in her eyes Kermit had never yellled at her like that before now it was her turn.
    "Well frog if that's how you feel then I'll try to change. But just so you know I-I can't stand you anymore either!!" And with that she burst into tears and ran out into the hall. Leaving an angry and sad Kermit in her wake.

    Johnny, Sal and Clifford all sat on the couch around the TV flipping between channels. "Stop there!" Clifford exclaimed. Johnny stopped at the NEWS channel where they were showing Camilla and Gonzo's interview live,
    "We are now live with Camilla the chicken and Gonzo" the reporter said.
    "Bawk Baw Begawk" Camilla replied.
    "Camilla is very happy to be here" Gonzo translated
    "Great," the reporter said. "Let's start with some questions shall we?"
    "So what's happening with the muppets these day's?" he asked
    "Bawk Begawk Bawk Bawk Bwak"
    "Camilla says we need gigs and there has been some misunterstandings throughout the group but we are still together" Gonzo translated
    Just then all the power went out at the boarding house.
    "C'mon," Sal said in the pitch black.
  3. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3
    Beautiful memories
    After a lot of thought Floyd decided to try and more time with Janice she was after all the girl of his dreams and he wanted to keep it that way. He needed her to know his love for her had never not once changed or vanished. And it never will. Today he met her outside on the steps. She smiled when he sat beside her and put his arm around her she leaned against him. "What'd you have in mind for today babe?" He anxiously asked her. Janice sat up and grabbed a large book from beside her. She gently placed it in his lap. He suddenly realized what it was "whoa, babe where did you find this?" Janice smiled at him "I had it all this time and kept adding to it. It's yours I should've given back sooner I'm sorry" He leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. "Don't worry babe I don't need it as long as we can sit here and look through it together it'll good enough for me." Janice gave a quick chuckle "that's like Fer sure what I had in mind" she said as she opened it. Floyd skipped the first picture and Janice laughed he'd always hated the fact that Janice loved Zoot once it was one of they few things he really disliked. Janice smiled at the next picture the one of her and Floyd she always loved that picture. Floyd flipped a few pages ahead and stopped flipping instantly. He'd stopped at her favorite picture and by the look in his eyes it was his too. It was a picture of them but it was the best picture of them. It was from the fifth season of the show after filming for the day the band had headed back to the boarding house early but Janice had grabbed Floyd and they'd run off down the street and went for a walk. It was near Christmas and the city was covered in lights. There was a Christmas village that was set up Janice had wanted to look around. They had walked through and had a great time when they got back Kermit had put a fire in the fire place and the whole house was warm. Janice and Floyd had sat crossed legged on the floor facing each other they weren't talking but they didn't need to. Right after the clock struck midnight Floyd had kissed her and now that kiss would last forever through the picture.
    Janice turned to Floyd who seemed to be unable to flip the page. "You okay honey bunch?" Janice asked him. His kiss was his reply.

    Kermit was still in his office his fight with piggy had put him frozen in time. After Piggy had left angry he was barricaded by a ton of memories. Since then he'd sat at his desk and remembered over 30 years of memories of feelings and thoughts. Right now he was being bothered in the pitch black due to the power outage with one memory. It had been on one episode where Piggy had spread a rumor about then being secretly married. He'd gotten mad at her and fired her. The memory was all he'd thought about for the past five minutes. He never thought that one day he'd want that. That he'd actually love her like she'd loved him. Kermit sighed he hadn't been fair to her and now he knew it. He should've known how she'd react. And he should have been prepared he had over reacted and ignored her feelings. And now here in the darkness of his office alone he was paying the price that one fight had caused him to loose it he was gone dead to the world while he sat here and thought about his past and mistakes and things he loved. He thought of her.

    Johnny Sal and Clifford had left the dark TV room seeking candles or a flashlight. "Sal?" Johnny asked there was no Answer he
    Must have left he thought and continued looking little did he know he was headed for danger "ahhhh" he said as he fell down the dark staircase.

    "Hey, Zoot wake up man" Dr.Teeth shook the sleeping sax player the man would not wake up
    Dr.Teeth was getting frustrated he grabbed Zoot's ankles and flung him out of the chair "What did I miss?" he asked
    "Not much I'm afraid" the Dr said
    "oh then why'd you wake me up?" Zoot looked seriously confused for once. "I woke you up cause we have a certain bass player and guitarist to find. "Oh okay then" said Zoot slowly. The impatient Dr grabbed the drowsy Zoot and pulled him out the door and into the dark hallway. Dr.Teeth stopped short at what he presumed to be the stairs "Do you hear something" he asked Zoot who seemed to be off in his own world. From the bottom of the stairs the Dr heard moaning. Curious he grabbed Zoot and went slowly down the stairs. "Hello anyone there?" he called once he'd reached the bottom. "Down here ow" as voice whispered "Johnny?" Dr.Teeth asked "hey Teeth." Johnny whispered "Can you help me up?" Dr.Teeth sighed "Throw up a hand" he said as he pulled a disheveled Johnny to his feet "Thanks man." He said "no prob" the Dr replied.

    The photo album had been read and was now resting on the steps Janice sat with her head on Floyd's lap. His hands were running though her silky blond hair. "Floyd" Janice said. His hands went still at the sound of her voice. "Ya babe?" he asked. "Well I've been wondering and I know you hate talking about it did you like me back when I was with Zoot?" Floyd's hands trembled it was his least favorite thing to talk about he hated I almost as much as he hated math or classical music. "Jan, I-I've liked you since the first time I saw you." he paused carefully choosing his words he owed her the truth. "I was in love with within the first month I'd met you" Janice sighed she hated talking about it too but curiosity had gotten the better of her. "Floyd how'd it feel when I got together with Zoot?" Floyd laughed his raspy laugh "It tore me apart watching you, the girl of my dreams ripped away like that. It hurt babe it hurt a lot. I did stuff I regret I took anger out on and through music, you don't know how close to leaving I was." Janice turned her head so she was looking directly up a him. "But you stayed?,why stay?" Floyd looked into her eyes. "I stayed for you cause I thought I hoped..." Janice smiled at him "I love so much, I don't know what I'd have done if-if you'd left," Floyd smiled back at her "I'd do anything for the girl I love, if I'd left I'd be lost" Janice laughed "if you were lost I'd find you I would search high and low for the man I love" they smiled at each other then Floyd kissed her proving all the promises they'd just made.

    Piggy sat in her usual seat at her usual cafe confused. Kermie has never yelled at me like that before. I must change. I overreacted I couldn't take not being in the spotlight. I regret I so much leaving her payment and for the first time a tip on the table she walked out the door to apologize to her frog.

    "The power's fixed"the electrician said "great Clifford replied handing over the payment "thanks" he said before heading inside.
    It's great to have power again he said as Skeeter came running down the stairs "power!" she exclaimed she smiled when she saw Clifford "hey wanna catch the game?" she asked. "Sure" Clifford said as he followed her to the TV room.

    "You did a great job on the interview honey" Gonzo told a tired Camilla. "Bawk Begawk Beawk" Camilla clucked her way down the street. "What do you mean I hogged the spotlight oh whatever" Gonzo replied as the headed towards the cafe.

    Dr. Teeth, Zoot and Johnny were walking down the now lit hallway when they ran into Floyd and Janice. "Just the couple we wanted to see" Dr.Teeth said. "Hey man" A somewhat happy Floyd said "What do you need Janice asked. "We need to find Kermit" Teeth replied. "No ones seen him since this morning with the power being out a such. Floyd and Janice exchanged looks then smiled "the power was out?" they said in unison. Dr Teeth laughed "where have you two been wait you know what I don't want to know but anyway you wanna help find a frog?"
    Floyd looked at Janice who nodded "Fer sure Teeth we'd rully love to help" The Dr smiled "great lets go" he said as they walked down the hall.
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh I love it! Floyd loving Janice, and Kermit and Piggy trying to change! (YIKES!)
    ... Yes, I'm most interested in Kermit and Miss Piggy, but with a screen name like mine, who can blame me? Don't worry, I like the other stuff too! Neapolian sez GOSH! Ha Ha, keep up the good work dear.
  5. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Thanks so so much Im about to post more right now
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4
    The woman I love

    Piggy walked into the board house ready to apologize. She knew where to find Kermit.
    She walked in the office to find him with his head down on his desk. "Kermie?" she said quietly kneeling down to rub his shoulder. He sat up to look at her. "Piggy what are you doing here?" Piggy smiled at him "Moi came pour vous" Kermit smiled back at her "I'm sorry Piggy I overreacted, I love you" a tear fell down Piggy's cheek "Moi am sorry aussi Kermie. Moi love vous." They both felt super happy once more.

    "Hey man. Are you sure Kermin disappeared hokay?" Pepe asked "ya man no ones seen him since this mornin'" Rizzo replied as the two went scurrying along. Just as Dr.Teeth, Zoot, Johnny Floyd and Janice came around the corner. "Whoa, look out where yas are goin would'a" A startled Rizzo exclaimed. "What y'all doing anyway?" He added. "We are looking for the little green boss man have you seen him?" Floyd questioned. "No we ave not seen or heard for Kermin all morning 'hokay" Pepe replied.
    Floyd cast a glance at his friends. "Hey guys where have we not looked yet?" he asked. Dr Teeth shrugged "I've only searched upstairs. And once we found Floyd we went to the kitchen"
    "Ya but the Swedish chef was cooking something I had no interest in so we looked quickly then left"
    "wait has anyone looked in his office?" Rizzo exclaimed
    "Nah man Scooter told me he and Piggy had a disagreement this mornin and not to go in there for a while." Floyd was clearly getting bored with talking on this subject for he seemed to be zoning out Janice was the first not notice this. Taking his hand she pulled him from the group "look guys tell us when you find Kermit we'll be in the kitchen cooking something somewhat Fer surely edible." Floyd laughed his raspy laugh. "Babe you know I can't cook" Janice giggled and smiled at him "that's ok I at least can" Floyd followed her down the hall. "See this one of the many thing I absolutely love about you. You babe can cook" he mentioned as they disappeared through the door.
    Piggy sat beside Kermit beside his desk they were talking about their favorite muppet show memories. "Remember that time when Foo Foo was on set for that episode. And I asked Floyd to watch her" Piggy started.
    "And you karate chopped him over the railing and into Dyan Cannon's drums then locked him up too" Kermit replied.
    Piggy laughed "he locked Foo foo in a drawer." She answered.
    "I'm pretty sure I warned him too"
    Both of them collapsed in laughs and giggles.
    There was a knock at the door. Kermit sat up"Come in" he said. The door opened and in came most of the gang. Dr Teeth, Johnny, Pepe, Rizzo, Zoot and scooter and Fozzie "I was trying to find you but I picked up some extra friends on the way." Dr Teeth said.
    "I was in the living room with Scooter when we found Teeth and I agree Kermit we need to talk" Fozzie said.
    "Oh what do you guys need?" Kermit asked
    "A few things, first we need a gig man. Honestly it's been awhile the band isn't even doing birthday parties anymore and you know those were my favorite gig. Free cake goody bags and all." Dr Teeth stated.
    "I know Teeth but what can I do all of us are suffering not just the band but finding a gig for us is hard." Kermit explained. "Is that why all of you are here?" He asked. "Not me Kermit I'm here because I've got a new joke. Ready ok here it is Knock knock"
    "Who's there" everyone said.
    "Chicken who?"
    "The chicken who crossed the road."
    The room filled with forced laughs
    "Haha Waka Waka" Fozzie laughed.
    "Anyway guys thank you and I promise to keep looking for gigs.

