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miss kermie
Last activity:
Apr 14, 2014 at 4:31 PM
Oct 27, 2011
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February 4
Somewhere over the rainbow...
I'm Fozzie's partner in comedy!

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miss kermie

Well-Known Member, Female, from Somewhere over the rainbow...

miss kermie was last seen:
Apr 14, 2014 at 4:31 PM
    1. miss kermie
      If me and Fozzie have kids, does that make bears, or Fuzzy humans?
    2. miss kermie
      Moi, is Mrs. Fozzie Bear. <3
    3. miss kermie
      Today, The fourth of February, is my birthday!
    4. miss kermie
      Love Conquers All, Surender! Resistance is futile!
    5. miss kermie
      The tux Walter wore, is the Tux Kermit wore
    6. miss kermie
      I recently got an A on a project in school in social studies, and Sam Eagle was in it!
    7. miss kermie
      My boyfriend called me Miss Piggy, so I said, Way to kill reality Kermie!
    8. miss kermie
      The lovers, (Miss Piggy) The dreamers, (Kermit) And Me! (Miss Kermie!)
    9. miss kermie
      You ever notice that the pig that advertises that slim jim stuff you get at convience stores looks a lot like Miss Piggy without hair?
    10. miss kermie
      Kermit should really marry Miss Piggy, and have bouncing baby figs, and sign my "Before you Leap book".
    11. miss kermie
      I thought I saw Miss Piggy at the store yesterday, but I was being halluicinated!
    12. miss kermie
      I'm writing in my muppet book I'm working on. It's called "the death of one." the series itself is the Muppet Show 2. Maybe i'll publishit!
    13. miss kermie
      It's like 3:00am right now...
    14. miss kermie
      Guess wat? i was clueless on how old i had to be to join muppet central, so i lied about my age! i'm a big 12 year old muppet fan! Holla!
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    MC's resident Constantine lover
    "It's Not Easy Being Mean"


    February 4
    Somewhere over the rainbow...
    I'm Fozzie's partner in comedy!
    So I'm fifteen, and plz call "moi" Jaz. Anyway, I'm one of the biggest Muppet fans out there, and oddly enough, just like Walter (The newest Muppet whom I envy!) I've always wanted to be a Muppet. BTW, Miss Piggy is like my idol! woot!!!! Oh yeah! I also LOVE acting, and singing! So i guess I AM a Muppet!:D

    Also if you want to friend me on something other than here...
    My Alias...es... :p

    3DS: Jaz, Friend code: 3652-1474-1470

    deviantArt: misskermie

    Fanfiction.net (I could use some nagging there. :p): misskermie