    Floyd and Janice sat at the kitchen table watching and somewhat listening along with Lew Zealand to Honeydew experiment his new growing machine. On a poor Beaker.
    "Ok Beaker just step under the light and everyone watch as Beaker gets at least a foot taller" Bunsen pressed a button an beaker vanished. "Oh I'm afraid something is wrong"
    "What gave you that idea Doc?" Lew Zealand chuckled "I'm out lets go Kristen" he grabbed the fish and walked out the door. Leaving a trail of fish smell.
    "Beaker" Bunsen said
    "mee moo meep"
    "Oh there you are" said Bunsen as he pushed another button Beaker grew but to twice his size. Before things got worse Floyd took Janice's hand and gently pulled her from the room.
    "Wanna walk Animal with me?" he whispered in her ear. "Fer sure babe" Janice replied happily following Floyd to the kitchen where they found Animal harassing the chef. Right now HE was chasing the chef with a butcher knife. "Whoa Animal stop we're going for a walk c'mon"
    Animal stopped. "Walk?" he said and followed Floyd and Janice out the door.
    They had been walking ten minutes when Floyd stopped so fast Animal almost choked. Janice knew where they were but was surprised that Floyd knew too. "Babe look where we are." Janice giggled. "Don't worry honeybunch I know where we are" Floyd looked at her "it's been over 30 years can you believe it over 30 years." it truly had been awhile but they were at one of the most life changing places in both of their lives. This road this corner in the middle of the city between a bar and an alley filled with garbage was where Floyd and Janice first got together.
  7. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    The heartbreak and first times
    It had been a long night for the mayhem. It was the Finale of season one of the muppet show. Janice and Zoot wanted to celebrate with the rest of the band at a
    nearby bar. Dr.Teeth agreed but Floyd wasn't so sure he was still debating wheather now whould be a good time to break it to Janice that he was leaving or not. In the end she had talked him into going by saying "Don't worry It'll be fun" her smile had sealed the deal and he ended up in the van headed to a bar with the band.Floyd had a great time but Zoot had drank to much and could barely stand Janice was furious with him she kept telling him he had a problem with drinking and had just broken his promise to stop. Zoot being extreamly delusional got angry and smacked Janice across the face. Dr.Teeth stood up and along with Animal put Zoot in his place with a good whack to the head and Animal on his back Zoot was out cold. Heartbroken Janice had run outside, Floyd watched it all happen, he had just watched the girl of his dreams get smacked by the man she loved. And had watched his bestfriends fight for one of the first times. Floyd couldn't move he felt conflicted he could run to Janice or join in now the full blown bar fight. He watched as Animal leaped on another guys back. And as Teeth pushed a man over a table. Floyd came to his senses that was Janice outside alone. and here he was thinking about fighting. Quickly he got up and ran out into the night after his dream girl.
    Floyd didn't have to look far for Janice she was right outside leaning against the wall. Tears were streaming down her face. Floyd ran up to her and pulled her to him giving her a hug she started to really cry now. The tears shaking her lithe frame. Floyd held her tight, they stood there for what seemed like forever. Finally she pulled back and looked up at him. "Thank you for coming after me" she whispered her voice thin and still wavering. Her face was red and starting to swell. Floyd looked at her "Anytime Bab-Uh...Janice" She laughed and hugged him. "Zoot's an idiot what did I ever see in him?" Floyd sighed "I don't know" he told her "He should never have hit you, are you going to stay with him" Why did he just say that Floyd shut up quickly afraid to say anything else. "No" she told him filling his heart with joy. "Good" Floyd said, Janice started to cry again. "Why are you still crying?" he asked her. The tears turned to laughter. "I don't know what to do Floyd" she told him. "Do whatever feels right" he told her. She once agian pulled back to look at him. "What would you do?" she asked him. Now's my chance Floyd thought tell her another part of him said. "I'd move on" he whispered. Janice sighed and leaned against him once more. "Do you really think I should move on so quickly?" she asked him. "It on how you feel and to who?" He couldn't believe he'd just said that. Just then a man came barging out of the doors to the bar. He was drunk he couldn't even walk straight. He stood for a minute then saw Janice and Floyd. "Pretty girl" he drawled and came towards them reaching for Janice. She screamed as he grabbed her hair. Floy turned and punched him as hard as he could, the man fell over dropping Janice and ran down the street. Floyd helped Janice up and once agian held her close. "Ohmygod" she breathed. "Are you okay?" he asked she nodded. After a minute she laughed "I know" she told him. He was confused. "What are you talking about?" he curiously asked. "I know who" she told him. "Actually I knew for a while but..." she broke off "Wha..." he didn't get to finish. She looke up and kissed him. He was shocked but didn't care he had what he'd always wanted
    Floyd came back to reality, Janice was staring at him. "Did you here me?" she asked. Floyd blinked "No I was just thinking" Janice laughed "I can't believe you still remember I wish I could forget sometimes how stupid I was" Floyd looked at her "You weren't stupid you just hadn't come to your senses yet" he laughed. She playfully hit him in the arm he grabbed her waist pulled her close and kissed her. For a moment it was just like old times. Until Animal got board and pulled them down the street.

    Piggy was trying desprately to think of new ways to change to become less of a drama queen today she went for walk with Kermit through the park. They were walking and talking. "Piggy?" Kermit asked
    "Yes darling?" she sweetly replied.
    "I forgave you, you know you don't have to change I like you the way you are"
    "No Kermie I mean I know yoe forgave me, but Moi wants to change pour vous"
    "But Piggy when I first met you I loved you're personnality it gets on my nerves sometimes. But I don't want a different you I want You Miss Piggy"
    "Kermit do you remember the day you first met me?"
    "Piggy what kind of question is this?"
    Piggy laughed "Do you?"
    In fact Kermit remembered it like it was yesterday.
    Piggy was different then the other performers he didn't meet her at the auditions. He met her before long before. He just happened to know she needed an acting job. But he'd met her years before.
    It at a New Years party and Kermit was having fun ice skating on the frozen pond at the party when she appeared. She was with two other girl he remembered to be named Julia and Gloria. He noticed her because she was the only one that coudn't skate. For hours he skated alone while Julia and Gloria skated with kermits friends.
    He finally grew lonely and went to take off his skates. He sat beside her and began to untie the laces. "Can't you skate?" He'd asked her
    She looked at him as though she'd not just watched skate for over an hour "No" she told him. And quickly turned away. "You could learn" he said. She looked irritated now. "I could but Moi would rather not"
    Kermit sighed boy was she rude.But now he thought it was time to have some fun.
    "Get up" he told her. She looked shocked.
    "What?" She snapped.
    Two could play at this game he thought cleverly.
    "Get your skates on" For once she listened. Once they were on he pulled her onto the ice. "What is vous problem?" she demanded.
    Kermit smiled and ignored HER for a change "I'm Kermit who are you?"
    Finally a smile krept onto her lips "Moi is Miss Piggy"
    Kermit thought it was time to tech Miss Piggy some manners "Well Miss Piggy I am pleased to meet you and have the coutesy of teaching you how to skate"
    For a while the skated and talked well sort of talked. Finally she got the hang of it
    "Thank you" she'd told him before leaving with her friends. The piece of paper with her number on it was still in his hand.
    "I remember very well" Kermit told Piggy.
    "Then you see darling I must change I was and still am rude and you're right I am I bit of a drama queen."
    "No Piggy you're not. But please if you're going to change promise me it's mostly for you"
    "Mo-I promise" She told him.

    "Oh Camilla I'm sorry no one saw you're interview" Gonzo told her
    "Bwak Bwak Bawk Bewak Begawk"
    "I know dear we can tell everyone about it later okay?"
    "That's my girl"
    "Bwak Begwak Brawk Brwak?"
    "What of course I remember the first time I met you"
    It had been a great day off for the Muppets everyone got to relax Gonzo unfortunatley had other plans and relaxing was not it.
    "Okay I Gonzo the great will be launched out of this canon and through all five of those rings in the air and finish by hitting that trampoline and landing in that pie."
    He hopped in and Beaureguard lit it. "Okay it's time for you to fly Gonzo" he said. "Great" Gonzo replied. BOOM Gonzo was launched through the air too low hitting the rim of each ring and hit too early on the trampoline went off coure and hit a pole.
    He woke up later in the hospital. There was three of everything and a ringing in his ears. out of the corner of his eye he saw movement. A chicken or thanks to his vision three chickens were replacing the flowers on the bedside table. That was the last thing we saw before losing conciousness.
    Gonzo's dreams were filled with chickens dancing, singing, and chickens everywhere.
    When Gonzo came to the nurse chicken was in his room agian "Brawk Bregawk?"
    she'd said "No I'm fine" he'd answered. The chicken and him talked alot that day her knew her name was Camilla and she had been taking care of him for the past two weeks. When the other performers weren't visting him he was talking to Camilla. Gonzo soon fell in love.
    When he returned to the show he brought Camilla she loved it so much she joined to and made sure he was safe.
    "I'll always remember you. I may not know which one is you but I love you"
    It made no sense but it still made Camilla happy.

    The Mayhem had just finished another unnecassary practice when Kermit came in.
    "I got a gig!! I got a gig" He shouted
    Everyone cheered "It's a muppet worlwide tour that's right we're going all around the world!!" Even more cheers.
    That night everyone celebrated with a giant party in the theatre
    "Hey Green man" Kermit turned to see Floyd Pepper his arm around Janice calling him over to where the band sat on the steps to the stage.
    "What's up Floyd?"
    "Well we were wondering where the first stop on this tour was cause we need the proper getups for everywhere we go"
    Kermit smiled "Well Floyd our first perfomance is here in Hollywood then to the other states so pack for each after the USA much to Sam's protest we're going north to Canada"
    "Oh wow like I've always wanted to see a real live polar bear" Janice exclaimed
    "Not that far north Janice"
    "Oh bummer"
    "Don't worry babe I'll take you to see a polar bear"
    "ya we'll go to the zoo tomorrow"
    "Yay I can't wait"
    and with that she kissed him quick and went to talk to Camilla.
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    Chapter 6
    The busy days
    The next few days were busy for all the muppets. Kermit was busy booking stadium after stadium for the tour with the help of his new agent Bill.
    One day Piggy came to his office asking him if he would like to go for a picnic unfortunately he had to say no but promised to met up with her later.
    Her visit was followed by one from Gonzo, he apparently needed to order a bunch of new props for his acts for the tour. After a lot of discussion Kermit was able to satisfy him by promising new outfits rings and a new canon.
    Kermit got about five minutes before the Mayhem came in wanting to discuss songs. And outfits. Kermit had to listen to several songs and once again discuss a budget for outfits. Floyd also needed extra money to pay for Janice's trip to the zoo that afternoon.
    All afternoon cast and crew visited Kermit with complaints involving budgets props sets costume and so on.
    When Kermit finally thought he was getting a break Fozzie came in complaining of a lack of rubber chickens. Apparently the chef thought they were real and would be feeding them rubber chicken stew for dinner. Kermit sighed and ordered for pizza. When the call was done he was thrust back into discussing the tour with the remaining cast that hadn't already sorted out their budget and deals.
    Let's just say it was a long day for the frog.
    "Alright babe here are your polar bears" Floyd said as he and Janice approached the high walled enclosure. Janice's hand tightened in his as she stood on the tiptoes to peer through the large window. Inside it was a winter wonderland with a large iceberg and a deep pool that if you went down one floor you could see the bears swimming in it. There were several bears spread out though out the enclosure. "Like oh wow honeybunch those bears are like so cute. I just Fer surely rully love their little black noses." Janice said with a chuckle. Floyd smiled at her "C'mon I wanna show ya somethin" Janice nodded at walked hand in hand with Floyd towards whatever he wanted to show her. They passed multiple enclosures and finally Floyd stopped at a large stone building. Janice looked at him "uh Floyd I rully don't wanna be a bummer here but like where are we?" Floyd laughed and squeezed her hand "C'mon I'll show ya" They walked into the air conditioned building. Inside there were multiple little shops or show rooms. Floyd led the way to a smaller show room. Inside there were guitars tons of them. All from the 70s it looked like. "Oh my honeybunch this is amazing" Janice smiled "Apparently the zoo has all of these guitars until the museum has room for them." Floyd said.
    For awhile Janice was in her own world she at one point noticed a Gibson Les Paul just like hers and smiled super bright. Floyd was lost to the world when he saw all of the bass guitars.
    When they at last left the show room they were starving. Floyd was able to locate a food court. That served organic food much to Janice's delight she got Floyd to eat a salad. "You full babe?" Floyd asked her. "Oh ya I'm stuffed honeybunch." Floyd nodded and stood up. Janice followed. Together they walked towards the main doors. Floyd spotted something. "Hey uh babe why don't you go look at the polar bears again I'll meet you there in a minute." Janice looked into his eyes "oh Fer sure see ya in a few" she kissed him quick and walked outside.
    It had warmed up outside if that was possible it was already so hot when they'd left. The polar bears were all in the water when Janice got to the enclosure. She counted the polar bears there were 8 of them. Janice liked the one sitting on the glacier it had just gotten out of the water. And climbed faster then Janice had ever seen a best climb. Floyd came up beside her "hey babe here" he handed her a large stuffed polar bear. "oh wow hon I love it thanks" he quickly kissed her and they started towards the main exit. Janice couldn't help but notice Floyd hand dart to his pocket quickly then took her hand once more. She hugged the polar bear tightly with her other hand and continued walking.
    Kermit was sure he was going insane there was just so much to work out Bill had just called wanting Kermit to put some of the original sketches back into the tour. Kermit do far had chosen Gonzo the Chef, At the Dance, Veterinarian's Hospital, and pigs in space. With the mayhem also performing three songs per show. And Kermit and Piggy doing a dance number with Floyd and Janice. And Gonzo and Camilla. And Kermit and Piggy's duet. Also Floyd wanted to do a duet with Janice. Kermit so far had an hour long show. But Bill informed him it had to be two hours or more. Kermit sighed he could fill time slots with Fozzie's comedy act and maybe get the mayhem to do one more song. But they chances of him finding enough acts was slim. Just then Johnny and Sal came in followed by Clifford and Skeeter. "Hi guys" Kermit lazily said as they came in. "Hey Kermit, we need to discuss our act." Clifford said. "Oh great guys but um what's your act?" Skeeter looked at they boys did anyone tell him?" she curiously asked. All three shook their heads. "Oh fine Kermit apparently they didn't tell you so I will. We are The Lost Explanation!" She exclaimed. "the what?" Kermit asked. Skeeter sighed "I give up" she replied. "we're The Lost Explanation we're a singing group." Clifford explained "but the mayhem is already doing all of the required musical numbers and there are already several other music acts besides them" kermit tried. "Please Kermit just like one act just one" Johnny pleaded. Kermit sighed "one act guys and if you change your minds tell me ASAP got it?" everyone looked at him and nodded in unison "got it"
    "C'mon man Janice really?" Clifford asked.
    "Ya man she's worth it and it really didn't set me back to much" Floyd Pepper replied.
    "Ya but Floyd man are you sure?" Clifford asked him.
    "Ya I'm sure"
    And with that the two bass players walked down the hall.

    "I can't wait" Janice dreamily said.
    "look hon it's Floyd, is it worth it?" Piggy questioned.
    "Of course it's like Fer surely worth it I always do something special for him every year and so does he."
    "And the rest of the band?, they're involved too aren't they?"
    "Ya and they celebrate too but Floyd and I make it super special for each other"
    Piggy sighed and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. "I suppose it should be special but remember dear Veterinarian's Hospital practice starts early tomorrow we'll be meeting onstage at six see you then dear"
    "Fer sure like later" Janice replied and went off to find Floyd and the rest of the band.
    Piggy returned to her dressing room she was in a rush and was completely distraught she hadn't done a show like the muppet show in over30 years. She pulled out the Veterinarian's Hospital gown from her closet she hadn't used it in forever she would need to get it redone this one wouldn't do. The colour was faded and the seams were fraying. Piggy would have to collect Janice's and Rowlf's too might as well fix theirs up too. She sighed she couldn't believe what was happening they were really going on tour all around the world. She smiled and draped the gown over the chair and began to get ready for dinner.

    The Mayhem were busy practicing for the tour so far they were performing, Can you picture that, Don't Blame The Dynamite, Rockin Robin and due to lack of acts they were now performing With a little help from my friends. Janice and Floyd were also performing Act Naturally, And not to mention the dance number with the other couples. They had just finished Can You Picture That when it was time for dinner Janice and Floyd went offstage to put away their guitars. "Oh wow am I exhausted, that was a rully great song great job honeybunch" Janice sighed as she wiped her guitar. "You're the bomb babe no one I know plays guitar that good" Floyd tiredly replied. "Aw thanks hon. I rully can't wait for our duet." Janice said. "Aw babe ya got nothin to worry 'bout we sang it before and you did great" Floyd laughed to himself he couldn't wait until next week Janice would be so surprised. He closed his guitar case and stood up Janice did too together they walked to dinner.
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    Chapter 7
    Intrusions and forgiveness
    It was loud at dinner that night. Everyone was talking at once. None of this helped Kermit's pounding headache. after a day of phone calls and meetings Kermit couldn't wait to go to bed.
    Janice and Floyd were busy talking about practicing for their duet and Dr Teeth and Zoot seemed busy talking about what Kermit assumed was instruments. He could tell that Gonzo and Camilla were talking about the dance number because Gonzo was making is fingers demonstrate the routine. Other than that everyone was talking gibberish to Kermit.
    Someone touched his arm he looked up and into the worried eyes of Piggy. "Kermie are you alright?" She asked him. "Oh yes Piggy I'm fine I just have a pounding headache. From all the calls today I guess." Kermit sighed with this busy day he had forgotten about his picnic with Piggy. "Oh Piggy our picnic I forgot" Piggy sighed. "Kermie that's fine we can do it another day right now you need to go to bed" with that she shooed Kermit from the room.

    After dinner Floyd met Janice in her room to practice Act Naturally for their duet. He had is Bass on his back and a tape of the original video of them doing the song for a reference.
    When he walked in she was sitting on the edge of her bed strumming her guitar. She didn't look up when he came in, she was completely distracted by the song she was humming. Floyd couldn't comprehend every word but it was beautiful anyways.
    "Hold on to me I'll never let you go. Believe in me oh oh oh oh oh will you never go because I love you so hmmm, oh you'll be alright without me by your side. But don't worry cause that'll never happen you can believe in me" She stopped and sighed. He could tell she knew he was there because of the subtle tilt of her head. "That was beautiful babe" He told her she laughed
    "I just made it up. It wasn't that good" she replied. "No babe I was really good you should really ask for a solo on the tour" Floyd sat beside her. "You really find me that good?" She asked. "Of course" Floyd told her. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her against him. She sighed and relaxed. Floyd took her hand and held it tight. They sat like that for a while then Janice sat back up and looked at him. "You wanna get started?" she asked. Floyd nodded and picked up his base, Janice turned and got her guitar too. Floyd started to strum his base his rough voice soon filled the room. "There gonna put me in the movies their gonna make a big star outta me they'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely and all ya gotta do is act naturally" Janice smiled and joined in, together they sang the course."Oh I bet you I'm gonna be a big star I might win an Oscar you can never tell. The movies are gonna make me a big star and I'm gonna play the part so well." Floyd played his bass while Janice took the next verse. "Oh I hope you come and see him in the movies then I hope that you will plainly see the biggest fool that ever hit the big times and all ya gotta do is act naturally" Floyd and Janice went into guitar solos and Floyd sang once more "We'll make a scene about a man that's sad and lonely and all ya gotta do is act naturally I'm begging down upon his bended knee I'll play the part and I won't need rehearsing all I have to do is act naturally" He smiled as they both sang the chorus "Well I bet you I'm gonna be a big star I might win an Oscar you can never tell, the movies are gonna make me a big star cause I can play the part so well" Janice sang again "Well I hope you come and see him in the movies Then I'll know that you will plainly see the biggest fool thats ever hit the big time and all ya gotta do is act naturally" they both played for a minute then came to an end. Instead of kissing Janice on the cheek he kissed her swiftly on the lips. She laughed and hugged him tight.

    Piggy was at a lack of things to do. Kermit had already gone to bed and everyone else had either disappeared or were having conversations in the tv room. Piggy left the table and walked down the hall, she came to a stop at an old wooden door, the room behind this door had seen and lived through it all. Piggy took a deep breath and went inside. It was a larger room with 2 medium sized windows. The moonlight shone in two shafts on the floor. On one side of the room there were two large clothing racks. Piggy turned the light on and walked over on these racks was every costume or outfit from the muppet show and movies. Most of Piggy's favorite costumes were in her dressing room hung up. But everyone else didn't care as much so a lot of costumes were here in the old muppet prop room. Piggy looked through the racks there were piles of tuxes and dresses and hats and boas. Piggy turned away and looked at the rest of the room on the other side of the room there were the old sets. the Electric Mayhem's light up stage and the at the dance chandelier. There was veterinarians hospital operating table and the chefs cooking counter.
    Piggy went to the back wall of the room. laid out on the counter were two photo albums Piggy flipped one open inside was her and Kermit backstage on the muppet show laughing. There were a lot of those pictures, The next picture was of them singing onstage together. They'd just sung Rainbow Connection. She smiled and closed the album she'd had enough memories and emotions for one night she walked to the door turned off the light and went to her room to go to bed.

    Janice sat up she just couldn't sleep she'd tried everything that came to mind. She strummed her guitar. She read for a bit and even got a snack and watched some tv. It was 2:00 in the morning and she hadn't slept once. She finally thought of the one thing she hadn't tried. She grabbed her phone from her nightstand and turned it on. She texted Floyd. "Hey I need to talk to you." She pressed send and sat back down, a few minutes later there was a knock at her door. It was Floyd who looked extremely tired. "hey, what's wrong?" he asked clearly trying to stay awake. "I can't sleep can you sing for me like you used to?" she asked him. Floyd nodded and sat beside her on the bed she laid on her side and closed her eyes. Floyd softly began to sing. "I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping. While my guitar gently weeps" his rough voice had always soothed her. "I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping while my guitar gently weeps. I look at the world and I notice it's turning while my guitar gently weeps. With every mistake we must Surely be learning while my guitar gently weeps. There there baby don't cry Floyd's gonna take care of ya" Floyd smoothed out the now fast asleep Janice's hair and yawned, before he knew it he was asleep too.

    When Janice got up in the morning the first thing she did was trip over Floyd who had fallen on the floor. Janice was confused and then remembered Floyd singing to her. He must have fallen asleep after he'd sang and had never left. "Floyd, Floyd wake up" Janice shook him. He murmured something and finally came to he blinked when he saw her. "Hey babe." He said but frowned when he realized where he was. "Why am I...oh I fell asleep on the floor didn't I?" Janice laughed "Ya I guess you did. That's okay are you hungry?" Floyd stood up helping Janice up with him "Let's go eat" he said walking with Janice out the door.
    They walked into the kitchen and into total chaos. Everyone was yelling at someone and food was all over the floor and table. Floyd looked at Janice and gave her a lets ask later look. She nodded and they walked out the door. But when they realized they were still in their pajamas they laughed and ran back inside. Five minutes later they were walking back outside towards the cafe.
    Floyd ordered for him and Janice, then they sat at the table by the window. Janice was being strangely quiet. Floyd stopped eating his bagel and looked at her she sat silently and picked at her mixed berry muffin. Floyd was curious he reached across the table and grabbed her hand. "Hey babe what's wrong?" she sighed and looked up at him. "Nothing hon I was just thinking about next week I'm really excited." Floyd laughed "ya me too hon it's gonna be great." She smiled at him if only he knew the whole story.

    Piggy walked in the kitchen to find it empty and a mess. Where is everyone she thought. She walked to the table. Food covered it's entire surface. She looked around everyone was either out doing something or upstairs. Ugh I live with such idiots she thought. a rustle drew her attention to the far corner, under a pile of garbage was Animal he was stuffing his face with leftover toast, bagels, muffins, fruit and even inedible stuff like. Napkins and paper plates. "Aragarfaragrrr" Animal murmured his mouth full of trash. Piggy sighed disgusting she thought. Sam the eagle walked in suddenly. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Animal. He growled and crossed his arms, after giving Piggy a do something about this look he turned around and left. Piggy shook her head at the sight of the hungry Animal and kitchen. What can ya do? She thought and went to find Kermit.

    "One two three four"
    "Hey hey hey whoa hold on" Skeeter called out after Sal gave the cue to start singing. Skeeter sighed they had been practicing their one song for their one performance all morning. "Cmon guys" she said "we've been at it all morning can't we take a break I'm tired of playing I need to stop and shop" Skeeter walked quickly offstage to turn off her mic off and then walked outside. "Well then I guess we're done for the day c'mon lets get some ice cream." Johnny said as they followed suit and went out the door.

    Gonzo sat on the steps alone Camilla had just left with Skeeter. So Gonzo was outside on the steps alone, he decided this would be a good time to think. He thought of his past. How he loved being on tv every week how he'd had so many great times with Camilla. He almost couldn't remember his life before he met Kermit. Then there was Camilla, he was the reason she came to the show in the first place, sometimes he wondered what his life would be like if he'd nailed that performance if he'd hit that pie spot on. He couldn't imagine it. she was his life now without her he would not be able perform she was his inspiration. He looked around it was so hot out. Gonzo laughed to himself and went inside, he had a kitchen to clean.

    Floyd walked hand in hand with Janice the sun made her hair shine like gold. Her expression was strangely and carefully guarded. He stopped walking right in the middle of the sidewalk. He pulled her to a stop as well. She turned and faced him. he stepped back and pulled her to sit beside him on a bench. She sat down and turned towards him but she wasn't looking at him she was looking at the ground. whatever it was that was really bothering her he didn't want to know now. He reached out and tucked a strand of her golden hair behind her ear. She looked up. Her kissed her cheek and stood up helping her up too. She didn't smile at all she looked sad and had barely talked to him all morning. This wasn't the way she usually acted especially if she was excited for something.

    Floyd opened the door the the board house for her. She went straight upstairs and he followed. She walked into her room and flopped down on her bed using the polar bear as a pillow. Floyd hovered in the doorway for a second then went inside sitting, beside her. He ran his fingers through her hair and felt her relax. "You wanna tell me whats really bothering you?" Floyd asked quietly. Janice turned onto her back and looked up him. "It's nothing really" she whispered. Floyd sighed and touched her cheek gently. "Please tell me, I want to know what's bothering you I wanna help you Janice" Just by him using her name Janice knew that he really meant it. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She handed it to Floyd on the screen was a series of text messages.
    Hey jan are you still with floyd?
    Ya why?
    I want to get back together
    No Zoot I don't like you like that anymore please don't make things difficult.we're only and will always be just friends
    C'mon babe you know you liked me once
    No Zoot it's not gonna happen I like Floyd not you maybe once but not anymore leave me alone

    Floyd stared at the screen in horror the messages went on and on and back and forth. He couldn't believe it over 30 years he and Floyd had been together why would that ever change. "I'm so sorry Floyd" Janice said through choked tears. "He-he came and told me things that he loved me still and-and that he'd had enough, he wanted me back. I kicked him out and I couldn't sleep. so last night after he'd left I couldn't sleep so I called you to come sing to me because you've always calmed me down. But even this morning I couldn't help but think that somehow you would hate me for talking to him." Floyd let her talk, he let her tell him the story.
    Why would Zoot do this? the calm sax player and good friend had actually come and yelled at Janice. Floyd handed Janice her phone and walked out of the room. "Floyd stop! Please don't do this I'm sorry" Floyd stopped walking he wanted so badly to stick for her. But in his heart he knew Janice could do it herself he'd have to trust her this time. He went back to the now bawling and shaking Janice. He hugged her close. her bawled into his chest her tears shaking her lithe frame. Floyd was mostly shaking from anger it was taking all of his willpower and Janice's pleading to keep him from hunting down and tearing Zoot to shreds. He had to focus on Janice. When she finally Calmed down she pulled back and walked back to her bed he sat beside her. She picked up the phone and deleted all the messages. Then she leaned against Floyd. "I'm sorry" she whispered. He shook his head and grabbed her shoulders turning her so she was facing him. "You did nothing wrong" he told her as she looked up at him. "You defended yourself, you have no reason to apologize. You can defend yourself, I don't care about Zoot I care about you." Janice gave him a huge smile. "I really do love you Floyd," she said. "I would never change that for anyone in the world." he kissed her. She looked at him and leaned against him again.

    Piggy walked into Kermit's office to find that he was sitting at his desk once again on the phone. "Um...yes Bill...They are...almost every music performance yes...you did...oh I see...ok will do thanks Bill." He hung up and looked at Piggy. "Hi Piggy do you need anything?" Piggy laughed "oh Kermie when are we going in our picnic?" Kermit looked shocked. "Oh Piggy I'm so sorry I forgot" she looked at him and giggled. "Kermie don't worry we'll do it soon. " he looked at her. "Piggy are you sure?"
    "Yes Kermie we'll go soon I really don't mind. I'm changed remember?" Kermit Nodded, Piggy waved and walked out the door and into. A now clean kitchen. There was no sign of Animal or Sam it was completely empty she shrugged and walked outside for a stroll.

    Dr.Teeth wanted the band to practice for the tour but was at a lack of finding anyone. So he sat in the soundproof music room and played his keyboard lightly. It was nice relaxing alone in a room. He began to play an old favorite of his called Money. He'd performed it on the muppet show, and had never really played it since. He stopped halfway through playing solo wasn't as fun as it was with a band. He got up and walked out into the hall. Everyone was out enjoying the day. Why not join the enjoyers he thought and walked out into the warm afternoon.

    Skeeter sat on a soft bench while Camilla was in the changing room. They had been through most of the mall and Skeeter was hungry. They'd have to get lunch after this store. Camilla walked out wearing a sparkly navy blue dress. It made her feathers look like porcelain and her eyes pop. "oh wow Camilla that's beautiful" Skeeter said excitedly. "brawk brawk bawk" Camilla replied. "I liked the pink one too. It was on sale right?" "Begawk" Camilla said. "Just get both" Skeeter said. "Beawk brawk blawk" Camilla laughed. "Gonzo will like them no matter what" Skeeter told her encouragingly. Camilla smiled and went to get changed. When she was done they went to pay.

    Floyd was still on Janice's bed. She was now asleep her shining head was resting against his shoulder. Her breathing was slow and deep. He already felt calmer. He still couldn't believe what Zoot had done. After all these years it had been him and Janice. They had always had each other. He loved her more than anything in the world.
    His parents had died in an accident when he was young. He spent his childhood in an orphanage where he met Dr.Teeth.
    Janice lived with her parents until she moved out for college. They weren't happy with her wanting to play guitar, for a living. When she left her parents disappeared without a trace and she never bothered finding them. He met her in college. They were each others only family.
    Floyd put his arms around her waist, and kissed the top of her head. He was completely calm now. She murmured something and fell back into a deep sleep. He took a deep breath and began to sing to himself. He couldn't wait until next week.
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    I'll post more as soon as i can <3
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    Chapter 8
    When things get turned around

    Piggy was out in the middle of the sidewalk just standing there. She had stopped walking to look at something.
    She had been walking down the sidewalk alone. When she saw a couple they were walking on the opposite sidewalk hand in hand. Piggy watched jealously as the man wrapped his arms around the woman's shoulders. Piggy wished that would be her and Kermit. But she knew that Kermit was busy and she'd already told him it was fine that he didn't have time for a picnic. The couple had disappeared long ago and Piggy was still in the middle of the sidewalk.
    She looked down at the ground. And began to walk once more. changing wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. Piggy rounded the corner and walked towards a small boutique. It was her favorite. The little bell rang as she walked over the threshold. Inside there were flowers and dresses and dolls and floppy hats. Piggy decided it was time for a new outfit. She searched through the racks of dresses choosing the ones that she liked the most. Then with her arms full of clothes, she headed towards the dressing rooms. The first dress was a cute little pale yellow sundress. It was strapless and had a layer of white lace over top of it. Around the middle was a white band. Piggy loved it. She changed and added it to her BUY pile. For awhile Piggy tried on dress after dress after dress.
    She had two left one was a deep silk red one. Perfect for going out. Piggy love the way it made her eyes pop. She took it of and added it to the BUY pile. The next one was another sundress but this one had little straps and was covered in little flowers of different shades of purple and blue. She liked it too and added to her now enormous BUY pile. She got dressed and went to pay.
    Piggy's next stop was her favorite hat shop. Inside there were millions of hats upon hats. A worker came and placed Piggy's previous purchases on a nearby bench and stood by them so nobody could touch the while Piggy shopped. Piggy walked straight to the sunhat section. She picked up a lovely lavender one with white flowers gathered on it. It looked beautiful on her. She made a new BUY pile and immediately added the hat to it. Next she put on a pale brown one she quickly put it back. Brown was not her favorite color. Piggy again tried on lots of hats when she was done she paid grabbed her dresses and left.

    Floyd and the now awake Janice walked downstairs. Janice was still slightly quiet. Floyd didn't blame her he would be too if one of his friends had acted towards him like Zoot did to Janice. He forced himself not to think of that Janice had already said that she wasn't going to change anything about their relationship.
    Janice opened the door and they walked outside it really was extremely hot. "What would you like to do honeybunch?" Janice asked him eagerly. "I don't know babe whatever you would like to do is fine with me." He replied just as eagerly. Janice gave him a brilliant smile and took his hand. Together they began to walk down the sidewalk. But something stopped them. Or Janice anyway, one minute she was holding Floyd's hand and the next thing he knew he was walking alone. He turned around and saw Janice stopped several feet behind him. Her hands were dropped loosely at her sides and her mouth gaped in shock. "Janice, babe Janice" Floyd touched her shoulder. She closed her mouth and pointed forwards to a black van speeding in the opposite direction. "Who's there Janice?" Floyd asked her intently. Janice said one word that left Floyd more confused then he'd ever been in his life. "Them" Janice said and then she ran back inside and closed the door leaving Floyd confused in the middle of the sidewalk.
    Floyd had, had enough of people messing with Janice today. He ran as fast as he could down the street. He didn't know where the van had gone but he had to try. Nothing that Floyd had seen had never scared Janice like that before. Sure things scared her but not like that he'd never in all the years that he'd known her, she'd never acted like that. He continued to run until he couldn't feel his legs. He ran until he was gasping for air. But even then he kept going. Floyd kept going. But suddenly the ground disappeared from beneath him and he found himself falling down a long flight of stairs.

    Kermit sat at his desk feeling miserable. Once again he'd forgotten about Piggy. She'd said that it was fine both times but Kermit knew better he knew that it bothered her. So packing up his papers and stuffing them in the drawer he went outside to find Piggy.
    Kermit was hit instantly by the heat as he walked outside. Everyone had been going in and out all day. Skooter was with Gonzo and Camilla at the theatre listening to acts for the tour. Kermit walked for awhile he wondered where Piggy went. Suddenly Kermit heard moaning as he reached the stairs. He looked down and saw Floyd at the bottom. Kermit ran quickly down the steps to help Floyd. "Floyd!" Kermit called as he reached him. "Oh my are you okay?" Floyd tried to sit up. "No man I can't feel my arm." Kermit sighed this was not good. "Okay just hold on" Kermit got out his phone and dialed Piggy's number she answered on the third ring. "Hi Piggy...listen...I need to get Floyd to a hospital...his arm might be broken...yes...look Piggy...listen...I need you to find Janice...meet us at the hospital...okay...see you soon...bye" Kermit hung up and put the phone back and helped up Floyd. "what happened?" Kermit asked him. "I'll tell ya later man" Floyd said. Kermit helped Floyd up the stairs during which Floyd kept asking where he was and repeating stupid stairs. This gave Kermit the impression that he might have a concussion.
    Piggy and Janice were already there when Floyd and Kermit arrived. Janice ran over and hugged Floyd careful not to hit his arm. "Oh no" she said "how did you get hurt?" she asked him. "I fell down the stairs" he replied. Janice sighed and kissed his cheek. "As long as its nothing serious" she said. The secretary sent the four of them into the waiting room. When a nurse finally came and told Floyd the doctor would see him. He couldn't even move his arm so Janice had to help him up and into the doctor's office.
    They doctor asked what happened. And then did an x-ray of his arm. A few minutes later he confirmed that it was broken and that Floyd had a slight concussion. They gave him a cast and sent him home after telling him to rest.
    When they got back Janice helped Floyd up the stairs and to his room. "You need to rest" she told him. He looked at her and laughed. "babe I'm fine I don't need no rest" she sat beside him on his bed. "Yes you do need rest" she told him. But Floyd was stubborn he insisted that he was fine he wanted to play his bass and practice their song. Once again Janice told him no and explained to him that his arm was broken. That right now he couldn't play and that he should shut up and rest and to consider himself lucky that he didn't break his left arm because then he defiantly wouldn't be able to play.
    Floyd finally laid down and looked at her. "I'll rest if you tell me who the people in the van were" he told her. She sighed and he grabbed her hand with his good hand. "I've seen the van for awhile now. I didn't know who they were until today." She told him "Who was it?" he asked her. She looked into his eyes "My parents." she told him flipping his world upside down. Floyd laid there in shock. Was this the concussion talking or were the people in that van really her parents. The same people that abandoned her when she left home. Floyd couldn't wrap his mind around why Janice's parents would be following her after so many years. What did they want.

    Kermit and Piggy sat together on the couch in the TV room she leaned against while they watched a boring soap opera in which two people were now being arrested for something Kermit couldn't remember. He had his arms around Piggy's waist. They were trying to make up for all the time they'd missed with each other over the past few days. With Floyd being hurt and all of the work Kermit had today. He was exhausted. He was struggling to stay Awake and judging by Piggy's breathing she was asleep now too.
    Gonzo was at the kitchen table with Camilla when Skeeter and Johnny came in they walked into the kitchen and came back out with two tubs of ice cream. Still laughing they disappeared around the corner. Camilla sighed and told Gonzo she was going to bed. He kissed her goodnight and watched as she vanished up the stairs. He was alone again it had been a long day but he wasn't quite ready to go to bed. He stood up and wandered towards the living room. Where he found Sam and Rizzo playing chess. But Gonzo didn't want to play. So once again he wandered off. He walked out into the dark night he just wanted to relax and get some fresh air. He couldn't wait for the tour. And he couldn't wait to dance with Camilla.

    With all of the chaos going on they cast of veterinarian's hospital had to reschedule for the past two days. Today however Rowlf was looking forwards to it. It had been awhile since he'd been Dr.Bob. But he was disappointed to find that once again they wouldn't be able to practice because Janice had disappeared. Floyd himself had no idea where she was and Piggy was late saying she'd over slept and she too hadn't seen Janice. So the sketch was cancelled. "Come on!" Rowlf said after he'd asked what seemed to be the billionth person if they'd seen Janice. Frustrated Rowlf sat down at his piano and played random notes. It seemed as though Janice had left a long time ago because no one this morning had seen her.

    Floyd due to the lack of his girlfriend and things to do decided to walk Animal around the block.
    It wasn't the same, walking with Janice always made his day brighter and now she was gone. He wasn't too worried though because he knew she was okay by herself he didn't want to make himself worry. But he kept on thinking about why she hadn't told him that she was going somewhere.
    Floyd came out of his thoughts and found that Animal was stuck in a bike rack he'd walked through the bars so many times his chain was tangled and Animals head had somehow gotten wedged in the tire of a bike. Floyd shook his head and went to untangle the drummer.

    Janice was alone she needed time to herself to reflect. She wanted to remember why she never wanted to see her parents again.
    It was a hot summer day when Janice got accepted into three great colleges. Her parents had always wanted her to go to university but settled for the best colleges in the country. Janice wasn't interested in learning lawsuit like her parents wanted. Janice had always wanted to study and perform music and the arts. She had secretly applied for a college especially for music. When she told her parents they weren't impressed. They told her they wouldn't pay for it and they wouldn't allow her to go. So Janice worked overtime at two jobs all summer and spent all of her savings for a car, to get in to the college. She ended up going. When she came home for Christmas that year with the band she found out her parents had moved and didn't tell her where they went. She'd hadn't seen them since Floyd was the only one in the band who she could relate to now. Both of them had no parents or close family. There were many times in the past when they had just sat together and talked. It was about a month before she broke up with Zoot when she started to like Floyd. That night when Zoot hit her she knew it for the first time when she was in the safety of his arms comforting her that she loved him. And now her parents were practically stalking her. And she needed to know why. But first things first she needed to tell Floyd what was going on and she owed him more than a phone call or text message. He'd gotten hurt trying to protect her. He deserved her to tell him. Janice stood up from the bench she'd been sitting on and went to find Floyd.

    Floyd was just walking through the door when Janice's arms went around his waist. Her let Animal go into the house and turned around in her arms so that he was facing her. She was okay, a huge weight lifted from Floyd's chest that he didn't know was there. "I need to talk to you" Janice told him and pulled him outside onto he steps. They sat down and he took both of her hands in his. "I'm sorry that I disappeared this morning without telling you I didn't want to wake you up" She told him. "Hon, don't worry about telling me anything, you are capable of handling things without me" Floyd told her as calmly as he could. Inside he was asking himself a million questions. "I went for a walk" she started to explain. Floyd looked at her encouraging her to continue. "I thought about my parents, and I want." she took a deep breath taking her time. "I want to find them and ask them why they left and what they want" she told him. Floyd stopped breathing why would Janice want to do that? He questioned himself again. "Babe, please don't put yourself in danger for them." he told her. "Floyd" Janice said touching his cheek. "Please I need to know and I really want your help. " Floyd nodded "we'll start looking tomorrow" Janice sighed and hugged him close "Thank you" she whispered to him. "But, Janice just. Be careful okay?" Janice nodded Floyd sighed in defeat and kissed her. If anything happened to her he'd do something about it no matter what.

    "How about here?" Kermit asked Piggy as he stopped under a large tree. The grass here was lush and green.
    "Oh yes Kermie this Is the perfect spot." Piggy was wearing her new yellow sundress with a white sunhat with yellow and blue flowers on it.
    Kermit spread out the blanket and placed the picnic basket in the middle. He sat across from Piggy and pulled out the food. They had sandwiches, two apples, some sparkling lemonade and some cherry pie both of their favorite. Kermit took the liberty of pouring Piggy's lemonade while she picked up her sandwich. She smiled to him as he handed her the glass. "This is so wonderful Kermie" she told him. "I love sitting here with you too Piggy" He told her. Together they finished the food and then packed up. "I wish we could stay here forever" Piggy told him as they walked towards the sidewalk. Kermit stopped walking and took Piggy's hand in the same motion he pulled her towards him and kissed her soundly on the lips. "Oh Kermie" Piggy whispered as they continued walking "I love vous" Kermit smiled at her beautiful face. "I love you too Piggy"

    Scooter called over to Honeydew to check the sound. After a few minutes the sound was back up and running and Scooter was ready for Fozzie's act. "Okay Fozzie we're all yours tell away."
    "Okay Scooter, here's my first joke. Why did the chicken cross the road?"
    "I don't know why did the chicken cross the road?" Scooter asked.
    "To get to your door. Knock knock"
    "Who's there?" Scooter asked again.
    "The chicken! Ah waka waka"
    Scooter sighed and scribbled something on his clipboard. "Thank you Fozzie I will talk to Kermit and find you a permanent time slot for the show. "
    "Oh thank you Scooter. I will get more jokes and tell you later." Fozzie said as he walked off stage.
    Scooter shook his head and checked his clipboard he still had to review ten more acts. It was going to be a long afternoon.
    Janice strummed gently on her guitar. She mumbled as she played. Her head was filled with a million different thoughts and feelings. She loved Floyd and she really didn't want to get him involved in all of this. In the end though she'd gotten his support and that was all she needed. Janice didn't want Floyd to get hurt anymore. She couldn't live with herself if she knew that she was the reason he was hurt. And so far she was. She had to do some of this alone, hopefully Floyd would understand.
    Floyd sat on his bed. He was at a loss of things to do. Playing his bass was out of question. He couldn't play well with a broken arm. And Janice had taken it away after telling him he was stubborn and that if she left it with him he would be tempted to play it. Floyd was tired of sitting alone so he went to find Janice. He was in a hurry and didn't see where he was going. He ran right into Janice she grabbed hit to hold him steady so they wouldn't fall. Floyd looked to see what Janice had dropped at her feet was a box of unopened letters.

    The Swedish Chef was chopping madly at vegetables mumbling in his own language when Animal scurried in. He stopped chopping as Animal looked up and ate the chopped mushrooms. The chef yelled something incompressible at Animal. And swiped at him with his knife. Animal ducked and ran out of sight. He frustrated chef returned to chopping madly.

    Janice bent down and picked up the box. "What's this?" Floyd asked her. "C'mon I'll show you" she replied he followed her back up the stairs. She walked into her room and placed the box between them on her bed. She reached down and pulled out several unopened envelopes and handed them to Floyd.
    He looked down at the writing on the first envelope it was old. The edges of the envelope were yellow with age. It was addressed to Janice from Zoot. It made Floyd's heart clench. Janice noticed this and reached over to clasp his good hand. "Read it for me please?" Janice quietly asked him. "Janice please don't make me" he replied. Janice carefully touched his other arm as well. "Floyd I just want you to know" she told him. "This letter I got it after we were together and I want you to know that I love you so much. That I ignored tons of letters and phone calls from him. Please Floyd just read it. You don't have to aloud just to yourself please?" he looked at her. Her beautiful face and her somber expression. He nodded and tore open the envelope. The letter was faded like the envelope. Floyd read the letter and with every line he became frustrated and angry.
    Dear Janice
    I'm extremely sorry for hitting you. Please baby I made a mistake I love you more than anything in the world. Janice I know you're to mad to believe me now but you're making a mistake. Hon I'm the only one that's right for you. I was so drunk that night I want you back. If you take me back I'll be there for ya babe. I will never drink like that again.
    Janice I love you and I want you to come back. He's a mistake Janice he's not right for you he'll break your heart honey. Please if you could only forgive me I hope you know that I love you and that will never change.
    Floyd tossed the letter in front of him and covered his face with his hands. He couldn't believe it Zoot, after all these years Floyd had thought he was his friend when really he was writing his girlfriend a bunch of love notes behind his back. His own bandmate had turned against him. Floyd had had enough. Janice touched his arm. He pulled his hands from his face. Janice sighed and threw her arms around his neck. She hugged him close she never wanted to let him go. "I love you" she whispered in his ear. Floyd pulled back and kissed her. "I love you too babe" he said. Janice grinned together they ripped up the letter. Janice pulled out another one. "This one is from my parents after I left for school. " Janice told him she pulled out the letter and read it together.
    Dear Janice
    Our dear daughter it has come to our attention that you have betrayed both us and our family name. So here I'll propose an offer. You are not a musician we did not raise you to be one. Our offer is if you return home within the next two weeks and agree to go to law school we'll pay for whatever you need most. a car a house whatever one thing that you need. However if you chose to ignore our offer than we will unfortunately not be there to help you and cease contact with you.
    Your ever loving parents
    Floyd laughed. "Unbelievable. I'm guessing you didn't return home and they got mad and left ya right?" Janice nodded "I still don't understand" Floyd continued "Why after all these years are they huntin you down what do they want?"
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    Chapter 9
    Not what it seems

    Miss. Piggy walked through the front doors of the spa bright and early. Inside was filled with the smell of fresh cucumber and soap. She walked up to the counter where a woman in a mint green silk kimono sat, her chestnut hair was piled on top of her head and speared with two chopsticks. "Welcome" She said in a bubbly high voice. "I have a full pamper appointment" Piggy replied. The woman typed something in the computer. "Your name?" she asked still focused on the computer. "Miss Piggy" Piggy replied. The woman typed something else then clicked a few times before finally looking up at Piggy again. She gave her a smile and checked a clipboard. Making Piggy wonder what the computer was for. "Oh, right here" she said. "Tiffany will be your escort today" she told Piggy cheerfully. Piggy turned as a shorter girl in a blue kimono and blond hair that was also piled on her head came around the corner. "Hi...um Miss Piggy?" Piggy sighed "yes" she said irritated. "Oh well welcome. I'm Tiffany I'll be your escort to your day of luxury." she said her voice was kind but Piggy could easily tell it was laced with sarcasm and was incredibly fake. "Lovely" Piggy replied equally sarcastic. Tiffany gave Piggy a smile as fake as her nails which were blue to match her kimono. "Ok, right this way. First you'll have a seaweed wrap with Maria" Tiffany noted as she skipped towards the hall completely forgetting to slow down for Piggy.
    Turns out Maria was like another Tiffany. She was wearing a blood red kimono with red nails that were as fake as Tiffany's. Her black hair was also put up in the chopstick bun though her hair obviously had natural curl because parts of it flew in every direction. She also had on tons of red lipstick making Piggy want to punch her in the mouth every time she spoke.
    All afternoon Piggy was tossed from one room to the next having tons of pampering done to her. Though with the annoying Tiffany dragging her around telling her how fabulous she looked while they made their way to meet yet another colorful worker.
    While Piggy was getting her hair and nails done which was the last thing on her list. She had to listen to, Veronica a girl with a purple kimono and orange hair and Ashley another annoying very much like Tiffany girl with a pink kimono and red hair with blue streaks. Tiffany sitting in a twirling chair yapping away at Veronica and Ashley about gossip of the other workers or telling them how to fix Piggy. "And then she was like omygod like that manicure is so chipped and...Veronica dear a piece of her hair is undone in the back you might want to pin it. Anyway and then..." Tiffany continued to talk while Piggy zoned out she couldn't take anymore of this. One spa day a month was enough to last her. "Alright hon, you're done." Piggy looked at her now supreme curly hair. She looked at it and smiled. Then she thanked the two girls and followed Tiffany back to the front. After paying a different girl at the front desk she walked out onto the sidewalk. It was another warm day and the city was pulsing with life. Piggy watched as a woman jogged while walking her dog. On the way back to the boarding house Piggy had to step aside for several bikers. By the time she got back she was hot and tired.
    Kermit was sitting at the table with Floyd, Gonzo and Fozzie when she walked in.
    "And then the doctor said you're a little horse ah waka waka" Fozzie laughed at his own joke among the other faked laughs. "Okay guys I need to go to the theatre and supervise. The other acts I you guys need anything you know my number and where to find me" Kermit stood up and headed out towards the doorway that Piggy was leaning against. "Hey Piggy are you going to come with me?" Piggy shook her head. "Sorry Kermie I can't I'll see vous later?" "Okay Piggy see you then" she watched him disappear out the door and went to find something to eat.

    Animal ran all around the park he was happy to be free of his chain in an area so big. Floyd and Janice walked slowly behind him. Floyd had Animal's chain in his hand while Janice had a water bottle. They walked hand in hand along the pond Animal was running along the bank like a dog way ahead of them. "It's like so nice and relaxing outside today isn't honey?" Janice asked. "I know babe it's so hot I'm afraid Animal will jump in the pond then we'll have to take him back soaki..." he broke off as they heard a large splash "water water!!" Animal screamed from the pond. "never mind" Floyd mumbled as Janice laughed. "Dont worry hon in this heat he'll be dry in no time." Floyd took her hand "only three days" he told her. She giggled "I can't wait babe" she told him as he kissed her. "There's so much going on Floyd" she told him sadly. "Don't worry hon everything is gonna work out fine. The tour doesn't start for awhile and we have who knows how long to find your parents. And in three days babe is the best day ever" Floyd answered her. She hugged him close "I need to ask you a favor" she told him "sure hon anything"
    Janice took a deep breath and touched his cheek. "I need you to help me find Zoot" she asked him
    "Why" he asked shocked. "I need to tell him that I'm done with him to his face and for real this time." Floyd looked at her for a minute then nodded. She kissed him again then they continued walking. A bird chirped in a nearby tree, Floyd watched as another much larger bird flew to its nest to feed its babies. Janice suddenly ran full speed ahead of Floyd he didn't know why until he saw. Animal had climbed a tree like a cat would and was now headed towards a baby bird nest. The nest was empty but Animal had climbed several feet high. "Birdy?" Animal called into the abandoned nest "How do we get him down?" Floyd asked her. Janice turned and took the chain from Floyd the she fastened it around her waist. "Here hon hold this end for me" she said as she began to climb the tree. It took awhile for her to reach Animal finally when she got there she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her. "Birdy Birdy" Animal chanted. But as soon as Janice had him tied to the chain too her stopped saying Birdy and started saying woman. Janice shimmied down the branch until they were far enough from the trunk that neither of them could touch it. "Floyd, move closer to the tree please." she called down. Floyd listened and took as step closer. "Thanks hon now hold on super tight and when we stop moving step closer." Floyd nodded. Janice swung her legs over the branch and let go so both of them were in midair. Floyd took a step closer and they moved down. Slowly Floyd helped them down. Janice untied the chain from her waist and refastened it around Animal's neck. Floyd gave her a hug and then the started back towards the boarding house. "Did Teeth call a practice tonight?" Janice asked Floyd as they reached the main sidewalk. "No he gave us the night off, we have awhile till the tour anyway" he took her hand. It was getting dark and the sky was filled with a rainbow of colors and in some place you could already see the stars. Janice long blond hair reflected the light like a mirror. Floyd let go of her hand so he could wrap his arm around her shoulders while he held Animals leash with his good arm. She looked at him her eyes also mirrored the sky She smiles at him as they reached the house. Floyd was reaching to open the door for Janice but there was one problem Janice was gone.
    Floyd let Animal in then closed the door he walked back bow. The steps and onto the sidewalk. There was no sign of her. He was about to go get help inside when he heard talking. We walked around the side of the house Janice was there but so was Zoot. Floyd didn't do anything he knew that Janice had wanted to find Zoot so this was her chance.
    Janice faced Zoot, "I need to talk to you." she told him
    "I need to talk to you too" he replied. Janice looked at him and smiled. "Why aren't you leaving me alone? Why do you care? Zoot it's been a long time and I think you need to move on and be happy with someone else." he took a step closer. Janice stepped back "there is no one else. Jan why can't you see that we were together first. I don't want to loose you" He told her calmly. Janice shook her head "you lost me a long time ago. You lost me the day you hit me," he laughed "no jan you are just mad at me still. You haven't forgiven me yet but please forgive me and we can be together again." Janice shook her head again "I do forgive you but Zoot I-I was in love with Floyd weeks before and I didn't know until you weren't there for me and he was. And he was there for me because of you, because you broke my heart." Janice could feel tear pressing her eyes but she held them back. Zoot couldn't she her cry, he took he hand. "Janice please don't do this to me anymore. I've made my choice and I'm not changing it. I think you need to find someone else, please let me go Zoot. You're better than this." he released her and stepped back "Did Floyd tell you to say that?" Janice was shocked "What no Floyd had nothing to do with this." she started walking away but Zoot grabbed her arm and pulled her back "he did, he took you from me." Janice broke loose and again walked away. But she turned to Zoot and told him something even deep down he knew was true. "Floyd didn't take me from you Zoot you lost me yourself. Because of you I left not him." Janice ran around the corner and into Floyd's arms, she couldn't stop the tears anymore. Floyd picked her up and held her in his arms. "Floyd, put me down you're going to hurt your arm." Janice tried to get loose but he held onto her "Its fine babe you're so light it doesn't hurt." she held on tightly as he carried her to her room.
    He held heras she cried. And he told her she was right that everything was Zoot's fault. She shouldn't be crying he thought to himself he wanted so badly to punch Zoot out to yell at him for everything he'd ever done to Janice. He wanted to hit him for every time he'd made her cry or sad. For hitting her, for all the letters he sent her after she was gone. For texting her, and coming after her over and over. Floyd wanted to give Zoot what he deserved.

    Kermit was just finishing up in the theatre. Scooter had been a great assistant today he was always there telling Kermit what was next. Kermit missed that he never really thought about how not having what he used to have affected him. He missed the old days when they had the show. He missed the acts and the sketches and the different story backstage every week. He most of all missed introducing the show and performing with the days greatest stars. But also performing with his family and his friends. The tour had everyone ecstatic and Kermit overloaded with work but it was worth it just today he helped the cast of Veterinarians hospital write a new sketch. Kermit stood up his back was stiff from sitting for most the day. He looked around and found that he was the only one left In the theatre. Everyone else had already left Kermit looked at his watch and realized it was almost dinner. He made his way to the stage to turn off the lights the backstage brought so many memories back to Kermit. The guest star's dressing room. Miss Piggy's dressing room which was still in use due to her extensive wardrobe. Kermit felt tears well up in his eyes he really had missed this place. Even though they were here everyday the absence of a laughing audience and the brightness of the stage lights and running cameras made Kermit feel as though his life was incomplete. He finished with the backstage lights and made his way to the door. After turning off the final switch Kermit walked outside.

    The Lost Explanation sat in the TV room Johnny and Sal were tossing the remote back and forth. "Is there anything else on?" Skeeter asked Clifford who was watching a sitcom that Skeeter couldn't even remember what it was about. Clifford reached and intersected the the remote before Sal could grasp it. "Hey c'mon we were going for a record there" Sal complained. Clifford flipped through the channels ignoring Sal's protests. He stopped on the news where the crazy looking weather man was pointing to a large storm cloud. Clifford threw the remote back at Sal and leaned forwards to listen. Sal who was also listening didn't see the remote it hit him in the side of the head knocking him over. "This large cloud is headed straight for the LA area if you live around here stay inside its expected to be a big one"
    "Aw c'mon he's lying right someone tell me he's lying" Sal said once the was conscious again. "Sorry bud but he's not lying if they see the cloud and it's coming this way the it's coming this way." Johnny who looked equally annoyed said. "As long as we can still practice tomorrow then I'll be as happy as a clam" Skeeter proudly announced. "Ya know I never understood that saying I mean how can you tell if a clam is happy?" Sal asked. "Never mind" Skeeter whispered "never mind"

    Piggy was upstairs in her bedroom when there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?" she asked. Janice poked her head in the door "Can we talk" she asked. Piggy nodded Janice opened the door and stepped inside. She closed behind her and leaned against it sighing. "Are you okay?" Piggy asked her. Janice opened her eyes and sat down on Piggy's bed beside her. "I need you opinion" she asked. "sure of course" Piggy told her. "Zoot is after me and so are my parents do you think it's connected?" Janice asked quietly. Piggy stared at her confused "Why are your parents here? you told me they left you" Janice nodded "They did, and now they're following me again and Zoot wants me to get back together with him" Piggy was shocked Zoot was after Janice? She didn't understand why now "That is very strange" she told her. "What do think I should do?" Janice asked her. "My opinion well is that you should ask Zoot" Piggy replied. Janice stood up and headed for the door "Thanks" she told her as she left.
    The hallway was empty when Janice stepped out into it everyone was eating dinner or watching tv. Janice wasn't hungry she had planning to do. She pulled out her phone and typed in Zoot's number.
    What do you know about my parents?
    She hit send and put her phone away. On her bed was her laptop Janice opened it and went onto the Internet she researched the band. Electric Mayhem she loved to look up the band and see what came up. She found a bunch of sites on the show and episodes of the show. She was interrupted by the low battery light on her screen she was to tired to find the charger and shut it down.
    Her phone vibrated Zoot texted her back.
    Only what you told me and what I heard.
    Janice typed back.
    What did you hear? Are you working with them?
    Janice waited for the reply. When Floyd walked in "were you not hungry?" he asked Janice shook her head. "No not really" Floyd sat beside her and pushes her hair out of her face. She turned and smiled at him. "What were you doing?" she asked him "nothing much I just went for a walk then ate" Floyd answered, Janice nodded "oh I went and talked to Piggy for a bit, I just got back" Janice told him she felt her phone vibrate beside her which meant Zoot had answered her, she didn't want to check what he said until Floyd left. As much as she hated keeping stuff from him she wanted to figure out what was going on first. She slipped her phone under her pillow and leaned against Floyd. his arms immediately went around her. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Floyd's hands went through her hair she laughed to herself and sat up opening her eyes. Floyd kissed her. "there's a storm coming tomorrow"Floyd told her. "That's okay we can stay inside" Janice told him, he turned and looked out the window it was to dark to see anything but there were no stars in the sky signaling that there were clouds. "I'm going to watch TV, do you wanna come?" he asked her. "No it's okay I'll see you later" Janice told him. "I'll see you soon" he told her. He kissed her again then walked out the door. Janice reached for her phone she checked the message Zoot had replied.
    What do you mean I was told they were back
    Janice for some reason didn't believe him
    Are you helping them find me?"
    He texted back almost immediately. It was the answer she was hoping for.
    Yes. Come and find me I need to explain meet me in my room at 10
    Janice thought for a moment then replied.
    Fine you better explain about my parents nothing else
    He replied quickly again.
    Okay I will talk about your parents.
    Janice tossed her phone onto her bed. And looked at her alarm clock it was only 9:00 she had an hour before she had to go meet Zoot. She had nothing to do. She went to her closet and opened the door if she was meeting Zoot she might as well be wearing something other than pajamas. She pulled out her fitted jeans and a dark pink long sleeve shirt. She ran a brush through her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. She picked up a book and began to read. It was only 9:30 when Janice ran downstairs to the TV room she was surprised to find only Floyd in there. "Hey," she told him as she sat down beside him. He looked at her "did you just get dressed?" he asked her. She nodded "ya it was rully cold in my room so I got dressed." Floyd nodded. They sat together until Janice had five minutes to get upstairs "I'm gonna go to bed" she told Floyd who looked like he was about to fall asleep himself. She kissed him then ran upstairs to her room. Her phone had no new messages which was good. She had two minutes. Janice walked down the hall and came to a stop at a door that was painted red. She knocked. "Who is it?" Zoot called from the other side. "Janice" she replied. He opened the door and motioned her in. She stood by his desk with her arms crossed over her chest. "Okay, what is with you and my parents. Why are you suddenly all into me again and why are they following me? Tell me everything you know" Janice wanted the story and then too leave as fast as she could. "I'll start from the beginning.
    Six months ago I was out at the park. Ya know walking around anyway I needed a bit of cash so I started to play for some money. Anyway I had a crowd forming and I made good money. When I was done everyone left except this older couple. The man had dark brown hair and the woman was blond like you. They asked me if I played for a living and I told them I was with the muppet band Electric Mayhem. They asked who the other members of my band were so I told them. They asked what you looked like I told them what you look like. They said you were there daughter. I didn't believe them but they insisted. They asked where they could find you and I said the boarding house. Well they didn't mean in person they just wanted to see you. I told them you went for walks a lot with Floyd and Animal. They thanked me and left. Next I saw them in their van they were watching you and Floyd return for a walk. They saw me and called me over to their van. They asked if you were with Floyd I said yes and they kinda argued. It was your father who asked me do break you to up they payed me five hundred dollars for it Janice. I said yes so I started to text you then I came after you I felt bad so I stopped for a few months. But they found me and they told me that they saw you two together still. And I went after you again. I'm sorry Janice but I need you to pretend to break up with Floyd if you can't do it for real." Janice listened and finally spoke. "Will they leave if we pretend to break up?" she asked. Zoot shook his head. "No if you two break up they want to see you they said you guys need to talk." Janice nodded "Thank you Zoot for everything." she told him. He nodded she hugged him then left she finally knew what to do.
    Floyd sat on her bed she was gone. He thought she was going to bed he had come to tell her goodnight and found her light on and that she was gone. Her phone was on her bed. He knew he shouldn't look at it but he couldn't help himself. On the screen were texts from Zoot to Janice. Floyd stopped breathing. Zoot was working with Janice's parents and she'd gone to see him. Floyd stood up jus as Janice walked in. "We need to talk" they said at the same time. Janice went first. "Zoot's working with my parents and we need to fake break up so they will talk to me and we can figure this out." Floyd stared at her "Fake break up why?"
    "because my parents won't talk to me unless you're out of the picture. Please Floyd only for a day at the least." Floyd was so confused. "Okay and what about Zoot?" Floyd asked. "He's fine he explained everything it's all okay now." Floyd sighed he should probably listen to her. "Okay we can fake break up" he sounded hurt. Janice ran over and hugged him. She hated the idea too but it was the only way. "Thank you" she told him. He kissed her. "only a day?" he asked. "Only a day" she answered.

    Turns out the weather man was right. In the morning when Skeeter awoke the sky was filled with rain and lightening Skeeter jumped at a clap of thunder from outside. The rain was really coming down hard the wind howled outside the trees shook and quaked at the force it going to be a great day Skeeter thought. The smell of bacon brought her downstairs. She found Clifford alone at the table eating bacon. "Hey" she told him as she sat down. Hey waved at her and swallowed. "What's up?" he asked her. "The sky and a very large storm." Skeeter replied. Clifford laughed. "Good one, want some bacon?" Skeeter shook her head. "I don't want to but I guess I will" she took a piece. "Just don't tell my diet that I cheated on it" she told him. Clifford laughed again. "What time are we practicing at?" he asked her. "I don't think we are today. I want to rest because of the storm." Skeeter said. Clifford nodded "Sounds good to me" he replied.

    Janice woke up and moaned she hated thunder storms they'd always scared her. She sat up and wrapped her arms around her legs but it didn't help. She got up and ran down the hall Floyd's door was open and he was looking out the window when she came in. He spun around and faced her. When he saw her face he walked over and hugged her to him. Janice held on to him tightly he calmed her down. She pulled back and looked at him. "Sorry" she said. He laughed "it's fine babe." he replied. She buried her head in his chest when a huge clap of thunder vibrated the house. "Two days babe" Floyd whispered. Janice held him tighter "I can't wait" she whispered back. "It sucks that you're arm is still broken" she told him. "Don't worry it'll be fine by the tour. But not in two days." Janice shrugged "I don't care we'll have fun anyway." another clap of thunder made her jump. Floyd held her tighter, "It's okay baby it's just a storm I got ya" Floyd whispered. Janice calmed down once more, Floyd ran his fingers through her hair. He backed up onto his bed and pulled her onto his lap. She buried her face into his chest once more. "I hate storms" she told him. "he leaned down so he could kiss her cheek "try to go back to sleep, I'll be here." he whispered in her ear. She snuggled her head against him in minutes she was breathing softly in his arms sound asleep.

    Piggy walked down to Kermit's office the wind bellowed outside hitting a tree against the window. Kermit was at his desk sorting through papers and files upon papers and files. "Oh Kermie are you going to be working all day again?" Piggy asked. "No Piggy just a few hours there was a problem with one of the stadium bookings so we'll be in London longer than I was expecting. I'm just rebooking the stadium a day later then booming an extra day for the hotel." Piggy sat down beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and pulled her down to kiss her. She giggled and looked outside. "Its still raining but I'm going to pick up the dry cleaning anyway once I call a cab. I'll see you soon Kermie." Piggy said as she disappeared out the door. Kermit sighed and went back to work.

    The storm raged throughout the afternoon. Janice knew she needed to head outside to pick up stuff for the band's big day but she was terrified of storms. She finally got the guts to call a cab she found that two pulled up instead of one. "going to get the dry cleaning" piggy called from behind her. Janice nodded and ran out to her cab.
    It didn't take long to get to her destination. Janice ran inside as fast as she could. She was wet when she got inside thanks to the pouring rain. Janice got down to business she went through the isles getting everything Teeth had said they would need. She payed then left. She got back into the cab that had waited for her and moved on. She needed to find something for Floyd. She got out at her next stop and once again had to dart inside as fast as she could. She walked around nothing here suited him. She finally gave up and went back out to the cab to the next store.
    Floyd sat at his desk and looked at the gift he'd gotten for Janice she would really like it. He focused on the detail she always looked at every detail of something. Every night when there was a beautiful sunset Floyd would show it to her and she'd stand there for minutes taking in every thing about it every cloud it's size. And every color. He looked at the gift now. Was it too plain?compared to a sunset it was relatively small. Floyd would just have to wait to find out.

    "I'm here to pick up the orders for the muppets. " Piggy told the extremely tall man that towered behind the counter. "Name?" he asked her his voice was slow and deep. "I just told you the muppets" Piggy replied "Hold on a moment ma'am" he disappeared behind a door and came back this several bags of pressed clothing. Piggy payed the fee and picked up the bags she had to sprint to the cab to avoid the rain. She decided to head home because I the weather. Piggy didn't feel like being outside today.
    She got back around dinnertime. Kermit wasn't in his office so Piggy figured that he was at the theatre. Her hands were sore from carrying the heavy clothing bags so she set them down on the table and went to get some dinner.
    Janice got back and walked up to Teeth's room luckily he was there when she walked in. "Here's the stuff you wanted for Saturday" Janice said as she set the stuff down. "Great thanks Janice" Teeth replied. Janice nodded to him and left. She walked down to her room, she had bought her outfit months before but she was itching to try it on. It fit perfectly Janice spun in front of the mirror and her heart swelled with fresh excitement. Janice got changed and flopped backwards onto her bed. Floyd walked in and stood inside the doorway. "Are you asleep?" he asked her. Janice shook her head. A few second later Floyd sat beside her. "Hey," she said as she sat up next to him. "When are your parents supposed to be talking with you?" Floyd asked. "I don't know? We're not fake broken up yet I'll tell you when we are hopefully not for a few days." Floyd nodded and seemed to relax he tested his head against Janice's shoulder. Her arms wrapped around him and he relaxed a bit. "Oh honey what's wrong?" Janice who was now concerned asked. Floyd shook his head. "It's nothing baby I'm just tired of all this with your parents and Zoot and the tour and practicing for the tour. It'll be fun but your parents and Zoot have terrible timing cause it's really puttin' a damper on things" Floyd explained. Janice hugged him tighter. "Don't worry we'll sort everything out and get the tour started then everything will work itself out." Janice told him her voice and embrace like usual calmed him down. He hugged her back and listened to the rain hitting the roof. Janice pulled back and kissed him he wrapped his arms around her.
    Then Floyd's phone rang he pulled back and answered it. It was Teeth. "Hey...now?...where...downstairs...Kay...I'll met you there" Floyd hung up "Teeth needs me downstairs" Floyd told her. "I'll see you soon" she replied tiredly. "get some rest" Floyd told her. He kissed her again the walked out the door. Janice laid back and almost immediately was asleep.
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    "Shouting More, more more more MORE!!!"

    And write more. xD
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    Chapter 10
    Let's party
    It was finally Saturday Friday was the continuation of the storm so no one went anywhere today whoever was sunny and warm. Dr.Teeth woke with smile on his face and no need for anyone to tell him what today was. It was only eleven which meant that the band didn't have to rush to get ready. The whole group was coming to celebrate tonight. Teeth wanted everyone to remember this night forever and with a group like this it wouldn't be very hard. He had booked a rock and roll pub down the street it was big enough and they only played on Teeth's books good music. The rest of the band was downstairs eating when Teeth came in the room. "Alright guys tonight meet me at the pub at eight" Teeth said as he sat down. The others members nodded their compliance. Janice finished eating and stood up "I'm going to go upstairs to uh read" Floyd almost choked "since when do you like to read?" he asked her. Janice laughed "ever since I found a good book" and with that she ran upstairs.
    Kermit went to the theatre extra early so he could be done working, for the party. He met Gonzo at the doors. "Okay Gonzo I'm all yours what do you want to show me?" Gonzo reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote. "Let me demonstrate. See this is my automatic canon firer so it diminishes the risk of someone else getting hurt from helping me fire the canon." Kermit nodded his approval. "Have you tested this yet?" he asked. "Yes I have and let me assure you that it works very well" Kermit nodded again "well Gonzo you have my approval" Gonzo sighed "thank god" he sighed. "Are you coming to the party tonight?" Kermit asked him. "Oh ya I'll be there" Gonzo replied. "Great Gonzo see you then." Kermit waved to Gonzo and walked inside the theatre. Kermit walked backstage to the table where he planned most of the shows and acts that the group sometimes performed. He had his list of tour acts written out on a sheet of paper. The Mayhem had all of their acts and then there was the couples dance number and Floyd and Janice's duet. Kermit added his and Piggy's duet. Then added the lost explanation's number. It was going to be a long afternoon. "Hey" Kermit thought "at least it needs with a party"

    Floyd walked down to the pub Teeth had booked for the party inside was already decorated and set up. Floyd just had to make a small adjustment Animal would probably be hopped up on sugar and caffeine and maybe alcohol so Floyd had to make sure everyone was safe from Animal tonight when he got out of hand. He hooked Animal's chain up to a big beam in the backstage of the pub. Perfect he thought as he left it was going to be an awesome night.
    Janice started to get ready it was six and the party was at eightish so she had two hours to get ready. She put in her dress and did her hair and makeup by the time she was done it was seven forty five. Janice looked in the mirror grabbed Floyd's gift and ran out the door. She got there by eight. Turns out everyone was already there so much for being in time she thought.
    Floyd saw Janice the minute she walked in she looked like a Rocker Princess or some thing. Her short dress had a fitted top that was red and the skirt flared out and was also red with an visible black layer underneath. her hair was styles into complex curls that fell just past her shoulders.
    Janice's eyes fell instantly on Floyd he was in a white tux but he was wearing boots instead of dress shoes and his jacket was open revealing a plain black T-shirt. He was wearing a black top hat instead of his usual army cap. Janice walked over to him. "Hey babe" she said. Floyd had trouble catching his breath. "Hi babe" he finally choked out. Janice looked up and kissed him. "This is so wonderful" she told him enthusiastically. "I know hon, oh wait here" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a long jewelry box. He handed it to her. Janice flipped open the lid. She was speechless inside was a necklace on it was a gold guitar with vines curling around it. The vines were dotted with little emeralds and the notches on the guitar were diamonds.
    "Oh wow Floyd this is beautiful" she gasped. And threw her arms around him he hugged her back. She handed him hid gift. Floyd was just as speechless it was a gold ring with words engraved in it. It said "All You Gotta Do Is Act Naturally." the outer edges of the rings had little diamonds all the way around the ring. "Aw thanks Babe." he kissed her. She smiled at him and hugged him again. Teeth walked out from behind the stage he was wearing a bright red jacket and a silver hat. Zoot was sitting over at one of the tables talking to Lips who had come out of nowhere. Both of them sported fancy jackets. Animal was his usual self he was chasing all of the women around the room. Everyone else was there too Piggy and Kermit were over on the other side of the room talking. Piggy was wearing a silky red dress and Kermit was in a tux. The rest of the group was also dressed fancily to a certain degree. Janice stood beside Floyd for a minute. The Dr. Teeth came over with the rest of the band. "Guys it's been 39 years since the band got together so shall we toast?" Teeth said raising his glass as he spoke. Everyone else followed. "To 39 years" they all said and took a sip of their drinks. Floyd kissed Janice. The rest of the band walked off to socialize, Animal went back to chasing women and Lips and Zoot continued talking at a table. Floyd and Janice leaned against the bar and talked.
    "Wow Piggy has our group been together so long the this is the band's 39 year?" Kermit asked unable to process it. Piggy nodded "yes Kermie we have" Kermit kissed her.
    "Do you wanna dance Piggy?" Kermit asked. Piggy nodded "Okay"
    Soon everyone was dancing. Even Animal got one of the women he'd been chasing to dance. Gonzo and Camilla danced and talked. "So Camilla are you having a good time?" Gonzo asked.
    "Begawk" she replied while Gonzo spun her in slow circles.
    "Me too" he told her.
    Skeeter was sitting at one of the tables.
    "Hey Skeeter do you wanna dance?" Clifford asked her holding out his hand.
    "Um...okay why not" she took his hand and let him pull her to her feet and onto the dance floor.
    He led her into the crowd of other dancers and they swayed back and forth to the song.
    The band was backstage setting up.
    "Ooh guys.like look Skeeter and Clifford are like dancing together, isn't that like rully sweet or what?" Janice said peering out from behind the curtain.
    "Hey look the green man dancing with the pork princess I sometimes wonder what's wrong with that frog" Floyd said from beside Janice. "Are you guys set up?" Floyd asked Teeth who nodded.
    "C'mon" Floyd said he took Janice's hand and led her to the dance floor. He spun her around. She laughed, "This is like Fer sure the best party ever" Janice said. Floyd kissed her.
    "Oh Kermie you are such a good dancer" Piggy whispered to him
    "Only when I'm dancing with you Piggy" he whispered back.
    Piggy smiled at him as he spun her.
    "So am I a good dance partner or what?" Clifford asked Skeeter.
    "I must say Clifford you're an okay dance partner" Skeeter told him.
    "I'm an okay dance partner is that it. You know I really like you Skeeter" Clifford kissed her cheek.
    "That's really sweet Clifford" she told him. "But your not my type." She told him with a smile on her face.
    "Really what is your type then?" Clifford asked smoothly.
    "Ooh you wanna know?" she asked. "Well I like guys that aren't afraid to you know kiss a girl" she told him trying not to laugh.
    "Okay so you like guys like this" he leaned in and kissed her.
    "Exactly" she told him and kissed him back.
    The song ended and Floyd and Janice ran backstage.
    "Alright are you two ready to play now or shall we continue without you?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Let's go" Floyd said picking up his bass.
    "Wait guys what are we playing?" Janice asked.
    "Trust me Jan you know the song" Floyd told her. She smiled "oh that song okay." The band ran out onstage and counted to three then played. Can you picture that? Everyone was dancing. When the song was done they played a couple of other songs then everyone returned to the slower songs. "Great job guys" Teeth said. The band members all split up Floyd and Janice returned to the dance floor and the rest went to talk find a dance partner or sit and drink.
    "So what are our plans for tomorrow" Floyd asked Janice.
    She sighed. "Well we could walk around like usual or we could. I don't know practice for the tour" she suggested. Floyd spun her around and pulled her back. "I think Kermit wanted us to practice for that dance number" she explained to him. Floyd stopped dancing and led her over to one of the tables. "What's wrong?" she asked him. He sat down pulling her into the seat beside him. "Floyd?" Janice said resting a hand on his shoulder. "Go dance with Zoot" Floyd told her. "What why?" she asked.
    "Because your parents just walked in" she shook her head and pulled him to his feet. She led him outside. "Where are we going?" he asked her. "Outside, I'm not dancing with Zoot you're more important to me than my parents" Floyd hugged her.
    Zoot was sitting alone watching everyone dance. His view was suddenly blocked by two figures. "Hello Zoot" one of the said. "Where's our daughter?" the other asked. Zoot looked up and found himself staring into the faces of Janice's parents.
    "I don't know" he told them.
    "Is she still with the bass player?" her mother asked.
    Zoot nodded "yes" he mumbled.
    "Zoot we paid you to separate them why are they still together?" her father asked sitting beside Zoot.
    "I can't separate them they're my friends. Please you can have your money back. Just don't make me hurt them like that" Zoot pleaded.
    "Zoot we don't want our money. We want our daughter and with the bad influence of the bass player on her we can't get her back. Break the up and get her back to us and we'll leave you alone." her mother said taking Zoot's hand.
    "What about the band?" he muttered.
    "You'll have to live without her" her father told him placing his hand on his shoulder.
    "I can't I'm sorry I won't do it to Janice or Floyd" Zoot shook his head.
    "Zoot if you don't then we will and you won't like the way we'll break them up that I can assure you. " her mother told him. Both of them stood up.
    "We hope you understand" she told him.
    "We'll be watching Zoot" he said. They disappeared out into the night. Leaving Zoot with a fear that wouldn't go away.
    Janice grabbed Floyd and ran around the side of the building when her parents walked outside. They scurried across the street to their van. Janice didn't move until she was sure that they were gone. She took Floyd's hand and hurried back inside.

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